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CHIPSat (Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer satellite) списанный, но все еще находящийся на орбите микроспутник. CHIPSat был первым из NASA's University-Class Explorers (UNEX) класса миссий. Он выполнял спектроскопию в диапазоне от 90 до 250 ангстремм (9 - 26 нанометров), ультрафиалетовое излучение.

Дополнительные наименования

#НаименованияПоиск в новостяхПоиск в документах
1Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma SpectrometerНайтиНайти
3Explorer 82НайтиНайти

Дополнительная классификация

1Тип орбиты - НОО
2Страна оператор(владелец) - США
3Страна производитель - США
4Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг64
2Масса (платформа), кг40

Характеристики орбиты

1Наклонение, град94.0
2Апогей, км574.3
3Перигей, км557.1
4Период, минут95.8
5САС (номинальный), год1
6Длинный диаметр эллипса, км6936

Пусковые характеристики

1Код NSSDC2003-002B

Экономические характеристики

#ХарактеристикаДата измеренияЗначение
1Стоимость (аппарат), млн. долл.12

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... Truck Freight Costs for Wood Chips and Bales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Scenario 2, Local... additional costs of cofiring wood chips are $0.021 per kilowatt-hour... approximately 225 miles for wood chips and about 200 miles for... by truck Dedicated feed wood chips Minimal processing Minimum 10%, up... MW Stoker fired Bagasse, wood chips (~50:50) ~100% ~1.5 million tons... to store raw biomass—logs, chips, or bales—outside, but, because... biomass fuel, rather than greenwood chips. Consequently, NRG is reconfiguring the... type and form—generally, sawdust, chips, or pellets—have been dictated... to cofire a range of greenwood chips to satisfy New York’s requirements..., Dominion’s Pittsylvania facility uses wood chips for most of its 100... included a variety of pellets, greenwood chips, and torrefied wood products. The... oversized hog that produces 2-inch chips. 6 However, approximately one-third of... boilers can readily accept 2-inch chips, but PC burners would require a grate to effectively burn chips of this size. CFB and... of biomass Wood chunks, wood chips, sawdust, bales, pellets Biomass moisture... boiler wishes to cofire wood chips at a cofire fraction of 5 percent..., chunks 35 19.0 Woody biomass, chips 35 19.0 Woody biomass, sawdust... Biomass ($/dry metric ton wood chips) Capital Costs ($/kWh) Operating Costs... the cost of cofiring wood chips because the bales require additional... $0.012 per kilowatthour for wood chips, $0.013 per kilowatt-hour for... per kilowatt-hour for wood chips at a cofire fraction of 2 percent... plant efficiency when cofiring wood chips at 5 percent is 33.34... available for sale. For wood chips with a moisture content of 35... basis, this price for wood chips is 5-percent greater than the... cofiring, when compared with wood chips, bales have higher capital and... Biomass ($/dry metric ton wood chips) Change in Revenue from Electricity... line to prepare the wood chips for cofiring. Figure 3.2 Incremental... 0.003 0.003 0.05 0.10 0 0.02 Chips 0.05 0.10 Bales 0.02 Pellets... per kilowatt-hour for wood chips at a cofire fraction of 2 percent... into a trailer designed to carry chips. Costs for loading are taken...) 15 5.90 Woody biomass (wood chips) 35 4.80 5 2.74 Biomass Type...), from Solomon (2010) for wood chips, and from Edwards and Johanns... than either bales or wood chips. Table 5.3 lists these rates. To... rates for transporting bales, wood chips, and grain on the Burlington...) 15 4.65 Woody biomass (wood chips) 35 2.68 5 1.83 Biomass Type...) 15 0.09 Woody biomass (wood chips) 35 0.07 5 0.04 Biomass Type... truck transport costs than wood chips do, the decision to expand... the collection area for wood chips. Table 5.6 Costs for Local Woody... Costs for Wood Chips and Bales 500 450 Wood chips Bales 400... metric ton) Cost for Wood Chips 18 Local handling ($/dry metric... Low Mid 1 Wood chips 2.76 3.58 5.16 2 Wood chips and wood pellets... 6.1, cofiring subbituminous coal and wood chips at 10 percent results in... a certain type of biomass—wood chips versus bales, for example. The... agricultural residue, wood chunks or chips, pellets, construction wastes). Each biomass... significantly below those for wood chips or bales. In general, pelletizing... additional costs of cofiring wood chips are $0.021 per kilowatt-hour... of pellets or briquettes, greenwood chips, torrefied wood pellets or briquettes... would have required modifications. Greenwood chips would have been combusted on... both bulk woody biomass (e.g., greenwood chips) and densified engineered-wood products... virgin-biomass classes (whole tree chips including bark, forest residues, and.... Options include wood chunks, wood chips, sawdust, herbaceous bales, and pellets... storage capacity for logs, chunks, chips, pellets, and bales is seven...) kWh/ton biomass Chunks and chips: 36.3 Sawdust, bales, pellets, low... dry metric ton for wood chips. We assume that transportation costs... dry metric ton for wood chips, assuming a nominal 15-percent moisture...-percent moisture content for wood chips. For pellets, we assume the... dry metric ton for wood chips, assuming a nominal 15-percent moisture...-percent moisture content for wood chips. For 2 For more information on... Sources Biomass Type Bales Wood chips Pellets Tariff ($/dry metric ton... Corn Belt region, with wood chips coming from the Northeast, wood... plant-site cost analysis: chunks, chips, and sawdust. In this analysis... example, when processing wood into chips, the blowing mechanism of the...: mill residue Form Chunks 4.44 Chips 6.52b Pellets 319b Sawdust 0 Pellets... feedstock fuels varies. For example, chips are 35-percent moisture, and....4 Pellets via railroad (1,450) 31.6 Chips via truck (84; 150; 300... is exclusively locally obtained wood chips, so the emissions will vary... more economical than raw wood chips when transporting biomass over this... Northeast wood chips 52.4 68.1 97.9 2 Local Northeast wood chips 52.4 68... Northeast wood chips 2.76a 3.58a 5.16a 2 Local Northeast wood chips 2.76 3.58...

