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Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) это следующая миссия которая следует за оригинальной GRACE миссией, которая была запущена в 2002 году и продолжает выполняться. GRACE-FO является совместным продуктом German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ), который составляет глобальную высоко-детальную модель гравитационного поля Земли, и НАСА. Миссия также предполагает тестирование нового лазерного интерферометра который должен выполнять те же самые измерения что и микроволновой инструмент, но с более чем 20-и кратной точностью.

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12015-05-27. Закончена разработка космических аппаратов Grace-FO и начался этап производства.
Airbus Defence and Space, успешно завершила этап разработки спутников Grace-FO (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment follow-on) и приступила совместно с НАСА к производству космических аппаратов. Планируемый срок запуска середина 2017 года. Целевое предназначение аппаратов- сбор информации о гравитационном поле Земли.Тэги: Серия Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (2018)Airbus Group
22017-02-01. Компания Iridium купила дополнительный пуск у SpaceX .
Американская Iridium Communications заказала восьмой запуск РН Фалькон 9 у оператора SpaceX. Согласно контракту SpaceX выведет на орбиту 5-ть дополнительных КА серии Iridium NEXT и два аппарата (GRACE-FO), которые были созданы в рамках совместного проекта НАСА и German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ). Датой пуска определено начало 2018 года. Таким образом, Iridium будет к концу пусковой компании обладать на орбите 75-ю КА, которые будут выведены 8-ю пусками.Тэги: Серия РН Фалькон 9Серия Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (2018)Iridium CommunicationsSpaceX

Технические характеристики

1Масса (аппарат), кг600
2Габариты (аппарат), метра3 x 2 x 0.8
3Планируемое расстояние между аппаратами, км220

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1Тип орбитыполярная высотой 500 км

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#ХарактеристикаДата измеренияЗначение
1Прогнозируемая стоимость (проекта), млн. долл.2015-03-24431.9
2Прогнозируемая стоимость (проработки проекта), млн. долл.2015-03-24108.5
3Прогнозируемая стоимость (разработки КА), млн. долл.2015-03-24262.8
4Прогнозируемая стоимость (работы с аппаратом), млн. долл.2015-03-2460.5
5Прогнозируемая стоимость (работы с аппаратом), млн. долл.2016-02-0161.1
6Прогнозируемая стоимость (разработки КА), млн. долл.2016-02-01263.4
7Прогнозируемая стоимость (проработки проекта), млн. долл.2016-02-01107.4
8Прогнозируемая стоимость (проекта), млн. долл.2016-02-01431.9

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... of lunar expeditions and scheduled projects— both domestic and foreign. Various aspects... in the lunar base constructing and functioning and at various stages of... garbage, Lunar base, coordinate-time and navigation support, libration (Lagrange) points... была запланирована миссия Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) — для... Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) В части изучения гравитационного поля она подобна проекту Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment... Observatory Association (ILOA) и Moon Express к 2018 г. решили установить на кромке кратера... Conference on Space Optical Systems and Applications (ICSOS) 2012, 1-3, Corsica, France..., digital photogrammetric processing, planetary mapping and GIS, morphological analysis of craters... A., Willner K., Traxler C., Garov A., Karachevtseva I. Contextualising and Analysing Planetary Rover Image Products.... 3. Driscoll J.R., Healy R.M. Computing Fourier transforms and convolutions on the 2-sphere. Adv... T, Eicker A, Kusche J, Sanchez L, Han S. Regional gravity field modelling in terms of... of the Earth gravity field used in geodesy and adjacent areas are... relating to the classification of gravity models by various characteristics were... implementation of the models and their main functional and performance features. The general scheme of quality evaluation of modern gravity... for estimation of accuracy of gravity models as of the main... defining the quality. Keywords: Earth's gravity field, model, quality indicator, evaluation... J.J. et. al. The European Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer.... ‒P. 339‒386 13. Klees R., Koop R. A gravity mission for Earth sciences // DEOS..., аппроксимация, авторегрессия Abstract. Main statements and algorithms of a new method for...: when accelerometers are constructively positioned and their data must be recalculated... pre-determined and become an object of research. Keywords: gravity vector, cinematic.... 2. Savage P.G. Strapdown Inertial Systems – Theory and Applications, NATO AGARD Lecture Series... measurements, through a correction factor. An experiment has shown that the methods.... Keywords: dependent measurements, trivial vector, experiment ожидать, что оценки погрешности этих.... The results of the computing experiment on the systems’ time-space... and three-dimensional models of historical and architecture monuments based on aerial- and... presented. Keywords: Historical and architecture monuments, perspective and planned aerial survey, photogrammetry... detail characteristics of space instruments and digital elevation models (DEMs) derived... (maria), dorsa, craters and montes. Some morphometric and morphological aspects of these... (LRO, 2012) Литература 1. Ford P.G. Atimetric and radiometric global data records. M.I.T. Center... System Geosciences Node. National aeronautics and space administration (NASA). URL: http.... Smith D.Е. Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter: Experiment summary after the first year... Orbiter Laser Altimeter dataset: Limitations and improvements. Mars. The International Journal....2013) 17. Kostama V.-P., Attiola M. Distribution and classification of volcano-tectonic features... contaminated with clouds and shadows, thus automated algorithms and techniques and high-quality... establish a relationship between vegetation indices and vegetation condition after forest cutting.... 2. Hardin P., Jackson M., Otterston S. Mapping, Measuring and Modeling Urban Growth// Geo-Spatial..., find locations of bases and recreation sites and view photos of sightseeings... национального университета им. В.И. Вернадского (География: серия КМ №534). – Том 19(58... K. Nketia // International Journal of Geomatics and Geosciences. – 2011. – Vol.2, Issue 1. – P.133... includes both known academic institutions and specialized classes of secondary schools... high school, technical school, geodesy and cartography high school, outside organizations... significantly. Keywords: cluster model, scientific and educational centers, improving training, innovative... vuzov. Geodesy and aerophotography, № 2, 2014 Contents astronomy, gravimetry, and Space geodesy Savinykh... Ogorodova L. Simple and reliable method of calculating geodetic latitude and height    of... measurements.......................................67 spase survey, aerophotography, and photogrammetry Nikitin V., Sementsov A. Calibrating cameras... technology    of creating measurement drawings and three-dimensional models of historical... aerial photography..............................................................................................81 Remote Sensing, and Land Monitoring Lazarev E., Baskakova M., Gusakova... relief features on Terrestrial planets and their satellites.....................................................84 Belova E. Analysing... lineament analysis of space imagery and digital terrain model............................................96 Gorokhova... through computer and mobile networks...................................... 111 Novoselov D., Novoselova V. Creating and implementing tourist...

