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Дата загрузки: 2017-03-18
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... in Sapporo, Japan Outline  MetOp/EPS status  MetOp/EPS‐Second Generation status... SYSTEM (EPS) METOP-A METOP-B METOP-C METOP SECOND GENERATION METOP-SG-A1 METOP-SG-B1 METOP-SG-A2 METOP-SG-B2 METOP-SG-A3 METOP-SG-B3 VV... has heritage from ASCAT on MetOp (frequency band, geometry) with slightly... measurement, less on-board processing) MetOp/EPS Schedule and news  Since... MetOp‐C, including   Ground systems upgrade for operating and processing data from 3 Metop...-19 2016 in Sapporo, Japan MetOp/EPS SG schedule and news  Since... the procurement of the EPS‐SG Payload  Data Acquisition and Processing...‐beam scatterometers flying on board MetOp/EPS (3  instruments) and planned for...‐A (2006‐…) and ASCAT–B (2012‐…) on MetOp/EPS  in  dual operations. ASCAT... launch in October 2018  MetOp/EPS‐SG consists of two series of...

Дата загрузки: 2016-10-30
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... partners Current EUMETSAT satellite fleet METOP -A and -B (LOW-EARTH, SUN – SYNCHRONOUS...) METOP-A …Extended lifetime .............. METOP-B …Extended lifetime .............. METOP-C …Extended lifetime .............. METOP SECOND GENERATION METOP-SG-A1 METOP-SG-B1 METOP-SG-A2 METOP-SG-B2 Operational Development METOP-SG-A3 METOP-SG...-4 ON MTG-S SENTINEL-5 ON EPS-SG YEAR... 03 3 04 05 06... Science Team Meeting 2015 EPS-SG: Approved, under development Sentinel-5 approved...-FCI EUMETSAT Polar System Programme Metop-A Metop-B Metop-C Polar Stations Svalbard, 78 deg... Meeting 2015 - Metop-A launched in 2006 - Metop-B launched in 2012 - Metop-C launch scheduled... operations, data and services • Only Metop provides mid-morning service •And... Aerosol: PMAp (GOME-2 + AVHRR) Metop A & B combined AOD (PMAp – METOP A & B) Ocean = Operational retrieval... 2015 Metop-B is in the same orbital plane as Metop-A Morning Orbit Metop.... Metop-A Metop-A 27 JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Metop-C in 2018 Dual Metop winds... dual Metop winds Metop winds over South Pole (QI>80) One Metop 28 JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Dual Metop EUMETSAT dual Metop winds...:  Metop-SG A: optical imagery and sounding mission  Flies the Copernicus Sentinel-5 instrument  Metop-SG... Second Generation Satellites at a glance METOP-SG-A METOP-SG-B 32 JPSS Science Team Meeting... Science Team Meeting 2015 EPS-SG Current Status 34  Achieved approval... and contents of the EPS-SG Programme Proposal which includes the... 2015 approval of full EPS-SG programme from January 2016 onwards... • ESA: Prime contractors for the Metop-SG A and B satellites selected and Phase... model of A-DCS4 for EPS-SG is under assembly  DLR: METimage... Meeting 2015 An example for Metop Level-1 data Operational Operational HIRS... JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Metop-B Status Remarks Maturity Total (SU... out of spec / failed Product Metop-A Status Processing Facility (PPF) AVHRR... Metop-B are at times out of specification Metop-A operating in 960km and Metop-B in 1920km swath mode. GO Metop... for CH4 Some degradation for Metop-A due to noisy or missing...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-28
