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1Страна оператор(владелец) - Нигерия
2Тип оператора(владельца) - коммерческий
3Тип орбиты - ГСО
4Страна производитель - Китай
5Все спутники связи

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг5100
2Платформа 1xПлатформы серии DFH-4
3Количество (Ku-стволов), шт.14
4Количество (C стволов), шт.4
5Количество (Ka стволов), шт.8
6Количество (L стволов), шт.4
7Мощность, Вт11000

Характеристики орбиты

1Наклонение, град0.0
2Апогей, км35796.5
3Перигей, км35791.5
4Период, минут1436.1
5САС, год15
6Длинный диаметр эллипса, км42164

Пусковые характеристики

1Код NSSDC2011-077A

Экономические характеристики

#ХарактеристикаДата измеренияЗначение
1Оператор Космическое агентство Нигерии
2Производитель China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

Информация об удачном запуске

1Космодром Сичан
2Дата пуска2011-12-19 at 16:41:00 UTC
3Полезная нагрузка 1xNigComSat 1R
4Ракета-носитель 1xВеликий поход 3B (G2)

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Дата загрузки: 2017-03-09
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... Ltd, Abuja, Nigeria E-Mail: iabubakar@nigcomsat.net ABSTRACT This contribution presents... from the Nigeria communication satellite (NigComSat-1R) very small aperture terminal (VSAT... of the Nigeria communications satellite (NigComSat) network. This contribution presents some... ACM in operating NigComSat-1R network. A brief description of the NigComSat-1R network is... its implementation methodology for the NigComSat network is explained in Section..., Section 5 draws some conclusions. NIGCOMSAT-1R SATELLITE NETWORK NigComSat is a leading communication satellite... orbit in 2003, followed by NigComSat-1 which was launched in 2007..., in 2011, NigComSat1R (a replacement for NigComSat-1) was launched to provide telecommunications... Asian markets [9]. Figure-1 shows the NigComSat ground station facilities located in....com Table-1. NigComSat-1R satellite and site parameters. Figure-1. NigComSat ground stations location... the ACM technique via the NigComSat-1R very small aperture terminal (VSAT... within the footprint of the NigComSat-1R satellite as shown in Figure... recommendation ITU-R 837-6 [10]. The NigComSat-1R satellite and its corresponding ground..., it should be mentioned that NigComSat employed iDirect satellite-based IP... a real operating satellite system of NigComSat-1R VSAT networks in a heavy rain... the technical management team of NigComSat ltd and kind approval of.... 3, 99-112. [9] [Online] http://www.nigcomsat.gov.ng/about.php (access...

Дата загрузки: 2017-04-24
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... communication services. This paper examines NigComSat Ltd (a government company) strategic plan..., E-Education, E-Government, ICT, Knowledge-Economy, NIGCOMSAT-1R 1. Introduction: What are ICTs and... shown in figure 2. Figure 1. Shows NIGCOMSAT-1R and the Master Ground Station... or telecentres such as the NIGCOMSAT CTCs as shown in figures... Diagram of NIGCOMSAT Ltd Community Telecommunication Center (CTC) through NIGCOMSAT-1R Communications Satellite... Service recently deployed by NIGCOMSAT LTD via its NIGCOMSAT-1R Satellite to Ondo... information dissemination. Figure 6. A picture of NIGCOMSAT Ltd Community Telecommunication Center (CTC... Diagram showing the use of NIGCOMSAT-1R to promote ICT in education... tele-education hub operated through NIGCOMSAT-1R to promote human capacity building... and corruption in revenue collections, NIGCOMSAT Ltd developed a new product, the... Control Department, Abuja - implemented on NIGCOMSAT-1R VSAT services to the department... Internet Service Provider (ISP) reselling NIGCOMSAT-1R satellite resources to offices, homes...) of Nigeria, a sister agency to NIGCOMSAT Ltd, operates a fleet of observation... of the country using the NIGCOMSAT-1R Communication Satellite data networks and... intensity of usage via the NIGCOMSAT-1R Communication Satellite as well as..., graduands are awarded certificates as NIGCOMSAT Ltd certified VSAT installers creating... 14. VSAT Demonstration site at NIGCOMSAT Ground Station for vocational training... efficient public sector service delivery. NIGCOMSAT Ltd Development Control Information System... the communication channels provided by NIGCOMSAT-1R. Enquiries from such a database are... in other locations. 3.22. The NIGCOMSAT-1R satellite has improved communications, productivity... of 1.2m VSAT Antenna using NIGCOMSAT-1R Satellite In order to catalyze... access to high quality education; NIGCOMSAT Ltd is collaborating with other... the Nigerian Communications Satellite Project (NIGCOMSAT-1 project). To date the trained... infrastructure around the country. The NIGCOMSAT-1R Communication satellite as a passive global.../docs/2000/e 2000-l9.pdf [7] NigComSat Ltd [8] A.J.H. Fidler, G. Hernandez, M. Lalovic, T. Pell...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-26
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... NigComSat-1 ChinaSat-6B 2008 VeneSat-1 ChinaSat-9 2009 PALAPA-D 2010 ― 2011 Paksat-1R W3C NigComSat-1R 2012 Vesselsat-2 VRSS-1 GÖKTÜRK... for the Nigeria Communications Satellite-1 (Nigcomsat-1). The contract for this satellite... by the Nigcomsat-1R launched in 2011. Although sources are unclear, Nigcomsat-1 cost... launched Pakistan’s first satellite, Pakistan-1R, on August 11, 2011. The....shtml. 107 Salman Sidiqqi, “PAKSAT-1R: China Launches Pakistan’s ‘First’ Communication....com.pk/story/229797/paksat-1r-china-launches-pakistans-first-communications.... 419 The Nigerian communications satellite Nigcomsat-1, launched in 2007, also experienced... 12 SinoSat-2 2006 Malfunction 13 NigComSat-1 2007 Malfunction 14 SinoSat-3 2007... 17 PakSat-1R 2011 Propellant leakage NA 18 NigcomSat-1R 2011 NA 19.... Communications GEO Intelsat 1R (IS-1R, PAS-1R, PanAmSat 1R) 11/15/2000 PanAmSat...

