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Monitor-E/Breeze это разработанный ГКНПЦимени Хруничева макет спутника дистанционного зондирования Земли. В ходе выведения макет не отделялся от рагонного блока Бриз-М.

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1Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный
2Страна оператор(владелец) - Россия
3Страна производитель - Россия
4Все спутники ДЗЗ

Характеристики орбиты

1Наклонение, град98.2
2Апогей, км840.0
3Апогей, км839.7
4Перигей, км699.9
5Перигей, км700.2
6Период, минут100.1
7Длинный диаметр эллипса, км7140

Пусковые характеристики

1Код NSSDC2003-031A

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1Космодром Плесецк
2Дата пуска2003-06-30 at 14:15:00 UTC
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...(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) 10. SPONSOR / MONITOR’S ACRONYM(S) Office of Naval Research... Arlington, VA 22217 11. SPONSOR / MONITOR’S REPORT NUMBER(S) 12. DISTRIBUTION / AVAILABILITY... 80 hours were used to monitor the atmosphere and vertical distribution... simultaneously: From the afternoon sea breeze to large-scale patters that... of the global environment. To monitor on the global scales, one.... For example, how does one monitor the existence of aerosol particles... algorithms to help UAE institutions monitor the local atmospheric and ocean... simultaneously. From the afternoon sea breeze to large-scale patterns that... totaling over 80 hours, to monitor the atmosphere, including the vertical... basis the complicated land-sea breeze significantly influenced the relative vertical... oscillation of the sea/land breeze can vertically mix the atmosphere... of the Jebel Muqaylit to monitor inflow from the Arabian Sea... the source regions? (2) Can we monitor the movements and track the... retrieve aerosol properties and to monitor large scale dust storms over... that drive land and sea breeze interactions. In addition, the more... depth modulation during the sea-breeze onset is fairly small (Figure... of MICROTOPS II handheld ozone monitor and Sun photometer, J. Geophys. Res... about 10:30 the sea breeze kicked in, with a wind speed... are the sea and land breeze circulations. Climatological data suggests that... of the sea and land breeze circulations are higher (90-99.... Observed mean sea and land breeze frequencies at Abu Dhabi for... when sea breeze and land breeze circulations develop. Sea Breeze and Land Breeze Frequency... September October November December 2 Sea Breeze Frequency 82 77 81 93... year report. Aug 1, 2005 Land Breeze Frequency 81 71 71 84... horizontal extents of the sea breeze circulation, both onshore and offshore... throughout the UAE. The sea breeze timing and horizontal extent inland... sea breeze circulation forms between 1600 and 1900 LT. The sea breeze... continue until the land breeze forms. The land breeze forms once land... and continues until the sea breeze reforms on the following day... horizontal extent of the sea breeze is shown for 9-11 September... oriented east to west. Sea breeze winds are therefore northerly (270... respect to north), and land breeze winds are southerly (90° to... 112 On 9 September, the sea breeze is first evident at 1300.... On 10 September, the sea breeze is again first evident at... at 1300 LT. The sea breeze reaches the island stations earlier... vertical extent of the sea breeze circulation was determined using radiosonde... current above the onshore sea breeze winds, as shown for Abu... 750 m to 1100 m. The sea breeze circulation is comprised of both... total height of the sea breeze circulation on 4 September 2004 was... boundary layer, the onshore sea breeze flow, and the return flow... (COAMPS®) to resolve the sea breeze circulation. The first time period... development of a well-defined sea breeze on all three days. Figure.... At this time, the sea breeze extended inland to 23.9°N (33... edge of the sea breeze was the sea breeze front with a maximum... breeze was noted in the observations for 28 September; however, a sea breeze... predicts the formation of a sea breeze on both days. The boundary... breeze front, with vertical velocities of 0.18 m s-1 (18 cm s-1). The sea breeze...

