Спутник технологический. CBNT 2. [Редактировать]

CBNT 2 это технологический микроспутник который должен продемонстрировать возможности компании SSTL по быстрой сборке космических аппаратов.

Дополнительная классификация

1Тип орбиты - НОО
2Страна оператор(владелец) - Великобритания
3Страна производитель - Великобритания
4Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный

Новостная лента[Найти информацию в новостях] [Найти информацию в документах]

#Новостная лента.
12018-01-18. SSTL подтвердило успешный запуск КА CARBONITE-2 и Telesat LEO Phase 1 .
SSTL - британский производитель малых космических аппаратов, подтвердил, что произведенные им КА LEO Vantage 1 и CARBONITE-2 были успешно выведены и штатно функционируют на солнечно-синхронной орбите. Также компания подтвердила, что с обоими аппаратами удалось установить связь, а их бортовые системы работают штатно.
КА CARBONITE-2 - это технологический демонстратор возможностей по созданию дешевого спутника, который умеет снимать и передавать видео данные с орбиты. Его масса составляет около 100 кг. Разрешение снимков составляет около 1 метра, а ширина полосы съемки составляет около 5 км. В целом данный аппарат создавался в интересах деятельности стартапа Earth-i, который в будущем планирует развернуть группировку из пяти подобных аппаратов.
КА Telesat LEO Phase 1 - создан в интересах канадской Telesat и предназначен для отработки технологий осуществления низкоорбитальной системы спутниковой связи. Его масса составляет около 168 кг. Тэги: SSTLCBNT 2LEO Vantage 1

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг100
2Платформа 1xSSTL-42

Информация об удачном запуске

1Космодром Шрихарикота
2Дата пуска2018-01-12
3Полезная нагрузка 1xCartosat 2F
4Полезная нагрузка 1xMicrosat-TD
5Полезная нагрузка 1xLEO Vantage 1
6Полезная нагрузка 1xCBNT 2
7Полезная нагрузка 1xICEYE X1
8Полезная нагрузка 1xINS 1C
9Полезная нагрузка 1xArkyd 6A
10Полезная нагрузка 1xCICERO 7
11Полезная нагрузка 1xCorvus-BC 3
12Полезная нагрузка 1xLemur-2 68
13Полезная нагрузка 1xLemur-2 69
14Полезная нагрузка 1xLemur-2 70
15Полезная нагрузка 1xLemur-2 71
16Полезная нагрузка 4xFlock
17Полезная нагрузка 1xMicroMAS 2a
18Полезная нагрузка 1xPicSat
19Полезная нагрузка 1xCNUSail 1
20Полезная нагрузка 1xCANYVAL-X 1
21Полезная нагрузка 1xCANYVAL-X 2
22Полезная нагрузка 1xKAUSAT 5
23Полезная нагрузка 1xKHUSAT 3
24Полезная нагрузка 1xDemoSat
25Полезная нагрузка 1xTyvak 61C
26Полезная нагрузка 1xFox 1D
27Полезная нагрузка 1xSTEP Cube Lab
28Полезная нагрузка 1xSpaceBEE 1
29Полезная нагрузка 1xSpaceBEE 2
30Полезная нагрузка 1xSpaceBEE 3
31Полезная нагрузка 1xSpaceBEE 4
32Ракета-носитель 1xPSLV-XL

