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1Cosmic X-Ray Background 2НайтиНайти

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1Страна производитель - США
2Страна оператор(владелец) - США
3Тип орбиты - НОО
4Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный

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1Масса, кг2.6

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1Космодром Мыс Канаверал
2Дата пуска2017-04-18
3Полезная нагрузка 1xOrbital CRS-7
4Полезная нагрузка 1xALTAIR-1
5Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 AU01
6Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 AU02
7Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 AU03
8Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 AZ01
9Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 AZ02
10Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 CA03
11Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 CN02
12Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 CN03
13Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 CN04
14Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 DE02
15Полезная нагрузка 1xQBITO
16Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 FI01
17Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 FR01
18Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 FR05
19Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 GR01
20Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 GR02
21Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 IL01
22Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 KR01
23Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 KR02
24Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 KR03
25Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 SE01
26Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 TR01
27Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 TR02
28Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 TW01
29Полезная нагрузка 1xQB50 UA01
30Полезная нагрузка 1xQBUS 1
31Полезная нагрузка 1xQBUS 2
32Полезная нагрузка 1xQBUS 4
33Полезная нагрузка 1xIceCube
34Полезная нагрузка 1xCSUNSat 1
35Полезная нагрузка 1xCXBN 2
36Полезная нагрузка 1xLemur-2 30
37Полезная нагрузка 1xLemur-2 31
38Полезная нагрузка 1xLemur-2 32
39Полезная нагрузка 1xLemur-2 33
40Полезная нагрузка 1xBiarri-Point
41Полезная нагрузка 1xSHARC
42Полезная нагрузка 1xKySat 3
43Ракета-носитель 1xАтлас 5 401

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... магнитная система ориентации для спутника CXBN-2. Аппарат представляет собой двойной кубсат... Magnetic attitude control system for CXBN-2 satellite is considered. The satellite... as a follow-on mission to CXBN, a successful 2U CubeSat that was... ELaNa VI OUTSat mission [1]. While CXBN successfully operated on orbit, a number of improvements are incorporated into CXBN-2 that will improve the precision... measurement (increase the S/N) made by CXBN and improve the reliability of... capabilities. The goal of the CXBN-2 mission is to increase the... the evolution of primordial galaxies. CXBN-2 will map the Extragalactic Diffuse... (CZT) detector (first flown on CXBN) but with twice the detector... the novel CZT detector aboard CXBN-2 and an improved array configuration... missions, and having flown on CXBN. CXBN-2 is a 2U Cubesat whose total... include upgraded versions of the CXBN power distribution and handling system... (ADACS) in design by the CXBN-2 team comprised of groups from... facilities. The requirements for the CXBN science mission are relatively minimal... derived from team's experience with CXBN and the significant experience in... systems of the Keldysh team, CXBN-2 has the potential to increase... astrophysics of the early universe. CXBN-2 has been down-selected for... way too complicated for the CXBN-2 mission. Moreover, the satellite does... scheme. 1.2. Satellite and environment assumptions CXBN-2 is a spin-stabilized, 2U Cubesat... space-based X-ray astronomy measurements. CXBN-2 is a 2U, 2.6 kg nanosatellite whose... been flight proven on the CXBN OUTSat mission. The heritage 7 systems... to systems based on the CXBN mission significantly reduces the risk... CXBN-2 mission. Fig. 1. Two Exploded CAD Model Views of CXBN-2 Subsystems The CXBN... control residual dipole moment). Conclusion CXBN-2 mission magnetic control schemes are.... The cosmic X-ray background nanoSat (CXBN): measuring the cosmic X-ray background... G. The Cosmic X-Ray Background NanoSat-2 (CXBN-2): An Improved Measurement of the...

