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Дата загрузки: 2017-02-23
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... more detailed information on the DMSP satellite system. Deadline: CGMS-36...-12 (L) NOAA NOAA-15 (B) NOAA DMSP-F13 (B) Equatorial Crossing Time A=Ascend.../1995 DMSP-F14 (B) NOAA 17:24 (A) 852 km 04/1997 DMSP-F17... 2006 NOAA-17 (B) NOAA 6/2002 DMSP-F15 (B) NOAA 10:08 (D) 810 km 19:37 (A) 850 km DMSP-F16 (Op) NOAA 20:04... NOAA-18 (Op) NOAA 5/2005 DMSP-F12 (L) NOAA 13:37 (A) 854... NPOESS-2 NOAA NPOESS-4 NOAA DMSP-S19 NOAA DMSP-S20 NOAA FY-3A CMA...:30 (A) 837 km 10/2015 DMSP-S18 NOAA METEOR-M N1 FY... more detailed information on the DMSP satellite system. Deadline: CGMS-36... of historic data from the DMSP SSMI instrument and reformatting of... DCPC DCRS DCS DCWDS DIF DMSP DOD DOMSAT DPC DPI DPM...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-24
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... Tables Table 1 Current status of DMSP satellites (as of January 2012...; right retrieved precipitation [mm/h]; - Satellite DMSP-F17,SSMIS, day 25/20...; right retrieved precipitation [mm/h]; - Satellite DMSP-F16, SSMIS, day 19/09...; right retrieved precipitation [mm/h]; - Satellite DMSP-F17, SSMIS, day 05/12...; right retrieved precipitation [mm/h]; Satellite DMSP-F17,SSMIS, day 10/02... radiometer SSMIS flown on the DMSP satellites (the former versions of... the last SSM/I on F15 DMSP satellite is in “degraded” status... is now on-board the DMSP satellites F16, F17, and F18... and to minimise aliasing. The DMSP satellites are managed by the... of DMSP is shown in next table: Satellite DMSP-F15 DMSP-F16 DMSP-F17 DMSP... SSMIS Table 1 Current status of DMSP satellites (as of January 2012... Microwave - Imager/Sounder DMSP-F16, DMSP-F17, DMSP-F18, DMSP-S19, DMSP-S20 Operational - Utilised in... shown in the next figure: DMSP SSMIS DoD Global data acquisition...-OBS-1 is the unavailability of DMSP data by direct reception or... the DoD system for global DMSP data, and conveyed to NOAA...; right retrieved precipitation [mm/h]; - Satellite DMSP-F17,SSMIS, day 25/20...; right retrieved precipitation [mm/h]; - Satellite DMSP-F16, SSMIS, day 19/09...; right retrieved precipitation [mm/h]; Satellite DMSP-F17, SSMIS, day 05/12...; right retrieved precipitation [mm/h]; - Satellite DMSP-F17,SSMIS, day 10/02... the two algorithms, based on DMSP/SSMIS and METOP-A/AMSU-A/MHS... METOP-A overpass only lags the DMSP overpass by 11 minutes. The...-OBS-1 applied to measurements from DMSP/SSMIS-F18 conical scanner while... lag of 11 minutes between DMSP and METOP-A satellite overpasses and... Table 1, currently there are up 4 DMSP satellites in orbit, but only... observations at times complementary to DMSP. The sequence of LST at... DMSP-F16 DMSP-F18 MetOp-A NOAA-18 NOAA-19 DMSP-F17 DMSP-F16 DMSP-F18... d NOAA-18 NOAA-19 DMSP-F17 DMSP-F16 DMSP-F18 MetOp-A Aggregation of... orbits; see, for instance, Figure 4. DMSP passes over Europe occur in... with the number (unknown) of DMSP receiving stations utilised. Let’s assume... 3 hour time interval when all DMSP, MetOp, and NOAA satellites are... CM-SAF CNMCA CNR CNRS DMSP DPC EARS ECMWF EDC EUM... Special Sensor Microwave / Imager (on DMSP up to F-15) Special Sensor Microwave Imager/Sounder (on DMSP starting with S-16) Suomen ymp...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-24
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... five Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) military satellites into the NOAA... and military needs. The current DMSP constellation consists of two 12.../91 NOAA-10 (L) USA/NOAA DMSP-F15 (Op) USA/NOAA 06... km 21:45 (A) 850 km DMSP-F14 (B) USA/NOAA 20:42 ( A ) 852 km 04/97 DMSP-F12 (B) USA/NOAA 21:13...:00 – 18:00) DMSP-F13 (Op) USA/NOAA DMSP-F11 (B) USA/NOAA... production and existing POES and DMSP assets, to reduce risk on... last launches of the current DMSP and POES satellites. In USA...:00 – 18:00) DMSP-S16 DMSP-S17 DMSP-S18 DMSP-S19 DMSP-S20 NPOESS-3 NPOESS-6 USA... Defense Meteorological Satellite Program’s 56 (DMSP) F-16 spacecraft (provided successful calibration...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-04
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...-1 and 2, MetOP-C, MetOP-SG, and DMSP-S20. This paper introduces a modified technique...