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... CBNAT-24 Baie Verte CBNT-27 Bay l'Argent CBNT-23 Belleoram CBYT... CBNAT-7 Carmanville CBNT-21 Cartwright CBNLT-1 Churchill Falls CBNT-10 Clarenville CBNAT... Head CBYAT Deer Lake CBNT-7 Elliston CBNT-5 Fermeuse CBNT-38 Ferryland CBNAT-20...-6 Fogo Island CBNT-33 Fortune CBNAT-10 Fox Harbour CBNT-14 Gambo/Middle Brook CBYT-12 Gillams CBNT-13 Glovertown CFLA-TV Goose... Grand Falls CBNAT-23 Hampden CBNT-22 Harbour Breton CBYT-10 Harbour Le Cou CBNT-29 Harbour Mille CBNAT-19 Harbour Round CBYT-9 Hawkes Bay CBNT-24 Hermitage -1- NL NL NL... CBNT-18 CBNHT CBYT-2 CBNAT-21 CBNLT CBNT-35 CBYT-13 CBNT-36 CBNT-8 CBNT-34 CBNT-20 CBNMT CBNT-3 CBNAT-5 CBNAT-14 CBNAT-9 CBNAT-11 CBNT-17 CBNBT CBNT-11 CBNAT-17 CBNT-37 CBNT-2 CBNT-32 CBNAT-12 CBNT-1 CBYT-4 CBYT-8 CBNPT CBNT-25 CBNT-19 CBNT-40 CBNAT-22 CBYT-11 CBNAT-15 CBNAT-13 CBNT-4 CBYT-5 CBNAT-4 CBNT-30 CBNT-12 Hickman's Harbour... CBNT-28 St. Lawrence CBNT-6 St. Mary's CBNT-26 St. Vincent's CBYT-1 Stephenville CBNT-41 Sunnyside CBNT-31 Swift Current CBNT-39 Trepassey CBNT-16 Trinity/Wareham CBYT-7 Trout River CBNT-15 Wellington/Hare Bay CBNT...

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... K-56(TNABN) HCO (NH4)2BNT CBNT 1.97 1.96 1.83 1.95 70... Persons. S2DSEA2013-502 12 CBNT-Background CBNT Carbonic dihydrazidinium bis[3-(5-nitroimino-1,2,4-triazolate... Idaho (2010)4 Property RDX HMX CBNT Density (g/cm3) 1.82 1.91 1.95... Det Vel (m/s) 8850 9320 9399 CBNT downselected as initial target based... Foreign Persons. S2DSEA2013-502 13 CBNT Synthesis Original Process (5-steps): Original.... S2DSEA2013-502 SEM of CBNT Crystals 370x 14 CBNT BAE Modified Process...)  Na2BNT is no longer isolated  CBNT matches literature IR and DSC...-502 15 CBNT CBNT Advantages  CBNT has low water solubility  CBNT has HMX performance... shape modification Property RDX HMX CBNT Density (g/cm3) 1.82 1.91 1.95... (N) 160 186 216 >100 g of CBNT have been produced by BAE... phases of development and evaluation CBNT is showing great promise as...

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Second-order Godunov-type scheme for reactive flow calculations on moving meshes Boris N. Azarenok a, Tao Tang b a Computing b Department Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilov str. 40, GSP-1, Moscow, 119991, Russia of Mathematics, The Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Abstract The method of calculating the system of gas dynamics equations coupled with the chemical reaction equation is considered. The flow parameters are updated in whole without splitting the system into a hydrodynamical part and an ODE part. The numerical algorithm is based on the Godunov’s scheme on deforming meshes with some modification to increase the scheme-order in time and space. The variational approach is applied to generate the moving adaptive mesh. At every time step the functional of smoothness, written on the graph of the control function, is minimized. The grid-lines are condensed in the vicinity of the main solution singularities, e.g. precursor shock, fire zones, intensive transverse shocks, and slip lines, which allows resolving a fine structure of the reaction domain. The numerical examples relating to the Chapman-Jouguet detonation and unstable overdriven detonation are considered in both one and two space dimensions. Key words: Moving mesh, Detonation wave, Reactive flow, Second-order Godunov-type scheme 1 Introduction Modeling detonation wave motion in gases has started in 1940s, see, e.g., [59,26]. The study has been based on the theory of steady one-dimensional detonation, referred to as Email addresses: azarenok@ccas.ru (Boris N. Azarenok), ttang@math.hkbu.edu.hk (Tao Tang). Preprint submitted to Journal of Computational Physics 16 December 2004 the Zeldovich-Neuman-Doering (ZND) model. The early computations were rather rough giving only a qualitative estimate to the solution. The main difficulty of the numerical simulation is due to the different scales of the flow domain and chemical reaction zone. Thus, the simulation for the real objects requires using more powerful computers or more sophisticated numerical algorithms. Developing the numerical algorithms is executed in several ways. In the first group the burning zone is not resolved by the grid points. Instead in [16] the chemical heat release is put into the Riemann problem. This idea is used in [28] as well. In [15], the chemical reaction term is present only to the energy equation, the kinetic equation is omitted and the Riemann problem is formulated for the nonreactive gas. Although the detonation wave speed is obtained rather inaccurately, the calculations of the real industrial objects with complex geometry are found satisfactory. In the second group of the algorithms, the burning zone is resolved by putting there several grid points in the normal direction. This requires to use very fine quasiuniform meshes. In the most of these algorithms one applies the fractional step approach (also referred to as the Strang splitting schemes). At each time step, first, the system of conservation laws is treated and then the ODE to the kinetic equation is solved, e.g. see [8,17,30,44,45,54]. Although the convergence of the fractional step method was justified theoretically for scalar conservation laws with source terms [19,53,52], the application for this approach for hyperbolic system with stiff source terms generally produces the nonphysical solution, e.g. see [17]. Another way is to treat the system of conservation laws coupled with the reactive equation as a whole, i.e. using the unsplit schemes. In this approach the heat release term in the right part of the system is treated as a source term. In [7], the generalized Riemann problem is introduced for the reactive equations to provide the second order approximation in time. In [20], the detonation process is simulated on the Lagrangian mesh. Space-time paths are introduced in [43] on which the equations are reduced to the canonical form about the ”new” Riemann invariants. All the above methods are of Godunov-type (except [16], where the random choice method is used), i.e. include solution of the Riemann problem that allows obtaining the narrow wave front rather precisely. In contrast to it, the random projection method is used in [6] where the Riemann problem is omitted from the consideration. However, justification of such a simplification is still under the question. Some other non-Godunovtype algorithms can be found in [42]. In this work, we present an unsplit scheme for calculating the reactive flow equations on the moving meshes. For this we utilize the idea of the Godunov’s scheme on the deforming meshes (see the monographs [1,32]), when the conservation laws are written in the integral form using the so-called generalized formulation in R3 space (x, y, t) (t is time). This allows updating the flow parameters directly on the moving curvilinear mesh without using interpolation. An implementation of the first-order Godunov’s method on 2 the moving mesh with front tracking was ...

