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LAPAN A2 (LAPAN-ORARI) это индонезийский микроспутник который базируется на основе LAPAN-Tubsat. Аппарат несет на своем борту следующую полезную нагрузку:

  • Систему AIS, которая предназначена для отслеживания кораблей в водах Индонезии.
  • Видеосборкой, которая работает с шириной захвата в три раза большим чем у космического аппарата Lapan-Tubsat. Конструктивно видеосборка состоит из двух камер первая из которых снимает Землю с покрытием 80 км, а вторая обладает возможностью съемки с разрешением 6 м на территории 11 х 6 км.
  • Системы для работы любительского радио.
  • Системы для работы экстренных служб (работают посредством радиолюбительской линии связи).


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1Тип орбиты - НОО
2Страна оператор(владелец) - Индонезия
3Страна производитель - Индонезия
4Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный
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... 5 Remote sensing data acquired   by LAPAN’s Ground Stations Aqua Low resolution... AND GAIN (INDONESIA, 2000‐2009) LAPAN continues to update the information... program SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM 2015 LAPAN‐ORARI 75kg, AIS, APRS, Digicam...‐1  (equatorial) 2018 LAPAN‐IPB 100kg, multispectral  imager 2007 LAPAN‐A4 100kg, multispectral, IR, science 2019 LAPAN‐CHIBA 100kg, SAR  (w/ Chiba Univ) LAPAN‐TUBSAT/A1 57kg... 2024 LAPAN‐C1 INACOMSAT Tele‐ education/medicine,  navigation, and  meteorology LAPANA2 Mision... 500 x 470 x 360 mm LAPANA2 LAUNCH • LAPANA2 was launched on  28 September..., India Automatic Identification System:  LAPANA2 satellite Product    LAPANA2 satellite will cover entire... from LAPANA2 Satellite IMAGE TAKEN BY LAPANA2 : Helen Island IMAGE TAKEN BY LAPANA2 : Batam Island IMAGE TAKEN BY LAPANA2 :   Kampung Kaniogan, Malaysia  LAPANA2 : DIGITAL... 4m, swath 7 k Kampong Kaniogan - Malaysia LAPAN SOUNDING ROCKET HISTORY RX‐450... Teknologi Dirgantara Lapan 2014 LAPAN AND PT DI APPLICATION OF LAPAN SURVEILLANCE UAV (LSU) to MSS Product Technology Demonstration Technology Disaster Lapan... Other Activities • For launching activity : LAPAN will develop  space port by...

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... Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency ix LAPAN National Institute of Aeronautics and... Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) in 1963 under the National... through research and development (R&D).91 LAPAN’s strong developmental orientation has focused... canceled by the intervening disaster, LAPAN has not renewed its interest... of Indonesia (LAPAN), accessed 16 March 2014, www.lapan.go.id. 92... from remote sensing satellites.97 LAPAN also partnered on development of... for natural disaster monitoring.98 LAPAN has received an enormous influx... industry, including both IPTN and LAPAN, were expected to create high... of Indonesia (LAPAN), accessed 16 March 2014, www.lapan.go.id. 99.... 103 “Analysis: Aerospace Industry.” 104 “LAPAN and PTDI Ready to Build... Space of Indonesia (LAPAN), 25 March 2014, www.lapan.go.id; “Analysis... strategic arms industry.107 But LAPAN’s resurgence is much more than... domestically-sourced satellite projects. The LAPAN-A2 microsatellite, Indonesia’s first domestically designed... to LAPAN engineers that produced the LAPAN-A1, launched in 2007.110 LAPAN... fire and reef monitoring, and LAPAN-A2’s more advanced payload indicates movement... of Indonesia (LAPAN), accessed 16 March 2014, www.lapan.go.id. 107...’s First Satellite.” 