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Дата загрузки: 2017-03-10
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... orbit: NPP/JPSS  from NOAA, Metop from EUMETSAT, FY‐3 from CMA...  Orbit  satellites  Metop‐A  and  ‐B  continued  to  perform  well,  with  Metop‐A  being  significantly beyond  its nominal lifetime. The primary Metop‐B data... for the Low Earth Orbit Metop‐C satellite have been realigned for...  The  Low  Earth  Orbit  EPS‐SG  programme  is  in  the  final... States and the overall EPS‐SG system is in phase B. The... are planned as follows: MetopSG A1 in 2021 and MetopSG B1 in 2022.... Two of them, MSG and Metop are in co‐operation with...  and  Post  EPS  (now  EPS  SG)  are  in  co‐operation  with.../pubs/HRD‐ LRD_Transition.pdf     EUM: Metop on EUMETSAT web page [URL...  direct  data  broadcasts  of  EPS‐SG  and  FY‐3  in  the  band... of mutual interference are EPS‐SG DDB and the series of...  fly on similar orbits (EPS‐SG: 9:30 LTAN and FY‐3A... risk of interference  with EPSS‐SG or FY‐3 is negligible as... to the case of EPS‐SG versus FY‐3.  For  assessing  the...  broadcasts  of  FY‐3  and  EPS‐SG,  simulations  were  conducted assuming:   FY... Svalbard and Beijing, with EPS‐SG (in the two options for... broadcast mode (DDB), and   EPS‐SG earth stations in Svalbard and...,  the  interference  potential  between  EPS‐SG  and  FY3  satellites  both  operating... to the one  of  EPS‐SG  (9:30)  shows  that  the  actual...  times  between  FY‐3  and  EPS‐SG  constitutes a significant factor to mitigate... overall interference potential between EPS‐SG and FY‐3 in the 7750... for  direct  readout  services,  once  Metop  will  be  no  longer  operational... systems (GOES‐R, JPSS, FY‐3, EPS‐SG,..)  NOAA‐WP‐10  (ppt)  presented.../18/19, Metop‐A/B,  and  SARAL.  Future launches include Metop‐C (~2018) and MetopSG‐B1... MHz; Spacecraft to Platforms (for Metop‐A  and  SARAL  with  operational  Argos...) incl. support for NPP and Metop  WMO‐WP‐13  reports  on... of METOP, NPP and  FY‐3; and defined a roadmap for integrating METOP/IASI... on their  CGMS‐44 OPEN  SG‐ICD with enough lead time...  extend  its  data  exchanges  to  Metop/IASI,  Suomi‐ NPP/ATMS and... and AVHRR Processing Package (AAPP).  Metop/IASI data have also been....58°E)  Satellites  NOAA‐18, 19  Metop‐A, B  Suomi‐NPP  NOAA‐18, 19... per day  20 (NOAA and Metop)  3.5 (Suomi‐NPP)  4.5 (NOAA)  Figure 13... shows  a  time‐series representation of Metop‐B/AMSU‐A averaged geo‐location differences...  with  TLE  data  ingestion after a Metop‐B manoeuvre was detected by the... May 2015  averaged difference [km] Metop‐B/AMSU‐A Date geolocation error on... 14 Time‐series representation of Metop‐B/AMSU‐A averaged geo‐location difference... extend its data exchanges to  Metop/IASI, Suomi‐NPP/ATMS and..., Metop, POES  SNPP, Metop, POES SNPP, Metop, POES  SNPP, Metop, POES  SNPP, Metop, POES  SNPP, Metop... publish details on their  CGMS‐ SG‐ICD with enough lead time...‐WP‐04: Test use of Metop‐B/ASCAT on  3  different sources of...‐WP‐04: Test use of Metop‐B/ASCAT on  (CGMS‐43) OPEN...  next‐generation  EUMETSAT  program (EPS‐SG) gave consideration to a Low‐Light... bias through inter‐calibration  with Metop/IASI and SNPP/CrIS, the...‐3D Imager and Sounder using MetOp‐ A  IASI.  The  IASI  data  is...  28  instruments  on‐board  NOAA/METOP/SNPP  satellites,  SNPP  spacecraft  parameters... model. It is planned that Metop‐B/ASCAT soil moisture data will....  Tests  showed  positive  impact  of  Metop‐B/ASCAT  soil  moisture  data  assimilation...  decreased  with  the  introduction  of  Metop‐B/ASCAT  soil  moisture. In particular... plans by  EUMETSAT  for EPS‐SG/MWI.  This is to be... later with MTG and EPS SG data, leading to a multi‐transponder...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-29
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... part of its qualification campaign. →→METOP MetOp-A The satellite is will be... with MetOp-B until the successful commissioning of MetOp-C. MetOp-B Launched in September 2012, MetOp-B is Eumetsat’s primary operational polar-orbiting satellite. MetOp-C The... planned for October 2018. →→METOP SECOND GENERATION MetOp-SG consists of two series... six instruments procured under the MetOp-SG contracts) was completed in November... remain consistent with Eumetsat needs. →→METOP MetOp-C The PLM was taken out... is planned for October 2018. →→METOP SECOND GENERATION All lower level... technologically challenging developments under the MetOp-SG contract. While the PDRs for... (M3) ATHENA (L2) MSG MTG METOP METOP-SG CRYOSAT EARTH OBSERVATION PROGRAMME SMOS... / MTG-S-1 2021 METOP-B SEP 2012 / METOP-C OCT 2018 LAUNCH METOP-SG A1 2021 / METOP-SG B1 2022...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-18
