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NovaSAR-S это совместная разработка SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.), UK и EADS Astrium Ltd . Основной задаче проекта является создание радилокационного спутника который в основном будет работать с микроволновым диапазоно спектра.  При этом, по существующей традиции компания SSTL не собирается создавать спутник со сверхвысоким разрешением и сверхвысокой стоимостью, а ограничивается характеристиками требуемыми рынком.  

Дополнительная классификация

1Радиолокационные спутники ДЗЗ
2Страна производитель - Великобритания
3Страна оператор(владелец) - Великобритания
4Тип оператора(владельца) - коммерческий
5Тип орбиты - НОО
6Все спутники ДЗЗ

Технические характеристики

1Объем системы хранения, Гбайт544
2Диапазон (работы радара)S
3Габариты (антенны), метра1х3
4Разрешающая способность (на точку), метра6-30
5Рабочая частота (радара), ГГц3.1-3.3
6Поляризацияодинарная, двойная, третичная

Экономические характеристики

#ХарактеристикаДата измеренияЗначение
1Стоимость (аппарат), млн. долл.32.7
2Стоимость (ОКР по разработке радара), млн. долл.34.8

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NOVASAR-S AND MARITIME SURVEILLANCE Pasquale Iervolino, ... SAR mission NovaSAR-S. Index Terms — Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), NovaSAR-S, ship-detection... UK mission NovaSAR-S, developed by SSTL Ltd. and Astrium U.K. NovaSAR-S will be... main applications of the future NovaSAR-S sensors are introduced with a focus... are briefly commented. 2. NOVASAR-S AND MARITIME MODE NovaSAR-S, mission developed by SSTL... the main target applications of NovaSAR-S: disasters and flooding monitoring, forestry... Table I [2]; while in Table II, NovaSAR-S specifications, including orbital and radar... stages: pre-processing (land TABLES I: NOVASAR-S BASELINE OPERATING MODES Incidence angle...-20km 55-140km 0.9 3.2 3.7 0.3 1.1 1.2 0.5 0.9 1.0 0.2 0.3 0.3 TABLE II: NOVASAR-S SPECIFICATIONS Imaging frequency band Average... a resolution similar to that of NovaSAR-S in the Stripmap mode (6.6m...

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... anticipation of the British built NovaSAR-S satellite mission, this study evaluates... S-band SAR such as from NovaSAR-S is likely to be suitable... radar data at 6 m resolution from NovaSAR-S could potentially provide a more useful... missions are planned, e.g., the UK NovaSAR S-band [31] and the joint... Aperture Radar (NISAR) missions [32]. NovaSAR is planned to provide S-band.... The fine 6 m resolution data from NovaSAR could provide a useful and better... the anticipated acquisition modes of NovaSAR-S. Scattering mechanisms in the canopy... spatial scales of the forthcoming NovaSAR-S imaging modes of 6 m and 20.... For the assessment of forthcoming NovaSAR-S imaging modes of 6 m and 20... wasVV-polarisation produced at the NovaSAR-S 6m MLC algorithm, (Figure a map... dominant at in the the NovaSAR-S Savernake forest and 20 m resolutions... S-band SAR sensor on the NovaSAR satellite that is being built... and ScanSAR resolution modes of NovaSAR-S. MIMICS-I model reveals strong S-band... that S-band SAR data from NovaSAR-S could potentially be suitable for...-1 Constellation) and future space-borne (e.g., NovaSAR-S and NISAR) S-band SAR missions... Kevin Tansey in support to NovaSAR future mission applications in forest..., R.; Whittaker, P.; Stern, B.; Angli, N.; Cohen, M.; Guida, R. NovaSAR-S a low cost approach to SAR...

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... No U.S. / India Future (2020 – 2025) NovaSAR S-band SSTL/Airbus Yes U.K. Future... of an S-band mission called NovaSAR, with a number of land and... will be public good, while NovaSAR is likely to be commercial... prospects for continuity. NovaSAR (S-band) SSTL is developing the NovaSAR system, with... significantly to reduce cost through NovaSAR (see Section 6.4) – for example, employing... a DMC-3 / Beijing-2, and work on NovaSAR with the U.K. Government. For a complete... be launched in June 2015. NovaSAR SSTL has entered into a public... the development of the S-band NovaSAR system. There is currently no... sales of data. The first NovaSAR system will be built and...

