Спутник технологический. GRIFEX. [Редактировать]

GRIFEX (GEO-CAPE ROIC In-Flight Performance Experiment) это технологический спутник на основе платформы 3U CubeSat который должен помочь НАСА с отработкой технологии быстрой съемки. Успешная отработка тхнологии позволит НАСА создавать гидрометеорологические аппараты с высокой скоростью работы. 

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1GEO-CAPE ROIC In-Flight Performance ExperimentНайтиНайти

Дополнительная классификация

1Тип орбиты - НОО
2Страна оператор(владелец) - США
3Страна производитель - США
4Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг4
2Платформа 3U CubeSat

Экономические характеристики

#ХарактеристикаДата измеренияЗначение
1Разработчик НАСА
2Производитель НАСА

Информация об удачном запуске

1Космодром База Ванденберг
2Дата пуска2015-01-31
3Полезная нагрузка 1xSoil Moisture Active and Passive
4Полезная нагрузка 1xFIREBIRD C
5Полезная нагрузка 1xFIREBIRD D
6Полезная нагрузка 1xGRIFEX
7Полезная нагрузка 1xExoCube
8Ракета-носитель 1xДельта 2 7320

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Дата загрузки: 2017-03-10
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... Terms— CubeSat, ESTO, COVE, IPEX, GRIFEX forcings and responses related to... Development. M-Cubed/COVE, IPEX, and GRIFEX CubeSats flight validating technologies for... IPEX CubeSat bus structure. Figure 5. GRIFEX Payload Model. Payload design including... America. 2.3. GRIFEX The GEO-CAPE ROIC In-Flight Performance Experiment (GRIFEX) is... the all-digital design. The GRIFEX mission will assess the engineering..., with launches for IPEX and GRIFEX planned for the near future... for flight validation on the GRIFEX CubeSat mission. San Luis Obispo...

Дата загрузки: 2017-04-09
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...: Oct. 28, 2011 (NASA CLI) GRIFEX Unprecedented frame-rate ROIC/FPA... of Technology. Government sponsorship acknowledged GRIFEX: GEO-CAPE* ROIC In-Flight...) planned for GEO-CAPE concept •  GRIFEX will perform engineering performance assessments... at Table Mountain Ground Station GRIFEX optical payload design for on... engineering performance assessment Spaceborne Validation GRIFEX CubeSat will verify engineering performance.../5/13 launch VAFB Manifest of GRIFEX on ELaNa-X planned for 10...