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... compounds: TNABN HK-55 DNP CBNT Compound Pros Cons TNABN High..., good performance Conflicting sensitivity information CBNT Good density, good performance Material... Foreign Persons (OSI_IMEM2015-09) CBNT Overview CBNT Carbonic dihydrazidinium bis[3-(5-nitroimino-1,2,4-triazolate... at the U. of Idaho (2010)1 CBNT downselected as initial target based... and sensitivity Property RDX HMX CBNT Density (g/cm3) 1.82 1.91 1.95... to Foreign Persons (OSI_IMEM2015-09) CBNT Synthesis Original Process (5-steps): Original... to Foreign Persons (OSI_IMEM2015-09) CBNT Optimization BAE Modified Process (3-steps...)  Na2BNT is no longer isolated  CBNT matches literature IR and DSC... to Foreign Persons (OSI_IMEM2015-09) CBNT CBNT Advantages  Very insensitive to impact... SEM of CBNT Crystals 370x Path Forward  >500-g of CBNT has been...  Particle size and shape modification CBNT shows great promise as a new...

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..., NWT, Nunavut) CTV Television Inc. CBNT CBAT CBCT (1) CBHT CJCH (3) CBMT..., NWT, Nunavut) CTV Television Inc. CBNT (1) CBAT CBCT CBHT CJCH (3) CBMT...-TV Fredericton/Saint John (NB) CBNT St. John’s (NL) CBCT-TV...

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... Projects: ESA Lunar Programmes News CBNT-1 CCT CHEOS Clean Space One... up to 87 cubesats. DMC-3, CBNT-1 and DeorbitSail IDA-1 Less clear... and were the 91 kg CBNT-1 satellite to demonstrate optical Earth...

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... 40 20 0 7 1 P.C. 2 CBNT 2 L.A. JUDCRY Key: PC= Privy Council, CBNT= Cabinet, L.A. = Legislative Assembly...

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..., PSLV-C30 Lift-off 76 CBNT-1 and Deorbit sail) on July... auxiliary satellites from UK, namely, CBNT-1, a technology demonstrator earth observation micro...

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... de 635 Km de altura. CBNT-1 10.07.2015 Gran Breta..., de ellos tres DMC-3, y el CBNT-1. Fue enviado a una órbita heliosincr...