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Дата загрузки: 2017-03-10
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... orbit: NPP/JPSS  from NOAA, Metop from EUMETSAT, FY‐3 from CMA...  Orbit  satellites  Metop‐A  and  ‐B  continued  to  perform  well,  with  Metop‐A  being  significantly beyond  its nominal lifetime. The primary Metop‐B data... for the Low Earth Orbit Metop‐C satellite have been realigned for...  The  Low  Earth  Orbit  EPS‐SG  programme  is  in  the  final... States and the overall EPS‐SG system is in phase B. The... planned as follows: MetopSG A1 in 2021 and MetopSG B1 in 2022.     The.... Two of them, MSG and Metop are in co‐operation with...  and  Post  EPS  (now  EPS  SG)  are  in  co‐operation  with... gain,  number of channels and B1 open loop tracking ability.    ‐ 24.../pubs/HRD‐ LRD_Transition.pdf     EUM: Metop on EUMETSAT web page [URL...  direct  data  broadcasts  of  EPS‐SG  and  FY‐3  in  the  band... of mutual interference are EPS‐SG DDB and the series of...  fly on similar orbits (EPS‐SG: 9:30 LTAN and FY‐3A... risk of interference  with EPSS‐SG or FY‐3 is negligible as... to the case of EPS‐SG versus FY‐3.  For  assessing  the...  broadcasts  of  FY‐3  and  EPS‐SG,  simulations  were  conducted assuming:   FY... Svalbard and Beijing, with EPS‐SG (in the two options for... broadcast mode (DDB), and   EPS‐SG earth stations in Svalbard and...,  the  interference  potential  between  EPS‐SG  and  FY3  satellites  both  operating... to the one  of  EPS‐SG  (9:30)  shows  that  the  actual...  times  between  FY‐3  and  EPS‐SG  constitutes a significant factor to mitigate... overall interference potential between EPS‐SG and FY‐3 in the 7750... for  direct  readout  services,  once  Metop  will  be  no  longer  operational... systems (GOES‐R, JPSS, FY‐3, EPS‐SG,..)  NOAA‐WP‐10  (ppt)  presented.../18/19, Metop‐A/B,  and  SARAL.  Future launches include Metop‐C (~2018) and MetopSGB1 (~2022... MHz; Spacecraft to Platforms (for Metop‐A  and  SARAL  with  operational  Argos...) incl. support for NPP and Metop  WMO‐WP‐13  reports  on... of METOP, NPP and  FY‐3; and defined a roadmap for integrating METOP/IASI... on their  CGMS‐44 OPEN  SG‐ICD with enough lead time...  extend  its  data  exchanges  to  Metop/IASI,  Suomi‐ NPP/ATMS and... and AVHRR Processing Package (AAPP).  Metop/IASI data have also been....58°E)  Satellites  NOAA‐18, 19  Metop‐A, B  Suomi‐NPP  NOAA‐18, 19... per day  20 (NOAA and Metop)  3.5 (Suomi‐NPP)  4.5 (NOAA)  Figure 13... shows  a  time‐series representation of Metop‐B/AMSU‐A averaged geo‐location differences...  with  TLE  data  ingestion after a Metop‐B manoeuvre was detected by the... May 2015  averaged difference [km] Metop‐B/AMSU‐A Date geolocation error on... 14 Time‐series representation of Metop‐B/AMSU‐A averaged geo‐location difference... extend its data exchanges to  Metop/IASI, Suomi‐NPP/ATMS and..., Metop, POES  SNPP, Metop, POES SNPP, Metop, POES  SNPP, Metop, POES  SNPP, Metop, POES  SNPP, Metop... publish details on their  CGMS‐ SG‐ICD with enough lead time...‐WP‐04: Test use of Metop‐B/ASCAT on  3  different sources of...‐WP‐04: Test use of Metop‐B/ASCAT on  (CGMS‐43) OPEN...  next‐generation  EUMETSAT  program (EPS‐SG) gave consideration to a Low‐Light... bias through inter‐calibration  with Metop/IASI and SNPP/CrIS, the...‐3D Imager and Sounder using MetOp‐ A  IASI.  The  IASI  data  is...  28  instruments  on‐board  NOAA/METOP/SNPP  satellites,  SNPP  spacecraft  parameters... model. It is planned that Metop‐B/ASCAT soil moisture data will....  Tests  showed  positive  impact  of  Metop‐B/ASCAT  soil  moisture  data  assimilation...  decreased  with  the  introduction  of  Metop‐B/ASCAT  soil  moisture. In particular... plans by  EUMETSAT  for EPS‐SG/MWI.  This is to be... later with MTG and EPS SG data, leading to a multi‐transponder...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-29
