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ASNARO 2 (Advanced Satellite with New system Architecture for Observation) это планируемый к запуску японским космическим агентством X-диапазонный радар. Предполагается его выведение при помощи РН Эпсилон.

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3Страна оператор(владелец) - Япония
4Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный
5Тип орбиты - НОО
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... of small standard bus and ASNARO spacecraft Toshiaki Ogawa NEC Corporation... itohosm@nedo.go.jp ABSTRACT ASNARO (Advanced Satellite with New system... is presented in this paper. ASNARO, which is being developed by.... The bus module of the ASNARO is highly adaptive for various... the future small satellite market. ASNARO imaging capability of Ground Sample... primary mirror of the telescope. ASNARO, which is being developed by... ASNARO system, NEC standard bus and Optical mission. 2. ASNARO SPACECRAFT SYSTEM OUTLINE ASNARO system outline ASNARO spacecraft is a small... pointing control. The orbit of ASNARO is Sun Synchronous Polar Orbit...) satellite was launched in 2006. ASNARO payload consists of high resolution... frequency by 800Mbps data rate. ASNARO maneuver range is +/- 45 degree... in Table 1. Bus system configuration ASNARO bus system consisted of Telemetry.... This bus system applied to ASNARO was developed by NEC as... system network block diagram of ASNARO is shown in Fig. 2. This... (400W for Payload) Ogawa Figure 2: ASNARO system network diagram 250kg (without... spacecraft flying over Japan. Figure 3: ASNARO spacecraft operation outline There are... This simulation resulted that the ASNARO spacecraft has ability to take... pointing (d) Strip Map mode Figure 4: ASNARO observation mode Ogawa 3 23rd Annual..., development duration can be reduced. ASNARO use this standard bus as... substrate for primary mirror. The ASNARO telescope is a first space application...: OPS simulation image8) 6. CONCLUSION For ASNARO small earth observation satellite, NEC... transmitter, NTSIC and new CCD, ASNARO system is expected to be.... ASNARO satellite is scheduled to be launched in FY2011. Acknowledgments ASNARO Project... an integral part of the ASNARO mission. Its development is performed... above. Image Quality Improvement References ASNARO has a compact optics and its... New System Architecture for Observation (ASNARO)”, IAA-B7-0208P, May 7th...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-04
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... sensor satellite, ASNARO. USEF, NEDO and NEC are developing ASNARO satellite, which... the next mission following to ASNARO, NEC has started the development... using the same bus as ASNARO. 1. INTRODUCTION After the launch of... paper introduces this new system. 2. ASNARO SYSTEM OUTLINE The development of... based on the technology of ASNARO. ASNARO is a small Low Earth Orbit... earth observation. The orbit of ASNARO is Sun Synchronous Polar Orbit... (NEDO) and NEC are developing ASNARO (Advanced Satellite with New system... optical earth observation [1]. Payload of ASNARO consists of high resolution imager... was launched in 2006. Ono ASNARO bus system named “NEXTAR-300L... expected performance and characteristics of ASNARO are summarized in Table 1. 3. SMALL... adopts the common architecture with ASNARO, which includes the NEC’s small... subsystems with ASNARO and only the sensor head of ASNARO is replaced... ASNARO. The same height as ASNARO was selected for the constellation with ASNARO.... The different local time from ASNARO makes it possible for multi... observation by the constellation with ASNARO. Figure 5: Stripmap Mode The total... Conference on Small Satellites Table 2: ASNARO. Reduction of the SAR antenna... technologies of NEXTAR-300L and ASNARO, which contribute mass reduction. Performance... bus NEXTAR-300L adopted for ASNARO. In this small SAR satellite... of small standard bus and ASNARO spacecraft”, 23rd, ANNUAL AIAA/USU...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-26
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...) ....................................................................................... 21 Figure 1-9 An image of ASNARO-1 developed by NEC and JSS... System ARchitecture for Observation (ASNARO) (JSS, 2016) ASNARO is a small, high-performance... satellite ASNARO-1 was launched in 2014. Figure 1-8 An image of ASNARO-1 developed... bus for Earth-observation, called ASNARO (Advanced Satellite with New system... objective. The first demonstration mission, ASNARO-1 was launched in 2014. METI... 2 SAR satellites based on the ASNARO technology [VN Express, 2016].  Quasi... ALOS-2 "Daichi 2" Adv. SAR Satellite ASNARO-1 ASNARO-2 ASTER/Terra Env. Monitoring Greenhouse... satellite 2014 ALOS-2 “Daichi-2” 2014 ASNARO-1 All of the satellites have... Environment, except for ASTER and ASNARO-1, which were designed by Japan... maritime domain awareness and governance ASNARO-1 To develop and operate a next... The fundamental concept of the ASNARO bus is to have a flexible... the cost and the 2016). ASNARO-1 is equipped with a VNIR (visible..., swath width of 10 km ASNARO-2 will be same design but... for the operation of the ASNARO-1 satellite developed by NEC (eoPortal... or how the images from ASNARO-1 will be distributed. The Remote..., 2016] ALOS-2 “Daichi-2” Not Free ASNARO-1 Not Free Past Missions MOS....html eoPortal. (2016, August 25). ASNARO. Retrieved from eoPortal Directory: https....org/web/eoportal/satellite-missions/a/asnaro eoPortal. (2016, June 24). Missions..., R. (2016). User-oriented Operation of ASNARO. SpaceOps Conference. Daejeon. Retrieved from...

