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GPS-2R (Global Positioning System) или Navstar-2R (Navigation System using Timing And Ranging) – третье поколение космических аппаратов системы GPS. GPS-IIR должны по контракту от 19989 года осуществить замену второго поколения аппаратов группировки. Производителем аппаратов выступает Lockheed Martin, которая использует для производства космический аппаратов свою коммерческую платформу AS-4000. Космические аппараты имеют трех-осевую стабилизацию и работают на 1572.42 MHz, 1227.6 MHz и 2227.5 MHz. Lockheed также отвечает за запуски аппаратов и их эксплуатацию. По сравнению с предшествующими аппаратами новое поколение спутников позволяет значительно улучшить точность определения координат на Земле.

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.... & Associates, 2002. 23 ASPRS Forecast. GPS GEO-REFERENCED INFORMATION GIS & Visualization... a business perspective, the increased accuracy • GPS-enabled timing devices, used to... U.S. State Intelligence released a report entitled “GPS World by U.S. suppliers (see particular... satellite navigation systems (GPS, an increasing role for GPS in what they... the post 9/11 market realities. GPS Markets” (© 2002). Department indicates a weakening... important emerging GPS initiatives is marketplace: in 1998, the GPS receiver market.... 7 “Terrorism Attacks Accelerate Interest in GPS Applications”, ibid. August 10, 1990... also well “positioned” to bring GPS-enabled techno- and communications industries... CHARACTERISTICS MARKET CHARACTERISTICS FIGURE C FIGURE D GPS MARKET TRENDS: 1996-2002 GLOBAL...”, 17 see “GPS and Aviation Safety” in GPS North American GPS Market Share... < 1% Land 72% Timing 6% Space Transportation 8% GPS 9% Aviation 7% Military 8% Marine 7% Source: U.S. Dept... motorists have trouble • Miniaturization of GPS technologies getting lost. So they... terrestrial or satellite transmitters) board GPS-based autolanding system17. SATELLITE NAVIGATION... spur growth development • Demand for GPS technologies to address aviation particularly... expansion ensures availability and accuracy • GPS-enabled navigation initiatives spur product... recreational marine markets that use GPS technologies • Hydrographic survey/mapping in... our • Falling prices Restraints: • Gradual GPS data integration into avionic support... a • Low adoption rates for new GPS technologies stopwatch20.” The testimonial was.... tion of time. GPS-enabled navigational initiatives GPS General Aviation market grew... of state-of-the-art GPS receivers. GPS World, July 2002, The... 23 A comprehensive Current and future GPS-related applications 23 • Synchronization/orientation of communication/ GPS satellites continuously communicate position Drivers... increasingly require precise overview of GPS include : relative navigation networks (EPLRS.... Positions military products and • Assisted-GPS for tactical indoor applications, JTIDS... Observatory’s Master • Escalating reliance on GPS-enabled technologies Clock which is... official time-keeper for the U.S. • GPS increasingly meeting military demands for... • Increased rate of integration of GPS into battlefield managemenflt systems Block... glide- signals from a formation of GPS satellites (ideally Restraints: the precise... options for timing: GPS-aided timing operating GPS data not always the... of the Transportation Infrastructure. Canadian GPS community. Global Space Sector Market..., U.S. Congress approves US$173 M for GPS satellite PriceWaterhouseCooper release business case... Communication & Surveillance Systems) to supply GPS CSI Wireless unveils Asset-Link...