Дата загрузки: 2017-01-30
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NovaSAR-S the small satellite approach to ... performance for responsive spaceborne radar I n t r o d u c i n g NovaSAR-S NovaSAR-S is a revolutionary concept in Earth...-toend solutions for numerous applications. NovaSAR-S will provide day and night... Radar imaging for uncompromised access NovaSAR-S is capable of imaging any... Desert Arid Temperate Difficult The NovaSAR-S core system has been developed... control Responsive imagery Responsive access NovaSAR-S is the lowest cost SAR... affordable than conventional optical satellites. NovaSAR-S will provide at least 1 million...-target observation capability. Reliability The NovaSAR-S core platform and subsystems have... over the last 10 years. NovaSAR-S is available for independent ownership... surveys of major natural disasters. NovaSAR-S is designed to operate independently.... Designed for Low Cost Launch NovaSAR-S has been optimised for shared...’s launch procurement expertise. High Performance NovaSAR-S has a flexible range of operating... coverage. Medium resolution applications Flooding NovaSAR-S is particularly suitable for rapid... change detection techniques. Disaster Monitoring NovaSAR-S will provide rapid response imagery... illumination during winter months. Maritime l l l l l NovaSAR is equipped with a wide >400km... Forestry Crop monitoring and classification NovaSAR-S supports agricultural applications including classification.... barley grass maize rapeseed wheat NovaSAR payload demonstration of crop classification... cover and land use classification NovaSAR-S data can distinguish differences in... different land types. Ice Monitoring NovaSAR-S will monitor large areas of... darkness during the winter months. NovaSAR - A new benchmark in affordability and... which is truly low cost. NovaSAR-S is compatible with low cost... Earth (optical) Reliable SAR capability NovaSAR-S combines SSTL’s flight proven spacecraft... area every few hours. Global NovaSAR-S average revisit times in days... LTAN) 3 satellites 4.0 Maritime 1.4 1.8 Stripmap 0.6 3.6 ScanSAR (w) 1.3 3.1 NovaSAR-S supports impressive imaging capacity 1.1 Minimum... per satellite Not only does NovaSAR-S support flexible modes of operation... quad polarimetric information. Tri-polar NovaSAR-S Specification Imaging frequency band S-band..., 2200-2290MHz) X-band (8.025-8.4GHz) NovaSAR-S represents an evolutionary step for...

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NovaSAR-S Synthetic Aperture Radar NovaSAR—setting a new benchmark in affordability and performance for space-borne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems NovaSAR-S delivers all weather mediumresolution Earth observation data night and day, at a price similar to traditional optical missions, and significantly lower than any other SAR platform currently on the market, by leveraging highly efficient S-band solid state technology. The platform is sized for a range of low-cost launch options. Applications NovaSAR-S provides medium-resolution (6–30 m) imagery ideal for applications including: Flood monitoring Agricultural crop assessment Forest monitoring (temperate and rain forest) Land use mapping Disaster management Maritime applications (e.g. ship detection and oil spill monitoring) SSTL NovaSAR-S NovaSAR combines our heritage SSTL-300 series avionics suite with a new structure and an innovative payload, developed in collaboration with EADS Astrium, that can be adapted to different frequency bands. NovaSAR-S Performance Flexible solutions NovaSAR-S Specification Imaging frequency S-band (3.1–3.3 GHz) Lifetime 7 years Mass <400 kg Lead time (KO to FRR) 24 months Antenna Microstrip patch phased array (3 m x 1 m) Imaging polarizations Single, dual, or tri-polar (HH, HV, VH, VV) Optimum orbit 580 km (SSO or low inclination Equatorial orbit) Payload duty cycle At least 2 minutes per orbit (single image >800 km long) Typical area coverage >1 million km2 per day (mode dependent) Downlink Rate 300 Mbps The NovaSAR-S platform can be supplied as a spacecraft or as part of a complete mission solution, and can be delivered in orbit from 2013. Surrey can provide flexible solutions according to customer needs including: The NovaSAR-S Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite Data processing and cataloging Ground segment based on heritage systems for spacecraft housekeeping Training in systems engineering, satellite operations, and image processing Baseline Imaging Modes The NovaSAR-S payload supports flexible imaging modes for a wide range of applications. Modes Swath width Spatial resolution Incidence angle Number of looks Ambiguity ratio Sensitivity 1 ScanSAR 100 km 20 m 18–28 degs 4 <-16 dB <-20 dB 2 ScanSAR 750 km 30 m 53–75 degs 4 <-16 dB (range) <-14 dB 3 ScanSAR 22–35 km 6m 16–29 degs 3.6 <-16 dB <-20 dB 4 ScanSAR 150 km 30 m 16–31 degs 2 <-16 dB <-20 dB Surrey Satellite Technology Surrey Satellite Technology (Surrey) has launched 34 satellites, accumulating 200 years in-orbit experience. Surrey draws on its world-class expertise in both small satellite platform technology and high- and mediumresolution imagers. Surrey provides complete turnkey system solutions: spacecraft, ground station, launch, operation, and image data processing. Surrey is unique in the space industry; able to design, manufacture, and integrate multiple satellites in-house. Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC 8310 South Valley Highway, 3rd Floor, Englewood, Colorado 80112, United States Tel: (303) 790-0653 | Fax: (303) 792-2386 | Email: info@sst-us.com | www.sst-us.com 2011 IQ v.1 Changing the economics of space