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... first Galileo test satellite); 2006 MetOp-A launched (a part of the polar... electric-propulsion telecom satellite; MetOp-SG series – MetOp Second Generation will consist of... can be seen in Appendix A3). 59 Qualification test of heat... Report A2 - Version 0: System scheme A3 - Version 2 – Initial: System scheme A4...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-30
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... 2016 par le LAPAN IPB A3 de 115 kg, doté de...-Uni/public) Satellite météo polaire (Europe-Metop EPS/public) Satellite optique haute... D&S) KazSTSAT ? [2017] Ghalam/Kazcosmos (SSTL) METOP-C [2018]* Ingenio-SEOsat [2018]* Eumetsat...-8 [2022] EPS-METOP SGA1/Sentinel-5A [2021]* EPS-METOP SGB1/Sentinel-5B...) Satellite météo polaire (Metop-EPS/public) Satellite météo polaire (Europe-Metop-EPS/public) Satellite... charges utiles des satellites météorologiques Metop Second Generation (à partir de 2021... OTB-1 CYGNUS CRS-7 LAPAN TUBSAT-A3? EUTELSAT 117 WestB FLYING LAPTOP... PICASSO REMOVE DEBRIS GOSSAMER-1 S-NET-1/-2/-3/-4 METOP-C/EPS VENµS SENTINEL-3B HISPASAT...-4 MPCV ORION MTG-S-1 (METEOSAT) COSMO SG-1 & SG-2 SIGMA/MARCONI-1 MICROCARB SIGMA/MARCONI... with Cubesats ARIANE 6.4 DEMONSTRATOR EPS/METOP SG-1 OTOS 2018 2018 2018 2018... Defence & Space 2023 TBD EPS/METOP SG-2 Polar Meteo (ESA + Eumetsat) Airbus...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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...) – Metop-B (2012–2018), -C (2018–2024), -Metop-SG-A1(2021–2028), A2(2028–2035), A3... by the operational GRAS on Metop-B and Metop-A (which continues to provide...-1/FORMOSAT-3 heritage, and by EPS-SG satellites from 2021, with at...–2025) • Mid-morning o EUMETSAT (9:30) –Metop-SG-B1(202–2028), B2 (2028... o EUMETSAT(AVHRR/SG- METIMAGE) (9:30) – Metop-B (2012–2018), -C (2018–2024), Metop-SG-A1(2021–2028), A2 (2028–2035), A3... atmosphere from polar orbit aboard a MetOp Second Generation satellite. • Sentinel-5 Precursor... to 2040s EUMETSAT’s second generation MeTOP will provide observations in the... R. Marriott, 2013: The Impact of MetOp and Other Satellite Data within...

Дата загрузки: 2016-11-15
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... MTG (Meteosat Third Generation) et Metop SG (Second Generation). Le segment spatial... Third Generation-Sounder) et les Metop-SG (Second Generation) qui seront satellis... (Allemagne pour le DLR), LAPAN-A3 de 120 kg (Indonésie... Soyuz Vega OTB-1 LAPAN TUBSAT-A3? FLYING LAPTOP MICROPPTSAT ? ATMOCUBE AYSEM... DEBRIS GOSSAMER-3 S-NET-1/-2/-3/-4 NANOSAT-2A METOP-C/EPS VENµS SENTINEL-3B HISPASAT...) MTG-S-1 (METEOSAT) 2019 2019 COSMO SG-1 & SG-2 2019 ? SIGMA/MARCONI-1 Ariane 5 TBD... ARIANE 6.4 2021 DEMONSTRATOR 2021 EPS/METOP SG-1 2021 ? OTOS SMILE/INSTANT SHALOM... 2022 ? 2022 TBD Ariane 5 EPS/METOP SG-2 MTG-I-3 (METEOSAT) PLATO ATHENA X-IFU... - juin 2016 LAPANSAT-A2 LAPANSAT-A3 NEXSTAR-1 & -2 ONEWEB MICROSATS (900) OUTERNET...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-05
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... treaty (PCT), WO 2011/004413 A3 (2011), Patent Numbers: IT 1394612... with the Sentinel detectors series, Metop-SG system (3MI), Mars exploration (Mamiss... polar system: second generation (EPS-SG) visible/infrared imager (METimage) Pepe...- und Raumfahrt e.V. (Germany) The EPS-SG Visible/Infrared Imaging (VII) mission... major objectives of the EPS-SG METimage calibration and validation activities... Polar System-Second Generation (EPS-SG) Thierry Marbach, European Organisation for... on the Metop-SG satellite as part of the EPS-SG programme in... beneficial cross-calibration. Indeed the Metop-SG payload includes two other optical... operational satellites, including NOAA18, NOAA19, MetOp (A and B), DMSP (F16 and F18... C-band Advanced Scatterometer ASCAT onboard METOP (available through the EUMETSAT H-SAF... treaty (PCT), WO 2011/004413 A3 (2011), Patent Numbers: IT 1394612...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-24