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..., root tissues and whole-rort chips. Nutrition Reports International 33():595.... Tyrosine. Valine. Leaves. Roots. Cassava chips. Feed constituents. Dry matter. Cultivars.... Enzymes. Cassava meal. Pellets. Cassava chips. Gari. Human health. Ur.ited.... Foods and feeding. Leaves. Cassava chips. Cassava meal. Cassava flour. Stems.... Post-harvest technology. HCN. Cassava chips. Cassava flour. Cassareep. Cassava pastes.... Drying. Timing. Fresh products. Cassava chips. Solar drying. Developmental research. Cassava... value. Processing. Cassava flour. Cassava chips. Urea. N. Diets. Feeds and feeding... was based on dried cassava chips, groundnut oilmeal, and maize, and... diets based on dried cassava chips, groundnut oilmeal, and maize to..., India] Cassava. Cyanogenic glucosides. Cassava chips. tetoxification processes. Boiling. Drying. Solar.... Mechanization. Drying. Dried roots. Cassava chips. Temperature. Costs. Develoluental research. Colombia... combined drying system of cassava chips was not more economical than... flow to dry the fresht chips; this requires a large investment . , equipmient.... Industrial machinery. Solar drying. Cassava chips. Development costs. Costs. Labor. Developmental.... 2p. Port., Illus. Cassava. Cassava chips. Small-scale equipment. Dried roots... machine yields 2000 kg cassava chips/h. (CIAT) 165 26738 CENTRO DE... research. Production. Industrial machinery. Cassava chips. Washing. Peeling. Drying. Grinding. Fermentation... machinery. Drying. Dried roots. Cassava chips. Temperature. Costs. Power sources. Developmental...-, Malaysian-, and Thai-type cassava chips are given. The carbon burner....ed products. Dried roots. Cassava chips. Insect contrnl. Diseases and pathogens... dried cassava products, such as chips, flour, and pellets, the dried.... Cassava flour. Lipids. Fermentation. Cassava chips. Laboratory experiments. Sugar content. Composition... CONTROL 083 BIOTECHNOLOGY 008 CASSAVA CHIPS 020 021 164 182 CATTLE... 087 FACTORIES 161 169 CASSAVA CHIPS 059 CASSAVA FLOUR 059 PELLETS... optimum combination of urea, cassava chips, and palm kernel cake in... percent cassava chips, (2) 3 percent urea plus 75 percent cassava chips plus 20... urea plus 56 percent cassava chips and 40 percent palm kernel... urea plus 37 p rcent cassava chips plus 60 percent palm kernel.... Small-scale equipment. Colombia. Casuava chips. Research work carried out at... the drying characteristics of the chips produced. It is concluded that... due to the more uniform chips. (CIAT) 0255 27609 CEREDA, M.P.; BONASSI... level processing of cassava into chips, flour and starch. Baybay, Leyte... equipment. Drying. Technology. Philippines. Cassava chips. A technical guide, especially for cassava... different 29 processing operations for chips are described, namely washing, peeling... described. The storing of dried chips is briefly indicated. Tne grinding... roots to produce 38.3 t dry chips. The Thailand-type chipper has... physical appearance) of the dry chips after I mo. of storage is... is processed as gari, foofoo, chips, flour, and chickwangue; it is... in the case of cassava chips), and nonpiomotion of production. Unscheduled.... Statistical data. Prices. Distribution. Cassava chips. Gaplek. Alcohol. Dried roots. Pellets..., but is also processed as chips, alcohol, or fructose. Cassava is... percent is marketed as ,aplek (chips and pellets), CF, and other..., and produce hard pellets from chips. (CIAT) 0360 19555 TAZELAAR, R.J. 1981..., chickwangue, gari, paste, or dry chips. Some characteristics of the nonformal... 0293 0307 0351 0354 CASSAVA CHIPS CATTLE 0245 DRYING 0262 MARKETING... 0330 0341 0343 0350 CASSAVA CHIPS 0245 0254 0262 0331 CASSAVA... 0328 0330 0349 0352 CASSAVA CHIPS 0262 CASSAVA FLOUR 0259 INDUSTRIAL... 0355 0363 0364 0371 CASSAVA CHIPS ROOT PRODUCTIVITY 0207 LAND 0287USE... 0339 0350 0356 0362 CASSAVA CHIPS 0331 CASSAVA FLOUR 0280 0282... flavus. Aspergillus parasiticus. Roots. Cassava chips. Philippines. The incidence of aflatoxin... adequately (12 percent MC) cassava chips had better keeping qualities than...,-. (AS) 27654 WU, J.F. ; HUANG, potato chips, growing pigs). Ch., Sum. Ch... diets containing (1) sweet 50 potato chips, (2) cassava chips, and (3) cassava pomace. Apparent... content. Food products. Garn. Cassava chips. Nigeria. Foofoo. Processed products. The..., fufu, cassava cake, and cassava chips for cassava salad) consumed in... A system of producing dry cassava chips for' use as a cereal substitute..., and storage requirements for cassava chips are discussed, together with projected... drying capacity of 120 t of chips (equivalent to 300 t of fresh.... Protein enr:ichment. Fermentatiun. Cassava chips. Biochemistry. Philippines. Isolatio., of root.... In 1984, 900,000 t cassava chips were commercialized. The main constraints... 0448 0503 SYMPTOMATOLOGY 0443 CASSAVA CHIPS 0020 0021 0164 0182 CATTLE...) 0171 0316 0441 0442 CASSAVA CHIPS ANIMAL NUTRITION 0020 0021 0059... 0341 0343 0352 0607 CASSAVA CHIPS 0059 CASSAVA FLOUR 0059 0259... 0513 0516 0518 0521 CASSAVA CHIPS 0522 CASSAVA MEAL 0137 0512... 0561 0570 0598 0618 CASSAVA CHIPS 0331 CASSAVA FLOUR 0280 0282...

