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Дата загрузки: 2017-02-23
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... such as " Molniya " on Earth. Observation of satellites such as " Molniya " before... had useful observations of satellite "Molniya 1-92 " for 9 nights in March... satellite "Molniya 3-39 " [13] Fig. 4. Residuals coordinates measured of satellite "Molniya 1-92... Zvenigorod - February-April 2013. Satellite "Molniya 3-53" was observed during 13... . 5 . Residuals coordinates measured of satellite "Molniya 3-53 " in arc seconds from... observation session of the object " Molniya 3-53 " was carried out with... parameters. Fig . 6 . Residuals Observations of Molniya 3-53 in May 17, 2013... , ND Kostyuk , V. Chazov . Observation satellite "Molniya 3-39 " in Zvenigorod Observatory INASAN...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-18
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... = 0.27 Molniya 1-4 1500 km – 40,000 km 2.0 In highly elliptical molniya orbit... in very elliptical orbits, called “Molniya” orbits. Their satellites pass close... whipping past the earth. Three Molniya Satellites, taking turns at farthest... period. The figure below shows a Molniya orbit and a geosynchronous (also called... from Earth’s Surface = 36000km Radiostat Molniya 1-4 Distance from Earth’s Surface = 24000km...”; Eccentricity = 0.27 In highly elliptical molniya orbit. Responsible for military and... differences in orbital speed. Russian Molniya Satellites (used in communications) orbit... whipping past the earth. Three Molniya Satellites, taking turns at farthest... RadioStat 1-4 0.27 42000 22680 77000 Molniya 1-4 0.70 27000 38000 92000 0 42000...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-24
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FLIGHT International, 16 January 1975 79 A PATTERN OF MOLNIYAS HELIOS A N D S Y M P H O N I E BULLETIN Europe's two most recent experimental spacecraft continue to function nearly perfectly. The German-US Helios flight has experienced only one minor difficulty, the antenna for experiment No 5, the plasma and radio wave investigation being conducted by the Universities of Iowa and Minneapolis, having failed to extend fully. As a result, although data arc being received it is proving difficult to assess their reliability. The Franco-German Symphonie, Europe's first communications satellite, is described by officials of main contractor MBB as working "110 per cent" perfectly. The first transmission of pictures relayed by the satellite between the two terminals at Raisting in West Germany and PleumeurBodou in France took place on December 30. They were found to have suffered no loss of quality whatever when compared with the originals. In the meantime, the second Symphonie flight model will have completed integration in eight weeks' time but a launch date has yet to be fixed. MBB is confident that the satellite will in fact be launched. The company says that the French and German Governments are "not averse" to the launch, although they assert that there are "other European interests" to be considered. The present system of Russian communication satellites, according to P. J. Perkins and G. E. Perry of Kettering Grammar School, consists of four pairs of active Molniya 1 and Molniya 2 satellites circling the Earth in orbital planes spaced at 90° intervals. The close proximity of each member of a pair can be seen from the table below which, based on data from the Goddard Space Flight Centre, gives the predicted times and longitudes of passage through the ascending node (the longitude at which a satellite, travelling north in its orbit, intersects the plane of the equator) for October 4 last year. The table also shows that the ascending nodes are situated close to 63°E, which gives the best pass over the Soviet Union. Since each Molniya has a 12hr orbit, the next pass takes place over North America. Only a part of this orbit, near apogee, is visible over the pole from the USSR. Satellite 7th 27th 26th 8th 10th 24th 25th 9th Time, GMT Molniya2 Molniya 1 Molniya 1 Molniya 2 Molniya 2 Molniya 1 Molniya 1 Molniya 2 0014 0051 0608 0610 1203 1208 1815 1830 L o n g i t u d e of ascending nod 63-6°E 59-6°E 64-1°E 63-5°E 63-9°E 63-9°E 61-8'E 61-0°E A simple method of monitoring the status of the system is to plot the right ascensions of the ascending nodes (that is, the position of these nodes relative to the "lines of longitude" on the unchanging celestial sphere rather than the moving system of Earth longitudes) against time. 25ih'Mplriya1 -27thMolniya1 10th IMoIniya 2-*-: 9ihtutolmya 2 — : teuill Operational Molniya 1 Previous Molniya 1 Operational Molniya 2 Recent repla 90 180 270 Right ascension, degrees This graph shows how pairs of Molniya I and 2 satellites circle the Earth together in orbital planes separated by 90°. Right ascension is the astronomer's way of expressing the longitude of stars and other celestial bodies relative to the fixed background of the sky. The orbital planes rotate at the rate of about \° a day so as to maintain stationary ground tracks over the Earth throughout the year, thus providing predictable communication coverage over Russia These show that on October 4 the operational Molniya 1 satellites were the 27th, 26th, 24th and 25th in the series, these having superseded the 22nd, 23rd, 19th and 21st respectively. In recent weeks the 26th Molniya 1 has been replaced by the 28th Molniya 1 which, together with the 8th Molniya 2, has been joined by the first Molniya 3. On December 21 the 11th Molniya 2 replaced the 7th Molniya 2.