Дата загрузки: 2017-06-14
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... launch of NigeriaSat-2, NigeriaSat-X and NigComSat IR satellites, Nigeria can promote...-2 and NigeriaSat-X) and a communication satellite (NigComSat IR) presently in space, there...-2, NigeriaSat-X (earth Observation satellites) and NigComSat-1R (a communication satellite) in to the... ISSN 2229-5518 disaster management. NigcomSat-IR is a replacement for NigComSat1... from the NigeriaSat-2, NigeriaSat-X and NigComSat-1R can be used in flood... present. The Nigeria communication satellite NigComSat-1R plays a vital role in flood..., aid blankets and clothes. The NigComSat-1R also provides facilities for the... Nigerian Satellites (NigeriaSat-2, NigeriaSat-X and NigComSat-1R) in flood disaster and emergency...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-23
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...-Stable Oscillators for Improved Performance NIGCOMSAT-1R Navigational Payload: Africa’s Contribution to... Satellite Based Augmentation System and NIGCOMSAT-1R SBAS as NSAS. Nigerian Satellite... and Derivable Services from NSAS NIGCOMSAT-1R Footprints and Coverage Conclusion References... other navigation systems. The NICOMSAT-1R Navigation (L-Band) payload is a Space... potential that the hybrid satellite; NIGCOMSAT-1R offers in the area of... Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT-1R). NSE Annual Conference: SUNSHINE 2015 6 • • • • • NIGCOMSAT-1R NAVIGATION PAYLOAD: AFRICA... (GNSS). Nigeria ’ s first communication satellite (NIGCOMSAT-1), a quad-band high powered satellite... launched on 14th May, 2007 NIGCOMSAT-1R was Africa’s first contribution to.... The NIGCOMSAT-1R spacecraft project, is the insurance replacement for the NIGCOMSAT-1 satellite... frequency conversion stability and accuracy. NIGCOMSAT-1R NAVIGATION PAYLOAD: AFRICA’S CONTRIBUTION TO... beam of NIGCOMSAT-1R Geo-Navigation Satellite using L –Band Helix Antenna. NIGCOMSAT Master... The downlink coverage beam of NIGCOMSAT-1R Geo-Navigation Satellite on L1... The downlink coverage beam of NIGCOMSAT-1R Geo-Navigation Satellite on L5... Satellite Based Augmentation System and NIGCOMSAT-1R SBAS as NSAS WAAS: US... Satellite Based Augmentation System through NIGCOMSAT-1R SBAS will serve the followings... from trended graph over time. . NIGCOMSAT-1R FOOTPRINTS AND COVERAGE ECOWAS C-BAND.../uploads/2014/04/GLAC_FP_FINAL_May201428_online_2.pdf NigComSat-1R. (2009). Preliminary Design Review (PDR...) of NIGCOMSAT-1R Communications Satellite Project. Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited. Abuja, Nigeria: NIGCOMSAT-1R...

