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Athena-Fidus – спутник связи который создан компанией Thales Alenia Space для французского и итальянского космических агентств и министерств обороны обеих стран. Спутник создан на основе платформы Spacebus 4000. Стоимость работ по аппарату составила 280 млн. евро. При этом, финансирование производилось на паритетных началах.

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Дополнительная классификация

1Страна оператор(владелец) - Франция
2Страна производитель - Франция
3Тип орбиты - ГСО
4Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный
5Страна производитель - Италия
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Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг3080
2Платформа 1xSpacebus-4000B2
3Габариты, метра2,86 х 1,8 х 2,95
4Количество (Ka стволов), шт.23
5Мощность, Вт5000

Характеристики орбиты

1Наклонение, град0.0
2Апогей, км35796.3
3Перигей, км35791.1
4Период, минут1436.1
5САС, год15
6Длинный диаметр эллипса, км42164

Пусковые характеристики

1Код NSSDC2014-006B

Экономические характеристики

#ХарактеристикаДата измеренияЗначение
1Оператор Defence infrastructure networks and information systems
2Оператор Telespazio
3Оператор Космическое агентство Франции
4Производитель Thales Alenia Space

Информация об удачном запуске

1Дата пуска2014-02-06 at 09:30:00 UTC
2Полезная нагрузка 1xABS-2
3Полезная нагрузка 1xAthena-Fidus
4Ракета-носитель 1xАриан 5 ECA

Экономические характеристики

#ХарактеристикаДата измеренияЗначение
1Застрахован на , млн. долл.2014-01-01475

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...: The Italian Payload EHF/K on Fidus Program - On Ground Testing at... Application: The Italian Payload on Athena FIDUS - In Orbit Testing Preparation Giampiero..., Morio Toyoshima, NICT - Japan Italian Athena Fidus Ka Ground Segments and Services... Merour, Thales Alenia Space - France ATHENA-FIDUS Civilian and Institutional System: In... Bonetti, Orbital Sciences Corporation - USA ATHENA-FIDUS Dual Use Satellite System: Italian..., UNIST - Korea SatLink Emulator for Athena Fidus Ka Gateway Test Activities Marco...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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... for defence 6 - Other ongoing programmes: Athena-Fidus , DRS/Artemis Chapter III - Developing... mechanism. 6. Other on-going programmes: Athena-Fidus , DRS/Artemis Other programmes must... telecommunication capabilities: o The Franco-Italian Athena-Fidus agreement signed on 22 June... in 2010, the Ka band Athena-Fidus satellite would provide the most...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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... (Pleiades) and one communication satellite (Athena-Fidus, in cooperation with Italy) as... infrastructure will comprise three elements: • Athena Fidus, a dual use broadband program conducted... Italy also cooperate on the Athena Fidus program, for unsecured communications services... the development of SICRAL 2 and Athena Fidus (€106 million (C$141 million) in...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-04
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... delle attività correlate al programma; ATHENA-FIDUS: programma bilaterale ITA-FRA per... per Comunicazioni Riservate ed Allarmi) 0,1 A 3. ATHENA-FIDUS 5,0 A 4. Multinational Geospatial Coproduction Program (MGCP... attraverso il contributo del Mi.S.E.. 3 ATHENA-FIDUS Programma bilaterale ITA-FRA per... 9,9 4. Multinational Geospatial coproduction Program (MGCP) 5,0 5. Athena Fidus 5,0 6. Altri programmi di C4 I componente...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-10
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.... A second programme is Franco-Italian Athena-Fidus, which aims to launch a single... government applications. Both WGS and Athena-Fidus are notable as they demonstrate..., the Netherlands and New Zealand. Athena-Fidus, originally launched by Italy and... their future UAV fleets over Athena-Fidus More than just facilitating further...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-24
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... AND INTEGRATED APPLICATIONS Athena-FIDUS In 2013 the activities of Athena-Fidus program reached... on-ground communication infrastructures. The ATHENA-FIDUS Satellite System will offer broadband.... The Ground Segment of the ATHENA-FIDUS is composed of several elements...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-10
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... satellite communication programs SICRAL 2 and Athena- Fidus 5 . Similar trends can be observed....htm 5. Michael Colaone « Le satellite Athena-Fidus: un example de coopération... http://www.aeroplans.fr/ Europespace/athena-fidus-exemple-cooperation-europe-france-italie...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-10
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... Graphic representation of the satellite Athena-Fidus An additional issue is that... in the development of the Athena Fidus dual-use system, the result... of COSMO-SkyMed and the Athena-FIDUS satellite · Application of already allocated...

Дата загрузки: 2016-10-16
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Athena-Fidus in the starting blocks Cannes, February 4th, 2014 – The French-Italian dual broadband telecommunications satellite Athena-Fidus, will be launched shortly by Arianespace from the Guiana Space Center, Europe's spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, using an Ariane 5 launch vehicle. Thales Alenia Space is the program prime contractor on behalf of the French and Italian space agencies, CNES and ASI, and the French and Italian defense ministries (procurement agency DGA for France and Segredifesa for Italy). Thales Alenia Space is in charge of the development, construction, testing and in-orbit delivery of the satellite. Telespazio, a joint venture of Finmeccanica (67%) and Thales (33%), supplies the ground mission system, as well as launch support services. Satellite positioning in orbit will be handled jointly by Telespazio from Fucino and by Thales Alenia Space from Cannes. The Athena-Fidus program (Access on Theatres for European allied forces Nations-French Italian Dual Use Satellite) includes a geostationary satellite with EHF and Ka-band transponders and the ground control segment, located at a French military base. The satellite deploys the latest civil telecom standards, DVB-RCS and DVB-S2, to ensure optimum transmission capacity and service availability. It will provide data transmission services to the French and Italian defense ministries, as well as to these countries' security organizations (civil security, homeland security, police, firefighters, etc.). Built on a Spacebus 4000 platform, the satellite will weigh over 3,000 kg at launch and offers a design life exceeding 15 years. "The launch of Athena-Fidus, followed at the end of the year by Sicral 2, is the culmination of the first concrete collaboration in Europe, between Italy and France, for a military and dual space telecom program," said Bertrand Maureau, Vice President for Telecommunications at Thales Alenia Space. "This new and highly innovative satellite will naturally pave the way for government broadband contracts. We hope that Thales Alenia Space will be able to offer its experience and expertise to other government customers, whether for its proven dual technology solutions, or to support the development of new partnerships." About Thales Alenia Space The European leader in satellite systems and a major player in orbital infrastructures, Thales Alenia Space is a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Finmeccanica (33%). Thales Alenia Space and Telespazio embody the two groups’ “Space Alliance”. Thales Alenia Space sets the global standard in solutions for space telecommunications, radar and optical Earth observation, defense and security, navigation and science. With consolidated revenues of 2.1 billion euros in 2012, Thales Alenia Space has 7,500 employees in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and United States. www.thalesaleniaspace.com Thales Alenia Space Press Contacts: Sandrine Bielecki Tel: +33 (0)4 92 92 70 94 Tarik Lahlou Tel: +33 (0)4 92 92 68 45 sandrine.bielecki@thalesaleniaspace.com tarik.lahlou@thalesaleniaspace.com

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... Space (launched in April 2015) - ATHENA-FIDUS (Access on Theatres for European... Space (launched in April 2015) - ATHENA-FIDUS (Access on Theatres for European... science (ESA) TBD 2028 ? Ariane 5 ? ATHENA X-IFU X-ray observatory (ESA) TBD...