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..., James Webb должен отправиться в космос в 2018 году. Известия 22.04.2014..., первый запуск пилотируемого космического корабля — в 2018 году. Космический дайджест Апрель 2014... Mission, NASA»s Quick Scatterometer (QuikScat), и Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment. В ближайшем будущем ученые собираются с помощью..., первый запуск пилотируемого космического корабля — в 2018 году. Строители «Восточного» уже не... прибора NICMOS (Near Infrared Camera and MultiObject Spectrometer /Камера ближнего инфракрасного... Казкосмоса французской компанией Airbus Defence and Space. На орбиту аппарат будет...-2) также создан подведомственной Airbus Defence and Space британской компанией SSTL. Сдача... удалось Аппарат LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer /Исследователь лунной... Inc.; Honeybee Robotics; MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.-Canada; MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.-U.S.; NovaWurks; Oceaneering Inc.; и ... (американо-канадская компания MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. - изготовитель целевой аппаратуры... на новую технику сформирован до 2018 года. «В настоящее время завершаются опытно... Казкосмоса французской компанией Airbus Defence and Space (в недавнем прошлом EADS Astrium...) был подписан между Airbus Defence and Space - мировым лидером по экспорту...-2) также создан подведомственной Airbus Defence and Space британской компанией SSTL. Сдача... подразделения «Космические системы» Airbus Defence and Space Франсуа Ок. Airbus Defence and Space является подразделением Airbus Group, ... проекта Tango подразделение Advanced Technologies and Products (ATAP), которое досталось Google..., построен- ный компанией Airbus Defence and Space для правительства Республики Казахстан... меняться к концу 2000-х годов, когда серия неудачных космических проектов и аварий при... Military Affairs in Russia, the U.S., and Israel. Stanford University Press, 2010..., проводящих фундаментальные научные исследования. Еще серия научных миссий готовится к отправке в ближайшие...

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... the ancient Mars ocean and testimony of a warmer climate in the past... MODERN PLANETARY GRAVITY FIELD MODELS 43. ZHARKOV V. N. AND GUDKOVA T.V. ANALYSIS OF GRAVITY AND TOPOGRAPHY... and evolution of the lunar Procellarum region as revealed by GRAIL gravity... using the LRO neutron detector experiment LEND // Science, 2010, vol.330... M.T. et al. Gravity Field of the Moon from the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory... the charged particle lunar environment experiment (CPLEE) was 104 el/cm3... SMART-1 and Japanese mission SELENE also performed radio occultation experiment for lunar... occultation experiment with the service module of Chinese circumlunar return and reentry... developed and tested at X-band of 8470MHz by radio science experiment team of Chinese lunar and deep space mission... recent progress in developing the gravity and topographic models of Mars [1-3] allows... shear and tension-compression stresses as possible marsquakes focuses, as in 2018... surface [7, 8]. Only unequilibrium components of gravity and topography fields have been considered... preparation phase of the SEIS experiment on InSight mission. The work... that connects the centers of gravity of the planets. To destruct... central planet exceeds the own gravity of the satellite, a value equal... distance between their centers of gravity and inverses the sixth power of... map derived from the GRAIL gravity measurements [3] provided estimates of porosity... preparation phase of the SEIS experiment on InSight mission. The work...-65. ANALYSIS OF GRAVITY AND TOPOGRAPHY DATA FOR MARS V. N. ZHARKOV AND T. GUDKOVA SCHMIDT....RU) Introduction The areoid heights and gravity anomalies for the model of... We have used the detailed gravity and topography models: the high resolution... Laser Altimetry) global topography [3] and gravity field MRO110B2 and MRO110C models from Jet... surface [5, 6]. Only nonequilibrium components of gravity and topography fields have been considered... heights around Olympus Mons. 80 Gravity anomalies Figure 3 shows a map of... gravity acceleration: within the basin δg varies from 130 to 50 mGal and... of characteristic features of the gravity field are clearly seen in... of the deviations of the gravity from the hydrostatic-equilibrium values... insets show the deviations of gravity from the hydrostatic-equilibrium values... Olympus Mons (X), above which the gravity anomaly reaches an amplitude of... preparation phase of the SEIS experiment on InSight mission. The work... experiment was the outcome of the vast effort of designers, engineers and... of more than 8 hours. The experiment revealed the microstructure of the... number of gravity anomalies located concentrically inside of the ring and multi... addition with well-known basins gravity anomalies located in so called..., directly in the field of gravity Bouguer anomalies, even more increasing... data, there are positive Bouguer gravity anomalies in impact basins with... of inner ring. Inside the gravity anomaly located one more, smaller... probable lunar basins without any gravity anomalies 14.Al- 1.0 112 -0.012... impact basins both with Bouguer gravity anomalies and without ones. Most standard... 3σ. In case of absence the gravity anomaly the epithermal neutron suppression... content and, perhaps, additional absorbers [10]. However, the crust thickness in gravity Bouguer anomaly is about 10 km. and more [11... al., “Advancing Tests of Relativistic Gravity with Laser Ranging to Phobos... of mineralogical, physical and chemical, elemental, isotopic and magnetic and paleomagnetic analyzes. 6) Detection... provides low transit time jitter and fast recovery times following a photon event... ACCURACY OF THE MODERN PLANETARY GRAVITY FIELD MODELS R.KASCHEEV, I.NOVLYANSKAYA Kazan... SST and SGG technologies used, a new generation of global terrestrial and lunar gravity potential models describing the fine gravity field structure of the Earth and..., near-global models of planetary gravity fields. As a criterion, reflecting the... of several tens centimeters. [1] The gravity field models of Venus are... of different orders and thefixed degree; • comparison of the gravity functional values... models of gravity fields separately for Earth, Moon, Mars and Venus in... effect the component of noise gravity fields of models. [2] Comparison models.... с англ. – М.: ИНФА-М, 2002. – XVI, 504 с. – (Серия «Менеджмент для лидера»); [3] Джеймс Харрингтон... «Стандарты и качество», 2008. — 272 с, ил. — (серия «Деловое совершенство»); [4] Марков, А. Аполло-11.... (2001). Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter: Experiment summary after the first year..., к Юпитеру и др. Сейчас нами создается серия лунных автоматических КА. Они будут... Yu. The Loop Heat Pipe Experiment on board the «GRANAT» Spacecraft..., 1997. [2] T.A. Wyatt Controllable heat pipe experiment for the SE-4 satellite, JHU... of water on the Moon. Experiment in Geosciences 2013, vol.20... первого десятилетия 21 века появилась серия статей, однозначно показывающих новое направление...