Дата загрузки: 2016-11-10
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... OrganisationRef (S1+P) (S15(L: CC)) (S10+P) (S20) (S1+P) (S4) (DT) (DT) (DT... Review Title Project RelatedOrg [0..n] (S10+P) (S20) (S1+P) (S4) (DT) (DT) (DT... Expire Review Project OrganisationRef [0..n] (S10+P) (S20) (S1+P) (S4) (DT) (DT) (DT) (S) Address TelephoneFax Email Remarks occ [1..1] [0..1] [0..1] [0..n] [0..3] [0..1] [0..n] [0..n] [1..1] [1..1] [1..1] [0..n] [0..1] [0..1] (S20+P) (S60) (S) [0..n] [0..n] [0..n] attributes (cls(L:CL),+serial...), +country(L:AO)) (cls(L:CL),system(S20),countryCode(UI3),+numType(L:TT)) (cls(L:CL),system(S20),emailCls(L:CL),+emailType(L:TE)) (cls... Review Project national content (S10+P) (S20) (S1+P) (S4) (DT) (DT) (DT... v1.2.4 2009-03-02 occ [0..n] [1..1] [0..1] [0..1] [0..n] [0..3] [0..1] [0..n] [0..n] [1..1] [1..1] [1..1] [0..n] [0..1] (S20+P) (S60) (S) [0..n] [0..n] [1..1] [0..n] [0..n] attributes (cls(L:CL),+serial...), +country(L:AO)) (cls(L:CL),system(S20),countryCode(UI3),+numType(L:TT)) (cls(L:CL),system(S20),emailCls(L:CL),+emailType(L:TE)) (cls...(D),relatedPlan(S20)) (cls(L:CL),name(S20)) (cls(L:CL),+freq(UN16.6),name(S20)) (cls(L:CL),+freq(UN16.6),name(S20...(D),curveType(L:CT)) (cls(L:CL),xLow(S20),xLowOp(L:OP),xVariable(S10),xHighOp(L:OP), xHigh(S20),yVariable(S10),severity(S7)) (cls...),+code(L:MA)) (cls(L:CL)) (S5+P) (S20+P) (S40) (S1+P) (S) (USA) (USA) (UN16...) SignalTuning FreqRange FreqSingle (S100) (S5+P) (S20+P) (UN16.6) Curve CurvePoint FreqTolerance OutputDevice... StockNum SignalTuning FreqRange FreqSingle (USA) (S20+P) (UN16.6) Curve CurvePoint FreqTolerance IFreq... occ (S100) (USA) (USA) (S5+P) (S20+P) (S) (UN16.6) (S3+P) Curve [0..n] CurvePoint AntPattern... COMSECKeymat [0..n] (S15) GuardRequirements TimeFrame MissionPriority [0..1] (S20) attributes () (cls(L:CL),lang(S2... ForceElement (S100) (USA) (USA) (S5+P) (S20+P) TimeFrame Quantity EffDate Expire [1..n] attributes...) occ [0..n] [0..n] [0..n] [0..n] attributes (+type(L:DC),+name(S20)) (cls(L:CL),word(S60)) (cls(L:CL),layer(S20),num(UI3),name(S30)) (cls... (+version(UN3.1)) (cls(L:CL),+shortName(S20),+edition(S2+P)) (cls(L:CL),+serial...(UI2)) (cls(L:CL),+sign(S20),+countersign(S20),+runningCW(S20)) (cls(L:CL),+type(S8+P),+name(S20),desiredSep(UN16.6),minSep (UN16...),+serial(S28+P),callSignGroup(S20),callWordGroup (S20),extractGroup(S20),freqGroup(S20),freqSepGroup(S20)) Volume III. Tactical...) System UFO (UHF Follow-On) DMSP (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program) SAWDS... direct support of disaster operations.6 DMSP (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program)--Used...(S30),reason(S+P)) (cls(L:CL)) (USA) (S20) · Elt name: contains the XML....2.4 2009-03-02 (USA) (S) (S6) (S20) (cls(L:CL),+dir(UN5.2 [0..360...+P)) (+version(UN3.1)) (cls(L:CL),name(S20)) (cls(L:CL),+freq(UN16.6),name(S20)) (cls(L:CL),+serial(S28+P),name(...),admin(S100), startDate(D),stopDate(D),relatedPlan(S20)) (cls(L:CL),+serial(S28+P)) (cls...)) (cls(L:CL)) (+type(L:DC),+name(S20)) (cls(L:CL),+serial(S28+P)) (cls...])) (cls(L:CL)) (cls(L:CL),system(S20),emailCls(L:CL),+emailType(L:TE)) (cls...+P),+bandwidth(S4+P)) (cls(L:CL),xLow(S20),xLowOp(L:OP),xVariable(S10),xHighOp(L:OP),xHigh (S20),yVariable(S10),severity(S7)) (cls....2),frontToBackRatio(UN5.2)) (cls(L:CL),layer(S20),num(UI3),name(S30)) (cls... Manufacturer Mission MissionPriority ModDetails (USA) (S) (S) (S20) (S) Modulation NarrowBandPlanning NavAids (USA) (UN16...),+serial(S28+P),callSignGroup(S20),callWordGroup(S20), extractGroup(S20),freqGroup(S20),freqSepGroup(S20)) (cls(L:CL),+function...(S28+P)) (cls(L:CL),+sign(S20),+countersign(S20),+runningCW(S20)) (cls(L:CL),numMainBeams(UI3...)) (cls(L:CL),+type(S8+P),+name(S20),desiredSep(UN16.6),minSep (UN16.6)) (cls(L:CL),+shortName(S20),+edition(S2+P)) () (cls(L:CL),+serial... TelephoneFax Time (USA) (S20+P) (UN16.6) (UN16.6) (UN5.2) (USA) (S) (S20+P) TimeFrame TimeHop TimePeriod...),intialCost(S70)) (cls(L:CL),system(S20),countryCode(UI3),+numType(L:TT)) (cls...