110 LAPAN-A1 is also known as LAPAN-TubSat. Maulia... the LAPAN-A series as part of Indonesia’s satellite development roadmap. LAPAN-A3... study solar activities (the first LAPAN project to look beyond Earth... to follow in 2018.115 LAPAN-A2 was more than triple the... more than provided by expanding LAPAN’s 2014 budget nearly 60 percent... and private sector partnerships.118 LAPAN’s primary launch facility for its... this reason LAPAN-A2 is also known as LAPAN-Orari. “Satellite LAPAN-A2,” National Institute of Aeronautics and Space of Indonesia (LAPAN), November 6, 2013, http://lapan.go.id. 113... location, Morotai hosted a series of LAPAN rocket launches accompanied by unmanned... required for orbit.121 While LAPAN’s rocket program progresses on a variety... kilometers.123 It is in LAPAN’s rocketry development that the difference... missions and airborne remote 119 “LAPAN Eyes Morotai Island for Indonesia..., http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/lapan-eyes-morotai-island-for-indonesia... and Space of Indonesia (LAPAN), 5 March 2014, www.lapan.go.id. 123 Maulia, “Indonesia’s First Satellite.” 124 “LAPAN Strategic Plan: 2010-2014,” LAPAN, translation by Google, 1-3, http://www2.lapan.go...’s domestically-sourced arms industry. Both LAPAN and IAe are therefore active... assault rifles in addition to LAPAN’s short-range rockets, medium-range... to increase international respect.127 LAPAN’s rhetoric frequently emphasizes how its... both security and economic modernization. LAPAN’s chief frequently reiterates the connection... a precondition for security.128 Other LAPAN dual-use technologies are increasingly... Coordination Agency (Bakorkamla) is integrating LAPAN’s radars with other institutional assets... for safeguarding Indonesian waters.129 LAPAN’s 2010–2014 Strategic Plan is... national security, 125 “LAPAN Strategic Plan,” 5; “Indonesia: LAPAN tests LSU 03 UAV... is a member of the MTCR. “LAPAN Strategic Plan,” 5, 19. 127 “Editorial... mindedness.”133 To that end, LAPAN recently partnered with seven Indonesian... “LAPAN Strategic Plan: 2010-2014,” LAPAN, translation by Google, 1-3, http://www2.lapan.go... on Timor. “Universities Partner with LAPAN to Boost Innovation,” Harian Terbit.../1939/22/22/Tingkatkan-Inovasi-Lapan-Gandengn-Perguruan-TinggiIndonesia. 135 Goenawan... long chased backward linkages from LAPAN and its aerospace industry into...-supported developmental policies amidst democratization. LAPAN’s growing budget in the 21st... achieve under authoritarian rule.209 LAPAN, therefore, represents a dimension of self... Indonesia’s new Space Law reasserts LAPAN’s purely peaceful role, it apparently... modern economy. The 21st century LAPAN-A series beginning with TubSat is... LAPAN-A1 from its space center in Sriharikota in 2007, with LAPAN-A2.... Interestingly, Indonesia’s balanced position allowed LAPAN to host an Asia-Pacific... still significant. China shared with LAPAN information from the Shenzhou-9 orbital... Indonesia will likely incorporate into LAPAN’s Space Law-mandated 25-year... construct a ground station next to a LAPAN station in Pare-pare, South... powers court Indonesia, Agus Hidayat, LAPAN’s cooperation and public relations bureau... example of knowledgesharing, in 2009 LAPAN launched an online aerospace library... those disadvantaged by location) to LAPAN’s own advantage.379 Haas also... Technology, February 13, 2014. 379 “LAPAN Launches Online Library, Space Community...-local-made-satellite/. Jakarta Globe. “LAPAN Eyes Morotai Island for Indonesia.... http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/lapan-eyes-morotaiisland-for-indonesia-space... Postgraduate School, 2003. TMCnet.com. “LAPAN Launches Online Library, Space Community... Aeronautics and Space of Indonesia (LAPAN). http://lapan.go.id/. Philippine Atmospheric...

