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1Масса, кг.3790
2Полезная нагрузка 1xRO
3Полезная нагрузка 1xMWI (MetOp-SG)
4Полезная нагрузка 1xSCA (Scatterometer)
5Полезная нагрузка 1xICI
6Полезная нагрузка 1xA-DCS
7Мощность, Вт2700

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Дата загрузки: 2017-03-18
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... in Sapporo, Japan Outline  MetOp/EPS status  MetOp/EPS‐Second Generation status... (EPS) METOP-A METOP-B METOP-C METOP SECOND GENERATION METOP-SG-A1 METOP-SG-B1 METOP-SG-A2 METOP-SG-B2 METOP-SG-A3 METOP-SG-B3 VV VV... has heritage from ASCAT on MetOp (frequency band, geometry) with slightly... measurement, less on-board processing) MetOp/EPS Schedule and news  Since... MetOp‐C, including   Ground systems upgrade for operating and processing data from 3 Metop...-19 2016 in Sapporo, Japan MetOp/EPS SG schedule and news  Since... the procurement of the EPS‐SG Payload  Data Acquisition and Processing...‐beam scatterometers flying on board MetOp/EPS (3  instruments) and planned for...‐A (2006‐…) and ASCAT–B (2012‐…) on MetOp/EPS  in  dual operations. ASCAT... launch in October 2018  MetOp/EPS‐SG consists of two series of...

Дата загрузки: 2016-10-30
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... partners Current EUMETSAT satellite fleet METOP -A and -B (LOW-EARTH, SUN – SYNCHRONOUS...) METOP-A …Extended lifetime .............. METOP-B …Extended lifetime .............. METOP-C …Extended lifetime .............. METOP SECOND GENERATION METOP-SG-A1 METOP-SG-B1 METOP-SG-A2 METOP-SG-B2 Operational Development METOP-SG-A3 METOP-SG-B3 JASON...-4 ON MTG-S SENTINEL-5 ON EPS-SG YEAR... 03 3 04 05 06... Science Team Meeting 2015 EPS-SG: Approved, under development Sentinel-5 approved...-FCI EUMETSAT Polar System Programme Metop-A Metop-B Metop-C Polar Stations Svalbard, 78 deg... Meeting 2015 - Metop-A launched in 2006 - Metop-B launched in 2012 - Metop-C launch scheduled... operations, data and services • Only Metop provides mid-morning service •And... Aerosol: PMAp (GOME-2 + AVHRR) Metop A & B combined AOD (PMAp – METOP A & B) Ocean = Operational retrieval... 2015 Metop-B is in the same orbital plane as Metop-A Morning Orbit Metop.... Metop-A Metop-A 27 JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Metop-C in 2018 Dual Metop winds... dual Metop winds Metop winds over South Pole (QI>80) One Metop 28 JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Dual Metop EUMETSAT dual Metop winds...:  Metop-SG A: optical imagery and sounding mission  Flies the Copernicus Sentinel-5 instrument  Metop-SG... Second Generation Satellites at a glance METOP-SG-A METOP-SG-B 32 JPSS Science Team Meeting... Science Team Meeting 2015 EPS-SG Current Status 34  Achieved approval... and contents of the EPS-SG Programme Proposal which includes the... 2015 approval of full EPS-SG programme from January 2016 onwards... • ESA: Prime contractors for the Metop-SG A and B satellites selected and Phase... model of A-DCS4 for EPS-SG is under assembly  DLR: METimage... Meeting 2015 An example for Metop Level-1 data Operational Operational HIRS... JPSS Science Team Meeting 2015 Metop-B Status Remarks Maturity Total (SU... out of spec / failed Product Metop-A Status Processing Facility (PPF) AVHRR... Metop-B are at times out of specification Metop-A operating in 960km and Metop-B in 1920km swath mode. GO Metop... for CH4 Some degradation for Metop-A due to noisy or missing...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-24