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... satellites). On 14 October, Proton Breeze M launched XM 5 and on 14... stage, a different model than the Breeze M, clearing the way for this... with the intention to help monitor shipping in its territorial waters... September 2010, a satellite that will monitor the clutter in Earth orbit... 70 billion roubles ($2.5 billion), will monitor climatic changes and survey energy... facility will help to continuously monitor the forest cover, health and... 16 was launched on a Proton Breeze M launcher on 11 February 2010... 3 billion.” >> SES-1, launched by a Proton Breeze M booster from Baikonur in April... to accurately predict storms and monitor weather conditions across approximately 60... with the capability to globally monitor and control the orbital deployment... via a Proton-M launch vehicle and a Breeze-M upper stage in February. The... to allow ISS crewmembers to monitor and command approaching or departing... to build with Brazil to monitor radiation over the southern Antarctic... information in the move to monitor environment throughout the country. >> United... jointly develop a satellite fleet to monitor greenhouse gases contributing to climate... of forecasts because it can monitor the Korean Peninsula at eight... in enabling scientists to accurately monitor climate change. The CryoSat mission... Guiana near the equator -, to monitor the satellites and relay new... their national space systems to monitor the Arctic, a Russian space official... detection and warning network to monitor potential asteroid threats to all... essential and exceptional tool to monitor the current state and evolution... for the fishing industry to monitor changes in the marine ecosystem... users of the ocean colour monitor instrument on Oceansat-1. The main... strata, to observe chlorophyll concentrations, monitor phytoplankton blooms, and understand atmospheric... the SMOS mission is to monitor surface soil moisture with an... km spatial resolution), and to monitor sea surface salinity with an... will carry microwave sensors to monitor global ocean wind field, ocean... overall mission objective being to monitor the wind and waves at... energy X-ray spectrometer, a solar X-ray monitor, a high energy X-ray instrument, and...; Mars Colour Imager (MARCI) to monitor clouds and dust storms. Compact..., northern Europe, and Asia to monitor thermospheric winds and temperatures on... receivers are compact instruments to monitor and understand ionospheric variations. New... GOES satellites at geosynchronous orbit monitor solar X-rays and solar particles...’ worth of NOAA12 Space Environment Monitor (SEM) data. International Programmes ISWI... the satellite’s radio communications into ‘monitor only’ mode. No further contact...’s main tasks has been to monitor closely the conditions within Earth... multi-band astronomical Variable Objects Monitor (SVOM) mission is a gamma-ray... space telescope with γ-ray burst monitor. Formerly called GLAST. Planck (ESA... from the interplanetary medium to monitor the mass flow of the... Yield Radiometer) were designed to monitor the Sun’s output, eruptive events... is complimented by a space environment monitor onboard the EUMETSAT MetOp-A spacecraft... Orbiter Laser Altimeter Limb Profile Monitor of the Atmosphere Laser Ranging... Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN Japanese Monitor of All-Sky X-Ray Image... orbiter mission (JAXA) Space Environment Monitor Space Generation Advisory Council in... multi-band astronomical Variable Objects Monitor Sun Watcher with APS Detector...