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... Space Decay 28.1 Introduction The CHIPS computer code is a quark-level... contrast to other parton models [1] CHIPS is nonperturbative and three-dimensional... the Chiral Invariant Phase Space (ChIPS) model [2, 3, 4] which employs a 3D quark.... The main parameter of the CHIPS model is the critical temperature... quark-partons, but in the CHIPS model the critical temperature defines... has negative energy density. In CHIPS the interactions between hadrons are... energy dissipation (decay) process. The CHIPS event generator may be applied... its quark nature, the nonperturbative CHIPS model can also be used... is possible to use the CHIPS event generator in exclusive modeling... cascades in materials. In the CHIPS model, the result of a hadronic... mechanism. In this sense the CHIPS model can be a successful competitor... instead of interactions. The nonperturbative CHIPS approach is making a “short cut... 4 Q2 (GeV2) Figure 28.1: The CHIPS fit of the αs measurements. s = W 2 evolution... αs (Q2 ) value is calculated in CHIPS as αs (Q2 ) = n =3)=9 4π , where β0 f . In other.... On the other hand, the CHIPS nonperturbative approach can be used... 28.8). 28.2 Fundamental Concepts The CHIPS model is an attempt to... are used: • Quasmon: in the CHIPS model, a quasmon is any excited.... 28.3 Code Development Because the CHIPS event generator was originally developed.... Hence, the first applications of CHIPS described interactions at rest, for... the first interaction algorithm the CHIPS event generator can be used... CHIPS generator [12], [13] also makes it possible to use the CHIPS... first published versions of the CHIPS event generator the class G4Quasmon.... The convention adopted for the CHIPS model requires all its class... the present version of the CHIPS event generator the probability of... dN/NA (Annihilation-1) – pp data CHIPS MC π +π +π multiplicity + - 0 1 1 -1 10 -1 Kaon Channels... histogram was produced by the CHIPS Monte Carlo. The experimental spectrum.... π ) - K K + (non-strange, excl. π ) 0 K π - + SL + 0–0 K K K π + KKπ 0–0 0 K K CHIPS MC + KK 0–0 4π 4π + X – 3π 3π + (neutrals, excl. π ) points... the CHIPS Monte Carlo. dN/NA (Annihilation-1) 1 – points: pp data CHIPS MC... the histogram is from the CHIPS Monte Carlo. diquarks is somewhat... variety of hadronic reactions. The CHIPS event generator can be used.../NA (Annihilation-1) 1 – points: pp data CHIPS MC -1 Exp. sum of channels... is from the CHIPS Monte Carlo. 402 – e+e- pp ) eV CHIPS MC M T (0 0 1 14... at short distances [29]. The CHIPS event generator models quark exchange... exchange and fusion mechanisms. The CHIPS model combines these mechanisms consistently... same as in Section 28.4. CHIPS is mostly a model of fragmentation... quasmon is formed, and the CHIPS generator produces fragments consecutively and..., the 6 Li spectrum generated by CHIPS was not plotted. It coincides... model such splitting in the CHIPS generator, the mechanism of “isotopic... qualitatively described by the CHIPS model. The CHIPS model covers a wide spectrum... case of nuclear reactions the CHIPS generator helps to understand phenomena... involved in the reaction. The CHIPS generator allows the extraction of...) Figure 28.8: Comparison of the CHIPS model results with experimental data... by open squares and lines (CHIPS model). The average kinetic energy...) Figure 28.13: Comparison of CHIPS model with experimental data [51... the corresponding CHIPS model calculation. Statistical errors in the CHIPS results are... energy. The hypothesis of the CHIPS model is that the quarkexchange... the angular dependence generated by CHIPS with experimental data. The data... reproduced quite well by the CHIPS event generator. The second set...◦ (diamonds). Statistical errors in the CHIPS results are not shown but... the experimental data and the CHIPS model results is quite remarkable... the experimental conditions in the CHIPS event generator, we have selected... the relative angle Θqp < 6◦ . The CHIPS generated distribution and the experimental... section as a function of k. The CHIPS event generator works only with.... Nevertheless we found that the CHIPS event generator fills in the... reactions is described in the CHIPS model and event generator. The... must be emphasized that the CHIPS parton distributions are the same... the dotted lines. The nonperturbative CHIPS approximation (solid curves) fits both... in Fig.28.23(c,d). The CHIPS approximation (solid line) is compared... lines). One can see that CHIPS gives reasonable agreement. 434 The... experimental data, independent of the CHIPS model. Some concluding remarks should... 0 to 0.04. For the present CHIPS version the recommended parameters for... the first experience with the CHIPS event generator. Only the incident.... A497 (1989) 91. [30] M. V. Kossov, CHIPS: masses of hadrons. (be published... behavior is expected from the CHIPS model (Chapter Chapter 28), which... Chiral Invariant Phase Space model (CHIPS, Chapter 28). Here the incoming... An alternative model is the CHIPS-based G4ElectroNuclearReaction (Chapter 28). This... in the target using the CHIPS model in which quasmons (generalized...