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... in Sapporo, Japan Outline  MetOp/EPS status  MetOp/EPS‐Second Generation status... SYSTEM (EPS) METOP-A METOP-B METOP-C METOP SECOND GENERATION METOP-SG-A1 METOP-SG-B1 METOP-SG-A2 METOP-SG-B2 METOP-SG-A3 METOP-SG-B3 VV... has heritage from ASCAT on MetOp (frequency band, geometry) with slightly... measurement, less on-board processing) MetOp/EPS Schedule and news  Since... MetOp‐C, including   Ground systems upgrade for operating and processing data from 3 Metop...-19 2016 in Sapporo, Japan MetOp/EPS SG schedule and news  Since... the procurement of the EPS‐SG Payload  Data Acquisition and Processing...‐beam scatterometers flying on board MetOp/EPS (3  instruments) and planned for...‐A (2006‐…) and ASCAT–B (2012‐…) on MetOp/EPS  in  dual operations. ASCAT... launch in October 2018  MetOp/EPS‐SG consists of two series of...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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... orbit o EUMETSAT (9:30) – Metop-B (2012–2018), -C (2018–2024), -Metop-SG-A1(2021–2028), A2... by the operational GRAS on Metop-B and Metop-A (which continues to provide...-1/FORMOSAT-3 heritage, and by EPS-SG satellites from 2021, with at...–2025) • Mid-morning o EUMETSAT (9:30) –Metop-SG-B1(202–2028), B2 (2028... o EUMETSAT(AVHRR/SG- METIMAGE) (9:30) – Metop-B (2012–2018), -C (2018–2024), Metop-SG-A1(2021–2028... atmosphere from polar orbit aboard a MetOp Second Generation satellite. • Sentinel-5 Precursor... to 2040s EUMETSAT’s second generation MeTOP will provide observations in the... R. Marriott, 2013: The Impact of MetOp and Other Satellite Data within...

Дата загрузки: 2016-10-30
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... partners Current EUMETSAT satellite fleet METOP -A and -B (LOW-EARTH, SUN – SYNCHRONOUS...) METOP-A …Extended lifetime .............. METOP-B …Extended lifetime .............. METOP-C …Extended lifetime .............. METOP SECOND GENERATION METOP-SG-A1 METOP-SG-B1 METOP-SG-A2 METOP-SG-B2 Operational Development METOP-SG-A3 METOP-SG...-4 ON MTG-S SENTINEL-5 ON EPS-SG YEAR... 03 3 04 05 06... Science Team Meeting 2015 EPS-SG: Approved, under development Sentinel-5 approved...-FCI EUMETSAT Polar System Programme Metop-A Metop-B Metop-C Polar Stations Svalbard, 78 deg... Meeting 2015 - Metop-A launched in 2006 - Metop-B launched in 2012 - Metop-C launch scheduled... operations, data and services • Only Metop provides mid-morning service •And... Sounding Interferometer AMSU-A1 Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A1 AMSU-A2 Advanced... Aerosol: PMAp (GOME-2 + AVHRR) Metop A & B combined AOD (PMAp – METOP A & B) Ocean = Operational retrieval... 2015 Metop-B is in the same orbital plane as Metop-A Morning Orbit Metop.... Metop-A Metop-A 27 JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Metop-C in 2018 Dual Metop winds... dual Metop winds Metop winds over South Pole (QI>80) One Metop 28 JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Dual Metop EUMETSAT dual Metop winds...:  Metop-SG A: optical imagery and sounding mission  Flies the Copernicus Sentinel-5 instrument  Metop-SG... Second Generation Satellites at a glance METOP-SG-A METOP-SG-B 32 JPSS Science Team Meeting... Science Team Meeting 2015 EPS-SG Current Status 34  Achieved approval... and contents of the EPS-SG Programme Proposal which includes the... 2015 approval of full EPS-SG programme from January 2016 onwards... • ESA: Prime contractors for the Metop-SG A and B satellites selected and Phase... model of A-DCS4 for EPS-SG is under assembly  DLR: METimage... Meeting 2015 An example for Metop Level-1 data Operational Operational HIRS... JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Metop-B Status Remarks Maturity Total (SU... out of spec / failed Product Metop-A Status Processing Facility (PPF) AVHRR... Metop-B are at times out of specification Metop-A operating in 960km and Metop-B in 1920km swath mode. GO Metop... for CH4 Some degradation for Metop-A due to noisy or missing...