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... part of its qualification campaign. →→METOP MetOp-A The satellite is will be... with MetOp-B until the successful commissioning of MetOp-C. MetOp-B Launched in September 2012, MetOp-B is Eumetsat’s primary operational polar-orbiting satellite. MetOp-C The... planned for October 2018. →→METOP SECOND GENERATION MetOp-SG consists of two series... six instruments procured under the MetOp-SG contracts) was completed in November... remain consistent with Eumetsat needs. →→METOP MetOp-C The PLM was taken out... is planned for October 2018. →→METOP SECOND GENERATION All lower level... technologically challenging developments under the MetOp-SG contract. While the PDRs for... by the contractor in Phase-B1 is still valid, started in... (M3) ATHENA (L2) MSG MTG METOP METOP-SG CRYOSAT EARTH OBSERVATION PROGRAMME SMOS...-S-1 2021 METOP-B SEP 2012 / METOP-C OCT 2018 LAUNCH METOP-SG A1 2021 / METOP-SG B1 2022 LAUNCHED...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-18
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... in Sapporo, Japan Outline  MetOp/EPS status  MetOp/EPS‐Second Generation status... SYSTEM (EPS) METOP-A METOP-B METOP-C METOP SECOND GENERATION METOP-SG-A1 METOP-SG-B1 METOP-SG-A2 METOP-SG-B2 METOP-SG-A3 METOP-SG-B3 VV... has heritage from ASCAT on MetOp (frequency band, geometry) with slightly... measurement, less on-board processing) MetOp/EPS Schedule and news  Since... MetOp‐C, including   Ground systems upgrade for operating and processing data from 3 Metop...-19 2016 in Sapporo, Japan MetOp/EPS SG schedule and news  Since... the procurement of the EPS‐SG Payload  Data Acquisition and Processing...‐beam scatterometers flying on board MetOp/EPS (3  instruments) and planned for...‐A (2006‐…) and ASCAT–B (2012‐…) on MetOp/EPS  in  dual operations. ASCAT... launch in October 2018  MetOp/EPS‐SG consists of two series of...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-18
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... on NOAA (POES), and EUMETSAT (MetOp) satellites. • SARSAT heritage sensors fly on NOAA (POES), and EUMETSAT (MetOp) satellites. •) Page: 9 Argos A-DCS and...” (improved timeliness) Metop-SG B1 (Argos-4) Metop-A (Argos-3) To Be Followed By Metop-SG B2 (~2029) Operating On Side B Partial AHRPT Coverage Metop-B (Argos... Interrogation Off Mid AM orbit Metop-C (Argos-3) “SIDAR” (Argos-4) NOAA-19... Towards Early AM Orbit MetOp-A Mid AM orbit MetOp-B Combined Receive Antenna...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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... orbit o EUMETSAT (9:30) – Metop-B (2012–2018), -C (2018–2024), -Metop-SG-A1(2021–2028... by the operational GRAS on Metop-B and Metop-A (which continues to provide...-1/FORMOSAT-3 heritage, and by EPS-SG satellites from 2021, with at...–2025) • Mid-morning o EUMETSAT (9:30) –Metop-SG-B1(202–2028), B2 (2028–2035... o EUMETSAT(AVHRR/SG- METIMAGE) (9:30) – Metop-B (2012–2018), -C (2018–2024), Metop-SG-A1(2021... atmosphere from polar orbit aboard a MetOp Second Generation satellite. • Sentinel-5 Precursor... to 2040s EUMETSAT’s second generation MeTOP will provide observations in the... R. Marriott, 2013: The Impact of MetOp and Other Satellite Data within...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-04
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... MetOp A N18 N16 SARAL 1800 Local time 0600 Local time N15 MetOp... Metop-B Metop-C Argos-3 Metop-B: Launched in 2012 Metop-C: Expected Launch in 2018 Mid-Morning Metop-SG-B1 Metop-SG... antenna)   METOP-A & B N19 blind Orbits (received through NOAA link)  McMurdo:   METOP-A until April 2013 METOP-B since April 2013  Inuvik..., N16, N18, N19  METOP-A & B backup  Svalbard (Eumetsat antenna)  METOP-A & B  N19 blind orbits... end of November 2013)  McMurdo:  METOP-B  Inuvik & Kiruna  SARAL Realtime Receiving... out of 66 are receiving METOP-A and B  9 out of 66 are...