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... the log not suitable for chips. In times of low chip...% moisture content mill residues. Tire chips (about 2000 t/yr) are even... years that bark and wood chips could be burned efficiently and... than 100,000 t of wood chips for fuel in addition to... of oversized wood feed. Fuel chips are stored in an open... plant consists of whole tree chips from low-quality trees and... site in Swanton, Vermont. Wood chips may be obtained from any... met by sawmill residues. Mill chips and bark are purchased from... carry 75 tons of wood chips, or 7000 ft3 . At the... whole tree chips), and the mode of transportation. Chips delivered directly to... yard was awash in wood chips. The resulting lawsuits and settlements... capabilities to accept mill wastes, chips, and unmerchantable whole logs (culls... to begin producing salable paper chips from usable portions of the... and chipped elsewhere for paper chips, primarily for the Japanese market... the log not suitable for chips. In times of low chip... 1997 (an 8year rotation). Pulp chips go to the Simpson Paper... higher valued sawlogs and pulp chips will pay for the thinning... Sawmill residues ~75% Whole tree chips ~25% Year 1995 1996 1997...%-40% whole tree chips (which are mostly chips produced from unmarketable tops... cost than the whole tree chips. Boralex has been able to... delivered in clean form. The chips (agricultural fuel) flow easily through... dragchain device on the dumpers. Chips are stacked or dozed into... end of the reclaimer. The chips are reclaimed and discharged to... it reclaims layers of wood chips and discharges them to a belt... the belt conveyor, the wood chips are screened and hogged in... system. Disk screens size the chips. These positive-displacement devices use... disks to move the oversized chips forward while the sized material... hog. Most of the wood chips are within the required size... in the form of 2-in. chips. The initial observation after the... is an assortment of sawdust, chips, and slabs. Fuel specifications include... can also use pulp-quality chips because there are no paper.... % of total) Sawmill chips and whole tree chips Sawdust Shavings, bark, and... and averages around $12/green t. Chips from sawmills and whole tree... averages about 40%-45% for chips and sawdust. The fuel yard... allow large vans carrying wood chips to be dumped into below... areas from which the wood chips are fed into the processing... machine produces approximately 3-in. tire chips, which are conveyed onto a storage... tested small quantities of willow chips obtained from the State University... cyclone boiler can burn 2-in. chips with limited or no modifications... department, which buys the pulp chips for the mill, also buys... to burning bagasse and wood chips, the boilers can burn coal... Sawdust Wood residues (bark, wood chips, etc.) Dry wood wastes from...