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... Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) Conference Paper · March 2012 CITATIONS... working on these related projects: LAPAN-A4 design View project Satellite... Space (LAPAN) Robertus Heru Triharjanto Center For Satellite Technology, LAPAN jl. Cagak... The evolution of desain of LAPAN’s micro-satellite will be presented... effectiveness. Starting in 2003, LAPAN has implemented LAPAN-TUBSAT micro-satellite program... 2008, LAPAN is preparing two satellites; named LAPAN-ORARI and LAPAN-IPB. The mission for LAPAN-ORARI is...) process of microsatellite in Indonesia. LAPAN-IPB will cary an experimental... 2013. The three projects shows LAPAN’s micro-satellite bus development, that... has become an opportunity for LAPAN in developing its satellite program... develop micro-satellite will brings LAPAN to the readiness state to... effort. II. LAPAN-A1 Satellite The development of LAPAN-A1, Indonesian 1st microsatellite which is also named LAPAN- TUBSAT... (taken by LAPAN-TUBSAT 25 May 2010) III. LAPAN-A2 Satellite Gaining experience..., LAPAN continue in developing its 2nd satellite, named LAPAN-A2. The mission for LAPAN-A2... is spread along the equator, LAPAN study the operation of satellite... circular at inclination of 80, LAPAN decided to put the satellite... more useful. The objective of LAPAN-A2 satellite project is to achieve... of micro satellite in Indonesia. LAPAN-A2 main mission is Earth Observation... trafic, a reaction wheel made by LAPAN for space proofing, and an...). Due to this cooperation, LAPAN-A2 is called LAPAN-ORARI. Figure 2. AIS payload test result, Surabaya, East Java, 2010 LAPAN-A2... same as the operation of LAPAN-TUBSAT, in which the video... taken. IV. LAPAN-A3 Satellite The objective of LAPAN-A3 satellite project..., the satellite is also named LAPAN-IPB satellite. The multi-spectral... carry digital camera similar to LAPAN-A2 with 1,6 m lens, so that it... Table 1. Advancement in LAPAN’s satellite bus LAPAN-TUBSAT LAPAN-ORARI LAPAN-IPB Power generation... system S-band analog LAPAN-A2 : S-band analog & digital (6 Mbps) LAPAN-A3 : X-band digital... LAPAN’s satellite bus increases from its 1st generation to the next. LAPAN... 4. LAPAN-TUBSAT layout Figure 5. LAPAN-ORARI & LAPAN-IPB layout The commonality in LAPAN’s satellite... Technology for the next 5 years, LAPAN would be capable to develop... more power demanding mission. Figure 6. LAPAN’s 100 kg class satellite VI..., it can be seen that LAPAN’s satellite program is technology is.... In developing its satellite program, LAPAN always involve partnership with other institution interestd in satellite tehnology. LAPAN will always looking for new... 1. Triharjanto, R.H.; Hasbi, W.; Widipaminto, A.; Mukhayadi, M; Renner, U.; LAPAN-TUBSAT : MicroSatellite Platform for Surveillance..., France, 2004 2. Hardhienata, S; Triharjanto, R.H. (Editors); LAPAN-TUBSAT : From Concept to Early... 3. Hasbi, W.; Widyastuti, R.; The Use Of LAPAN-TUBSAT Satellite Video Data For..., R.H.; Widipaminto, A.; Video Camera System on LAPAN-TUBSAT Micro-Satellite; 3rd Asian..., Singapore March 2007 5. Triharjanto, R.H.; Mukhayadi, M; LAPAN-TUBSAT Attitude Control : Operational Implementation..., U.; Buhl, M; First Flight Result with LAPAN-TUBSAT; 6th Symposium Small Satellite... Precision Interactive Earth Observation With LAPAN-TUBSAT; Proceedings of the 4S... Kamera Pengamatan Bumi di Satelit LAPAN-A2 dan LAPAN-A3; Satelit Mikro untuk...