- services for the U.S. Nationwide Differential GPS, Shenzhen Shenyuan Trading Company for...$1.3 M. (UWB) yet protects GPS signals from intentional GPS 2F Modernization program. version....redherring and specialized GPS. radio companies, and the GPS community, reiterate CSI... to Mobile Knowledge. the entire GPS infrastructure. cranes manipulating shipping containers... disruption, U.S. Depar- new, cost-effective GPS technology to monitor the generation... planning, execution, and analysis of GPS surveys. other. Standard mechanisms currently..., the operational GPS constellation consists of 28 Block 2/2A/2R satellites. Replenish... OPPORTUNITIES MARKET TRENDS AND OPPORTUNITIES GPS Modernization be upgraded by 2006... the GPS-2R satellites may reach modernization, World, September 2001; of the GPS... funding from the GPS-3 budget to cover non-GPS to bring the... building the satellites, modifying the GPS resistance31. Ground controllers will also... dubbed 2R/M for Modernized. Under power surges ten fold. Under GPS-3, the... fold. SATELLITE NAVIGATION GPS-3, see FIGURE F FIGURE E GPS Modernization Opportunities for Canada... OPPORTUNITIES FIGURE E FIGURE F EVOLUTION OF GPS GPS DEPLOYMENT: 2002-2015+ 32 Further... phase Boeing and LM GPS-2RM Launch GPS-2F Launch L2 L2... GPS 2015 and GLONASS network specifications. GPS-3 Planned launch GPS-3 Contract to begin GPS... three orbital planes Block 1 and 2 GPS satellites became fully operational. Conceived..., resulting in a replenishing of GPS funding rcial GPS equipment manufacturers are in.../backup to the GPS system yet continually Block 2R and 2F modernization... inclination 64.8° 55° Spacecraft”, GPS World, augmenting GPS. GLONASS is monitored by... hand, EU officials maintained a cautious GPS 2001 Conference, energy_transport/library/ some... its own internal wrangling, the U.S. GPS/military lobby maintained a less-thansubtle... service and manufacturing industry as GPS technologies encounter more acute integration... Deployment and Long-term Operations GPS to improve intelligence, surveillance, deployment... utilities). Ongoing Turbulence: FAA’s dual GPS-based navigational systems: WAAS and... monitoring and atmospheric science. Securing GPS Modernization Funding: Despite the The...- and the role of GPS therein, GPS modernization sing developments over the...

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... 1 Philippine-Mabuhay 1 ILV 1 China-APStar 2R 1 China-Chinasat 8 MLV Proton 4 HLV...-AF-GPS 2-Block 2-28 1 US-AF-GPS 2R-01 1 US-AF-GPS 2R-02 1 US... ICO 05 US-AF-GPS 2R-03 US-AF-GPS 2R-04 US-AF...-AF-GPS 2R-05 US-AF-GPS 2R-06 US-AF-GPS 2R-07 US-AF-GPS 2R-08 US-AF-GPS 2R... 1A 1 China-Chinasat 7 1 China-APStar 2R 1 China-APStar 2 1 China-Asiasat 2 1 US...-AF GPS Navstar 01 US-AF GPS Navstar 02 US-AF GPS Navstar 03 US-AF GPS Navstar 04 US-AF GPS Navstar...-AF GPS Navstar 12 US-AF GPS Navstar 13 US-AF GPS Navstar 14 US-AF GPS Navstar 15 US-AF GPS Navstar 16 US-AF GPS Navstar...-AF GPS 2 Blk 2 01 US-AF GPS 2 Blk 2 02 US-AF GPS 2 Blk 2 03 US-AF GPS 2 Blk 2 04 US-AF GPS 2 Blk 2 05 US-AF GPS Navstar.../Science 3 0 1 NASA-Wind 1 US-AF GPS 2 Block 2 06 1 US-AF SEDS...-AF-GPS 2-Block 2-07 1 US-AF-GPS 2-Block 2-28 1 1 1 1 US-AF-GPS 2-Block 2-08 1 US-AF-GPS 2R-01 US-AF-GPS 2-Block 2-10 1 US-AF-GPS 2R-02 US...-X Ray 1 US-AF GPS-Navstar 11 US-AF GPS Navstar 06 1 US-AF LOSAT (SDI) US-AF GPS Navstar 07 US-AF GPS Navstar 08 US-AF GPS Navstar 09 US-AF GPS Navstar...