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..., Y. Kasahara, and V. Krasnoselskikh (2014), Inner belt and slot region electron lifetimes and energization... A. V., A. A. Vasiliev, D. Mourenas, O. V. Agapitov, V. Krasnoselskikh, D. Boscher, and G. Rolland (2014), Fast transport of.... Artemyev, A. V., A. P. Walsh, A. A. Petrukovich, W. Baumjohann, R. Nakamura, and A. N. Fazakerley (2014), Electron pitch angle... of MWC SAS3 electromagnetic wave experiment on board of the Chibis... 3.44 45. Oliver R., M.S. Ruderman, and J. Terradas, "Propagation and dispersion of transverse wave... Presence of Plasmas and Strong Gravitational Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 2014, Vol... the durations of the main and recovery phases of magnetic storms, Journal... detected in the SPI/INTEGRAL experiment. Письма в астрономический журнал, Volume 40... solar high energy gamma and X-ray emission and solar energetic particles // Journal... в событиях 2012 года // Известия РАН. Серия Физическая. 2015. №5-6. (Принято в печать). Импакт..., Dust Complex onboard the ExoMars-2018 lander for investigations of Martian.... Сборник трудов под редакцией А. М. Садовского. Серия «Механика, управление и информатика». Москва, ИКИ.... Сборник трудов под редакцией А. М. Садовского. Серия «Механика, управление и информатика». Москва, ИКИ... GRBs and other transient sources: 20 Years of Konus-Wind Experiment. 22... of the thickness and shape of the bow and interplanetary shocks fronts... the Middle and Upper Atmospheres and Ionosphere from the Ground and from Space, including Sounding Rockets and... conference "SOLITONS, COLLAPSES AND TURBULENCE: Achievements, Developments and Perspectives"(SCT-14), August..., Variations of magnetic and electrostatic atmospheric parameters and dynamics of the heart..., A. G. Frank, and R. Nakamura, Magnetotail stretching and thinning in satellite and laboratory experiment, The 12th... resonances and transport: discrete and turbulent cascades in the dynamic pressure and plasma... Solar High Energy Gamma and X-ray Emission and Solar Energetic Particles”// 24th.... «EXPERIMENT ARIES-L FOR INVESTIGATION OF LUNAR REGOLITH BY MEANS OF SIMS AND... Nikolaeva, and Mikhail Yermolaev, Dependence of the durations of main and recovery phases... and I.Y. Vasko, 2D current sheet configuration: Cluster observations vs. laboratory experiment. GEOSPACE... as a tool for sample selection: experiment Psiman (panoramic surface ion mass... affected by the propagation of gravity waves in the Venus upper... of MWC SAS3 electromagnetic wave experiment on board of the Chibis...(3) 24. Rodin, A., Klimchuk, A., Nadezhdinskiy, A., Churbanov, D., and Spiridonov, M. High resolution heterodyne spectroscopy..., I. Jun, R. E. Milliken, M. A. Mischna, J. E. Moersch, and C. G. Tate, "Water and chlorine content in the..., S. Slavney, T. Stein, J. Ward, J. Berger, and J. E. Moores, "Volatile and Organic Compositions of Sedimentary..., T. Stein, J. Ward, J. Berger, and J. E. Moores, "In Situ Radiometric and Exposure Age Dating..., Spacecraft exploration of Phobos and Deimos, Planetary and Space Science, Volume 102... first results of the DAN experiment on the NASA curiosity rover... Platform Experiments of the ExoMars 2018. In: The Fifth Moscow Solar... ExoMars 2018. In: Lunar and Planetary Science 45, Abstract #1242, Lunar and Planet..., A. Berezhnoy, Y. Skorov, D. Bisikalo, Y. Velikodsky and the LIS and ISEM teams Team, АОТF... Spectrometers to Characterize the Atmosphere and Climate 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly 2014..., Alexey; Altieri, Francesca; Bellucci, Giancarlo. Gravity waves study from the nighglow..., Variations of magnetic and electrostatic atmospheric parameters and dynamics of the heart... laser spectroscopy for the ExoMars-2018 mission stationery landing platform. The... profiling of sulphur dioxide and other gases contents and isotope ratios in... I., Esposito F., Seran E., Horanyi M., Koepke M., Gotlib V., and MarsDustTeam (I. Shashkova, E. Vorobieva, M. Godefroy, O. Petrov..., S. Popel, N. Borisov, and N. Duxbury) Dust Complex Onboard the ExoMars-2018 Lander for... - Dust experiment on the LunarGlob and Lunar-Resource landers. Science and Challenges of... from satellite data and contact measurements // Remote Sensing and Security + Defence Technologies... Dust Complex onboard the ExoMars269 2018 lander // 5th Moscow Solar System... борту посадочного аппарата миссии Экзомарс-2018 для исследования динамики марсианской пыли... of Extreme Events Influenced by Climate Change, Lanzhou University, China, 23.... 191. E. Kudashev, V Kolyshnitsyn, and V Marshov. Turbulent Flow Noise: Experiment in deep sea..., R. Nazirov. Small near Earth asteroids and gravity assist maneuvers as basic constituents... ORBITS WITH THE USE OF GRAVITY ASSIST MANEUVERS. Доклад на Международном... Elena Surovyatkina and Juergen Kurths. Dynamic bifurcations for predictability of climate tipping... Elena Surovyatkina and Juergen Kurths. Non-equilibrium dynamics of climate variability: insight... By Libration-Point Orbits, Lunar Gravity Assists, And “Phasing Orbit Rendezvous”, 24th...