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... SR may be used to monitor global temperature variations [Williams, 1992..., P.C. Wang, W.X. Zhang In order to monitor the aerosol loadings, to identify.... Further observations are devoted to monitor special events such as Saharan... of the key locations to monitor the influence of Asian continental... of the FII technique to monitor the thin layered structures. Finally... were continuously monitored using a GRIMM1107 monitor and 24h filters of TSP... the topography and the sea breeze. Two SREFs methodologies were tested... HARIMAU/JEPP network is to monitor the hydrological and energy cycles... covered the coastal region to monitor local rainfalls, cold surges, and... over Tokyo associated with sea breeze circulation Dr. Nobumitsu Tsunematsu Environmental... metropolitan area, the extended sea breeze originating from the Pacific Ocean... synoptic wind condition. The sea breeze is, therefore, quite familiar to... fields associated with the sea breeze circulation, we observed the daytime... penetration of the southerly sea breeze on the early afternoon of... band extending along the sea breeze front. The Doppler lidar detected... strong updrafts when the sea breeze front passed the observation site... the passage of the sea breeze front, vertical wind fields over... was composed of 1) the sea breeze layer at altitudes below 0.8 km... lidar measurements of the sea breeze at Sendai Airport Mr. Hironori... breeze that affects the aviation weather. To study the sea breeze at...) performed measurements of the sea breeze, during the period from August... temporal structure of the sea breeze around Sendai Airport. The NICT... sea-breeze flow and showed the vertical structure of the sea-breeze... horizontal variability of the sea-breeze flow. On days without interference..., the development of the sea-breeze layer during morning was detected... complex structure of the sea-breeze front was observed by the... sector scans. Near the sea-breeze front, the Doppler lidar detected... sea-breeze front on August 22. Keywords: coherent doppler lidar, sea breeze... went to Sri Lanka to monitor the shores affected by the...

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...) MT BIP-M METEOROLOGICAL TECHNICIANS Observe, monitor, understand and predict weather and... a typical NMS is to: • • • Observe, monitor, and predict the weather and... surveillance and satellite imagery; constantly monitor the actual weather evolution, particularly... severe events; Monitoring climate data. Monitor climate data; utilize satellite imagery... Information System (GIS) tools to monitor surface parameters and solar radiation.... Use satellite-based data to monitor the effect and distribution of... undertaken; set and prioritize objectives; monitor performance against planned activities; anticipate... winds. Sea breeze. Land breeze. Mountain breeze (katabatic wind). Valley breeze (anabatic wind). Foehn... and material resources (prepare and monitor budgets); Report on the quality...; Survey and select observing sites; Monitor network and contractor performance; maintain... and spare parts for maintenance; Monitor consumption of stores and purchasing... has to: • Monitor the information technology system’s performance; • Monitor the status of...; • Use system management software to monitor all the servers and clients... (especially for NWP data) and monitor the database; – Validate users; – Implement... by installing firewalls and proxies; • Monitor the performance of the network... disk volumes, manage swap space, monitor file system performance and usage... and logistics in programme to monitor and control plant diseases and...; • Compute the aridity index to monitor drought conditions; • Compute soil moisture... frost resistance; • Be able to monitor the development of pests and... for using radar observations to monitor changes in the height of... should have the ability to monitor current developments using real-time... to his area of responsibility; • Monitor changes in the state of...; – Local effects (wake, terrain, sea-breeze, valley, urban, etc.); Explain the... satellite images; • Implement procedures to monitor and validate the calibration of... from GEO and LEO satellites; Monitor and modify the process for... from GEO and LEO satellites; Monitor and modify the process for...

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..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-33 20-12.2 Portable Monitor-Defibrillator.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-34 20-12... prudent for divers to closely monitor each other when changing rigs... of decompression sickness. Divers should monitor their fluid intake and urine... Construction Team UDM Underwater Decompression Monitor UQC Underwater Sound Communications UWSH... and have the desired effect. Monitor for changes, which may require... but do not break. 2 Light Breeze 4-6 5 0.18 2 Large wavelets, crests begin... scattered whitecaps. 3 Gentle Breeze 7-10 8.5 10 0.6 0.88 4 Moderate Breeze 15-16 12 13.5 14 16 1.4 1.8 2.0 2.9 5 Fresh Breeze 17-21... to roll. Visibility affected. 6 7 Strong Breeze Moderate Gale 8 Fresh Gale 34... too hot to touch. 11. Monitor the pressure gauge carefully. When... at all times and must monitor the condition of the dive... bottle gauge, the diver shall monitor his air supply pressure and... must be considered an emergency. ! Monitor the actions and apparent condition... diver, the tender shall continually monitor the diver float for diver... initial volume/pressure and continually monitor consumption throughout dive. If actual... necessary for a phone talker to monitor and control the underwater communications... of the dive team constantly monitor the diver’s progress and keep... rapidly off in a straight line. 2. Monitor the pneumofathometer pressure gauge to... the umbilical. ! Additional Personnel Actions. Monitor the gauges on the supply... used, both divers will carefully monitor each other in addition to...