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.....450MHz and 865..870MHz. The chips contain a fully integrated digital baseband... can be shorter up to 2 chips than the configured RUNIN length... WU Chip Data Clock 16-chips Shift Register Chip Data 0 2 15... last for the number of chips defined in the register WUBCNT... counting the number of received chips and is comparing this number vs. the number of chips defined in the register WUBCNT... Violation is given if 3 consecutive chips are ’One’ or ’Zero’ Data... is the case if 2 consecutive chips are ’One’ or ’Zero’. The... searching for a pattern with 16 chips length within the Wake-Up... up to 8 bits or 16 chips. When the WUW chip counter...: 0x00 R/W Description W TSI A Length (in chips): (0x11 up to 0x1F not... be generated. Max: 10h = 16 Chips = 8 Bit Dual: ATSILENB & BTSILENB: TSI... W Data Sheet TSI B Length (in chips): (0x11 up to 0x1F not... also ATSILENA) Max: 10h = 16 Chips = 8 Bit 100 Version 3.0, 2006-12... comparison : Bit 7...Bit 0(LSB) (in Chips) Dual: ATSIPTA1 & BTSIPTA1: TSI Data...: Bit 15(MSB)...Bit 8 (in Chips) Dual: ATSIPTB0 & BTSIPTB0: TSI Data... Pattern for TSI comparison (in Chips) Dual: ATSIPTB1 & BTSIPTB1: TSI Data... Pattern for TSI comparison (in Chips) Dual: AEOMC & BEOMC: EOM Control... has to possess a minimum of 8 chips). After the lock period two... receiver needs a certain time (GAPSync = 5...6 chips) to readjust the PLL settings... [ chips ] = TSIGAP [ chips ] + 6…8 The incoming chips at TSI B start and the following incoming chips... at the following incoming chips: TSIBstop [ chips ] = TSIGAP [ chips ] + TSILENB [ chips ] + 11 For a successful... comparison register is cleared (all chips set to ’0’). In this case... Description RunIn TSIA TSIGAP=10 chips GapSync TSIB Incoming Pattern[bits... Pattern: Bit 7...Bit 0(LSB) (in Chips) 145 Version 3.0, 2006-12-20...: Bit 15(MSB)...Bit 8 (in Chips) Dual: AWUBCNT & BWUBCNT: Conf.A Wake... counts of chips for Wake Up detection. Min: 00h = 0 Chips to count... is needed minimum 11h= 17 Chips= 8 1/2 Bits to shift one Pattern... fully filled. Max: 7Fh: 127 Chips to count after Symbol Sync... W Data Sheet TSI A Length (in chips): (0x11 up to 0x1F not... be generated. Max: 10h = 16 Chips = 8 Bit 157 Version 3.0, 2006-12...: 0x00 R/W Description W TSI B Length (in chips): (0x11 up to 0x1F not... also ATSILENA) Max: 10h = 16 Chips = 8 Bit Dual: ATSIGAP & BTSIGAP: TSI... comparison : Bit 7...Bit 0(LSB) (in Chips) Dual: ATSIPTA1 & BTSIPTA1: TSI Data...: Bit 15(MSB)...Bit 8 (in Chips) 158 Version 3.0, 2006-12-20... Pattern for TSI comparison (in Chips) Dual: ATSIPTB1 & BTSIPTB1: TSI Data... Pattern for TSI comparison (in Chips) Dual: AEOMC & BEOMC: EOM Control...