Дата загрузки: 2016-10-30
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... on the follow­on of DMSP (DWSS). Wsea Scat MW­pol... developed for TRMM, SSM/I on DMSP since 1987 and AMSU on... detection in night (e.g., OLS on DMSP, HSTC on SAC­C).  Historical  ­  Multi... Satellite NOAA­15 DMSP 17, 19 DWSS 1 & 2 NOAA­16 DMSP­16 04... A+B MTVZA­GY AMSU­A + MHS MWS DMSP 18, 20 NOAA­17 Meteor... G  Megha­Tropiques  DMSP F 4 to 15  DMSP F­11/12/14/15  DMSP F­16/17... km  17 to 60 km  DMSP SSMIS 24  3 to 3000 MHz... SSM/I SSMIS DMSP 14 DMSP 17, 19 DWSS 1 & 2 DMSP 15 DMSP­16 04:05... MTVZA­GY MWI MWIRI MWIRI DMSP 18, 20 Meteor­M N1/N2...­3 A to F (except E)  DMSP F­8/10/11/13/14/15  DMSP F 16 to 20... scanning MW imagers DMSP FY­3 Meg­Trop TRMM GPM DMSP Meteor­M Aqua...  CryoSat­2  Deimos  DESDynI  DMSP Block­5D­1  DMSP Block­5D­2  DMSP Block­5D­3  DubaiSat...­1  DESDynI  DMSP F01 to F04  DMSP F06 to F14  DMSP F15 to S20  DubaiSat...  RASAT  Sentinel­3 A/B  LDCM­1 (Landsat­8)  DMSP­F01 to S20  EOS­Aura  NPP, JPSS... 19  MetOp A/B  DMSP F01 to F15  DMSP F16 to S20  JPSS 1/2, DWSS 1/2  EPS...­1  DMSP­F08 and F10 to F15  DMSP­F04 and F06 to F15  DMSP­F 11/12/14/15  DMSP F16 to S20  Meteor­M 1/2  GOCE...

Дата загрузки: 2017-02-06
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... PDT SLC–2W SMI Atlas V DMSP–18 18–Oct 0912 PDT... a result of this launch. Atlas V DMSP–18 This launch occurred outside... AIAA-S-112-2005 ANSI/ESD S20.20-1999# IPC-2221 IPC... (COPV) Fully applicable. ANSI/ESD S20.20 Protection of Electrical and... remaining Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) polarorbiting satellites available for launch... current DOD plan for deploying DMSP satellites ensures continued weather observation capability. The availability of DMSP satellites supports a short analysis (in...

Дата загрузки: 2017-02-23
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... to the continuity of the DMSP/SSM-I observations during the last... for all-weather SST. Action S20 Action: Ensure availability of microwave... more than one application. 60 DMSP: Defence Ministry Satellite Programme (from...): among the different instruments onboard DMSP satellites, the SSM-I is the... orbit. Extent to which availability S20 S21 S22 S23 S24 S25... TR No. 2013–4, p. 107 DEMETER DMSP EARS EARTH-CARE E-ASAP EC...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-28
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... : Microwave imager/sounder data from DMSP satellite series in the early... available with the forthcoming DMSP-S19 and –S20 spacecraft in the 2020s.... ET-SAT-8/Doc.3, APPENDIX 2, p. 5 No. S20 S21 S22 S23 S24 S25...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-21
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... (NorthWest Research Associates) Poster Number: S20 Poster - Status and Latest Improvements... and Scintillation Data Products with DMSP/SSUSI Chen, Weihan (National Cheng... Ionosphere: Operational Space Weather from DMSP/SSUSI Deng, Yue (University of...