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... all three transitions in a given experiment without any recourse to thermal... that the spread between theory and experiment was not greater than that... the stress state through a simple experiment. 1162.2. Rather than using bursting... к — return to, reversion to (возвращение/, recovery to, restoration to (восстановлен uej... are removed there is a complete recovery to the unstrained reference configuration... the end of this particular experiment no visible traces of corrosion... — restoration, reinstatement!, recovery, renewal 1439.1. Where existing pipework and supports are removed... work to this «work-hardening-recovery» process. 1778. Выдвигать / Поднимать вопрос..., exit (отверстие, место); yield, production, recovery (продукта реакции); way out, remedy... to the example presented from experiment L2. Similar procedures have been... which can be verified by experiment. (... далеко за пределами возможностей экспериментальной... that bearings are safe, whereas experiment proves otherwise. 539. Доказывать правильность....1. For better agreement with the experiment, the slider leakage in the... reduce the effectiveness of heat recovery, and vice versa. 41.6. Do not... experiment is carried out in a rectangular enclosure with insulated floor and ceiling... a constant surface temperature experiment, a constant heat flux experiment, or neither. 344. Или... of stable equilibrium between hardening and recovery exists such that: A,X, = sinh-i (e/B)'/" or... employ the data from this experiment to establish limits for heat... to give agreement with the experiment, it may well be necessary... difference in pressure recovery coefficient between a swirling and an axial flow may... of sorbent plotted against the experiment duration in hours. 451. Нанести... all, don't be afraid to experiment. 753. He будет большим преувеличением... in general by the present experiment (...наши эксперименты в общем не дали... analytical calculations for comparisons with experiment. 990. He позволяет подробно рассмотреть... case when comparing theory with experiment, the correlation is less than....1. When setting up a small-scale experiment, great care should be given... on a bored ball from another experiment in which the ball was....1. They explained the discrepancy between experiment and theory on the basis 317... (В) and (С) are philosophically one and the same. 501. Одно место — одна серия (реквизит... that streamline curvature and swirl probably would affect recovery adversely. 631.2. It... established in this large duct experiment is precisely that observed in.... 876. Опыт — run, test run, experiment, test (эксперимент); experience, practice (практика.... 1403. Отличающийся от 1403.1. Their experiment is for different geometry to... attractive simplification in both analysis and experiment, it does not reflect reality... implementation, to demonstrate prevention or recovery from stalls. 973.5. Fig. reveals... that swirl probable would affect recovery adversely. 1796.3. The expectation was... (...), this relation becomes Ey =... 2018. Преобразовывать энергию 2018.1. A heat exchanger converts the....1. For the conditions of the experiment. increasing the tube spacing from... were shown between this analysis and the experiment. 2136. При существующем уровне... attractive simplification in both analysis and experiment, it does not reflect reality... deposition interrupted by three area recovery events. 36. С номинальной мощностью (45... the stress state through a simple experiment. 59.5. The procedure to compute... well with each other and experiment in the adverse and zero pressure-gradient... standard hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders up to 20 bore. 426. Серия из... set corresponding to / = 0.0 and the other to / = 0.2. 428. Серия опытов 428.1. То... from those used in the experiment. 622.3. In using equation (...) care... all that is known about recovery and semiconductors would take us too... angle between an isothermal surface and the gravity vector. 81. Угол наклона..., unclutters the deck and lowers the center of gravity. 341. Упрощать процесс....1. The work hardening rate and the recovery rate balance each other. 363... paper reports on a more refined experiment which was designed to eliminate... reasonable recovery was achieved at low swirl angles but the recovery deteriorated... considered. 592. Ухудшение работы 592.1. Experiment showed that this could be... ..., мало вероятно, что 617.1. With climate and modern paint systems, it is... неплохо, если учесть 165.1. Analysis and experiment agreed within 5 percent, which is... anyone doing this kind of experiment should wear a face shield. 183.... 3. Шаг вперед по сравнению с 3.1. This experiment is a step beyond previous experiments... economic viability of waste heat recovery schemes. 12. Экономические перспективы 12... improve fuel economy. 30. Эксперимент — experiment, data run, observation 30.1. The... we report results from an experiment designed to measure heat transfer..., experimental setup, test facility, fixture, experiment 38.1. A schematic of the experimental... and disassembly of the experiment. 39. Экспериментально-теоретическое исследование 39.1. An experimental and...