Дата загрузки: 2017-05-21
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... Failure 11/6/14 Dnepr Russia ASNARO 1 SSO Success 12/5/14 Delta... payloads KazEoSat 2 for Kazakhstan and ASNARO 1 for the Japanese Government. KazEoSat... microsatellites, most of them cubesats. ASNARO 1 was launched with four Japanese... - Falcon 9 Other Commercially Launched Satellites ASNARO - Dnepr SAOCOM 1A - Falcon 9 DragonLab... Launch Plans 2014 2015 2016 ASNARO - Dnepr SAOCOM 1A - Falcon 9 DragonLab... 9 2017 DragonLab - Falcon 9 Deimos - Dnepr •• ASNARO 1: ASNARO is a remote sensing satellite for... Defence Forces ISS Reshetnev Communications Asnaro 1 SSO J-spacesystems NEC Development S Chubusat...

Дата загрузки: 2017-04-23
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... ASNARO Project application with internationally competitive with advanced ground station performance. ASNARO-1 (under development) Satellite ASNARO-2 (under development) SERVIS... 2010) -3(under development) ASNARO-1 (OPT, GSD : less than 0.5m) ASNARO-2 (SAR, GSD... from small satellite. 4 METI R&D project –ASNARO– ◆ASNARO:Advanced Satellite with New ARchitecture... satellite making use of the ASNARO Project with High performance optical... to various missions 5 METI R&D project – ASNARO Project – Correlation with satellite mass... Heavy & Low GSD <multi function> ASNARO-1 500kg less than 0.5m GSD... Heavy & High GSD 6 METI R&D project –ASNARO2– ◆ASNARO2 (under reviewing) a) Target Standard small... satellite making use of the ASNARO Project with High performance radar... in the world - Constellation with ASNARO-1 c) Future development - High maneuverability;altitude...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-09
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... New system ARchitecture for Observation (ASNARO) October 15, 2009 Institute for... Activities ■USEF and NEDO initiated ASNARO Project to realize small size.... ■The main objectives of the ASNARO Project are : 1) Innovation on the... and the performances of the ASNARO Spacecraft Mission - Optical Sensor - Data... FLYER 3 The 22nd Microelectronics Workshop ASNARO bus sytem concept Innovation on..., Responsive (Under discussion among the ASNARO Consortium) Flexible to mission 300kg... usage of COTS parts / units ASNARO Project Reevaluation of SERVIS-guideline... of COTS parts / units on ASNARO GPS Receiver For miniaturization, low...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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... 3. METI Project – ASNARO Project (3)Advanced satellite with New System Architecture (ASNARO) a) Objective... development project, the so-called ASNARO project. b) Overview - Target setting - low... and the performances of the ASNARO Spacecraft Mission - Optical Sensor - Data... Database. Taking another example, the ASNARO project adopts SpaceWire network technology.... - METI encourages the use of ASNARO’s small satellite as a platform for...