Дата загрузки: 2016-10-30
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... partners Current EUMETSAT satellite fleet METOP -A and -B (LOW-EARTH, SUN – SYNCHRONOUS...) METOP-A …Extended lifetime .............. METOP-B …Extended lifetime .............. METOP-C …Extended lifetime .............. METOP SECOND GENERATION METOP-SG-A1 METOP-SG-B1 METOP-SG-A2 METOP-SG-B2 Operational Development METOP-SG-A3 METOP-SG...-4 ON MTG-S SENTINEL-5 ON EPS-SG YEAR... 03 3 04 05 06... Science Team Meeting 2015 EPS-SG: Approved, under development Sentinel-5 approved...-FCI EUMETSAT Polar System Programme Metop-A Metop-B Metop-C Polar Stations Svalbard, 78 deg... Meeting 2015 - Metop-A launched in 2006 - Metop-B launched in 2012 - Metop-C launch scheduled... operations, data and services • Only Metop provides mid-morning service •And... Aerosol: PMAp (GOME-2 + AVHRR) Metop A & B combined AOD (PMAp – METOP A & B) Ocean = Operational retrieval... 2015 Metop-B is in the same orbital plane as Metop-A Morning Orbit Metop.... Metop-A Metop-A 27 JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Metop-C in 2018 Dual Metop winds... dual Metop winds Metop winds over South Pole (QI>80) One Metop 28 JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Dual Metop EUMETSAT dual Metop winds...:  Metop-SG A: optical imagery and sounding mission  Flies the Copernicus Sentinel-5 instrument  Metop-SG... Second Generation Satellites at a glance METOP-SG-A METOP-SG-B 32 JPSS Science Team Meeting... Science Team Meeting 2015 EPS-SG Current Status 34  Achieved approval... and contents of the EPS-SG Programme Proposal which includes the... 2015 approval of full EPS-SG programme from January 2016 onwards... • ESA: Prime contractors for the Metop-SG A and B satellites selected and Phase... model of A-DCS4 for EPS-SG is under assembly  DLR: METimage... Meeting 2015 An example for Metop Level-1 data Operational Operational HIRS... JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Metop-B Status Remarks Maturity Total (SU... out of spec / failed Product Metop-A Status Processing Facility (PPF) AVHRR... Metop-B are at times out of specification Metop-A operating in 960km and Metop-B in 1920km swath mode. GO Metop... for CH4 Some degradation for Metop-A due to noisy or missing...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-24
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... Group on Radio-Frequency Coordination (SG-RFC), which had updated, at... resulting in sharing between POES, Metop and commercial broadband providers have.../18/19, Metop-A/B, and SARAL. Future launches include Metop-C (2018) and Metop-SG-B1 (2022... MHz; spacecraft to platforms (for Metop-A and SARAL with operational Argos...) including support for NPP and Metop CGMS-42-EUM-WP-17...