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... missions – GRAS RO instrument in MetOp – Future RO instruments in ESA..., receivers) – New GNSS signals (e.g. Galileo) – MetOp-SG, Jason-CS and others – Conclusions... missions (RO in bold): – ESA: e.g. MetOp-Gras a/b/c for RO, GOCE, Sentinels... and experience from instruments like MetOp GRAS  new enhanced GNSS signals... – Estes Park – 29 March 2012 METOP GRAS: GNSS Receiver for Atmospheric... processing four dual-frequ. channels) MetOp-A launched 19th Oct 2006; switched... / day MetOp-B to be launched mid 2012 (same HW as MetOp-A) : > 1200 occultations/day soon! MetOp-C will follow, launch... Unit X Final Down Converter Input A3/B3 Input Module 0 Channel 0 D/A Out... elements (for high performance reference – e.g. MetOp-SG) - less radiating elements if antenna... Eumetsat revealed: – better performance of MetOp-GRAS than initially specified – open... to minimise data gaps in MetOp-GRAS with RUAG Sweden - Development...-board MetOp software New study to minimise/avoid data gaps in MetOp-SG... study - output relevant to tune MetOp-SG requirements 15 Developments for the... first opportunity Candidates for RO MetOp SG (is not GMES : not in... Tx: GPS + Gal Jason CS & MetOp-2G A & B no. occ events: 4044... (GOCE,..)  RO: excellent performance of MetOp GRAS; data used operationally ESA... receivers Generic developments aiming at MetOp-SG, Jason-CS, next generation of...

Дата загрузки: 2017-02-23
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... Climate Variability & Climate Change Analysis A3 A7 Create and Maintain Higher... Climate Data Records" (expanding function A3 of Fig. 1). (From “Strategy towards... with Direct Broadcast Missions / METOP, Agencies METOP-SG Orbit (typical ECT) (a.m.) Multispectral VIS... occultation (For 10000 occultation/day) METOP, METOPSG EUMET SAT Meteor M, MP... Required capability Orbit (typical ECT) METOP, METOPSG EUMET SAT Meteor M, MP...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-10
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... Development of CDRs for EPS-SG Scientific results for creating multi... TCDRs including EPS and EPS-SG N/A 200 Fundamental Climate Data Records... IASI Level 1c FCDR from Metop-A /B Release (R)1 of best calibrated IASI...) High 240 ASCAT FCDR from Metop-A and B R3 of ASCAT L1b...) High 270 GOME-2 Metop A/B FCDRs R3/1 of Metop-A/B GOME-2 L1b records with...-7-19, Metop A/B) (Release: 2015) Medium 320 Total Ozone TCDR from Metop A/B R1... Software Name Activity STAMP A2 A3 RICalS 10 Compressed Volume (TB...   Activity Status In % Comment A2,A3 A2,A3   100 100 Data are... night-time overpasses Activity A4 A3 Status  40 • Symbols: •  - finished •  - partly... - 2011 Metop-A 2007 - 2014 Metop-A R1 FCDR GRAS L1b 2007 - 2014 Metop-A (geometric... polar AVHRR AMV 2007 - 2012 Metop-A Status Archived and accessible Produced...; • A first IASI L1c FCDR encompassing Metop-A and B data; • Further releases of... GOME-2 L1b data records using Metop-A and B data; • A second release of...