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... missions – GRAS RO instrument in MetOp – Future RO instruments in ESA..., receivers) – New GNSS signals (e.g. Galileo) – MetOp-SG, Jason-CS and others – Conclusions... missions (RO in bold): – ESA: e.g. MetOp-Gras a/b/c for RO, GOCE, Sentinels... and experience from instruments like MetOp GRAS  new enhanced GNSS signals... – Estes Park – 29 March 2012 METOP GRAS: GNSS Receiver for Atmospheric... processing four dual-frequ. channels) MetOp-A launched 19th Oct 2006; switched... / day MetOp-B to be launched mid 2012 (same HW as MetOp-A) : > 1200 occultations/day soon! MetOp-C will follow, launch... X Final Down Converter Input A3/B3 Input Module 0 Channel 0 D/A Out 0 D/A Out... elements (for high performance reference – e.g. MetOp-SG) - less radiating elements if antenna... Eumetsat revealed: – better performance of MetOp-GRAS than initially specified – open... to minimise data gaps in MetOp-GRAS with RUAG Sweden - Development...-board MetOp software New study to minimise/avoid data gaps in MetOp-SG... study - output relevant to tune MetOp-SG requirements 15 Developments for the... first opportunity Candidates for RO MetOp SG (is not GMES : not in... Tx: GPS + Gal Jason CS & MetOp-2G A & B no. occ events: 4044... (GOCE,..)  RO: excellent performance of MetOp GRAS; data used operationally ESA... receivers Generic developments aiming at MetOp-SG, Jason-CS, next generation of...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-29
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... orbit o EUMETSAT (9:30) – Metop-B (2012–2018), -C (2018–2024), -Metop-SG-A1(2021–2028... by the operational GRAS on Metop-B and Metop-A (which continues to provide...-1/FORMOSAT-3 heritage, and by EPS-SG satellites from 2021, with at... o EUMETSAT (9:30) –Metop-SG-B1(202–2028), B2 (2028–2035), B3(2035–2042... o EUMETSAT(AVHRR/SG- METIMAGE) (9:30) – Metop-B (2012–2018), -C (2018–2024), Metop-SG-A1(2021... atmosphere from polar orbit aboard a MetOp Second Generation satellite. • Sentinel-5 Precursor... to 2040s EUMETSAT’s second generation MeTOP will provide observations in the... R. Marriott, 2013: The Impact of MetOp and Other Satellite Data within...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-30
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EPS-SG: Overview of Mission and Products Jö... Polar System – Second Generation (EPS-SG) is the follow-up system... the EPS-SG Space Segment, which consists of the Metop-SG Satellites A and... the frame of the EPS-SG development, the mission requirements for...) and compiled in the EPS-SG End User Requirements Document . For... the performance of the EPS-SG Level 1 and Level 2 products that... operational meteorology and climate monitoring. Metop-SG Satellite A Metop-SG Satellite B Meteorological Imager METImage... E5a E1-B/C L1 L5 B1 B3 NET at Ttypical (K) (#26 to...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-05
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... with the Sentinel detectors series, Metop-SG system (3MI), Mars exploration (Mamiss... polar system: second generation (EPS-SG) visible/infrared imager (METimage) Pepe...- und Raumfahrt e.V. (Germany) The EPS-SG Visible/Infrared Imaging (VII) mission... major objectives of the EPS-SG METimage calibration and validation activities... Polar System-Second Generation (EPS-SG) Thierry Marbach, European Organisation for... on the Metop-SG satellite as part of the EPS-SG programme in... beneficial cross-calibration. Indeed the Metop-SG payload includes two other optical...-gas (absorption) mixture (IPRT case B3) as well as for Rayleigh... operational satellites, including NOAA18, NOAA19, MetOp (A and B), DMSP (F16 and F18... C-band Advanced Scatterometer ASCAT onboard METOP (available through the EUMETSAT H-SAF...