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... production. The volume of biomass chips that has been produced from... supply curve for delivered wood chips upward relative to that of... the latter prefer higher-quality chips that are uniform in size... Energy Resource Center, 2008). Clean chips and chip specifications in general... higher prices for delivered wood chips. These facilities could buy wood... for bole chips, electric power plants can use whole-tree chips from... cost of a green ton of chips. 3.1.2 MAJOR FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS Here... would be necessary to produce chips at $30 per delivered green... potential to produce forest biomass chips in the current pricing environment... 3-5, stumpage prices for forest biomass chips averaged 24  These data are... 3-5: Average Cost of Fuel Grade Chips in Southern New Hampshire 2005... 3-5, delivered prices for fuel grade chips were about $30 per green... pay higher prices for wood chips and thus have the option... their need for higher-quality chips. Second, we consider the issue... are cut only for biomass chips have to bear the full... 25 green tons of wood chips on one acre (this volume... of whole trees, logs, and chips with a variety of harvesting systems... Size on the Cost of Chips ($/GT, FOB Truck, at Landing... yield 25 green tons of chips. There are a variety of other... plants often demand higher-quality chips than electric power plants and... to the cost of delivered chips. In these calculations, mechanical harvesting... economic objective is to deliver chips to a bioenergy plant at a cost... produce one ton of green chips, and thus it would take... generate 25 tons of green chips. The number of trees required... Forest Service, 2009), forest biomass chips comprised 23% of the total..., various years), where forest biomass chips represented an average of 13... biomass chips of about 33% (this figure includes whole-tree chips from... and do not include biomass chips that may already be counted... will be processed into biomass chips. NATURAL CAPITAL INITIATIVE BIOMASS SUSTAINABILITY... of the volume of biomass chips produced from public lands historically... known that whole-tree biomass chips account for much of the... is already some production of chips on public lands, we do... from current uses to biomass chips. Exhibit 3-17: Summary of Forest... biomass in Massachusetts currently, biomass chips are now being shipped to...,000 green tons of biomass chips in 2005. Of this total...