Дата загрузки: 2017-04-08
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... Physics Lab Flight Validation Active GRIFEX: GEO‐CAPE Read Out Integrated...” CubeSats for Earth Science - continued GRIFEX Technology Validation CubeSat Launched with...-CAPE Readout Integrated Circuit Experiment (GRIFEX) CubeSat was launched from Vandenberg... Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission. GRIFEX is a 3-unit (3U, 10x10x30cm) CubeSat...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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An  update  on  the  GRIFEX  Mission James  W.  Cutler,  Charles  Lacy,  Tyler  Rose,  So-­‐Hee Kang. The  University   of  Michigan MXL  – Michigan  Exploration  Laboratory http://exploration.engin.umich.edu/ David  Rider,  Charles  Norton JPL  – The  Jet  Propulsion   Laboratory Jet  Propulsion  Laboratory California  Institute  of  Technology Core  Team  – Enablers,  scientists,  students. 2 Mission  – tech demos  for  advanced  imaging  capabilities. MCubed  – High   speed   GRIFEX– High  speed  imaging   processing   with  rad  hard  FPGA. frame  rate. 3 Validation  of  a  ROIC  (Read  Out  Integrated  Circuit) Does  it  work  in  space? 4 Why?    Advanced  imaging  technology  enabling  atmospheric  chemistry   and  pollution  transport  science  from  GEO. 5 GRIFEX  is  a  3U,  university-­‐class  CubeSat. • 1U  camera  payload. • Flight  Computer – StampG920 – External  Watchdog  monitoring  system • Magnetic  control – Passive  magnets – Experimental  3  axis  torque  rod  system. • UHF  half  duplex  communication   – Lithium-­‐1,  monopole,  AX.25 6 31  January 2015  – Launch  was  a  go! BILL  INGALLS  /  NASA 7 Sun  synchronous,  terminator  orbit  -­‐-­‐-­‐ plenty  of  power,  but  it  is  hot! Eclipse  tool  from  DK3WN. 8 Operations  are  nominal,  working  to  maximize  data  downloaded. • • • 10  payload  runs  total 4  contacts  at  MXL  per  day 1  commanding  pass. – Ping   watchdog – Upload  command  sets • Downloads  over  any  station   listening  (historically) – EVERY  telem point – Payload  data • Payload  assessment  in   progress. 9 Publically  available  decode  client  for  telemetry. • Java-­‐based client  for  local   decode. • Packets  sent  to  MXL  server   and  logged. • Protocols  available  if  anyone  is   interested. 10 Amatuerfunk community  continues  to  be  a  valuable  partner. Kasei  Toshio,   JA1GDE,  Japan Mark  H ammond,   N8MH,  North   Carolina,   USA Colin   Hurst,  VK5HI,  Australia Henk Hamoen,  PA3GUO,  Netherlands Tetsurou Satou,  JA0CAW,  Japan Jan  van  Gils  -­‐ PE0SAT 11 Regular  feedback  from  global  amateurfunk. 12 Operational  feedback  via  social  media. 13 Excellent  9600  bps  with  0.32W  and  a  monopole. 14 Next  steps  in  operations…push the  capability. • • • • Uploaded  code to  monitor  SEUs. Run  Lithium  at  higher  data  rates. Utilize  magnetic  control  system Monitor  anomalies: – SD  card issues  (again) – Quasi  periodic  software  crashes. 15 Lessons  reinforced and  learned… • Install  all  the  screws. • Have  a  “stowed”  software  configuration – Deployables and  flight  configuration  post   environmental  testing   • Interface  control  documents…make  them. • Processes  are  needed,  don’t  change  them  on   the  flight  build. 16 Recommendation  – build  community. Mentors Team Funding 17 In  summary, GRIFEX  is  operational  and  students  providing  data  to   scientists  with  help  from  a  global  team! 18

Дата загрузки: 2017-02-06
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... 2013 on NRO-L39 2016 GRIFEX (notional) GRIFEX (GEOCAPE ROIC InFlight Experiment...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-20
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... (ROIC) In-Flight Performance Experiment (GRIFEX) CubeSat with the SMAP mission...-FO GRAIL GRC GRC-PBS GRIFEX GRIPS GrOAWL GSA GSDO GSE...