Дата загрузки: 2017-04-08
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... 2021 2028 Meteorology, climatology. EPS-SG-a carries the Sentinel-5 mission. 3 satellites... Ionospheric Polar Explorer CSA EPS-SG-a EUMETSAT Polar System, Second Generation... / DLR / EC / CNES / ESA EPS-SG-b EUMETSAT Polar System, Second Generation... / ESA Metop-A Meteorological Operational Polar Satellite A EUMETSAT / NOAA / CNES / ESA Metop-B Meteorological Operational Polar Satellite B EUMETSAT / NOAA / CNES / ESA Metop-C Meteorological...-5 mission is carried on EPS-SG-a. Altitude: Period: Inclination: Repeat cycle... (& any partners) 3MI Missions EPS-SG-a Status Type Being developed Atmospheric... an altitude of 45 km. Metop-A, Metop-B, Metop- Operational C, NOAA-15, NOAA-18... Arina Metop-A, Metop-B, Metop- Operational C, NOAA-15, NOAA-18, NOAA-19, SARAL EPS-SG-b, GOES-13, GOES-14, GOES-15, Metop-C, NOAA-19... 1 Operational Operational ROSKOSMOS (ROSHYDROMET) ASCAT Metop-A, Metop-B, Metop- Operational C Advanced Scatterometer EUMETSAT (ESA.../3 Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer/3 Metop-A, Metop-B, Metop- Operational C, NOAA-15, NOAA-18... package on GOES NOAA GOME-2 Metop-A, Metop-B, Metop- Operational C Atmospheric chemistry COSMIC-1/FORMOSAT... GRACE instrument NASA (DLR) GRAS Metop-A, Metop-B, Metop- Operational C GNSS Receiver for Atmospheric.... Swath width: 2240 km Accuracy: Metop-A, Metop-B, NOAA- Operational 18, NOAA-19... to produce simulated imagery of 2.5 m. B3: 0.79 - 0.89 µm, SWIR: 1.50 - 1.75...-NG CNES (EUMETSAT) ICI EPS-SG-a Proposed Atmospheric temperature and humidity sounders EPS-SG-b Proposed CALIPSO Operational Imaging multispectral... (vis/IR) Swath width: Accuracy: Metop-A, Metop-B, Metop- Operational C Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer.../IR) Meteosat-7 Operational Communications EPS-SG-a Proposed Imaging multiOperational multi spectral...) MGF Fluxgate Magnetometer CSA MHS Metop-A, Metop-B, Metop- Operational C, NOAA-18, NOAA-19... resolution: Swath width: Accuracy: EPS-SG-b Imaging multispectral radiometers (passive microwave... sea ice, etc. EPS-SG-a, EPS-SG-b Proposed Atmospheric temperature and humidity... for the 3 channels) EPS-SG-a, EPS-SG-b Proposed Other GNSS receiver for...: Spatial resolution: Swath width: Accuracy: Metop-A, Metop-B, NOAA- Operational 15, NOAA-18... width: Accuracy: Absolute accuracy: 1% EPS-SG-b Approved Scatterometers Meteor-M N3 Approved...: Spatial resolution: Swath width: Accuracy: Metop-A, Metop-B, Metop- Operational C, NOAA-18, NOAA-19...

Дата загрузки: 2017-06-15
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... Chairperson: Stefano Serafin B1 B2 B3 EGU2015-12115 Marco Falocchi, Stefano... Vorticity pseudo-observations derived from MetOp/GOME2 Ozone data into weather... the Bardarbunga eruption using GOME-2/Metop-A & -B EGU2015-1684 Paul Shucksmith, Cory..., Marc Parlange, Charles Meneveau Room: B3 Chairperson: Isabel de Lima 08... Polar System – Second Generation (EPS-SG) EGU2015-3529 Anu Määttä, Marko..., Richard Gloaguen, Francois Schmitt Room: B3 Chairperson: Francois Schmitt 10:30..., Florian Sévellec, Peter Langen Room: B3 Chairperson: Christian Franzke 10:30... Conen, Constantin Andronache B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8..., Mickael Chekroun, Murray A. Lark Room: B3 Chairperson: Christian Franzke 08:30... from OMI/Aura and GOME-2/Metop-A sensors and comparison with multi...

Дата загрузки: 2017-04-23