Дата загрузки: 2016-11-23
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... CGMS Members to the WMO SG asking to reinstate a discussion on... joint broadcast services for EPS-SG and JPSS. Deadline CGMS 39... the timeframe of the EPS-SG and JPSS satellites. Deadline CGMS... first time, in January 2011, Metop-A live data has been received...-access to data from the Metop and NOAA satellites from a network... that it would continue for Metop-B. This was confirmed by EUMETSAT... EUM-WP-03. This covered Metop-A, the EPS ground segment and... on-going projects, covering the Metop-B 16 CGMS MR 39 CGMS... successful launch and checkout of METOP-A, NOAA17 now supports the mid... Channel H3. Noise on AMSU-A1 channel 8. FY-3B (Op) CHINA... failed on June 6, 2009) AMSU-A1 channels 11 & 14 inoperative and... Functional. 10/28/2003 – AMSU-A1 Failed. 2/15/2003 – DTR5 Failed... stalled on October 15, 2010. Metop-A (Op) EUMETSAT 21:30 837.... Two of them, MSG and Metop are being carried out in...-orbit satellites (i.e. Metosat-6, -7, -8 and -9 and Metop-A) from 1 July 10 until 30... Collision Avoidance manoeuvre executed with Metop-A on 1 May 2011. NOAA-WP... geostationary Meteosat and polar-orbiting Metop satellites. These include various instrument... inter-pixel calibration bias in Metop-A/IASI. to propose in order... the approval of the EPS-SG Space Segment scope and Payload... as a baseline for the ESA Metop-SG Development Programme to be approved... the opening of the EPS-SG Preparatory Programme (Phase-B). NOAA-WP... the launch of the EPS Metop-B satellite, foreseen for May-June... and validation (V&V) and operational preparations. Metop-A and B will be operated in...:XX 848 km End 2014 Metop-B (Metop-1) EUMETSAT 21:30 837 km...,AMSU-A, IASI, ASCAT,GRAS GOME. Metop-C (Metop-3) EUMETSAT 21:30 837 km... of them, MTG and EPS SG are in co-operation with... based on MTG and EPS-SG data. JMA-WP-11 provided... active C-band scatterometer on-board MetOp are fundamentally different. Any “direct...: The CPM Report contains 5 Methods (A1-A5) related to conversion between... the implications of Methods except A1 and B1 (no change to... no change to RR Methods (A1 and B1 as described in... WMO should support the Method A1 in the CPM Report. 1.4 Agenda... of EPS Second Generation (EPS-SG) in order to protect these...) part: CPM Report contains 2 Methods (A1, A2) related to studies of... frequency range 3-50 MHz”. • Method A1 proposes to keep Resolution 731... to the second day of SG 7 meeting for approval, was subsequently adopted by SG 7 as Report ITU-RSA.2190... new Report was sent to SG 7 for adoption. Permanent Action 09... based on the use of Metop data. WG II expressed interest... Atmospheric Administration) meteorological satellite series, METOP and the MODIS (Moderate Resolution... also available from SSMI, SSMIS, Metop, TMI, AMSRE, WINDSAT, AMSUA, AMSUB... the timeframe of the EPS-SG and JPSS satellites. Deadline CGMS... joint broadcast services for EPS-SG and JPSS. Deadline: CGMS 39... the EPS Second Generation (EPS-SG) satellite system which is planned... the broadcast service for EPS-SG, and the transition from the... very soon start the EPS-SG Phase B development activities (duration 2012... EPS-SG C.1 CGMS-39-EUMETSAT-WP-06 Status of preparations for MetOp... EUMETSAT Broadcast Services for EPS-SG G.IV/2 AWGIV 38.47 CGMS... Programme C-band dual swath scatterometer (Metop) American Standard Code for Information... EO EOS EPA EPS EPS-SG ERA-CLIM CGMS-39 Domestic... (NOAA) Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (Metop, ERS) Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite... Rate Picture Transmission MetSat MetAids Metop METEOR Meteosat METSAT MHS MI...-B1) CGMS MR 39 - aPPenDIx 7 SG-RFC CGMS-39 Steering Group...