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Indonesia’s Equatorial Orbit Twin Satellites for Space-based Safety Application in the Disaster Mitigation and Relief Effort National Institute of Aeronautics and Space – LAPAN Republic of Indonesia 16th Session of Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum Bangkok, Thailand January 26 – 29, 2010 Satellite-based system for Safety Application in Disaster Warning/Mitigation/Relief Management in Indonesia • Early/oncoming disaster warning (by earth and satellite based sensors that read indication of oncoming disaster with communication satellites conveying the early warning and distress calls), • Detection and assessment of damage in disaster areas (images from earth observation satellites), • Disaster mitigation and relief (combination of communication, navigation and remote sensing satellites to support and coordinate the disaster mitigation and relief efforts). • Rehabilitation of disaster affected areas (images of earh observation satellites for new land use planning); Ulee Lhee, Banda Aceh, effects of Tsunami, Ikonos data. • Recurring disasters in Indonesia: earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, floods, land slides, draught, forest fires, and technology failure (accidents that causes human fatality, suffering, property damage or pollution). LAPAN’s next micro-satellite : Twin Satellites: LAPAN-A2 & LAPAN-ORARI LAPAN-A2 and LAPAN-ORARI satellites developed based on the space proven LAPAN-TUBSAT satellite bus; Both LAPAN-A2 and LAPANORARI satellites are developed using same satellite bus and structure (twin satellites), with individual and complementary mission payloads. LAPAN-A2 satellite payload: HDTV color video camera; LAPAN-ORARI satellite payload: 1. 3-band multi-spectral imager 2. Amateur radio communication – Automatic Position Relay System (APRS ); – Analog voice repeater. LAPAN-A2 Satellite Description Primary Mission: Support disaster management by earth observation (video surveillance), also for land use, natural resources and environment monitoring, as well as moon observation. Objective: First satellite design, integration and test in Indonesia. Near equatorial earth orbit for obtaining more frequent daily satellite orbit overpass over Indonesia. Orbit: Near Equatorial Low Earth Orbit (LEO), at between 6 to 8 degree inclination and altitude 650 km. Planned launch as auxiliary payload on Antrix/ISRO PSLV mission for Astrosat launch on second quarter of 2011. Payload: Video camera Kappa PAL for 80 km width ground coverage. Video camera Kappa HDTV for high resolution satellite color video observation. Ground resolution: 6 m Ground coverage: 11 x 6 km video frame. LAPAN-TUBSAT satellite high resolution video capture of SURABAYA shipyard in 2008 LAPAN’s 1st microsatellite : LAPAN-TUBSAT Object Search Capability Singapore airport 2007 Maneuver direction Flight direction LAPAN-ORARI Satellite Description Primary Mission:  Support disaster management by amateur radio  communication, as well as earth observation (multi‐ spectral remote sensing) for land use, natural resource  and environment monitoring. Objective:  First satellite design, integration and test in  Indonesia. Near equatorial earth orbit for obtaining  more frequent daily satellite orbit overpass over  Indonesia. Orbit: Near Equatorial LEO, at between 6 to 8  degree inclination and orbit altitude 650  km. Launch on second quarter 2011 (same  as LAPANA2 satellite launch). Payload: Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization  (ORARI) communication payloads:  1.Amateur radio Automatic Position Relay  System (APRS) digital data communication  relay. 2.Amateur radio analog voice  communication relay. Video camera  PAL RGB for 80 km width  coverage. 3 band multi‐spectral imaging camera Ground resolution: 24 m Ground coverage: 154 km swath width Band 1:  525 ‐ 605 nm Band 2:  630 ‐ 690 nm Band 3:  750 ‐ 900 nm Attitude Determination Instrument (ADI)  laser beam beacon. Integrated Disaster Mitigation Monitoring with LAPAN Equatorial Orbit Satellites LAPAN-ORARI satellite Video Images Vo ic e Br o V H a dc F as tV ia LAPAN-A2 satellite Text Message Via UHF (Multi Users) ORARI/BNPB Ground Stations LAPAN Ground Stations Disaster Area LAPAN Ground Stations Low Inclination LEO LAPAN-A2 and LAPAN-ORARI satellites to be launched 2011 (with Indian Astrosat mission); the orbit shall be 650 km circular at inclination of 80 THANK YOU LAPAN January 2010