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... (36 multianode PMTs) and an infrared camera. This experiment is also an... Waseda University and JAXA, Tokyo, JAPAN The CALET space experiment, currently under... events and x-ray flares by “BTN-Neutron” experiment on Earth orbit and HEND experiment... of upper atmosphere and ionosphere. To perform the experiment we propose panoramic... of the proposed experiment, we introduce methods and technology and discuss expected results... experiment was to measure energetic particles fluxes having solar and galactic origin and... represented experiment objectives, experimental equipment structure and characteristics. There is designed space experiment “Plasma-ERP” for observing and control electrical and discharging environment on the ISS surface and surrounding space. With this experiment...), DEMETER satellite and groundbased observatories. The first complex experiment on modification of... during the first SURA experiment (02.10.2007), and geomagnetic data, defining... magnetic field and decelerates in this magnetic field. This experiment allows one... artificial magnetosphere and for diagnostics of interaction processes. Proposed experiment was not... and will make somple and visible experiment. Presentation includes necessary technical characteristics of experiment... reported: the goals and objectives of the space experiment PK-4, the main... 2018 год. Обсуждаются перспективы регионального и глобального мониторинга ионосферы. 47 «ISS–GLONASS» EXPERIMENT and... Station ISS–GLONASS experiment. The project seeks to design and test the... the experiment will be launched in 2018. The prospects of regional and global... effective gravity wave detector. The main task of the space experiment is... the experiment secondary and higher educational institutions. Stage 4, 2020–2022. Modernization and development... timeframe from 2015 to 2018). The Space Experiment is to be executed... and BIOLAB), which consists of incubators with interfaces for standardised experiment containers and artificial gravity using on-board centrifuges... is the originator and manager of the space experiment «Napor mini SAR... Space experiment DRIADA is a direct technical and scientific continuation of RUSALKA. Experiment RUSALKA... finalizing the design development and operational documentation. The experiment is planned to... with probiotic and immunomodulatory effects. In parallel, for “Lactolen” experiment the effect... experiment. Simulation and measurement results evidenced that GRIS detectors have sufficient sensitivity and... the Proboy space experiment on installation, alignment, performance check and verification of..., blue jets and red sprites. According to the satellite experiment RHESSI, where.... For cultures throughout the experiment on solid and liquid nutrient media, characterized... with increasing time of the experiment, and also depends on the microorganism... международной космической станции (МКС) проведена серия уникальных экспериментов «Кулоновский кристалл» с ансамблем... the physical components of the experiment, and presents the results of ground... staging a full-scale experiment has been proposed, and verification issues of a mathematical... ‘Test’ space experiment consists of two stages — an orbital and a ground stage... is kept sterile and hermetically sealed throughout the experiment, including the delivery... “Test” space experiment during EVAs in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 produced...” and “Sonocard.” Continuations of these experiments now are “Cardiovector” and “Cosmocard.” Space experiment... experiments. The experiment made it possible to study and evaluates the changes... weightlessness at rest and during breathing and orthostatic tests. Space experiment “Sonocard” was... curve points, obtained in MEIS experiment [2] and numerically by LSA [3] for Prandtl... of the experiment will allow: a) the monitoring and assessment of vestibular and visual... (SWSU) 3  Roskosmos Experiment of “RadioSkaf” on creation, preparation and start in the... second stage of experiment of “RadioSkaf”. The USA and Southwest state university... cities and on the water surface, changes in the environment and climate; • Establishing...). For further evolution and conduct of this space experiment, there are plans... and objectives of the experiment, comparison with the existing ground-based installations, and... and technological results of the experiment “KiteMKS”. It seems to us, the experiment... in their original condition and after the samples recovery to Earth after... Systems (SNS) GPS and GLONASS. The Vector-T experiment is conducted in order...) of space experiment entitled “A Study of Earth Radiation Characteristics and their Experimental... mission plan, and the results of processing the space experiment data, including... of the space experiment will be procedures for determining and using characteristics... the experiments “Tensor” and “Environment of the ISS.” The experiment “Tensor” is...

