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EDSN (Edison Demonstration of Smallsat Networks)  - это миссия из восьми космических аппаратов (КА) форм фактора CubeSat. Орбитальная группировка EDSN должна будет продемонстрировать потенциальные возможности группировок малых космических аппаратов, которые планируется использовать в научных и иных целях. Другой задачей, которую ставило переда разработчиками НАСА является освоение серийного производства однотипных аппаратов.
Дизайн аппаратов унаследован от КА PhoneSat 2.0. В качестве основы аппарата используется смартфон Samsung Nexus S. В качестве полезной нагрузки на аппаратах установлен сенсор радиации и детектор частиц. Также аппараты должны будут проверить технологическую возможность передачи данных между аппаратами.

Дополнительная классификация

1Страна оператор(владелец) - США
2Страна производитель - США
3Тип орбиты - НОО
4Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг2
2Платформа 1x1.5U CubeSat

Характеристики орбиты

1САС, дней60

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16Ракета-носитель 1xSuper Strypi (Spark-30)

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... is a virtual port run by EDSN. ISP and SC can only...’s network. GOs give access to EDSN through namely P3. This P3 used by EDSN to request data for SC... 1, most inner rings, including SC, EDSN, ISPs, Data communication suppliers, and... installed and produce metering data; 3. EDSN - facilitates the Dutch energy market... billing. As discussed in DSMR [9], EDSN is a nonprofit organization, playing the... have to request it from EDSN. EDSN will then check the request... ISPs can request data from EDSN, consumers are entitled to deny... GO interviewee explained that since EDSN serves as the communication center... or ISP requests the data, EDSN has to check it, lookup..., then sends it back to EDSN. By 2014 all the connection... can be done already at EDSN. In practice, there are two... data can be pulled through EDSN and GO. The data is... (NMa) and Chamber of Energy. EDSN is the actual party which... not producing nor transporting energy EDSN energie data service Facilitator for...; (2) Consumers, producer of usage data; (3) EDSN, market facilitator; (4) telecommunication providers, provider...’s network to transfer data; and (2) EDSN runs both C-AR and ODA... both databases is maintained by EDSN, the contents of both are... requesting party sends a request to EDSN; 2) EDSN checks the message to ensure... the information back to EDSN for relaying; and 5) EDSN receives the information... to the requesting party. This “EDSN relays every bit” model could... it. However, in step 4) and 5) EDSN is still relaying data while... “middle man”, in this case EDSN, checks the incoming request and... the unavailability of interviewee from EDSN, we could not conduct interview with this major stakeholder. As EDSN facilitates and coordinates the entire... electricity network (relationships between among EDSN-consumer-supplier-regional grid operator... read the information. • Communication 35 1. EDSN, is the communication hub between... (e.g. via C-AR or ODA-register). 2. EDSN runs C-AR which contains the... of C-AR is done by EDSN, the information is maintained by... forward the request to EDSN on P4, EDSN checks it (is the... give back the reading via EDSN to the SC/ISP. 36..., this could be done at EDSN means every connection and MID... Requirements ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptography EDSN Energy Data Service Netherlands GO...

Дата загрузки: 2017-02-06
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...), "Edison Demonstration of Smallsat Networks (EDSN)" (2013), http://www.nasa.gov/directorates/spacetech/small_spacecraft/edsn.html#.UpMwcMRMh8E. 102. M. Barschke, Z. Yoon... CubeSat DragonSat 1 DUSTIE EagleSat EcAMSat EDSN 1 EDSN 2 EDSN 3 EDSN 4 EDSN 5 EDSN 6 EDSN 7 EDSN 8 ELFIN EQUiSat ESCAPE ExoplanetSat Explorer...

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...áficas y de salud de Nigeria (EDSN) de 1990 y 1999, por caracter... Primaria Secundaria y superior Total EFN EDSN 1990 EDSN 1999 6,2 6,4 5,3 6,6 4,5 5,4 6,0 6,6 6,4 6,8 6,8 6,5 6,0 5,9 4,6 4,5 6,8 6,5 6,3 6,7 6,8 4,6 6,3 6,1 5,5 4,1 5,2 493 2 Parece il...íodo de 5 años anterior a las EDSN de 1990 y 1999 Edad de... WFS 1990 EDSN 1999 EDSN 1981‑1982 WFS 1990 EDSN 1999 EDSN 3,6 2,5 2,2 4,4 5,4 6,7 6,7 8,8 23,0 24... deseada en las EDSN de 1990 y 1999 1990 EDSN Características generales... Suroeste Nordeste Noroeste Total 1999 EDSN TGF TGF deseada Cambio absoluto... Nupcialidad Encuesta 1968 EDSN 1973 EDSN 1978 RPFS 1983 EDSN 1988 EDSN 1993 EDSNc...