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...) 所属の大澤高浩氏に案内をお願いし、海洋 水産学科のスタッフと学生諸君を対象としてリモートセンシングに関するセミナーを行い、最近の CEReS の研究に関する紹介を行う機会を得ました。 以上のように、短期間でしたがインドネシア東部にある 3 大学を訪問することができ、CEReS の千 葉大学附置センターとしての最近の活動を紹介するとともに、今後の国際交流に向けて有益な機会とす ることができました。最後になりましたが、暖かく迎えて頂きました 3 大学の学長はじめスタッフの皆 様、そして今回の 3 大学訪問の日程調整など精力的に助力を頂きました Ilham Alimuddin 氏に感謝い たします。 (久世宏明) ◆ CEReS の夕べ(LAPAN : Mr Wahyudi Hasbi)◆ ~ CEReS Colloquium... and Space ~ 8 月は LAPAN の Wahyudi Hasbi 氏をお迎えして、下記のように CEReS の夕べを開催しました。今 回は、当センターとインドネシア航空宇宙局(LAPAN)とで国際共同研究として開発されている GAIA-II と LAPAN-A5 の小型衛星の進捗状況を紹介しました。 We held... or microsatellite, GAIA-II or Lapan-A5 microsatellite under international research... Space (LAPAN). Title : LAPAN-A2 and LAPAN-A3 Satellite Development and Future of LAPAN Satellite... Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) Date & Time : 30 August (Friday... development of LAPAN satellite, Satellite Technology Center of LAPAN develops Indonesian microsatellite... continues from the heritage of LAPAN-A1/TUBSAT which is still... 2007. Recently LAPAN developed LAPAN-A2/ORARI and LAPAN-A3/IPB. LAPAN-A2 carries amateur payload... resolutions than LAPAN-A1/TUBSAT satellite. In addition to that LAPAN-A2 has... in remote areas. Development of LAPAN-A2 is done and only waiting... PSLV Rocket in India while LAPAN-A3/IPB in detail design... launch in middle of 2015. LAPAN-A3 satellite will carry several... LAPAN-A2 and LAPAN-A3, LAPAN has also put into the program list, of LAPAN-A4 and LAPAN-A5. LAPAN-A5 will be developed... the development of LAPAN-A2 and LAPAN-A3 and other LAPAN satellite program. (Josaphat...

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... Sriharikota. Six co-passenger satellites (LAPAN-A2, NLS-14 and four of..., LAPAN-A2, NLS-14 (Ev9) and four LEMUR satellites were launched. LAPAN-A2 is a microsatellite from National Institute of Aeronautics and Space-LAPAN, Indonesia... (SRE-1) as well as Indonesia’s LAPAN-TUBSAT and Argentina’s PEHUENSAT-1 (January..., six satellites from international customers - LAPAN-A2 of Indonesia, NLS-14 (Ev9...

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... activity in the disaster areas. LAPAN’s Role on Wall-to-Wall.... Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership LAPAN’s Roles in Wall-to-wall...: z z z z GISTDA USGS Geoscience Australia (GA) LAPAN archives with assistance from GA..., GISDA Thailand and USGS USA LAPAN would keep collaboration with above... INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND SPACE (LAPAN) KEY FACTORS OF SPACE WEATHER...) (diameter 110 m) Joint Research between LAPAN, Indonesia and Research Institute for... AND SERVICES  SITUS WEB :  bdg.lapan.go.id • SOLAR  ACTIVITY  ( SUNSPOT... Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN)  Ground Station and Data Processing..., Fengyun, MODIS) Rumpin, Bogor (MODIS, LAPAN-TUBSAT) Biak Island Rumpin Pare...: • SPOT-2, SPOT-4 • Terra/Aqua MODIS LAPAN TUBSAT Payload 1. PAL Video Camera... LAPAN-TUBSAT and Terra/Aqua MODIS LAPAN TUBSAT MERAPI May 24 2007 LAPAN... z z z z LAPAN will launch two Microsatellites a. Amateur Radio Microsatellite b. LAPAN A2 Both satellite use LAPAN... second quarter 2011 (same as LAPANA2 satellite launch). Payload: Indonesian Amateur... voice communication relay. 3. 3‐band MSS LAPAN-A2 Satellite Payload: Video camera  Kappa... Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional (LAPAN) ALOS DATA DISTRIBUTION FOR EACH... Distribution from LAPAN to each Working Group Chairman at LAPAN, Pekayon Jakarta... 2010 : ALOS Data Distribution from LAPAN to KESDM for monitoring Sinabung... 2010 : ALOS Data Distribution from LAPAN to KLH for oil spill... 2010 : ALOS Data Distribution from LAPAN to WG 3 for monitoring Merapi... at CRS ITB, Bandung Participants : LAPAN, ITB, BPPT, BAKOSURTANAL, UI, PU... Meeting at BAKOSURTANAL, Bogor Participants : LAPAN, BAKOSURTANAL, BAKORKAMLA, DKP, KEMTAN, PU... at KESDM, Bandung Participants : KESDM, LAPAN, BPPT, UGM Results : 1. Data distribution.... ALOS DATA TRAINING COURSE, STEP 2 LAPAN- Jakarta, August 2010 ; 36 participants...