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... * * Kosmos 2370 DSP 20 Navstar GPS 2R- 4 Simsat 1 Simsat 2 ISS 2A.2a... Agency (ASI) RUBIN Germany Navstar GPS DoD 2R- 5 Salsa ESA Samba ESA... 1 * Europe Star 1 ISS 2R Beidou 1A Navstar GPS 2R- 6 ProSEDS * PAS 1R AMSAT...

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... of other navigational satellite systems GPS, Glonass, and the future Galileo... data-linked Global Positioning System (GPS) position reports from aircraft. Other... from the Global Positioning System (GPS). This feature, if implemented, would... the U.S. military to degrade civil GPS signals. The U.S. had stopped using... incorporated into the next-generation GPS-3 system. The Air Force completed... 14 September of the new GPS ground segment, which controls the..., which will apply to the U.S. GPS-3 L1C and Galileo L1F satellites... begin operations in 2012; the GPS-3 L1C spacecraft in 2013. Satamatics... Tracker, a device that uses the GPS navigation signal, relayed by Inmarsat... of other navigational satellite systems GPS, Glonass, and the future Galileo... a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS) data, stereo cameras, a three-dimensional..., and especially Global Positioning System (GPS) applications. Space News’ annual “Launch... the launch of its latest GPS-based vehicle security and tracking... owners. Based on the latest GPS, global information system (GIS), global... initial satellite of an augmented GPS system, the Quazi Zenith Satellite... launched in 2010, will provide GPS signals and broadcasting from a highly... Defense plans to stop procuring GPS satellites that provide Pentagon with... halted the intentional degradation of GPS satellite signals in May 2000... no longer be present in GPS 3 satellites, the Pentagon said. According... strong commitment to users of GPS that this free global utility... enhance the operation of the GPS constellation. The distributed server-based..., increase efficiency and accommodate future GPS capabilities as they become available... operates the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS provides 3-D position data in longitude... delivered to orbit a replenishment Block 2R satellite for the U.S. Air Force... of the GPS 2R satellites. The launch also marked the second GPS mission aboard a Boeing Delta II in less than two months. GPS 2R-16(M) is the third of the modernized GPS satellites that... growth for satellite radio and GPS positioning and tracking is being...

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... determination of individual spacecraft using GPS receivers; • developed simplified equations of... U.S. remote sensing, Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite communications, and launch industries..., scientific, and governmental users of GPS technology during meetings of the... to host the offices Y e a r Interagency GPS Executive Board (IGEB), representing the... Center. In the area of GPS data services, NOAA acquired and... 2003, NOAA continued to use GPS and remote sensing technologies to... European Community toward cooperation between GPS and Europe’s planned Galileo satellite... and the end users of GPS technology, particularly with respect to... of the U.S. Government regarding the GPS-Galileo relationship. OSC also participated... ongoing bilateral cooperation related to GPS. These talks, held in October... cooperation to ensure interoperability between GPS and Japan’s planned Quasi-Zenith... of time signals received from GPS for the most demanding military... time scale. Using the microwave GPS carrier a n d frequency as the timing source instead of the GPS time code, NIST and its... interference between UWB devices and GPS, radar, and communications systems. NIST... 2003. The spectrum allocations for GPS. 2 0 0 3 results included updating satellite regulations.... These properties include high-precision GPS reference data, complete meteorological microclimate..., 2) the NOAA Forecast Systems a n d Laboratory GPS Surface Observation System Network, 3) the..., most tied to the aircraft GPS navigation log. These images are.... Satellite data were supplemented with GPS and geographic information system (GIS... being used in conjunction with GPS data for endangered species habitat...