Дата загрузки: 2017-06-16
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Дата загрузки: 2017-04-23
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... NigeriaSat-2 and one communications satellite; NIGCOMSAT-1R, have answered numerous questions on... from the Abuja MCGS. Also, NIGCOMSAT-1R has been applied in tele... the Nigeria Communications Satellite Project (NIGCOMSAT-1) as a national priority project on..., manifested in the launch of NIGCOMSAT-1 (Fig. 10) on 13th May... Centre, Figure 10. Model of NIGCOMSAT-1. China8. However, due to technical... NIGCOMSAT-1R on 19th December 2011 from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre, China. NIGCOMSAT-1R... 3 Application of bands used on Nigcomsat-1R (Ref. 8) Ku-band Ka-band.... As stated in Ref. 8, the NIGCOMSAT-1 project was instituted mainly to... stated in section III, the NIGCOMSAT-1 project included the training of..., its replacement satellite project, the NIGCOMSAT-1R also 9 American Institute of Aeronautics...

Дата загрузки: 2017-03-31
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... of the NigeriaSat-2, NigeriaSat-X and NigComSat-1R satellites, Nigeria tend to promote...-2, NigeriaSat-X (earth Observation satellites) and NigComSat-1R (a communication satellite) in to the... width of 700km. NigComSat-1R is a replacement satellite for NigComSat-1 Satellite. It is... three satellites (NigeriaSat-2, NigeriaSat-X and NigComSat-1R) would help Nigeria achieve a great... Security. NigeriaSat-2 Satellite NigeriaSat-X Satellite NigcomSat-1R Satellite Fig. 3.0: Images of Nigerian...

Дата загрузки: 2017-06-15
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...-2) and Nigeria’s first communication satellite (NigcomSat-1) projects. Nigeria’s EO satellites and... communication satellite, such as the NigcomSat-1 which was launched in 2007... and broadband industry in Africa. NigcomSat-1 was also designed to provide... new world economic order. Although, Nigcomsat-1 experienced a power subsystem anomaly and... months for which it operated, NigcomSat-1 offered services to major ISPs... using bandwidth from NigcomSat-1. Although, the technical partner in NigcomSat-1 project, China... satellite (NigcomSat-1R) as a replacement within the next two years, yet Nigcomsat-1 still... transferred to Nigcomsat-1R. In future, the launch of NigComsat-2 and NigComsat-3 is intended to provide in orbit sparing for Nigcomsat-1r... to make use of the NigComsat-1r for its distance education programme...

Дата загрузки: 2016-11-30
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... Communications Satellite Ltd. (NIGCOMSAT) Outline         About NIGCOMSAT Ltd NigComSat1R Hybrid COMSAT and Coverage... Regional Satellite Based Augmentation System NIGCOMSAT-1R NAVIGATION PAYLOAD: Africa’s Contribution to... NigComSat-1R L-Band Applications & Economic Importance About NIGCOMSAT Ltd  The Nigerian Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT... NIGCOMSAT Ltd    The company operates and manages geostationary communications satellite; NigComSat-1,NigComSat1R... indeed Africa”. About NIGCOMSAT-1(R) • Nigeria ’ s first communication satellite (NIGCOMSAT-1), a quad-band high... launched on 14th May, 2007. • NIGCOMSAT-1 was Africa’s first contribution to... NIGCOMSAT-1R, is the replacement for NIGCOMSAT-1 satellite launched on 19th December, 2011. NigComSat-1R... antenna Ku-band East antenna 8 9 NIGCOMSAT’S GROUND INFRASTRUCTURES DIRECTORATES  SATELLITE CONTROL...: Canadian Wide Area Augmentation System NIGCOMSAT-1R NAVIGATION PAYLOAD: AFRICA’S CONTRIBUTION TO... frequency conversion stability and accuracy. NIGCOMSAT-1R NAVIGATION PAYLOAD: AFRICA’S CONTRIBUTION TO... beam of NIGCOMSAT-1R Geo-Navigation Satellite using L –Band Helix Antenna. NIGCOMSAT Master Control Station with C-L Band Antenna Systems NIGCOMSAT-1R NAVIGATION PAYLOAD...). The downlink coverage beam of NIGCOMSAT-1R Geo-Navigation Satellite on L1... The downlink coverage beam of NIGCOMSAT-1R Geo-Navigation Satellite on L5... 28    ABOUT TEMPORARY PRN 158(NIGCOMSAT-1G DE-ORBITED) WE NEED... TEMPORARY PRN CODE ASSIGNMENT FOR NIGCOMSAT-1R TO EXPLOIT ITS NAVIGATION BAND...