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... on enforcement and management services.  NovaSAR  is  a  constellation  of  four  state... often as twice a week, making NovaSAR a preferred  data source in a number... by SSTL. Economic benefits from NovaSAR to the    London Economics  The... Study: NovaSAR, available at: https://www.gov.uk/government/case‐studies/novasar...  such  as  TechDemoSat‐1,  UKube‐1,  and  NovaSAR‐S  designed  to  strengthen  the  knowledge...  services for local  Government*  Progress  NovaSAR,  a  demonstrator  project  under  development,  and...

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Changing the economics of space NovaSAR-S - Bringing Radar Capability to the..., Logan, Utah Contents • • • • Approach The NovaSAR-S solution Baseline capability First mission... the economics of space NovaSAR-S NovaSAR-S USU Smallsat 2012 8 NovaSAR-S • • • • • • Heritage avionics, bespoke... economics of space Baseline Capability NovaSAR-S Baseline Imaging Modes * range only... the economics of space First NovaSAR mission Status • UK government grant... to fund first satellite of NovaSAR constellation • Other partners being sought... System (SW) P/L operator (ISIC/DMCii) NovaSAR MPS PC Raw, L1 and... USU Smallsat 2012 23 Summary • NovaSAR-S – Low cost, medium resolution system...

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... ESA (Европа) P 2015–2017 50 NovaSAR-S SSTL (Англия) S 2015 6 – 30 м ГЕОМАТИКА... разработку нового бюджетного радарного спутника NovaSAR-S. Этот спутник будет представлять собой... к инжинирингу и проектированию позволяет развернуть миссию NovaSAR-S в полном объеме в течение 24 месяцев... миссии NovaSAR и разрабатывает технологии обработки, архивирования и передачи данных съемок. Система NovaSAR-S (предположительно..., в котором будут вести съемку спутники NovaSAR, представляется крайне интересным именно для...

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... 8 9 Growth from Export Case Study: NovaSAR 10 11 Innovation Supporting Growth... for business. 10 Case Study: NovaSAR In November 2011, Minister for..., climate change and humanitarian disasters. NovaSAR will consist of four state... investment to the UK. Once NovaSAR is up and running, businesses... services and applications. The first NovaSAR demonstration satellite will be built...

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... imaging per day Nova SAR NovaSAR • • • • • • Funding of £21m ($32m) announced... SAR, not limited to these. NovaSAR-S Specifications Imaging frequency band 3.1-3.3GHz... frequency band X-band (8.025-8.4GHz) NovaSAR-S Baseline Imaging Modes * range only... <-20dB <-16dB 4 Airborne S-Band NovaSAR Images NovaSAR - Airborne results S-Band X-band Google... 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017 NovaSAR (6-30m radar) 2nd Generation VHR...