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... is literally ``due to the breeze, it [a flag] is fluttering.'' {-vaD... toxic (v) force field (n) skin (v) wind, breeze (n) clothing (n) negotiate (v) fight (v) merchant (n) merchant... (rules) (v) breakfast (n) breath (n) breathe (v) breed (v) breeze (n) bridge (of a ship) (n) bright, be...? (ques) why? (ques) wife (n) wind, breeze (n) woman (n) won't, I won't, I refuse (excl... ritual (ancient) (n) disguise, costume (n) itinerary (n) monitor (v) quadrant (n) home world (n) ensign (n) take..., insignia (n) mediate, arbitrate (v) mine (n) mock (v) monitor (v) move, be in motion (v) musical...

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... at 8-12 km height and monitor the index turbulence along the... is a very efficient tool to monitor the aerosol optical and microphysical... has been developed to separately monitor the elastic scattering signal and... compare favorably with a local weather monitor mounted outside our laboratory and... and are mainly used to monitor mesoscale weather features. This paper... in demonstrated in one sea breeze case. The forecast alerts are... OF THE LAND AND SEA BREEZE IN QINGDAO COASTAL AREA Songhua... study the land and sea breeze behavior at city coastal area... sea breeze and on the horizontal variability of the sea breeze. Three different stages of the land-sea-breeze circulation are discussed: the offshore land-breeze flow, the... flow, and an onshore sea-breeze. Simultaneous measurements from buoys and... profile measurements were obtained to monitor the development of the NO2... across Canada to study and monitor the impact of aerosols on... CHM15kx is better suited to monitor aerosol distributions. Backscatter 116 ILRC... Prefectural Environmental Research Center to monitor boundary layer aerosols and clouds..., which provides the opportunity to monitor the perturbations due to the... this LIDAR activity is to monitor continuously tropospheric aerosols from an...

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... return to flight for Proton M Breeze M. After a long and sleepless night... HOT BIRD 8 Launch Successful Proton M Breeze M launch of the HOT BIRD..., Baikonur Successful Liftoff The Proton M Breeze M successfully lifted off with Eutelsat..., not too hot, and a nice breeze. Everything is well with the... roll out slowly from the Breeze M fueling station. In front of... on the booster. Photo: Proton Breeze M vehicle being erected at Launch...! The team finished fueling the Breeze M upper stage successfully today, and... the ILV out to the Breeze M fueling station today! We hope... are breathtaking to see. The Breeze M upper stage is having its... rollout from Hall 111 to Breeze-M fueling station Posted 30 July... rolling the rocket to the Breeze M fueling station to load the... take the rocket to the Breeze-M Fueling Station, and from there... watched the group on a video monitor, we were hoping that CNN... to remotely power up and monitor their SC while it is... 19:05, Baikonur Mate to Breeze M We had a very busy weekend... the adapter, lifted onto the Breeze M upper stage and initially encapsulated... hello. Photo: Completed mate to Breeze M Posted 24 July 0 comments Posted... and placed atop the Breeze M upper stage. The Breeze M is installed in... Proton launch vehicle (LV) and Breeze M upper stage will deliver the... mate the adapter to the Breeze M upper stage. At each phase...