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... Inc. USA Launch Failure 2015 EDSN 1 1.5U T Technology Demonstrator NASA Ames USA Launch Failure 2015 EDSN 2 1.5U T Technology Demonstrator NASA Ames USA Launch Failure 2015 EDSN 3 1.5U T Technology Demonstrator NASA Ames USA Launch Failure 2015 EDSN 4 1.5U T Technology Demonstrator NASA Ames USA Launch Failure 2015 EDSN 5 1.5U T Technology Demonstrator NASA Ames USA Launch Failure 2015 EDSN 6 1.5U T Technology Demonstrator NASA Ames USA Launch Failure 2015 EDSN 7 1.5U T Technology Demonstrator NASA Ames USA Launch Failure 2015 EDSN 8 1.5U T Technology Demonstrator NASA Ames...

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... and gas production August 17 (EdSn) In the first seven months... wells. Neft I Kapital August 17 (EdSn) Ice resistant oil platform LSP... Azeri. News-Azerbaijan August 20 (EdSn) 2 new wells were put into... meters. Neft I Kapital August 20 (EdSn) A two-block platform #2521 is... plants. Iran News August 21 (EdSn) Turkmenistan will create its own... Capital/ Environment protection August 17 (EdSn) Ground waters from the storage... completed. Kazakhstan Today August 18 (EdSn) The laboratory of department of... international standards. Kazinform August 20 (EdSn) Deputy chief of Astrakhan service...

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... Edison Demonstration of Smallsat Networks (EDSN) Mission, scheduled for launch early in 2015. EDSN plans to launch eight identical... also serves as a pathfinder for EDSN’s S-band command and telemetry architecture... are important precursors for the EDSN mission because of their ability... common to both missions. The EDSN mission, scheduled for launch late... deployed on a single launch. The EDSN mission will demonstrate the concept...-space communications architectures. The eight EDSN satellites will each have a Nexus S smartphone with EDSN-specific software for satellite command...

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ROZVODNÉ SKRINE Plastové rozvodné skrine Rozvodné skrine nadomietkové Ui Ta 660 V -10..+55 °C UL94 Vysvetlivky piktogramov N/PE V0 40 ABS ×17.5 L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) 4 6 8 12 18 24 36 110 150 190 260 365 270 310 200 205 205 205 220 330 475 70 75 75 75 75 75 85 EDFKEDFK-4/1 EDFK-6/1 EDFK-8/1 EDFK-12/1 EDFK-18/1 EDFK-12/2 EDFK-12/3 EDFKN-4/1 EDFKN-6/1 EDFKN-8/1 EDFKN-12/1 EDFKN-18/1 EDFKN-12/2 EDFKN-12/3 H/0 RELEVANT STANDARD EN 61439-1 RELEVANT STANDARD EN 61439-3 EDFKN- Rozvodné skrine podomietkové Ui Ta 660 V -10..+55 °C N/PE V0 UL94 40 Vysvetlivky piktogramov ABS ×17.5 EDS-4/1 EDS-6/1 EDS-8/1 EDS-12/1 EDS-18/1 EDS-12/2 EDS-12/3 EDSN-4/1 EDSN-6/1 EDSN-8/1 EDSN-12/1 EDSN-18/1 EDSN-12/2 EDSN-12/3 RELEVANT STANDARD EDS- EN 61439-1 RELEVANT STANDARD EN 61439-3 EDSN- H/2 4 6 8 12 18 24 36 H/0 W1 H1 L2 W2 H2 L1 (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) 115 160 200 260 380 270 310 200 200 215 200 240 320 475 60 60 60 60 70 70 75 135 170 225 280 400 300 340 210 210 220 220 255 350 500 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

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... measurements using the low cost EDSN CubeSat constellation Matthew Danczyk: Mechanical... measurements using the low cost EDSN CubeSat constellation The ability to... Edison Demonstration of Smallsat Networks (EDSN) mission is to demonstrate that... Environment Monitor (EPISEM) payload on EDSN will characterize the radiation environment... the dispersed constellation of eight EDSN spacecraft. This paper describes the...), launched in October 2011. The EDSN project is based at NASA...) at NASA Headquarters, Washington. The EDSN satellites are planned to fly... measurements using the low cost EDSN CubeSat constellation David Halat: Chemistry...

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... member CLASS NAME(classname) {EDSN(dsn1) [VOL(vol)] EDSN(dsn2)...} {EMAJ(majname1..., NAME(CSVLLA). EDSN(dsn)]VOL(vol)] For a PDS class, EDSN(dsn) identifies... use the EMAJ and the EDSN parameter on the same CLASS... 2 CLIST/REXX INTERFACE */ EDSN(SYS1.OS390.CLIST) EDSN(MVSTOOLS.SHARED.CLIST) MAXVIRT...

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... and gas production October 19 (EdSn) The State Oil Company of... field. /Interfax Azerbaijan/ October 19 (EdSn) In September 2009 SOCAR produced... oil. 1news.az 4 October 20 (EdSn) 4-unit stationary platform which will... plant. 1news.az October 23 (EdSn) “KazMunaiGaz” is going to carry... Federation. Trend News October 21 (EdSn) Caspian marine oil fleet of... sea. Iran news October 22 (EdSn) Total permissible catch will be... sturgeon. Consultant Plus October 22 (EdSn) Largest in the country sturgeon...