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... orography of the earth's surface and the gravity field. Proceedings of the international conference on propagation of elastic and... International Conference “New Electrical and Electronic Technologies and their Industrial Implementation” (NEET...-импульсных систем с запаздыванием. Ізденіс – Поиск. Серия естественных и технических наук, №2, 2004. С. 209... International Conference “New Electrical and Electronic Technologies and their Industrial Implementation” (NEET... multiple levels, which include personal and teachers, and advanced Internet technology. The.... Askar A. Information andmeasurement and communicationof the automatedsystemsof accounting and controlof energy consumption... and improve its reliability. Possible ways and types of interfaces measuring channel and... лет, "Известия Акад. наук СССР. Серия геофизическая", 1943, № 1. 3. Памяти В. П. Вейнберга, "Метеорология... Казахстан до 0,05 % к 2012 году, 5 % к 2018 году, 10 % к 2024 году; - обеспечение..., к 2012 году – 0,165 млн. тонн у. т., к 2018 году – 0,325 млн. тонн у. т., к 2024году...% к 2009году, 37 % к 2012 году, 43 % к 2018 году, 53 % к 2024 году; - внедрение... бөліну эфектісі 3. Field Weights қосымшасында Gravity 0.000 – ге теңестірем... aid. Under ред. В.Н. Волковой and В.Н. Юрьева. - М.: Finances and statistics; Инфра-м, 2008. 3. Advices... осажденным Fe и Co // Известия РАН. Серия физическая. – 2008. – Т.72, №4. - С. 484 – 490..., № 10, s. 1 – 6. (in Rus) 2. N. E. and other.// The physic and technique of semiconductors, t .44...) 4. Kashkarov V.M., Lenshin A.S., Popov A.E. and other. The composition and structure of nanoporous silicon... process using static and dynamic models, test management and operator training to... in real-time control and optimization, monitoring and planning of the enterprise... ссылке. Модуль «Backup and Migrate» Модуль «Backup and Migrate» выполняет задачи по..., 1989. 2. Aytmambetova B. Ideas and experiments of modern teachers. - And., 1991. 3. M. Zhumabayev Pedagogika... (1), 119 (1978). 4. Optics and communications: Optical transmission and information processing / Trans. with.... - p. 32-37. 3. N. Stern, Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review; Cambridge... of energy from renewable sources and amending and subsequently repealing Directives 2001... Truth: How biofuel policies "Poverty and accelerating climate change." Oxford, UK, 2008... approaches and techniques to mathematical description and process control principle chosen and the... methods and approaches to mathematical description and process control principle chosen and the... construction of telecommunication systems and networks. - M .: Radio and Communications, 2004 3. Tolmachev Yu... analysis and digital signal processing, systems analysis and systems theory, linguistics and phonetic analysis. Models have been developed and..., a sampling frequency between 8kHz and 16kHz and usually a 16bit quantization of the... DFT and FFT, see [1], and for both FFT and Hartley Transform theory and its..., Swiftprogramming language, classes and objects, constructors and destructors, protocols and codes. ƏОЖ 61... . 4. VV Trofimov Information systems and technologies in economics and management . - M .: Yurayt -Publishing... R. Wertz. Space mission analysis and design. 1992 W.J. Larson and Microcosm, Inc. Fifth... R. Wertz. Space mission analysis and design. 1992 W.J. Larson and Microcosm, Inc. Fifth..., 2002. -640p. 5. D. Hearn and MP Baker. Computer graphics and standard OpenGL. - 3rd... scientific- practical conference "energy and metallurgy present and the future of Russia... Inspection by Using A* and Genetic Algorithms //Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing. Springer... Inspection by Using A* and Genetic Algorithms //Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing. Springer... с.: ил. 4. Люк Вроблевский. Сначала мобильные! Серия «Актуальные книги для тех, кто..., P.M. (Editor) Sensor networks and configuration fundamentals, standards, platforms, and applications. Springer, 2007..., popular platforms such IOS and Android and architecture of mobile applications for..., P.M. (Editor) Sensor networks and configuration fundamentals, standards, platforms, and applications. Springer,2007... development of modern telecommunications technologies and materials and transmitting them to the... control of technical systems" and "Automation and control" for students of specialty... V.B. Fundamentals of automation oil and gas pipelines and tank farms – Nedra, 2005... construction (TSC). Meaningful moments of recovery (MMR). Code words (CW). 509... pay bills, mobile banking, and the like. And if they are used... processes related to relationships and various economic actors and with some forms... advantages and disadvantages of software and hardware implementation of encryption and asymmetric cryptosystems... the key points.The numerical experiment to draw conclusions about the... l where t.techinfo=t.techinfoid and m.hierlevel=l.hierlevel and t.techcontactid=t.techcontactid and t.techcontactid=3 Бұл командамен құрыл...