-resolution satellite remote sensing and GPS to support BIA and tribal... Action Plans sonnel also collected GPS data on high-priority dams... reporting period. BIA used commercial GPS receivers to collect data for... addition, digital aerial photographs with GPS coordinates were collected for all... the data using high-accuracy GPS ground control. They also generated.... AML specialists and contractors used GPS receivers to map subsidence complaints... use both the DOD Navstar GPS Precise Positioning Service (PPS) and augmented differential GPS for real-time positioning in... available. Over 1,500 Precise Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR) units have been... events. The demand for trained GPS technical specialists to conduct fire... the United States. In response, GPS training courses were taught in... NPS staff used approximately 400 GPS receivers for mapping and navigation... A c t i v i t i e s mation designs. Mine inspectors employed GPS to verify jurisdictional boundaries of... to expand its use of GPS for surface mine reclamation Y e a r a coal... a camera. The instrument 71 with GPS databases to provide a visual presentation... for New England wildlife species. GPS was invasive plant species at... at a scale of 1:12000, with GPS center points, then digitally scanned... area. All plots have associated GPS coordinates, and most have detailed... Lakes Science Center regularly used GPS technologies to supplement scientific research conducted in 2003. GPS receivers and aerial photographs were... in the Detroit River required GPS technology to locate sample sites... studies in Lake Erie used GPS to guide sampling procedures and simplify navigation in open water. GPS was also used during native... parks in Michigan. A mapping-grade GPS receiver was used to determine... included helicopters for aerial and GPS equipment, food caterers, and showers... of Nationwide Differential GPS (NDGPS) receivers from a USDA GPS contract. At the... the fiscal year, over 4,100 GPS receivers were being used in... represented on Federal remote sensing, GPS, and geodata coordinating committees. NRCS... would not directly overlay the U.S. GPS military code. Other issues remained... U.S. leadership in geospatial technologies, including GPS, remote sensing, and Web-based... GPS Executive Board, the GPS outreach team developed an exhibit to promote GPS... known as USA 166 and GPS 2R-8. Geosynchronous 20,228.8 km 187... known as USA 168 and GPS 2R-9. Also known as Milstar 6. Carries....cfm on the Web. A c t i v i t i e s DOD GPS satellite 2 0 0 3 Jan. 29, 2003 Navstar... and Land Elevation Satellite Interagency GPS Executive Board Integrated Global Observing... HST 2 0 0 3 H Y e a r GloVis GNSS GOES GP GPS GRACE GRC GSFC GSO GTE... Crop Assessment Division Precise Lightweight GPS Receiver Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory...

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... COMPLETED ON 12 U.S. AIR FORCE GPS BLOCK I SATELLITES ...............................8 4. RESULTS FROM THE... F LAUNCH VEHICLES USED TO LAUNCH GPS BLOCK 1 SATELLITES .............................12 5. RESULTS FROM... not enough. Figure 3 $83M Boeing GPS 2R-1 Satellite Launched in 2010 and... 100% certainty. Figure 3 is the GPS 2R-1 satellite that also failed prematurely... factory acceptance testing. After the GPS 2R-1 satellite payload power-on and... the other on-orbit GPS NUDET subsystems. The GPS 2R-1 satellite successfully completed... AEHF-1 satellite and the first GPS 2R-1 satellite (see Figure 3 and Figure.... The NUDET subsystem on the GPS 2R-1 satellite was not interoperable with... matches a Gaussian distribution. Six additional GPS Block I satellites were in different... of the six on-orbit GPS satellites. Figure 9 Proprietary Cumulative Distribution... COMPLETED ON 12 U.S. AIR FORCE GPS BLOCK I TEST & EVALUATION SATELLITES [5] 16... 