Дата загрузки: 2017-11-08
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... NEC Confidential “ASNARO” Optical Observation Small Satellite with NEXTAR ASNARO: Advanced Satellite... Observation being Promoting by METI ASNARO Large Commercial Satellite Small Commercial... fuel) 150 kg 445 kg ASNARO Optical Sensor Image Resolution: < 0.5m...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-25
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次世代宇宙プロジェクト調査事業では、宇宙利用の拡大・発展と我が国の宇宙機器産 業の国際競争力強化を目的として、平成15年度から世界の宇宙利用計画や宇宙開発動向 などの調査および我が国が目指すべき次世代宇宙プロジェクトについての検討を行って きた。 古くは「成層圏飛行船」「再使用型飛行システム」「宇宙ロボット」「宇宙太陽光発電」 であり、最近では「次世代商用衛星通信放送サービス」「全電化推進衛星」などである。 本年度の研究テーマは、2014年以降、新規宇宙ビジネスのきっかけとなるのではない かと大きな注目を浴び、次々と新たな計画が発表・着手されている「衛星コンステレーショ ン」を取り上げ、この分野におけるビジネスおよび技術動向等を検討することとした。 衛星コンステレーションを巡る海外および国内の動向に注目し、登場に至る背景、海 外および日本における主要衛星コンステレーションの最新動向と使用技術の調査を実施 するとともに、国内の衛星製造企業、ロケット製造企業、衛星データ販売企業、地上設 備製造企業、宇宙保険会社等、様々な立場や角度から検討を実施し、得られたデータを 基に討議を重ね、今後の方向性についての提言をまとめた。以下にその概要を示す。 1.はじめに 1990Iridium Globalstar 2.衛星コンステレーションに関する海外の動向 1990 Teledesic Skybridge 2000 O3b Skysat OneWeb Iridium Globalstar 7 工業会活動 O3bOneWeb AIS 1 Networks2013 14O3b 2 O3b 12 Orbcomm Luxspace Aprize Satellite exactEarth 2014 OneWeb 2015 SpaceADS 6 Airbus Defence and 900 ArianespaceSoyuz Space X ADS-B LeoSat ADS-B AIS Iridium- Automatic Identification System NEXTAIS 3 ADS-BAutomatic ADS-B Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast AIS ADS-B Kymeta HP 図1 O3b衛星によるネットワークイメージ 8 OneWeb HP 図2 OneWeb衛星軌道イメージ 平成28年5月  第749号 Orbcomm HP 図3 Orbcomm衛星による船舶自動識別装置(AIS)のイメージ Google Terra Bella Planet Lab Digital Globe 5 Space Imaging GeoEye Earth Watch Digital Globe GeoEye OrbImage 3 Digital Globe Digital Globe 2014 1 Terra Bella World View-3 1 Planet Labs 4 2013 Skybox Imaging 9 工業会活動 Digital Globe HP 図4 World View-3衛星による高解像度画像(30㎝) Terra Bella HP 図5 Skysat衛星による中解像度画像(90㎝) Google Skybox Imaiging GPS Global Positioning System 1970 6 2015 1231 Block-3 2016 GLONASS 1982 2015 2 12 2 27 M K Galileo COTS commercial off-the-shelf 9 1 3 10 2015 2 Beidou 3 10 30 12 10 平成28年5月  第749号 3.衛星コンステレーションに関する海外の 技術動向 LEO NASA HP 図6 GPS衛星による軌道イメージ Low Earth Orbit Iridium Ka Iridium-Next 8SAR- LupeS 9 TerraSAR-X TanDEM-XS GPS QZSS Quasi- LEO Zenith Satellite System 7 2010 GEOGeostationary Earth 9 Orbit 20184 20247 JAXA 2019 NASA TDRS IRNSS Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System 2015 Tracking and Data Relay Satellite 12 4 HP 図7 準天頂衛星による軌道イメージ OHB HP 図8 SAR-Lupe衛星の衛星間通信 11 工業会活動 ESA EDRSEuropean Data Relay Satellite 2016 10 NASA2017 2GEO 1.24 Gbp LCRD Laser Communication Relay Demonstration 11 LCT 12 ESA Laser Communication Terminal TerraSAR-X Laser Light Communication Iridium HP 図9 Iridium-Next衛星の衛星間通信アンテナ 700 800 Iridium-NEXT JAXA 図10 現在および将来の静止軌道上のデータ中継衛星:静止軌道上配置図 12 20156 平成28年5月  第749号 NASA HP NASA HP 図11 LCRD用機器の衛星搭載図 図12 LCRDの実証実験イメージ Globalstar-2O3bFalcon-9 Soyuz 1 1 4 10 Iridium- NEXT600 O3b Globalstar-2830 1,250 11 Spaceflight Service HP 図13 SHERPAイメージ 648 LEO OneWeb Soyuz LauncherOne Cubesat Spaceflight Service Spaceflight Service HP SHERPA 図14 SHERPA衛星搭載イメージ Cubesat SHERPA 4.