Дата загрузки: 2017-04-08
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...) in combination with nadir sounding (MetOp) Infra-Red Limb Sounder (IRLS... SCIAMACHY and UVNS (Sentinel 5) onboard MetOp-SG 850 kg class satellite 828...-VIS-NIR-SWIR spectrometer onboard MetOP-SG pushbroom imaging spectrometer 0.25…0.5 nm..., 19th Sep 2011, Prague From MetOpMetOp Instrument Suite IASI - Infrared Atmospheric... Polar Platform (EPS) space segment MetOp-A/B/C launches in 2006, 2012, 2016... ozone and other gases AMSU-A1/AMSU-A2 - Advanced Microwave Sounding... Sep 2011, Prague …to MetOp-SG Continuity of MetOp/EPS services in 2019 ++ Baseline: two different satellite types MetOp-A/B Phase A/B1 ongoing 3MI Aerosols...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-30
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... relève du LAPAN-TUBsat A1 fourni par la Polytechnique de...-Uni/public) Satellite météo polaire (Europe-Metop EPS/public) Satellite optique haute... D&S) KazSTSAT ? [2017] Ghalam/Kazcosmos (SSTL) METOP-C [2018]* Ingenio-SEOsat [2018]* Eumetsat...-8 [2022] EPS-METOP SGA1/Sentinel-5A [2021]* EPS-METOP SGB1/Sentinel-5B...) Satellite météo polaire (Metop-EPS/public) Satellite météo polaire (Europe-Metop-EPS/public) Satellite... charges utiles des satellites météorologiques Metop Second Generation (à partir de 2021... PICASSO REMOVE DEBRIS GOSSAMER-1 S-NET-1/-2/-3/-4 METOP-C/EPS VENµS SENTINEL-3B HISPASAT...-4 MPCV ORION MTG-S-1 (METEOSAT) COSMO SG-1 & SG-2 SIGMA/MARCONI-1 MICROCARB SIGMA/MARCONI... with Cubesats ARIANE 6.4 DEMONSTRATOR EPS/METOP SG-1 OTOS 2018 2018 2018 2018... Defence & Space 2023 TBD EPS/METOP SG-2 Polar Meteo (ESA + Eumetsat) Airbus...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-24
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... missions – GRAS RO instrument in MetOp – Future RO instruments in ESA..., receivers) – New GNSS signals (e.g. Galileo) – MetOp-SG, Jason-CS and others – Conclusions... missions (RO in bold): – ESA: e.g. MetOp-Gras a/b/c for RO, GOCE, Sentinels... and experience from instruments like MetOp GRAS  new enhanced GNSS signals... – Estes Park – 29 March 2012 METOP GRAS: GNSS Receiver for Atmospheric... processing four dual-frequ. channels) MetOp-A launched 19th Oct 2006; switched... / day MetOp-B to be launched mid 2012 (same HW as MetOp-A) : > 1200 occultations/day soon! MetOp-C will follow, launch... Module Carrier Generator Unit Input A1/A1 5I / 5Q DBF 1 Input A2... elements (for high performance reference – e.g. MetOp-SG) - less radiating elements if antenna... Eumetsat revealed: – better performance of MetOp-GRAS than initially specified – open... to minimise data gaps in MetOp-GRAS with RUAG Sweden - Development...-board MetOp software New study to minimise/avoid data gaps in MetOp-SG... study - output relevant to tune MetOp-SG requirements 15 Developments for the... first opportunity Candidates for RO MetOp SG (is not GMES : not in... Tx: GPS + Gal Jason CS & MetOp-2G A & B no. occ events: 4044... (GOCE,..)  RO: excellent performance of MetOp GRAS; data used operationally ESA... receivers Generic developments aiming at MetOp-SG, Jason-CS, next generation of...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-28
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... vibrations, dumping materials, active dumping • MetOP-SG (Met-Op Second Generation Programme... - SVM Electrical Simulator and EGSE • METOP SG - 3MI, Filter Wheel Controller • NEOSAT...). • • • • • • • • • • • • ISO 9100, DIN 6701 – class A1 5000 m2 of production area... APPENDICES) • ESA Projects for MTG, METOP-SG,EUCLID are in preparation Aerospace...