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...-graduate and graduate students of economic specialties, and also scientific libraries and publishing houses of scientific and teaching literature... Economic Thought and M ethodology — C — M athematical and Quantitative M ethods ————— D — M icroeconomics —————————————— E — M acroeconomics and M onetary Economics..., and Welfare ———————— J — Labor and Demographic Economics —————— K — Law and Economics ————————————– L — Industrial Organization ——————————— M —Business Administration and... Change, and Growth ————————————————— P — Economic Systems ————————————— Q — Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics ———— R — Urban, Rural, and Regional... перечислены даты предыдущих изданий. Препринты: серия, номер серии, дата публикации, число... each JEL issue in 1991 and 1994 and as a whole on the...-and-Services-Government-Policy-and-Regulation (G280); Economic-Development-Financial-Markets; Saving-and... fields, F “International Economics”, J “Labor and Demographic Economics” and L “Industrial Organization,” embraces over... of macro fields J “Labor and Demographic Economics” and G “Financial Economics” was an... the preparation of course and final projects, and in the completion of.... Преподавателями НГУ была подготовлена и издана серия учебников и учебных пособий по основным..., models and algorithms, option pricings, and modifications, reflecting features of currency and other financial markets and financial... D630 — Equity, Justice, Inequality, and Other Normative Criteria and M easurement — Равенство, справедливость... E010 — M easurement and Data on National Income and Product Accounts and Wealth — Измерение..., S aving, Production, Employment, and Investment (includes measurement and data) — Потребление, сбережения, производство... — Personal Income and Other Nonbusiness Taxes and Subsidies; includes inheritance and gift taxes... — Общее H710 — State and Local Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue — Государственное и местное налогообложение, субсидии и доходы H720 — State and Local Budget and Expenditures — Государственный и местные бюджеты..., M orbidity, Suicide, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Disability, and Economic Behavior — “Производство здоровья... — Time Allocation, Work Behavior, and Employment Determination and Creation; Human Capital; Retirement... — Общее J210 — Labor Force and Employment, Size, and Structure (by industry, occupation... L2—L7 L150 — Information and Product Quality; Standardization and Compatibility — Информация и качество... Performance: Size, Diversification and Scope, Age, Profit, and Sales — Эффективность деятельности фирмы... L440 — Antitrust Policy and Public Enterprise, Nonprofit Institutions, and Professional Organizations — Антимонопольная... трудового стажа) M 520 — Compensation and Compensation M ethods and Their Effects (stock options... и методы N1 — Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; Growth and Fluctuations: General, International, or... — Financial M arkets; Saving and Capital Investment; Corporate Finance and Governance — Финансовые рынки... — General — Общее O310 — Innovation and Invention: Processes and Incentives — Инновации и изобретения: процессы... — Consumer Economics; Health, Education and Training, Welfare, and Poverty — Экономика потребителя; здоровье... болезнь) Q340 — Natural Resources and Domestic and International Conflicts — Природные ресурсы и внутренние... отходы; повторное использование отходов Q540 — Climate; Natural Disasters — Климат; природные катастрофы..., produced, nets, solutions, subsequent, doing, recovery, donors, excess, responsibility, overcome, woman..., center, channels, choose, citizens, civic, climate, coast, coffee, cohesion, combining, comes..., exhibit, expect, expense, expensive, experiencing, experiment, experiments, explicit, explicitly, exploration, exploratory..., got, govern, grades, graduation, granted, gravity, grievances, grounded, groupings, grows, Guangdong...: 138; beyond: 138; urban: 137; recovery: 137; migration: 137; point: 137...; capital: 2163; their: 2040; it: 2018; model: 1953; which: 1895; not...: 236; tropical: 235; America: 235; climate: 235; integrated: 233; sub-Saharan... — Financial Markets; Saving and Capital Investment; Corporate Finance and Governance — Финансовые рынки...: 145; GDP: 145; relatively: 145; recovery: 144; resources: 144; variance: 143...: 911; new: 911; control: 850; climate: 810; results: 764; energy: 751...: 202; aggregate: 201; ASEAN: 201; gravity: 199; indicate: 197; commodity: 193...: 112; expansion: 112; causes: 111; recovery: 111; stability: 111; link: 110.... P210 — Socialist Systems and Transitional Economies: Planning, Coordination , and Reform — Социалистические системы...: 67; fall: 67; mechanisms: 67; recovery: 67; currency: 66; organizational: 66...: 170; order: 169; filter: 169; recovery: 168; developed: 168; central: 168...: 1729; economic: 1578; model: 1359; climate: 1237; change: 1162; costs: 1122...

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... organization activities depends on specific gravity of intensive factors in key... I. Corporate Lifecycles: How and Why Corporations Grow and Die and What to Do... raw materials, inputs and finished products, professional managers and others On the... peculiarities of their functioning and industry sec‑ tor, and suggests some directions... of the scientific and technical, organizational, managerial and socio-economic barriers to... period from 1996 to 2040 and financial and economic performance indicators of...: experience and opinions of engineers and it-managers Abstract: Software quality and the... данных InCite, и прогнозируемые значения на 2018 год, которые оценены на основе... в программах развития. Для анализа выбран 2018 год, так как именно данные... 2011год Прогноз на 2018 год 2011год Прогноз на 2018 год Acadstaff / Stdnt... значений показателей СПбГУ и МГУ на 2018 год при неизменных значениях показателей... заявленным целям. Использование оценок на  2018  год позволило получить следующие результаты... universities. The results of an experiment on the evaluation of competitiveness... профессионального образования // Вестник Омского университета. Серия «Экономика». 2011. № 1. С. 68–73. 2 Monks... marketing, production, financial, investment and research and development components. This fact alone... the Russian market of mergers and acquisitions and identified its main features... conditions of development of science and production and marketing technologies financial risks... PhD student Department of Insurance and Financial and Economic Analysis Volgograd State... market economy requirements and adjust their production infrastructure and other elements to..., rehabilitation procedure, preservation business, financial recovery. Институт банкротства, возрожденный в России в начале... стадия первого направления начнется примерно в 2018–2019 годах. Ближе к настоящему времени... растущие; зрелые 2006 2010 2014 2018 2022 2026 2030 2034 2038... the planning and evaluation of the financial and economic state enterprises, and as..., solvency, the rate of cost recovery organization, the process of financing... этой задачи планируется также к 2016–2018 годам). Сегодня строительство инфраструктуры ведется... компаний представляется почти неизбежным в 2016–2018 годы. Все перечисленные выше факторы... предположить вероятное сокращение ВВП в 2016–2018 годах от 2 до 8 % (доходы бюджета... образова‑ ния и науки»1, согласно которому к 2018 году доля работников администра‑ тивно... образования по оптимизации численности УВП к 2018 году, выполнимы. В процессе реформирования образовательных... worker, Transneft Research and Development Institute for Oil and Oil Products Transportation... рабочих мест и увеличить производительность труда к 2018 году в 1,5 раза относительно уровня 2011... 2011: The challenge of a jobs recovery / International Labour Office. Geneva: ILO... the use of traditional and non-traditional parameters and evaluation methods of... наука: актуальные проблемы теории и практики». Серия «Экономика и право». 2012. Вып. 8–9. 3  Потрубейко... client, expansion of product and service range and image improvement. Special attention... в государственных (муниципальных) учреждениях на 2012–2018 годы»: «…в рамках развития кадрового потенциала... персонала к 37 % в общей численности работников к 2018 году3. Так, в рамках основных положений... в  государственных (муниципальных) учреждениях на  2012–2018  годы» // КонсультантПлюс. URL: http://www... год 2016 год 2017 год 2018 год Аудит кадров (ППС, научные... в государственных (муниципальных) учреждениях на 2012– 2018 годы», утвержденной Распоряжением Правительства РФ...: vgkozlov@list.ru Value of climate of safety in formation of... a tendency to its increase. The climate of safety in modern researches.... The climate of safety opens a way to overcoming of social and psychological... personnel. Keywords: safety of work, climate of safety of work, motivation...). С. 64–69. 2 Dedobbeleer N., Beland F. Organizational Climate and Safety //.ILO Encyclopaedia of Occupational...-viii / safety-policy-and-leadership / item / 983‑organizationalclimate-and-safety. P. 4. 3 Энциклопедия по... integration of interests and values of companies and employees and increasing of the... деятельности; Aon Consulting and Orenda Connections. EngagementProfits and Why the Beatles were... труда госслужащих, который должен завершиться к 2018 году. Одним из результатов данной... в государственных (муниципальных) учреждениях на 2012–2018 гг. // Гарант. URL: http://www... в государственных (муниципальных) учреждениях на 2012–2018 гг.»1, позволил установить однородность оценок... the internal organizational structure and both the way and content of teaching... реализован комплекс недельных проектных мероприятий и серия микроработ, нацелен‑ ных на достижение... Южном Урале Success factors and barriers of small and medium-sized businesses... software development: experience and opinions of engineers and it-managers Оценка значений... of young teachers and the system of payment and motivation 594 Совершенствование... труда персонала 603 Value of climate of safety in formation of...