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... such as pellets and wood chips. Table 3.4 – Estimated historic development of... systems (wood log, pellets, wood chips) for different nominal thermal capacities... and chips, VÖK (2012) Wood log and chips, VÖK (2008) Wood log and chips, Biermayr... word log (partly also wood chips) boilers. As the number of..., non commercial (4.3TWh) Wood chips (2.5TWh) 100% Wood chips, non commercial (0.5TWh... (0.3 TWh) Wood log (5.1 TWh) Wood chips (2.5 TWh) Pellets (5.3 TWh) Electricity, direct... log, non-commercial (4.3 TWh) Wood chips, non-commercial (0.5 TWh) Energy consumption... log, non commercial (4.3TWh) Wood chips (2.5TWh) 100% Pellets (5.3TWh) Electricity...: 21.1 TWh) Sensitivity: Wood log/chips (2030: 7.4 TWh) 150% Sensitivity: Pellets... 60 Wood log 40 Wood chips 20 0 2005 2010 2015 2020... that the biomass fractions, wood chips and pellets, will increase. Biomass... price (Figure 6.9) 20 10 Wood chips 2010 70 Biomass heated DH... system Wood log boiler Wood chips boiler Pellets boiler District heating... carrier clusters, wood pellets, wood chips, ambient heat utilized by heat... production). The usage of wood chips levels at about 3.3 TWh in... the energy price of wood chips increases to 45-50 €/MWh... stock 7.5 Pellets 5.0 Ambient energy Wood chips 2.5 Solarthermal energy Coal 0.0 2000 2005... remaining energy sources: pellets, wood chips, ambient and solar energy and... HS 20 Oil Coal W. log W. chips Pellets Electr. HP DH Refurb... Maintenance 2nd column 60 Wood chips Coal Maintenance 80 No envelope... wood log mainly with wood chips and — 177 — Scenarios for future... share of the available wood chips and wood pellets (see cost....0 District heat Electricity Pellets Wood chips Wood log Coal Oil Gas... remaining energy sources: pellets, wood chips, ambient and solar energy and... low high Wood log, wood chips medium low high Wood pellets...-commercial wood high log, wood chips, medium available at 70% of... boiler Coal Wood log Wood chips Wood pellets Heat pump, heat... log 63% 0.005 57% Wood chips 69% 0.005 62% Wood pellets... Wood log 1.80 1.60 Wood chips 1.40 Pellets 1.20 Wood log, non commercial 1.00 Wood chips, non commercial 0.80 Figure A.4. Biogenic...

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...…Apple Berry Salsa with Cinnamon Chips 28…Spicy Jalapeno Salsa 29...…Eggplant Salsa and Homemade Pita Chips 57…Fresco Salsa 58…Fresh...] 105..Four Pepper Salsa with Chips 106..Fresh Green Chili Sauce... desired consistency. Serve with tortilla chips or as sauce on assorted... over grilled fish or with chips 11 - - Salsa Recipes Creamy Salsa..., stirring occasionally. Serve with corn chips. One of our favorite salsa.... Serve with corn or taco chips. For best flavor, chill for... chicken. Also good with tortilla chips. 23 - - Salsa Recipes Salsa De... Apple Berry Salsa with Cinnamon Chips Ingredients: Chips: 2 10-inch flour tortillas.... Serve fruit salsa with cinnamon chips. 27 - - Salsa Recipes Original Mexican.... Chill and serve with tortilla chips. Note: If mixture is too... at room temperature, with tortilla chips. 49 - - Salsa Recipes Beef and... before serving. Serve with tortilla chips on a bed of lettuce. 52... Eggplant Salsa and Homemade Pita Chips INGREDIENTS: 4 medium eggplants 1 large red... a baking sheet. Bake the pita chips for 5 to 10 minutes in... fish, or serve with tortilla chips as a refreshing appetizer. 64 - - Salsa... with good salted corn tortilla chips. Pepper Antidote: works on fingers... fish. May be served with chips. 82 - - Salsa Recipes Apple Habanero... 4 hours. Serve with low fat chips. Makes 8 Servings 90 - - Salsa Recipes...] 1 bag (6 oz. or 170 g) tortilla chips [I buy a lot more] or 2 cups... taste. Serve pea mixture with chips as an appetizer, or add... Recipes Four Pepper Salsa with Chips Ingredient 14 1/2 oz 1 ea 1/2 c 1 can... Pepper Chopped fresh cilantro Tortilla chips Combine first 13 ingredients in... cilantro into salsa. Serve with chips. 106 - - Salsa Recipes Fresh Green.... Good on eggs and corn chips. 116 - - Salsa Recipes Ranchero Sauce... corn oil 2 cups hickory-wood chips, soaked in water 1 hour, drained... (medium-high heat). Arrange hickory chips in foil pie pan; place directly atop coals. Allow chips to begin smoking, about 10... A PACKAGE OF WHITE CORN TORTILLA CHIPS. MY 2 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER ATE... desired consistency. Enjoy with tortilla chips a lot of beer and a lot.... This recipe is great with chips. Try using it as a topping... to marinate. Get some good chips and beer. This salsa is... in the bowl. Next, get chips and eat out of bowl...