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... and Navigation Technology Dulzin Big B B3.1 Governmental Human Spaceflight Programs (Overview... Telecommunications and GNSS Dulzin Big B B3.2 Commercial Human Spaceflight Programs Ballroom... Systems and Services Dulzin Big B B3.3 Utilization & Exploitation of Human Spaceflight... to investigate alternative propellant candidates. B3.4-B6.5 Flight & Ground Operations of... AND NAVIGATION SYMPOSIUM Interactive Presentations B3.IP HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT SYMPOSIUM Interactive... for Space Communications and Navigation B3.9-YPVF.2 Human Spaceflight Young Professional... and Navigation Systems Dulzin Big B B3.5 Astronaut Training, Accommodation, and Operations... 2 B1.6 Water resources management Eshkol 3 B3.7 Advanced Systems, Technologies, and Innovations... 15:15 Ballroom A B3 HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT SYMPOSIUM B3.1 Governmental Human Spaceflight Programs... Exploration Symposia EXHIBITION Session name B3.6-A5.3 SOICIAL EVENTS & Technical TOURS... YOUNG PROFESSIONAL VIRTUAL FORUM YPVF.2-B3.9 Human Spaceflight Young Professional Virtual... Services N.V./S.A, Belgium IAC-15.A5.3-B3.6.7 SOICIAL EVENTS & Technical TOURS REDUCING...., United States IAC-15.A5.3-B3.6.8 (withdrawn) AUTHORS’ INDEX MULTIMODAL PERCEPTION... CONFERENCE PROGRAMME PRACTICAL INFORMATION A5.3-B3.6. Human and Robotic Partnerships in... Star Technology co., LTD, China B3.1. Governmental Human Spaceflight Programs (Overview... Space Agency, Canada IAC-15.B3.1.5 TRANSITIONING THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION... XM Satellite Radio, United States B3.2. Commercial Human Spaceflight Programs October... Ran Ginosar, , Israel IAC-15.B3.2.1 "NASA’S FACILITATION OF COMMERCIAL SPACEFLIGHT... Foundation, Russian Federation IAC-15.B3.2.6 CONFERENCE PROGRAMME MANNED LUNAR INFRASTRUCTURE..., TSNIIMASH, Russian Federation IAC-15.B3.2.7 SPACEFLIGHT PATICIPANTS TRAINING FOR SPACEFLIGHT... Federation Technical Programme IAC-15.B3.2.8 HELIUM: A COMMERCIAL EUROPEAN NEAR-SPACE... — Ballroom A STUDENTS & YOUNG PROFESSIONALS EVENTS B3.3. Utilization & Exploitation of Human Spaceflight... (ESA), The Netherlands IAC-15.B3.3.2 (withdrawn) CANADIAN SPACE AGENCY UTILISATION... TSNIIMASH), Russian Federation IAC-15.B3.3.4 SOICIAL EVENTS & Technical TOURS ITALIAN... Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Germany IAC-15.B3.4-B6.5.3 CONSOLIDATING COLUMBUS OPERATIONS AND... Space Italia, Italy IAC-15.B3.7.1 B3.5. Astronaut Training, Accommodation, and Operations..., Israel IAC-15.B3.5.2 IAC-15.B3.7.2 IAC-15.B3.7.3 (withdrawn) ADVANCED CREW..., Russian Federation IAC-15.B3.7.4 IAC-15.B3.5.3 STUDY OF AIR RE... Applications Services N.V., Germany IAC-15.B3.5.4 STRENGTH CAPABILITY OF ASTRONAUTS IN... Technology, Israel IAC-15.B3.7.5 IAC-15.B3.7.6 RESEARCH ON A DEPLOYMENT MECHANISM... Engineering, CAST, China IAC-15.B3.7.7 A PROPOSED PHOTOELASTICITY-BASED ENHANCED VISUAL... IAC-15.B3.5.6 IAC-15.B3.7.8 IAC-15.B3.5.7 IAC-15.B3.7.9 A RETROSPECTIVE ON... States PRACTICAL INFORMATION IAC-15.B3.3.8 SPACESHIPTWO: A SUBORBITAL PLATFORM FOR HUMAN... — Ballroom A CONFERENCE PROGRAMME IAC-15.B3.2.4 INTEGRATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE... Defence and Space, The Netherlands B3.7. Advanced Systems, Technologies, and Innovations... Spaceflight Technical Programme IAC-15.B3.3.7 ASI ISS SCIENCE DIRECTORY: ARCHIVING... RAS, Russian Federation IAC-15.B3.4-B6.5.7 ASSOCIATED PROGRAMMES & EVENTS TECHNOLOGY...), China EXHIBITION IAC-15.B3.2.3 