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...-to-end models ������������������������������������������������� 97 S9: MONITOR/POC/FUTURE Topic Session How... coastal management �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������217 W4: POC/MONITOR/TCODE Workshop Recent advances in.../POC WG25 Meeting (WGFCCIFS) POC/MONITOR/ TCODE Workshop (W4) MEQ Workshop... Meeting POC Meeting TCODE Meeting MONITOR Meeting Monday, October 17 09... Paper Session, Day2 MEQ Meeting MONITOR/POC/FUTURE Topic Session (S9... POC Meeting TCODE Meeting F&A Meeting * MONITOR Meeting Thursday, October 20 09... Topic Session (S7) POSTER SESSION MONITOR/POC/FUTURE Topic Session (S9... the North Pacific (belongs to MONITOR Committee) CREAMS-AP Advisory Panel... Asian Marginal Seas (belongs to MONITOR and POC Committees) CC-S Section...) MEQ Marine Environmental Quality Committee MONITOR Technical Committee on Monitoring POC...), Steven Rumrill (MEQ), Hiroya Sugisaki (MONITOR), Kyung-Il Chang (POC), Toru... large number target species to monitor the trend in the fish... 2000. We have continued to monitor the western North Pacific Ocean... sustainable aquaculture. In order to monitor biological diversity, we assessed the... presentation. 102 PICES-2011 S9 MONITOR/POC/FUTURE Topic Session How... nutrient-rich dam water. To monitor the water quality and other... Center could continuously and timely monitor salinity, depth, temperature, current, chlorophyll..., metagenomic analysis was adapted to monitor the biodiversity and community structure... is a novel, qualitative method to monitor plankton species diversity and community... Jean Linero Cueto Intense sea-breeze currents in the coastal zone...:25 (POC-P-7645) Intense sea-breeze currents in the coastal zone... by two dominant mechanisms: sea-breeze and gravitational (tidal) forcing. In... with the CCW local sea-breeze. A significant semidiurnal S2 constituent was... and Oleg Zaitsev Land-sea breeze in the Bay of La...-2011 GP-7646 Land-sea breeze in the Bay of La... nested grids that adequately resolve breeze fronts. The NARR data were... scheme to activate the local breeze system, which is not well... October 2010. The nocturnal offshore breeze, which flows from the Baja... in winter, when a weaker onshore breeze was observed. The model results.... The spatial structure of the breeze front over the Bay of.... 223 PICES-2011 W4 POC/MONITOR/TCODE Workshop Recent advances in... 2007 and July 2009 to monitor the state of meridional over...

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... as observe space weather and monitor spacecraft and payloads for maneuvers... interference is common, “satellite operators monitor their systems around the clock... of different spacefaring actors “to monitor and understand the changing environment... as observe space weather and monitor spacecraft and payloads for maneuvers... national space surveillance capabilities to monitor debris. France’s Air Force operates... include remote sensing satellites that monitor the Earth’s changing environment using... (SMOS) satellite is designed to monitor climate change on the global... launch a joint weather satellite “to monitor air and water movements over... satellite.199 The satellite will monitor the oceans and is capable... vantage point from which to monitor the Earth to provide strategic... launched in February and will monitor the Earth with infrared telescopes... infrared early warning satellite to monitor North Korean missile launches.245... systems (adaptive interference cancellation), which monitor interference and combine antenna elements... been developing advanced systems to monitor and detect spacecraft and other... to detect space debris and monitor foreign spacecraft. SBSS was scheduled.../2009 Protostar 2 Commercial Communications Netherlands Breeze M GEO 2009-028C 5/19/2009... Owning State Launch Vehicle Orbit Breeze M GEO 2009-042A 8/11/2009.../2009 Nimiq 5 Commercial Communications Canada Breeze M GEO 2009-049A 9/17/2009... Autonomy) Government Technology Demonstration ESA Breeze KM LEO 183 Space Security... Orbit Government Earth Observation ESA Breeze KM LEO 2009-061A 11.../2009 Eutelsat W-7 Commercial Communications Multinational Breeze M GEO 2009-066A 11/28... USA GEO Government Military/ Commercial Breeze M GEO Endnotes D. Wright, “Space Debris...