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..., M., Vilotic, D. EXPERIMENTAL CONSOLIDATION OF ALUMINIUM CHIPS BY COLD COMPRESSION Received: 01...: Solid state recycling of metal chips and scrap presents a relatively novel... pressures are induced to the chips in order to achieve proper... consolidation of aluminium chips obtained by milling process. All chips were cut... of 4 different milling regimes. Afterwards, chips were cold compressed in closed.... The influences of type of chips as well as compression load... billets. Key words: aluminium chips recycling, chips compression, severe plastic deformation Eksperimentalna... al. in [4] avoided granulation of chips and performed direct cold compression... al. consolidated three different aluminium chips into solids by cold compression... extrusion. Third type of the chips was mixed with SiC particles... issue in consolidation of aluminium chips is breakage of aluminium oxide... al. in [2] granulated different aluminium chips obtained in industry. Granulated particles... state recycling. Once again, Al-chips were first granulated, than mixed.... Mechanical properties and 2. PRODUCTION OF CHIPS Chips were produced from ingot 110... low filling density of the chips, several precompacting operations were needed... on the type of the chips. Punch, counter punch and die... precompacting were employed. At first chips were compacted by 245 kN... chips’ type on final relative density of cold-compressed billets. All chips... chips (A, B, C and D) were obtained, all with different geometries and shapes (Table 1). Chips... C Type D c) Table 1. Types of obtained chips and ingot during cutting process... (a), counter punch (b) and die (c) for chips compression a) b) c) Fig. 1. Cutting of the... press. Aluminium chips were compacted 80 Influence of chips type on relative... chips showed highest relative density (≈98%), while billets from C- and D-type chips... to evaluate compactness of compressed chips, free upsetting was performed on... of the bond between the chips remains an issue. This issue...]. Fig. 4. Influence of type of chips on final billets’ densities Teflon... processed. [8] [9] 5. CONCLUSION REMARKS Recycling aluminium chips by solid state recycling is... recycling. In this process, aluminium chips are compressed by high pressures... paper investigates the influence of chips shape and size on final... obtained billets. Total of 4 different chips types were employed. The influence... showed that smaller and simpler chips prove to be better input... from larger and more complex chips exhibited lower relative densities. As... of the bonding between the chips, despite high relative densities. This...] [12] [13] aluminium matrix composite chips by pressing and hot extrusion... extrusion of AA-6060 aluminum chips, Journal of materials processing technology... by Cold compression of Alalloy Chips, Journal for Technology of Plasticity... from Al and AlMg2 alloy chips, Journal of Materials Processing Technology...

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... 2ns? Across the industry, today’s chips are largely able to execute... more energy than several DRAM chips combined, but because the caches... controller and a number of DRAM chips organized into DIMMs (dual in... have increasing numbers of memory chips in the system. On the... 3 Data packet returned by DRAM chips FIGURE Ov.8: Memory access latency... SDRAM and DDR SDRAM memory chips operating at a frequency of 200... load command to the memory chips. With this additional cycle included... the interface of the memory chips as well. Table Ov.3 compares... are increasing exponentially for nextgeneration chips. For instance, the power density..., and the microcontroller/s and memory chips. The spindle motor dissipates the... level, for instance in DRAM chips or disk assemblies, the mechanism... an external device interrupt. DRAM chips typically consume on the order... scratch-pads found on DSP chips that enable simultaneous access to... a scratch-pad include low-end chips such as the Motorola MPC500... Motorola Coldfire 5206E; mid-grade chips such as the ARMv6, Analog... Infineon XC166; and high-end chips such as Analog Devices ADSP... Dragonball. In addition, high-performance chips for games and other media..., or even in the memory chips. The prefetched data is usually... modules (RDIMM) use separate buffer chips on the memory module to... the buffer chips on the memory modules. The buffer chips then drive...) memory module FIGURE 9.35: Register chips buffer command, control, and address... detected as such. Defective DRAM chips were difficult to locate, and... to the consequences of inserting chips into sockets with incorrect orientation... individual DRAM chips, memory upgrades with modules containing multiple DRAM chips can... memory system. SDRAM - Variants DRAM chips Controller complex interconnect inexpensive interface... D-RDRAM, now XDR Controller DRAM chips (Flexphase) complex logic more simplified... a handful of Integrated Circuit (IC) chips which all fit on a small... offered by suppliers of channel chips for disk drive designers to... due to faster embedded controller chips and more In this chapter...