10 An Example of a (Unclassified) GPS-Like SGLS MEO Satellite TT... U.S. Air Force Global Positioning System (GPS) Block I on-orbit satellites between... access to 10 minutes of GPS satellite telemetry, every 6 hours. The... found. The venders of the GPS subsystem equipment with transient behavior... Space Mission s 8 The on-orbit GPS satellites, NAVSTAR 1 through NAVSTAR 6 suffered... to purchase over 100 additional GPS satellites and wanted to ensure... the purchase. Table 5 Summary of GPS Block I Satellite TT&C Subsystem Design... Orbit Period Orbit Inclination/Shape GPS Satellite 3-Axis 10,1000 miles... Prognostic Analysis Completed on the GPS NAVSTAR 1 using Rubidium Atomic Clock... frequency standards used to generate GPS timing. An NRTE was also identified in the GPS Kalman filter data generated from the GPS satellite atomic clocks and other... 1983 (see Figure 14), the GPS NAVSTAR 5 satellite TT&C Motorola SGLS... #1 . Figure 12 $55M Air Force GPS NAVSTAR 1 Satellite in Factory Integration... have occurred. Table 6 Summary of GPS Satellite Subsystem Equipment Premature Failures... Event (TE) on GPS NAVSTAR 1-3 Satellites [17] GPS SATELLITE ONORBIT SUBSYSTEM EQUIPMENT... on the Telemetry from the GPS NAVSTAR 5 Reaction Wheel Assembly [17... Artist Concept of the $85M GPS Block II Satellite Designed using... did conclude that the Motorola GPS Satellite SGLS RF transmitter would... Prognostic Analysis Completed on the GPS NAVSTAR 5 Motorola SGLS TT&C RF... prognostic analysis completed on the GPS spacecraft subsystem equipment failures in... 7 were 10 completed during the GPS program’s test and evaluation (T&E) phase... information from the six Block 1 GPS satellites in production at the... this paper. Table 7 Summary of GPS Satellite Subsystem Equipment Premature Failures... Exhibited a Transient Event (TE) on GPS NAVSTAR 4-6 Satellites Some of the... of the GPS space segment during test & evaluation (T&E). [17] GPS SATELLITE ONORBIT... changes include: Identify that the GPS satellite thermal blankets were degrading... blankets were added on future GPS satellites; A redesign of the #3 NiCd...; Using four atomic clocks per GPS satellite instead of three. Internal design changes to the GPS space-qualified rubidium and cesium...’S ATLAS E AND F USED TO LAUNCH GPS BLOCK 1 SATELLITES TO MEO N/A: Not... in 1978, ten Air Force GPS Block 1 satellites were launched using... prognostic analysis completed on the GPS program by the contractor’s spacecraft subsystem engineering team on GPS spacecraft equipment failures that occurred... author’s position, he directed the GPS Atlas launch team at Vandenberg... E & F Launch Vehicle History on the GPS Program NAVSTAR # Figure 17 Air... F Launch Vehicle used to Launch GPS NAVSTAR 1 through NAVSTAR 10 between... satellites including the 100 proposed GPS Block II satellites be launched... first Atlas F launched the first GPS satellite in February 1978. It... the launch of the first 7 GPS launches for the contractor including the GPS engineering team at Vandenberg AFB... NAVSTAR 5. SV-12 was the GPs Block 1 qualification vehicle. SV-1`2 was... military payloads. Since so many GPS satellites were to be purchased... Air Force hoped that the GPS satellite Bus would become a standard... purchased the company that produced GPS satellites had already established a long... predictive algorithms pioneered on the GPS program allowed the identification of... communications satellites and the military, GPS constellation of satellites. The Iridium... a minimum of redundant equipment. The GPS satellites subsystem equipment used a minimum... on Air Force GPS Block 1 satellites. On the GPS satellites, we demonstrated... for the Iridium, GLOBALSTAR and GPS satellites were obtained differently because....eoportal.org [17] Losik, Len, “GPS Quarterly Orbital Test Report,” 1983... launch vehicles. As the Boeing GPS Space and Ground Segment Manager for the GPS Program Office, Dr. Losik was...-orbit operations of over 52 GPS satellites. During the test & evaluation... predictive algorithms that demodulated the GPS spacecraft equipment telemetry to identify...