Дата загрузки: 2017-04-23
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... CRS-5 MUOS-3 SMAP FIREBIRD-3 FIREBIRD-4 GRIFEX ExoCube Launch date 10-Jan...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-10
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... FM COVE-2 (MCubed-2) EM MARINA (GRIFEX) Virtex'5QV*FX130*FPGA* Launched...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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... панель жидко-кристаллического дисплея ноутбука. GrifeX теплота не только от напряжения...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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CubeSat  Operations  with  Spaceflight  Networks John  Springmann April   24,  2015 CubeSat  Developers   Workshop 1 Spaceflight  Industries  Introduction Industries Services Systems Design • • • Build Formerly  Andrews   Space Founded   in  1999 Satellites  and   components Integrate • • Networks Operate Launch Founded   in  2010 115+  satellites  on   contract  to  launch • • Created  in  2014 Communication   services 2 Spaceflight  Networks  Overview • Satellite  communications   services  targeted  towards  the  small  satellite  market – UHF  uplink   and  downlink – S-­‐band  uplink   paired  with  X-­‐band   downlink Network  Ops  Center Customer   1  MOC Customer   2  MOC Customer   3  MOC • Commercial  list  pricing – $1.95/minute   UHF,  $19.95/minute  S/X – Bulk  discounts  &  bundling   with  launch  available 3 Planned  Ground  Station  Locations • • Mix  of   Spaceflight-­‐owned   stations  and  third   party  stations.   All  stations  will  be  presented  to  the  user  with  a  single  &  simple   user  interface. 4 Network  Designed  to  Minimize  Data  Latency Average  time  from  data  collection  to  downlink  opportunity: 51.6° LEO: Sun  Synchronous   LEO Data  latency  under  20  minutes  is  typical 5 Network  Architecture  (1) • No  non-­‐recurring  setup  fees.  Spaceflight  will  provide  a  list  of   recommended,  compatible-­‐out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box  spacecraft  radios.   • Software-­‐defined  radios  where  applicable – Have  a  custom  implementation?  We’ll  run  your  code.   • Encapsulation-­‐agnostic  as  much  as  possible • Secure  connections  between  ground  station  and  customer 6 Network  Architecture  (2) • UHF  antennas – 401-­‐402  MHz  Rx.  19  dBi gain.   – 437  MHz  Rx.  16  dBi gain. – 450  MHz  Tx. • S/X  antennas – 2200-­‐2300  MHz  Rx.  ≥  12.8  dB/K – 8000-­‐8500  MHz  Rx.  ≥ 25.4  dB/K – 2020-­‐2120  MHz  Tx • Data  rates – Up  to  100  Mbps   initially  (X-­‐band) – Expanding   to  support   up  to  300  Mbps – Dependent   on  link  budget UHF  antenna  @  Seattle 7 Compatible  Radio  List • Simple   user  setup 1. Choose  &  purchase  a  supported   spacecraft  radio 2. Purchase  a  SFN  data  plan • Initial  spacecraft  radio  list: – CubeSat  TT&C:   • BitBeam BBUHF – CubeSat  S/X  band:   • BitBeam BBSDR • Syrlinks  EWC27 • Tethers  SWIFT  radio – Microsatellite  S/X  band: • Same  CubeSat  S/X • Syrlinks  EWC28 • Have  others?  Please  inquire   with  us  about   supporting   them! 8 Concept  of  Operations • Strive  to  provide   a  simple user  interface  to  customers 1. Sign   in 2. Choose  your   TLE/Satellite  from  the  public  list  (CelesTrak),  or  upload   your  own 3. From  a  list  of  available  contact  passes,  choose  which  to  utilize 4. Real-­‐time  interface  for  send/received   data  provided   during   the  pass   5. Pay  per  minute • Web-­‐interface  &  APIs • Antenna  telemetry  available  &  post-­‐pass  reports  will  be  provided 9 2015  status • 3  sites  operational   Q3  2015 – Seattle,  WA.  UHF  only.  Currently  operational.     – Fairbanks,  AK.  UHF  &  S/X – Southland,   New  Zealand.  UHF  &  S/X • Spaceflight   Networks  beta – FREE UHF  receive-­‐only  services  from   these  stations – Beta  user  interface  to  be  released  this  summer – Sign   up  to  be  a  beta  user  today!  https://beta.spaceflightnetworks.com/ 10 Seattle  Tracking  Sample Transmissions  from   MXL’s  GRIFEX  CubeSat 11 Summary  &  Questions • Spaceflight  Networks  is  available  to  the  CubeSat  community • FREE  UHF  Rx  services  operational  this  summer.   https://beta.spaceflightnetworks.com • Paired  with  Spaceflight’s  Launch  Services,  one-­‐stop  shop  for  satellite   operations Contact: Dr.  John   Springmann Jspringmann@spaceflightservices.com www.spaceflightservices.com info@spaceflightservices.com Spaceflight  is  hiring! Job  descriptions  online  and   at  our  booth 12