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Satelit LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB Diluncurkan Hari Ini di India Link : lingkarkampus Posted By : dh nn Setelah mengalami penundaan selama 12 hari, akhirnya pada hari ini, Rabun(22/6), generasi terbaru satelit eksperimen LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB diluncurkan darinBandar Antariksa Sriharikota, India. Satelit LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB ini diluncurkannmenggunakan roket peluncur PSLV milik ISRO-India bersama-sama dengan 21 satelitnlain yang berasal dari berbagai negara. nn Satelit LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB dikembangkan atas kerjasama LAPAN dannInstitut Pertanian Bogor dalam rangka meningkatkan pengetahuan, keterampilan,nperancangan dan pembangunan satelit oleh bangsa Indonesia agar mampunmenguasai teknologi keantariksaan, baik untuk tujuan eksperimental maupunnoperasional. LAPAN bertanggung jawab dalam desain, perancangan, produksi,npengujian, peluncuran, sampai penerimaan data satelit. IPB bertanggung jawabndalam pengembangan algoritma, pemanfaatan, dan aplikasi data satelit. nn Menurut Kepala LAPAN, Thomas Djamaluddin, desain, perancangan,nproduksi, dan pengujian LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB dilakukan oleh ahli Indonesia dengannfasilitas di Indonesia. Produksi satelit memakai fasilitas yang ada di LAPANndan pengujian dengan fasilitas Lembaga IImu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI).nn Satelit LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB memiliki fungsi utama melakukan pemantauannlahan pertanian pangan Indonesia melalui pencitra pushbroom 4 kanalnmultispektral (Red, Green, Blue dan Near-infrared) dengan resolusi 18 meterndengan lebar cakupan 108 km dan kamera visibel dengan resolusi tinggi (3.5nmeter). nn Selain itu, seperti generasi satelit sebelumnya (LAPAN-A2/ORARI),nsatelit LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB ini juga dilengkapi dengan teknologi AutomaticnIdentification System (AIS) yang berfungsi memantau lalu lintas lautnglobal. Bila LAPAN-A2 mengorbit bumi di sekitar khatulistiwa, LAPANnA3/LAPAN-IPB mengorbit bumi melintasi kutub utara dan kutub selatan bumi (orbitnpolar), sehingga akan melengkapi data pantauan lalu lintas kapal laut darinsatelit. Adapun misi ilmiah satelit ialah mengukur medan magnet bumi.nn Dibandingkan dengan satelit eksperimen sebelumnya, LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPBnini berbobot 115 kilogram (kg) atau 39 kg lebih berat dari pada LAPAN-A2/ORARI.nPenambahan berat ini penting dalam pembuatan satelit operasional pengamatannbumi berbobot 1.000 kg.nn Program pengembangan satelit ini membuktikan kemampuan sumberdayanmanusia Indonesia dalam merancang bangun satelit berukuran mikro (microsatellite)ndengan berat 100 kg. Pengembangan satelit ini juga merupakan upaya mewujudkannpembangunan keunggulan kompetitif perekonomian. Teknologi satelit akannmendukung akurasi data dalam perencanaan masa tanam lahan persawahan yang akannberimplikasi langsung pada peningkatan ketahanan pangan. Hal ini tentunya akannmembantu pemerintah dalam menentukan berbagai kebijakan terkait pangan,nmisalnya terkait impor beras.nn Setelah peluncuran satelit LAPAN-A3/LAPAN-IPB ini, pada tanggal 25-26nOktober 2016 di IPB akan digelar simposium yang ke-3 dengan tema “The 3rdnInternational Symposium on LAPAN-IPB Satellite, For Food Security andnEnvironmental Monitoring 2016―. nn Simposium internasional ini akan fokus untuk meningkatkan penggunaanndari teknologi satelit di bidang pertanian, kehutanan, perubahan