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... the Cosmic X-Ray [1] Background Nanosatellite (CXBN) . All of the satellite systems... rate. CXBN Series of NanoSatellites The Cosmic X-Ray Background Nanosatellite (CXBN) series...) [4] . The first in the series, CXBN-1 was built in 2011 and... orbit. The objective of the CXBN series is to make improved... on Small Satellites Figure 3. CXBN-1 The CXBN series of nanosatellites developed by... the CubeSat form factor. Figure 4. CXBN-2 being developed by Morehead State... from the team's experience with CXBN, CXBN-2 has the potential to increase... also contributed to the mission. CXBN-2, second in the series, implements a number of improvements on the CXBN design that will improve the... payloads: The conops for the CXBN series is characterized by a sun... Lithium Radio TRL9 RAX, Firefly, CXBN, CSSWE, CINEMA UHF S-band being... the Cosmic X-Ray Background NanoSatellite (CXBN) missions, and as a secondary ground...," The Cosmic X-Ray Background NanoSat (CXBN): Measuring the Cosmic Schaire 13...

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..., Others… • Launching on ELaNa VI: CXBN, CCSWE, STARE… • Given current budget... with Radiance, Honeywell, Tethers Unltd.) • CXBN: Cosmic X-Ray Background Explorer selected... 2012 CXB N - CDR 8/ 31/ 2011 7 CXBN MISSION GOALS • Goal is to... N S MA LLS A T 8/ 15/ 2012 Position11 CXBN – OVERVIEW AND CONOPS • Scientific 2U... energy depositions. ESTIMATED BACKGROUND IN CXBN – ASSUME 0.08HZ/CM2 SR PROTON... the number of background events CXBN CZT DETECTOR PAYLOAD WITH CAL...

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... The Cosmic X-Ray Background Nanosatellite (CXBN) was developed and built by...–50 kiloelectron volt (keV) range. CXBN also will provide a short-duration...://polysat.calpoly.edu/CP5.php CXBN: http://ssc.moreheadstate.edu/missions...

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... The Cosmic X-Ray Background NanoSat (CXBN): Measuring the Cosmic X-Ray Background... - Morehead State University ABSTRACT: The CXBN mission goal is to significantly... high energy background radiation. The CXBN spacecraft will map the Extragalactic... through the NASA ELaNa program. CXBN was developed at low cost...

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... band • ANEAS, CP5, CSSWE, and CXBN • Goal of the experiment – To... and Capture Beacons Results Aeneas CXBN CP5 CSSWE Experiment #2a-c: Matching... to TLEs – – – – Aeneas CP5 CSSWE CXBN Experiment #2b: Matching CubeSats With TLEs Results CXBN CP5 Experiment #2c: Matching CubeSats...

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...) • E1-P (HRBE) (Montana State) • SwissCube, • CXBN, CCSWE, STARE… • Given current budget... major contributors as science platforms CXBN - MRR 11/18/2011 3 Morehead... Development Variety of Customers CXBN Launched in 2012 CXBN‐2 In Development KySat... Backbone 24 MHz 1 MB Mode CXBN ConOps MEASURING DXRB WITH CZT... with each rotation DXRB Flux CXBN- COMPARATIVELY SOPHISTICATED CUBESAT • • ADCS • MEMS... Clock Speed • RTC • Watchdog Timers CXBN MRR 11/18/2011 8 CZT... State University and Kentucky Space CXBN-2 Mission Description/Goal •Increase the...