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-09
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... Orbits by Eccentricity Polar Elliptical / Molniya Circular Equatorial (c) 2007, Carlo Kopp...) or Molniya orbit, named after the Soviet Molniya communications SVs. Molniya orbits see... portion. The Soviets devised the Molniya with an apogee above the... Satellite Data Relay system uses Molniya category elliptical orbits. A capability that... Advanced Polar System (APS) in Molniya orbits, which are to provide...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-23
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... (lb.) Shtil-1N 1 1/1 Cosmos 2 2/2 Cyclone-3 1 1/1 Molniya 3 3/3 Soyuz 8 8/8 Zenit-2 3 2/3 Proton 7 7/7 (100%) (100... 44P Proton Long March 2C Molniya Proton Titan 4B/Centaur Titan... Cyclone 3 † Atlas 2AS Soyuz Soyuz Molniya M5 Shtil Zenit 2 * * VAFB CCAS... 2358 Baikonur Kosmos 2359 Plesetsk Molniya 3 Kagoshima Nozomi Submarine Tubsat-N & N1... √ Ariane 44LP √ † Pegasus XL/HAPS Molniya Taurus 1 √ Ariane 44L Kourou Wallops...-20 PAS 7 Orbcomms 21-28 Molniya 1T-1998 STEX Eutelsat W2...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-30
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... a classified-host satellite in a Molniya orbit. A Molniya elliptical orbit allows the satellite... Classified-Host UFO/EE Satellite Molniya (elliptical) Locations Orbit (twice a day... PEP payload is placed in a Molniya orbit, which is characterized (approximately... could operate with a payload in a Molniya orbit. To operate with PEP... modified to accommodate the following: • Molniya orbital tracking (i.e., ephemeris format changes...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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... "Molniya" which was updated in 1965. In that very year the "Molniya... station was launched. Later the "Molniya-M" rocket was widely used for... of the "Venera" series and "Molniya"-type communication satellites. Since the... carrier rockets of the "Vostok", "Molniya" and "Soyuz" types. The resources... of carrier rockets "Vostok", "Voskhod", "Molniya" and "Soyuz" including the launch... vehicles "Luna", "Venera", "Mars", "Zond", "Molniya", "Polyot", "Cosmos", orbital stations "Salyut...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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... marketing the Soyuz. with the Molniya. under the name Starsem. planned... the Molniya. First launch 1998. from SpacePort Canada, Manitoba in 1998. MOLNIYA M SL-6 1,600kg to Molniya 269 successful START 675kg... payloads None. National launches of Molniya comunications and Cosmos early-warning... by Starsem (see above) Notes Molniya will be replaced by the...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-16
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.... The Phase 3 satellites use elliptical Molniya orbits. Molniya, Russian for "Lightning" is... first used this unique orbit. A Molniya orbit has a fairly low perigee... to put it into our Molniya-style orbit we will also... premature reentry anticipated for 3-C. The Molniya orbit has been optimized to...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-25
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... four satellites were observed: GIOVE-A, MOLNIYA 1−93, NAVSTAR 23 of NAVSTAR... telecommunication satellites, like Globalstar or Molniya. Inactive objects are a potential source... of the GNSS and the Molniya satellite sys- between 11 h 16... three times. The cov• Molniya, represented by MOLNIYA 1 − 93 erage of this....A6.1.5 V.II MOLNIYA 1 − 93 (04005A) Satellites of the Russian Molniya system are... have been de- of the Molniya orbtial is not complete. In...