iklim, dannsumberdaya laut dalam hal ketahanan pangan . Ini akan terkait dengan estimasinlahan pertanian dan produktivitas sumberdaya laut serta sistem Monitoring,nPelaporan dan Verifikasi ( MRV ) dari program Pengurangan Emisi darinDeforestasi dan Degradasi Hutan (REDD). Selain itu, simposium ini untuknmempersiapkan dan melengkapi rantainn pengolahan data satelit lingkungan yang ada serta pemanfaatan LISat - datandari hulu ke hilir lokasi yang dipilih sesuai dengan studi fokus. Ruang lingkupnsimposium ini mencakup empat domain (bidang area) mendukung ketahanan panganndan pemantauan lingkungan sebagai berikut: pertanian, kelautan dan perikanan,nhutan dan iklim dalam hal penggunaan yang bermanfaat dari teknologi satelit.nn Wakil Presiden RI, Jusuf Kalla, berkesempatan “nonton bareng― peluncuran satelit bersama Menteri Riset, Teknologi dan PendidikannTinggi (Menristekdikti) RI Mohamad Nasir, Rektor IPB Prof.Dr. HerrynSuhardiyanto dan Wakil Gubernur Jawa Barat Deddy Mizwar. Nonton bareng inindilakukan sekira pukul 10:00 WIB sekaligus meresmikan pembukaan pengembangan sistemnpemantauan maritim berbasis ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi (iptek) penerbanganndan antariksa, di Pusat Teknologi Penerbangan Lembaga Penerbangan dan AntariksanNasional (Lapan), di Jalan Raya Lapan Rumpin, Bogor. Wakil Presiden menyampaikan dengan teknologinini kita seharusnya bisa menghasilkan hasil yang lebih cepat, lebih baik dannlebih murah.(dh)nn

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Progress of Space Science and Technology Program in Indonesia LAPAN MAIN COMPETENCES SPACE SCIENCE & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE AERONAUTICS & SPACE TECHNOLOGY REMOTE SENSING AERONAUTICS & SPACE POLICY Development of Decision Support System for space Weather and dynamic of equator atmosphere Development of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV/drone) & Air Transport design, Satellite Development & its components and sounding rocket development and its spin off for peaceful purposes Development of National capability in utilizing of remote sensing technology for earth observation with focus on development of National Remote Sensing Data Bank to support data needs from all stake holders. Drafting of Government Regulation and President Regulation according to National Decree on Space and guidlines in international forum. LOCATION OF LAPAN FACILITIES Parepare Pontianak Biak Agam Jakarta Bandung Sumedang Jakarta Bogor Garut Pasuruan 1. Main Program on Space Weather Monitoring & National Observatory Space Weather Monitoring High Frequency Communication Radio Space Debris Monitoring Observation Network on Space and Atmosphere Science Preparation on National Obvervatory 2. Main Program on Atmosphere Science & Decision Support Sistem Transportable Radar Transportable Radar Equatorial Atmosphere Radar Weather Satellite Receiver Atmospheric dynamics Observation Indonesia Atmosphere Data Base High Performance Computer Cluster Air Quality Monitoring SADEWA Satellite Disaster Early Warning System Combining weather satellite observation and atmospheric dynamics models DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM 3. Main Program on Aeronautics Technology LAPAN SURVEILLANCE UAV (LSU) MARITIME SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM BASE ON LSU ROADMAP OF NATIONAL TRANSPORT PROGRAM 4. Main Program on Satellite Technology National Satellite for telecomunication LAPAN-A1 / TUBSAT LAPAN-A2 / ORARI LAPAN-A3 / IPB Mision Video Surveilence Earth Surveilance, maritime monitoring, Amateur Communication Experimental remote sensing, maritime