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... and transport, and creation of comfortable conditions of living and working in harsh climate... climate here since mid-20th century that goes on here faster and...) on particular features of the climate on the territory of the..., Alpha-Mendeleev Rise, and Chukchi Plateau, and the Podvodnikov and Chukchi Basins separating..., extreme wind and wave conditions, sea level rise, rapid climate changes that accelerate the melting of permafrost in spring, and destruction... the project, the first ever gravity type offshore iceresistant fixed platform... and implementation practices of CSR programs by oil and gas companies. Extreme climate and fragile ecosystems of the Arctic, its rich oil and gas... к изменению климата / Activities aimed at climate change prevention/adaptation Привлечение стейкхолдеров... life support systems and production activities under the Arctic climate conditions. According... associated with a number of adverse climate and production factors, which set strict... ведомости Long staying in uncomfortable climate and production conditions causes rapid depletion...) in this region with harsh climate. NSMU workers participated in developing... in extreme climate and production conditions. The study of biomedical and psychophysiological bases... Health in a Changing Climate in the Arkhangelsk Region and Nenets Autonomous District...’s work Impact of Climate Change on Human Health and Assessment of Adaptive... North Pole, the program Polar Experiment, first underwater sails of our... 2007/2008 в ААНИИ подготовлена к печати серия книг «Вклад России в Международный полярный... the NSR under the changing climate and the increased human influence... preserve environmental wellbeing and support health in severe climate conditions of the... issue is completely different climate, food and human adaptation abilities. A propos... related to adverse effects of climate change, ocean acidification, environmental... of the Action Plan on Climate Change and the Action Plan on... Academies of Science for 2013-2018 which does not envisage emphasizing... государственных академий наук на 2013–2018 гг., не предусматривающей акцентов на... woods. Due to the harsh climate and cold nights which are possible... in winter. Despite its severe climate, the archipelago is not a dead... politicians and deputies, representatives of business and scientific communities, youth and social organizations, and... the model of the regional climate strategy for the Russian sector... implement the Action Plan on Climate Change for the Barents Cooperation... the Development of the Regional Climate Strategy for the Russian Sector... organization to develop the regional climate strategy for the Russian Segment... of the regional climate strategy was highly appreciated and supported by the... of Sciences, Head of the Climate Program of the World Wildlife... a timely response to the current climate challenges of global warming; thus... на Новую Землю, а в планах до 2018 г. — вернуть сообщение со всеми аэродромами... country, while the plans until 2018 include the resumption of air... Defence long ago, and this year an experiment has started in using АСНАП-М distress radio beacon and ПАРМ406М... кластера Вологодской области на 2014–2018 гг. Правительство Архангельской области представило... и въездного туризма в Российской Федерации (2011– 2018 гг.)». В большинстве случаев возникают проблемы... the Vologda Rregion in 2014-2018 is at the initial stage... Domestic Travel and Inbound Tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018). In... Finland and Norway, close to our northern regions in terms of climate... scientific and technical advice, and promote cooperation and links with other national and international... of the Arctic (UArctic) World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) World Wide... Ecosystems and Feedbacks on Climate Change; • Arctic Marine/Coastal/Riverine Systems; • Disturbance and Recovery of Terrestrial Ecosystems; • Dynamics of Arctic Populations and Ecosystems; • Sustainable... Arctic Glaciers and Ice sheets in relation to the Climate and Sea level changes • FATE: Feedbacks and Arctic Terrestrial..., both the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) and Arctic Human Development Report... and Hydrologic Processes and Systems WG 8: Terrestrial & Freshwater Biosphere and Biodiversity WG 9: Modeling and Predicting Arcмеждународное мультидисциплинарное мероприятие, tic Weather, Climate and Ecosystems включающее все сообщество арктических научных органиWG 10: Resilience, Vulnerability, and... and Assessment Programme (AMAP), Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), Climate and Cryosphere (CliC), Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF...: • Climate System and Transformations • Societies and Ecosystems • Observing, Technology, Logistics and Services • Outreach and Capacity..., including its climate and weather extremes, through increased temperatures and the continuing loss...