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... Force launched a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite (GPSIIRM-19) on March... sharing the advanced technologies of GPS at no cost to all... of the Global Positioning System (GPS) by hosting the meetings and... activities included interagency coordination of GPS-related programs and budgets, guiding...), protecting the spectrum used by GPS, and outreach and education. OSC... fully compatible and interoperable with GPS. The agreement allows JAXA to..., providing satellite observations that enhance GPS-QZSS interoperability. OSC conducted a study... use of so-called “semicodeless” GPS equipment, which A c t i v i t i e s In FY08, the... Y e a r deparTmenT of CommerCe leverages military GPS signals to enable high-precision... P r e s i d e n t supporting semicodeless access to military GPS signals through December 31, 2020... which time the modernized civil GPS signals will be fully available... the second meeting of the GPS Galileo Working Group “B” on Trade... to promote the use of GPS for precision agriculture, landscape epidemiology... users the ability to use GPS to determine elevations relative to... will ensure the accuracy of GPS data. NGS acquired nearly 23... users to determine highly accurate GPS positions, which will improve the... satellites launched to modernize the GPS constellation. Once operational, this facility will improve the accuracy of GPS-derived elevations. Accurate elevations remain... Ethiopia in building a network of GPS CORSes and making the data... information. in remote sensing and GPS technologies. Today, a wide range of... images to satellite radar, and GPS technology to support a wide variety... applications using remote sensing and GPS do not include the enormous... Midwest Region used aerial photography, GPS, and aerial surveillance to use... usage of remote sensing and GPS technologies. A c t i v i t i e s remained ongoing. NASS identified... efforts in FY08 to promote GPS and its augmentation in accordance..., DC, at the first U.S.-EU GPS Plenary to explore coordination on issues of mutual interest. GPS public diplomacy efforts in Europe... International Subcommittee of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee meeting. The... on compatibility and interoperability with GPS also took place with Russia... that would be interoperable with GPS. With India, the DOS discussed... modern space geodetic technologies, including GPS. A c t i v i t i e s With regard to space issues... military communications October 17, 2007 GPS 2R-17 2007-047A Delta 2 Navigational... Atlas 5 Military December 20, 2007 GPS 2R-18 2007-062A Delta 2 Navigational... and as USA 196 Replaced GPS 2A-14 in Plane F and... Reconnaissance Office Also known as GPS 2R-M, Navstar 61, and USA 199... 1 in Plane C to replace GPS 2A-24. GPS 2A-24 moved to replace GPS 2A-20 United Arab Emirates (... USA 201 and as GPS 2R-19(M) Standby GPS replacement satellite Geostationary communications... GloVis GMSEC GNSS GOES GPM GPS GPSIIRM-19 GPSRO GRAV-D GRC... Measurement Global Positioning System specific GPS satellite Global Positioning System Radio...

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.... The launch of the final GPS IIR satellite on August 17... enhanced the Global Positioning System (GPS) constellation, providing navigation and timing... Surveillance Spacecraft (STSS) program, two GPS satellites, and the commercial launch..., to DOD capabilities, from the GPS signal utilized at no cost... concerning the Global Positioning System (GPS) and related systems. The Department... to educate the public about GPS. These included various conferences and... for a new science exhibit called “GPS Adventures Arkansas,” two new trade... on trade issues related to GPS and Europe’s Galileo system. OSC... highly compatible and interoperable with GPS for enhanced coverage over Japan... seafloor spreading. All maps, compasses, GPS units, and even iPhones rely... history inconsistent. NGS reanalyzed the GPS data collected from 1994 through... a variety of purposes, including precise GPS satellite positions, precise position of...) so that users can submit U.S. GPS or GLONASS data for precise.... Incorporating GLONASS satellites into traditional GPS solutions enhances their accuracy and... satellites to process a solution. For GPS receivers to provide accurate information... the attention of trade magazines. GPS World highlighted NGS in their... investment in remote sensing and GPS technologies. A wide range of its.../im/inventory/veg/index.cfm.) GPS is also a critical tool in...) data and the National Differential GPS system maintained by the U.S. Coast... pronghorn. Archival Landsat imagery and GPS collar locations of bison were... savings over the use of GPS field devices on the ground... to conduct geodetic investigations using GPS, LIDAR, Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar... USGS operated approximately 100 continuous GPS stations along the San Andreas...