monitoring, Science exp. Payload Analog Video Camera, Low resolution VideoCam Digital Space Camera, Analog Video Camera, AIS, APRS 4 band pushbroom imager, Hi res DigitalCam, AIS, APRS Spectral resolution Kappa PAL Camera (752 x 582 pixel) Digital Camera (2048 x 2044 pixel) Analog Camera (752 x 582 pixel) 450 - 520 nm; 520 - 600 nm; 630 690 nm; 760 - 900 nm Spatial resolution 5 m ( 3,5 km swath), 200m (80 km swath) 4 m (7 km swath), 5 m (3,5 km swath) 18 m (100 km swath) / 10 m (75 km) Orbit 635 km, 97,6 deg 650 km, 6 deg, Near-Equatorial 650 km, 97,6 deg Data TX, and TT&C S-Band : 2220 MHz, UHF : 437,325 MHz S-Band : 2220 MHz, UHF : 437,325 MHz X-Band : 8116 - 8284 MHz, UHF : 437,325 MHz Downlink rate 5 Mbps 5 Mbps 105 Mbps Total weight 57 kg 74 kg 80 kg Dimension 450 x 450 x 270 mm 500 x 470 x 360 mm 500 x 500 x 700 mm Peluncuran Tahun 2007 28 September t2015 2016 Prelimanary Image from Satellite LAPAN A2 Space-borne AIS for Maritime Surveillance • AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a system that can monitor ships, based on GPS and VHF digital communication. It is regulated by IMO to be installed in ships weighing 300 gross tons (GT) and above. • By placing AIS receiver on the satellite, its coverage will be larger compared to the one usually placed on the seashore by maritime authority. 5. Main Program on Sounding Rocket 6. Main Program on National Remote Sensing Data Bank Antena X-band 6.1 meter Antena X-band 6.1 meter (Rumpin) Antena L-band 1,5 meter (Pekayon) Antena X-band 5,4 meter SPOT-5 /6 data receiving and processing systems Antenna control system Controlling room MODIS and NPP Landsat data data processing processing systems system Database Server 7. Main Program on National Earth Survaillance System a. Maritime - Fisheries Zone, Coral reef, mangrove, and marine aquaculture b. Disaster Management Hotspot identification, flood monitoring, land slide, volcano eruption c. Natural resources Agriculture monitoring, outermost islands, forest and land cover. Pengembangan Model Untuk Mitigasi Bencana Dalam Pemetaan Daerah Resiko Gunung Api Pengembangan Lingkungan dan Mitigasi Bencana Tutupan Lahan Hutan dan Hutan Pulau Kalimantan (2000-2009) Tutupan Lahan Hutan dan Hutan Pulau Sumatera (2000-2009) Informasi Spasial Zona Potensi Penangkapan Ikan (ZPPI) Outermost Islands Monitoring Space Science and Technology Public Education Space Science Festival Indonesian Rocket Payload Competition (KOMURINDO) Atmospheric Baloon Payload Competion (KOMBAT) Web site: http://www.lapan.go.id

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... Reduction Bambang S. Tejasukmana Chairman of LAPAN Presented at APRSAF 18, 6‐9 December..., volcanic eruption, and  landslide. 2 LAPAN R l i N ti LAPAN Role in National DRR  l DRR...,  Other resources (CRISP PDC, etc) LAPAN TEAM COORDINATION  INTERNATIONAL  INTERNATIONAL CHARTER... PROCESSING  AND ANALYSIS  (DONE BY LAPAN TEAM AND PARTNER  e.g. DLR)  REQUEST... DATA ON  SEARCH DATA ON LAPAN DATABASE IMAGERY BEFORE AND  AFTER... BY LAPAN TEAM)  ANALYZED  PRODUCTS INFORMATION DISSEMINATIONS  (http://www.rs.lapan.go.id/SIMBA http://www.rs.lapan.go.id... Room Planning Enhancement International  Cooperations • LAPAN establish close cooperation with  multilateral... from JAXA/Sentinel ASIA to LAPAN when disaster  happen, WINDS Ground Station was installed at Lapan (January 2011). 9 SAFE PROJECT  (Drought... 10 ROADMAP LAPAN SATELLITE LAPAN‐TUBSAT Surveilance, transfer of technology LAPAN‐B2 Tele‐education, tele‐medicine,  meteorology gy 11 LAPANA2 ORARI... relay  communication systems 12 LAPAN‐A3 LAPAN A3 LAPAN‐IPB  Orbit: Orbit altitude...