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... // COMPLEX :: c x s l ( 2 * m x n a n g - l ) , cxs2(2»mxnang-l) // L o c a l S c a l a r s // -- --- dcomplex cxan, c x a n l , cxbn, c x b n l , c x x i , c x x i O , cxy, c x x i l ; dcomplex cxtemp; double a p s i , apsiO... v a l u e s o f AN and BN f o r use i n c o m p u t a t i o n o f g = < c o s ( t h e t a ) > (n>l) { c x a n l = cxan; c x b n l = cxbn; } //Compute AN and BN: //cxan...); //cxbn = ( c x r e f • c x d ( n ) + r n / x ) * a p s i - a p s i l ; cxbn=Cmul(cxref,cxd[n]); cxbn=Cadd(cxbn,Complex(rn/x,0.0)); cxbn=Cmul(cxbn,Complex(aps i,0.0)); cxbn=Csub(cxbn,Complex(apsil,0.0)); //cxbn = cibn...,cxxi); cxtemp=Csub(cxtemp,cxxil); cxbn=Cdiv(cxbn,cxtemp); //Augment sums f o r *qsca...)+Cabs(cxbn)*Cabs(cxbn)); •gsca = »gsca + ((2.0«rn+l.0)/(rn*(rn+1.0)))*(cxan.r*cxbn.r+cxan.i*cxbn.i); if...)*(cxanl.r*cxan.r+cxanl.i*cxan.i+cxbnl.r*cxbn.r+cxbnl.i'cxbn.i); } for ( j = 1; j < = nang; j + + ) { jj = 2*nang... p = pou(-l.0,n-l); //cxslCj] = c x s l [ j ] + fn*(cxan*pi[j]+cxbn*tau[j] ) ; cxtemp=Cmul(cxan,Complex(pi[j],0.0)); cxtemp=Cadd(cxtemp,Cmul(cxbn,Complex(tau[j],0.0))); cxtemp=Cmul(Complex...(tau[j],0.0)); cxtemp=Cadd(cxtemp,Cmul(cxbn,Complex(pi[j],0.0))); cxtomp=Cmul(Complex...); if (j!=jj) { / / c x s l C j j ] = c x s l C j j ] + fn«(cxan*pi(j)*p+cxbn*tau(j)*t); cxtemp=Cmul(cxan,Complex(pi[j]*p,0.0)); cxtenip=Cadd(cxtemp,Ciiiul(cxbn,Complex(tau[j]*t,0.0))) ; cxtemp=Cmul(Complex...(tau[j]*t,0.0)); cxtemp=Cadd(cxtomp,Cmul(cxbn,Complex(pi[j]*p,0.0))); cxtemp=Cmul(Complex...

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... V2 2 V2 1 2 PxBN TU17 CxBN(M) RxBN(M) PxBH(M) CxBN(M) TU7 TU19 TE1 V2...(M) FL 2 V7 PxBN(M) AT 3 V7 CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 PxBN(M) AT 3 V7... положения по перевозке V7 3 CxBN(M) PxBH(M) TE1 CxBN(M) PxBH(M) TE1 CV9 CV10... FL 1 V7 PxBN(M) FL 2 V7 CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 2 Наименование и описание 3.1.2 общем... 1064 МЕТИЛМЕРКАПТАН CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 20 1065 НЕОН СЖАТЫЙ CxBN(M) AT 3 V7...(M) FL 2 V7 PxBN(M) AT 3 V7 CxBN(M) RxBN(M) TU7 TU19 PxBN(M) P22DH...(M) TU19 PxBN(M) CxBH(M) TU6 TE1 CxBN(M) CxBH(M) AT 3 AT 3 FL FL... CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 CxBN(M) FL 2 V7 PxBN(M) AT 3 V7 PxBN(M) RxBN(M) TU18 CxBN(M) RxBN(M) CxBN(M) TU19 1950 АЭРОЗОЛИ 1950 АЭРОЗОЛИ... 2 V5 V7 V7 RxBN(M) TU19 CxBN(M) RxBN(M) TU18 PxBN(M) PxBN(M) Иденти... S2 S20 23 1978 ПРОПАН CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 CV9 CV10 CV9... PxBN(M) RxBN(M) TU19 CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 PxBN... CV28 SGAN AT 2 CxBN(M) FL 2 V7 PxBN(M) FL 2 V7 CxBN(M) AT 3 3 2 V7... ОХЛАЖДЕННЫЙ ЖИДКИЙ RxBN(M) PxBH(M) PxBH(M) CxBN(M) TU19 TE1 TE1 AT FL... CV10 PxBN(M) RxBN(M) TU7 TU19 CxBN(M) 1 V7 FL 2 V7 AT 3 1 V5...) 446 TU27 TE4 TE6 AT 0 CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 PxBN(M) FL 2 V7... 2 S9 S19 60 3155 ПЕНТАХЛОРФЕНОЛ CxBN(M) AT 3 V7 25 3156 ГАЗ...