-of-the-art, continuously operating GPS stations operated by the Scripps... 14, 2009. Satellite InSAR and GPS are essential elements of the.... The USGS used InSAR and GPS data to track minute surface... used LIDAR data supplemented with GPS and ground survey data to... payloads—the special space-based GPS radio occultation (RO) receivers, Tiny... produced from 1,500 to 2,000 GPS RO soundings per day. Ninety... Plenary meeting under the U.S.-EU GPS-Galileo Cooperation Agreement of 2004... Group C worked on characterizing a combined GPS-Galileo A c t i v i t i e s The Department of State... the U.S.-Japan Joint Statement on GPS S p a c e o f t h e P r e s i d e n t 126 system, and Japan also.... frequency compatibility and interoperability between GPS and Russia’s GLONASS as well... the reliability and accuracy of GPS. State speakers supported this campaign... integration into the world economy. GPS applications to increase food security... synergy of Earth observation, GIS, GPS, and Webbased mapping tools with... Y e a r international section of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee, and the... 20,093 718 55.1 GPS 2R-20 replaced GPS 2A-27 in the... as USA 206 and as GPS 2R-21(M) Delivered and installed the... GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite GPS Global Positioning System GRAV-D Gravity...

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... ISS—replaced a Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna, reboosted the orbit of... delivered for hostsatellite integration. The GPS Joint Program Office launched the... and the first modernized replacement GPS-II satellite (IIRM-1) in September... Boeing were exercised to procure GPS-II Follow-on (IIF) satellites..., Commission continued to ensure that GPS and Galileo are compatible with... and to increase support for GPS. t h e Service, and Milstar—continued to.... Delta II successfully launched two GPS II satellites. Titan IVB (launch... a key role on the Interagency GPS Executive Board (IGEB) and its... to promote global interoperability between GPS and other a n d satellite navigation systems... and new spectrum allocations for GPS. 49 F i s c a l 2004 earthquake in the... Wildlife Service (FWS) scientists use GPS technology and remotely sensed data.... The FWS has been using GPS and remote sensing data for... Refuge (NWR) in Minnesota used GPS units to acquire location data... the vegetation monitoring program. • Both GPS technology and satellite data were... Bird Program continues to use GPS technology and Geographic Information Systems... public lands. During FY 2005, GPS and GIS supplemented data from..., and Earth Observer-1. Use of GPS figured prominently during the research... usage of remote sensing and GPS technologies by farmers through the... the use of remote sensing, GPS, and other precision farming technologies... on project designed to use GPS beacons for Earth weather and... with three instruments that include GPS radio occultation receivers, tiny ionospheric... also complement a variety of related GPS missions, including the Challenging Minisatellite... the Global Positioning System/Meteorology (GPS/MET) missions were completely reprocessed... on the civilian use of GPS. Among the topics discussed were... be supplementary and interoperable with GPS. QZSS is also expected to... with Russia on cooperation between GPS and its Russian counterpart, Global... to promote the use of GPS and its applications. DOS provided... Navastar 56 2004-045A Delta 2 GPS/Navigational satellite 20412 km 19... known as USA 180 and GPS 2R-13 NASA gamma-ray burst... Navstar 57 2005-038A Delta 2 GPS/Navigation satellite 20,328 km... known as USA 183 and GPS 2R-M1 * U.N. Committee on Space Research... Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Interagency GPS Executive Board Integrated High Payoff... GISD GLAS GLONASS GNSS GOES GPS GPS/MET GRACE GRC GRB GSFC...

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... Engine NREC $ 810 Unknown GEO GPS, 55 deg GEO Polar LEO LEO 41 deg GPS, 55 deg GEO LEO, 58 deg Polar LEO GEO LEO GPS, 55 deg GEO LEO, 123...