Дата загрузки: 2017-04-23
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...- 17 orbiting meteorological satellites (Metop and Metop-SG) and of the afternoon orbit... Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME)-2 on Metop. As already noted, Sentinel-6 is...-1 and ERS-2, and on QuikSCAT, Metop-A, Metop-B, Oceansat-2 and HY-2A satellites... very limited for the newer Metop and Suomi NPP systems. Source... from the scatterometers on the Metop-A and -B satellites, and from AMSR2...-6 to NOAA-19, EOS Aqua, Metop-A and Metop-B. Data from channel 6 of... OMI instruments to GOME-2 on Metop-A and -B. Nadir measurements are also... (on Aura) and GOME-2 (on Metop-A and -B). See Inness et al... Advanced SCATcatterometer (ASCAT) instruments on Metop-A and -B. It has been suggested... ERS-2, and ASCAT on the Metop series, and from passive MW...-moisture data derived from the Metop ASCAT scatterometer have also been.... Two instruments under development for Metop-SG are the MW Imager (MWI... the European ASCAT instrument on Metop-A since soon after launch in... for operational data in 2014. Metop-B has delivered data from a similar... is expected from ASCAT on Metop-C, due for launch later this... the scatterometer (SCA) instrument on Metop-SG. Data from the Indian OSCAT.... The Chinese (FY-3), European (Metop and Metop-SG) and United States (Suomi NPP... the high-yielding Metop-A platform and more recently Metop-B. Data of this.... The gridded record (GridSat-B1) of ISCCP B1 brightness temperatures (Figure 92... planned for use, in ISCPP B1 data records Source: NOAA/NCEI...), due to be flown on Metop-SG, builds on the heritage of... instrument to be flown on Metop-SG. Capability for lightning detection is... launch in 2016 and on Metop-SG as Sentinel-5. CH4 is the... 3.4.2. The instrument complement of Europe’s Metop-SG will also include 3MI and... provide further benefit. Prior to Metop-SG, the JAXA GCOM-C will provide... on successor satellites such as Metop-C, the TROPOspheric Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI... that will fly on the Metop-SG series. Improved sensing of CO... operational Chinese (FY-3) and European (Metop-SG) polar orbiters. Continuity of European...-2020s and beyond from operational Metop and Sentinel platforms, with contributions....int/website/home/Satellites/CurrentSatellites/Metop/Meto pDesign/ASCAT/index.html....int/website/home/Satellites/CurrentSatellites/Metop/Meto pDesign/GOME2/index.html....int/website/home/Satellites/CurrentSatellites/Metop/Meto pDesign/IASI/index.html... MCDS MERIS MERLIN MERRA METAR Metop MHS 3MI MIMD MIPAS MISR....int/website/home/Satellites/CurrentSatellites/Metop/Meto pDesign/MHS/index.html...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-10
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The MetOp Second Generation 3MI mission Ilias ... parallel, competitive phase A/B1 studies for MetOp Second Generation (MetOp-SG). MetOp-SG is the space segment of EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS-SG) consisting of the satellites and instruments. The Phase A/B1 studies... of Meteorological Operational (MetOp) satellites. The MetOp Second Generation (MetOp-SG) series of satellites... of 2020 to 2040. The MetOp-SG programme is being implemented in... EUMETSAT. ESA develops the prototype MetOp-SG satellites (including associated instruments) and... Generation or EPS-SG. The payload of the MetOp-SG satellites consists of... are developed under the ESA MetOp-SG Programme, while the Sentinel-5 instrument... Customer Furnished Items to the MetOp-SG contractor. Targeting an operational system... currently on-going parallel Phase A/B1 studies will be completed in... Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) on board Metop satellite (EUMETSAT) are typical examples... the higher altitude of the MetOp-SG orbit (see Table I) as compared... actual MetOp-SG orbit (the orbital elements of Table I have been assumed). METOP-SG VS. PARASOL ORBIT Orbital elements MetOp-SG PARASOL Semi-major... swath of 3MI along the MetOp-SG orbit B. Illumination Geometry The illumination... 4km square over the full MetOp-SG orbit. Figure 7. Sun Zenith Angle... FOV of ± 50.2° . From the MetOp-SG orbit this offers a swath of... will form part of the MetOp-SG programme being implemented in collaboration...