IAC-15.B3.3.6 ORPHEUS: A NEW CONCEPT OF... Technology (CAST), China IAC-15.B3.9-YPVF.2.3 STUDENTS & YOUNG PROFESSIONALS EVENTS..., Israel SOICIAL EVENTS & Technical TOURS B3.IP. Interactive Presentations October 14..., Nigeria CONFERENCE PROGRAMME PRACTICAL INFORMATION B3.9-YPVF.2. Human Spaceflight Young Professional... University, Japan IAC-15.E7.7-B3.8.2 (withdrawn) EXHIBITION SUSTAINABILITY OF COOPERATION... October 2015, Jerusalem, Israel V2-B3.9 Human Spaceflight: Wednesday WELCOME MESSAGES... engineer, working on the meteorological MetOp satellites for EUMETSAT, and creating... Medicine, Rupert Gerzer 15:45 SG 1.11 Comparative Climatology - Studying Planetary... Planet, Ramachandran/ Ocampo 16:15 SG 2.8 e-Learning, education content sharing; Technical...-15.B6.1.1 IAC-15.B3.3.8 IAC-15.B3.2.5 IAC-15.C3.3.4 IAC....3-YPVF.4.2 IAC-15.B3.7.9 IAC-15.B3.5.1 IAC-15.A5.3-B3.6.1 IAC-15....A3.3B.8 IAC-15.B3.3.2 IAC-15.B3.3.5 IAC-15.C2.4.4 IAC....E2.3-YPVF.4.2 IAC-15.B3.7.9 IAC-15.B3.4-B6.5.4 IAC-15.A6....4 IAC-15.B3.4-B6.5.2 IAC-15.B3.4-B6.5.4 IAC-15.B3.5.3 IAC-15....D5.2.2 IAC-15.A5.3-B3.6.5 IAC-15.B3.7.10 IAC-15.D2...-15.B4.8.7 IAC-15.B3.3.3 IAC-15.B3.3.5 IAC-15.B4.8.7 IAC...-15.E5.5.1 IAC-15.B3.2.7 IAC-15.B3.5.7 IAC-15.B2.1.4 IAC...-15.E7.1.6 IAC-15.B3.1.4 IAC-15.B3.3.2 IAC-15.A6.10YPVF....IP.45 IAC-15.B3.5.2 IAC-15.B3.5.7 IAC-15.A1.7.2 IAC....IP.3 IAC-15.B3.5.2 IAC-15.B3.5.7 IAC-15.A5.3-B3.6.9 IAC-15....IP.10 IAC-15.B3.5.2 IAC-15.B3.5.7 IAC-15.E7.3.7 IAC...-15.E1.6.6 IAC-15.B3.7.7 IAC-15.B3.7.10 IAC-15.D4...-15.A2.4.5 IAC-15.B3.3.4 IAC-15.B3.4-B6.5.7 IAC-15.B4....39 IAC-15.B3.3.4 IAC-15.B3.3.5 IAC-15.B3.4-B6.5.7 IAC-15....A5.2.9 IAC-15.A5.3-B3.6.3 IAC-15.B3.4-B6.5.3 IAC-15.C2....C2.7.7 IAC-15.B3.7.3 IAC-15.B3.7.8 IAC-15.B3.7.9 IAC-15.A1...-15.C2.1.1 IAC-15.B3.3.1 IAC-15.B3.3.5 IAC-15.A1.IP....B1.4.5 IAC-15.B3.IP.5 IAC-15.B3.7.8 IAC-15.B3.7.9 IAC-15...

Дата загрузки: 2016-12-25
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... CHAMP SAC-C Jason-1 GRACE ICESat MetOP 2000 2000 2000 2001 2002..., developed at NASA. 820 km MetOp is the Europe's first operational... QPSK(10) (=1180 x 1.023) B3 1268.52 B3 10.23 (?) (?) QPSK(10) 500bps (=1240 B3-AD 2.5575 (?) (?) BOC(15,2. 50bps x 1.023) B3-AP 5) No data Mod. Table....8 B2b BD and BP B3 AD and AP B3 MEO: -159.0 IGSO... Assumptions B1 [dB] B2 [dB] B3 [dB] Receiver Antenna Gain 0.0 0.0 0.0 Polarization....41 IGSO/GSO: 26.90 B3 MEO: 28.41 IGSO/GSO: 29.60 B2 B3 Table 15: Compass CP-III... it exists, = oSTEADY lim = o(t ) lim sG ( s )i ( s ) t →+∞ s →0 Applying this, we can now...: o phase position: Cp Cps 2 = = lim sG ( s ) lim 0 s →0 s → 0 s 2 + 2ω ζ s + ω 2 s n n 78 o phase ramp (frequency position) Cv Cvs 2 = lim sG ( s ) 2 lim = 0 s →0 s → 0 s ( s 2 + 2ω ζ s + ω 2 ) s n n o phase acceleration (frequency ramp) 2Ca 2Cas 2 2Ca lim sG ( s ) 3 lim = = 2 2 2 0 s →0 s → s s ( s + 2ωnζ s + ωn ) ωn2 We found that... from simulations based on the MetOP-1 orbit. The main objective of..., GRACE, TerraSAR, ICESat, SAC-C and MetOP missions. The obtained accuracy is... tested on the GRACE and MetOP data. The obtained accuracy is..., GRACE, TerraSAR, ICESat, SAC-C and MetOP missions. The described algorithm is... and are referred to the MetOP GRAS receiver during year 2010... compared to GRAPHIC combination noise. MetOP GRAS data of year 2010... GRAS receiver data on board Metop-A. It is displayed that the... (left) and code multipath from MetOP-A (right) reproduced from [10]. Figure... of the GRAS instrument on MetOp-A” GPS Solution (2008) 12:289...