衛星コンステレーションに関する国内の 動向および技術動向 1314 13 工業会活動 GPM Global Precipitation Measurement A-train ASNARO Advanced Satellite with Architecture for Observation GPM 3 JAXA 2014 GPM JAXA NICT DPR NASA HP Dual-frequency 図16 A-Train 衛星配置イメージ Precipitation Rader 15 A-Train NASA 6 JAXA GCOM-W1 16 ASNARO 2014 ASNARO-1 0.5m NEC HP 17 X-SAR 18 ASNARO-21m 2016 NASA HP 図15 GPM衛星配置イメージ 14 図17 ASNARO-1光学衛星 HP 図18 ASNARO-1 衛星取得画像 (府中) 平成28年5月  第749号 50 5.衛星コンステレーションビジネスに関す る検討 2013 1,800 100 12 80 SAR 20 6.衛星コンステレーションによる高頻度観 Worldview 測システムの検討 Digital Globe 50 2013 Skysat 1 10 19 10 200 15 工業会活動 LST06:00 LST09:00 光学x4機 中型 LST12:00 光学x4機 小型可 LST03:00 (夜間SARx2機) 3時間 LST15:00 光学x4機 中型 LST00:00 (夜間SARx2機) 夜間撮像が必要な 場合、SARを追加 LST21:00 (夜間SARx2機) LST18:00 SARx2機 図19  「いつでも、どこでも」観測できる衛星コンステレーションシステム 3,000 5,000 1.5 20 7.衛星コンステレーションに関する課題検討 BigLEO BigLEO BigLEO 30 21m BigLEO 16 15 / 10 平成28年5月  第749号 10 BigLEO BigLEO 1 8.衛星コンステレーションに関する地上設備 17 工業会活動 表1 コンステレーション運用(従来型との比較) NW 9.衛星コンステレーションの打上げに関す る検討(その1) 200 5 500 SAR 1,50020 200㎏/機 500㎏/機 1,500㎏/機 ③’1,500㎏×2機=3,000㎏ ② ● ② 500㎏×4機=2,000㎏ ① ● ① 200㎏×4機=800㎏ ③ ● ①’1,500㎏×2機=3,000㎏ ④ ● ②’1,500㎏×2機=3,000㎏ ③ 500㎏×4機=2,000㎏ ④ 1,500㎏×2機=3,000㎏ 図20 国産ロケットを用いたコンステレーションシステム構築の検討前提 18 平成28年5月  第749号 3 Cubesat + Nodal regression 200 1 8 2004 500 4 SAR 3 1506 10.衛星コンステレーションの打上げに関す る検討(その2) Space Flight SHERPA 6 FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Orbcomm OG-2 Rapid Eye 1 49 21 図21  「タグ宇宙船」SHERPAによる同一軌道面への衛星6機の投入計画 19 工業会活動 11.衛星コンステレーションの打上保険 GEO 2 1 表2 保険設計およびリスク評価ポイントの比較 1 1 100 530 15 515 1 1 flight proven 1 20 1 1 1 平成28年5月  第749号 12.まとめ 1 Cubesat Skysat NEC 21

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.... Следует отметить также японский проект ASNARO (Advanced Satellite with New system... систем. Одна из целей проекта ASNARO — создание миниспутника сверхвысокого разрешения нового... аппараты в более сжатые сроки. Спутник ASNARO предназначен для съемки земной поверхности... 30 30 ОСНОВНЫЕ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ КА ASNARO Дата запуска (планируемая): 2013 г. Средство... ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ СЪЕМОЧНОЙ АППАРАТУРЫ КА ASNARO Режим съемки Количество спектральных каналов... тральный — JAXA Япония ASNARO-1 2013 ОЭС 0,5 6 5 JAXA Япония ASNARO-2 2014 ОЭС 0,5 6 2 JAXA...