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Два КА ORS Tech (1 и 2), массой по 5 кг каждый, разработаны специалистами Лаборатории прикладной физики Университета Джонса Хопкинса и предназначены для отработки перспективных космических технологий

Дополнительная классификация

1Страна производитель - США
2Страна оператор(владелец) - США

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг5

Информация об удачном запуске

1Космодром Уоллопс
2Дата пуска2013-11-20
3Полезная нагрузка 1xKySat-2
4Полезная нагрузка 1xSTPSat-3
5Полезная нагрузка 1xPrometheus 1A
6Полезная нагрузка 1xPrometheus 1B
7Полезная нагрузка 1xPrometheus 2A
8Полезная нагрузка 1xPrometheus 2B
9Полезная нагрузка 1xPrometheus 3A
10Полезная нагрузка 1xPrometheus 3B
11Полезная нагрузка 1xPrometheus 4A
12Полезная нагрузка 1xPrometheus 4B
13Полезная нагрузка 1xHorus
14Полезная нагрузка 1xORSES
15Полезная нагрузка 1xORS Tech 1
16Полезная нагрузка 1xORS Tech 2
17Полезная нагрузка 1xSENSE 1
18Полезная нагрузка 1xSENSE 2
19Полезная нагрузка 1xH2 sat
20Полезная нагрузка 1xDragonSat-1
21Полезная нагрузка 1xNPS-SCAT
22Полезная нагрузка 1xFirefly
23Полезная нагрузка 1xSPA-1
24Полезная нагрузка 1xChargerSat
25Полезная нагрузка 1xLunar
26Полезная нагрузка 1xCOPPER
27Полезная нагрузка 1xBlack Knight-1
28Полезная нагрузка 1xSwampSat
29Полезная нагрузка 1xCAPE-2
30Полезная нагрузка 1xTJ3Sat
31Полезная нагрузка 1xPhoneSat 2.0
32Ракета-носитель 1xМинотавр 1

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... a low-cost manufacturer to a high-tech competitor. According to Chinese analysts... it is the most high-tech of the services, and other...-guided munitions and other high-tech weapons that could be used... forces; 3. Fight and win high-tech joint campaigns in the maritime...’s prospects of winning a regional high-tech war….It is not only....html. 134 “EU and China’s Tech Rise,” Diplomat, July 26, 2011.../2011/07/eu-and-chinas-tech-rise/. 135 “Challenging America: Europe..., 2012, http://news.xinhuanet.com/tech/2012-12/26/c_124151354.htm..., 2012, http://news.xinhuanet.com/tech/2012-12/26/c_124151354.htm..., 2011, http://news.xinhuanet.com/tech/2011-06/20/c_121557752.htm....html. 418 “China Promotes Beidou Tech on Transport Vehicles”, China Daily...], 新华[Xinhua], http://news.xinhuanet.com/tech/2014-03/02/c_119565025.htm... to Discuss Space Debris], http://tech.ifeng.com/discovery/astronomy/detail_2014_05... NFIRE (Near Field InfraRed Experiment) ORS - Tech 1 Technology Development LEO 11/19... LEO ORS - Tech 2 11/19/2013 US Army Technology Development LEO ORS-1 (Operationally... Force/ DoD Reconnaissance LEO ORSES (ORS Enabler Satellite) 11/19/2013... Agency (MDA) Operational Responsive Space (ORS) Office US Air Force Technology...

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... successful flight demonstration of the ORS TECH 1 and ORS TECH 2 triple (3U) cubesats has... a heavily cost constrained environment. The ORS TECH 1 & 2 nanosatellites were designed, built, and... military space missions. Keywords: Nanosatellites, ORS Tech, Operationally Responsive Space, Express, CubeSat... as the Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) Office, have set out to... piece of the puzzle, where ORS is seeking to strike a pragmatic... to support higher mission complexity. 4. ORS TECH / MULTI MISSION BUS DEMONSTRATION Figure... Bus Demonstration, also known as ORS Tech 1 and 2. Copyright © 2014 by Aaron... factor with analogous capability enabling ORS Tech SensorSats to reliably support an.... Nearly every facet of the ORS Tech SensorSats is deliberately designed to.... Table 1. Comparison of ORS Tech to a Typical Satellite ORS TECH Example Satellite Ratio $10M... Telemetry Data Storage Project Duration ORS Tech SensorSats have passed electromagnetic interference... assuring its robust design. The ORS Tech bus is an opportunistic design... the innovating design of the ORS Tech SensorSat are provided below: Copyright... (right) operational configurations of the ORS Tech space vehicle. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A versatile electrical power... slide into backplane connectors. The ORS Tech structure secures all its contents... existed and were utilized for ORS Tech. 10. Rigorous end-to-end... 4.2). Figure 4.2 Complete testing of the ORS Tech 1 & 2 space vehicles was performed to... 5. ORS TECH 1 & 2 LAUNCH AND EARLY OPERATIONS As shown in Figure 5.1. the two ORS Tech... of the Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) Office ORS-3 Mission . The Minotaur I launch... Wallops Flight Facility where the ORS-3 mission launched from, contact was... early January timeframe. Figure 5.1 The ORS Tech 1 & 2 space vehicles were launched as... the Operationally Responsive Space th (ORS) Office ORS-3 mission that successfully deployed... ever before. The two 3U ORS Tech SensorSats have now been qualified... with its development of the ORS Tech mission. Acknowledgements The authors would... their extended team on the ORS Tech program: Ann Darrin, Clint Apland... Press, 41-44 (2000). http://ors.csd.disa.mil/ Woellert, K., Ehrenreund...

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Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) Payload and Bus Technology Initiative (... 1 ORS Payload Technology Initiative Purpose • • • • Congressional mandate to OSD: coordinate ORS payload tech... Participation Entering Arguments – ORS Bus Standards Development – DoD ORS S&T Vector – TacSat Experimentation... technologies • Desired Attributes/End State – ORS-Unique (unlikely investment via normal... experimentation, and/or ¾ ORS payload acquisition – Expand ORS industrial base 2 Status: Proposal... complete ¾ SSGINC - Manufacturing Techniques For ORS – Study complete ¾ JHUAPL - Self Heal... the broader goals of the ORS Tech initiatives closer to site • Transition...-on efforts and capability – Several ORS Technology initiatives continue in one... as possible – “Joint” in this ORS Technology context was Navy, Army... to field new capability – The ORS Technology initiatives, by design, were... 2006 NRL ORS Tech initiative and more recently the 2008 ORS Office BAA... • Execute, don’t debate – The NRL ORS Tech initiative fell behind in its... first ORS Tech efforts and their continue interested now that the ORS office has taken the reins • The ORS Tech effort has, itself, been “transitioned” to the ORS Office with... System for Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) Background SYERS-2 in Space Adapts... deployed on the U-2, into an “ORS Class” reconnaissance system • Based on...) capabilities for Operationally Responsive Space (ORS). • ICS will also define a set... tasking message protocols to support ORS. ICS is proposing a development schedule... the APTC software on the ORS Phase3/TacSat 4 mission. Tasks • Define... Deployable Composite Reflector for ORS •Background: -Obtaining ORS mission goals will be... reflectors will not fit into ORS launch fairings & deployable mesh reflectors... mission and cost goals of ORS •Program Goal/ Tasks: -Goal: -Develop... that can procured within an ORS mission budget -Tasks -Requirements Definition.... Universal Interface Electronics Background • Demonstrate ORS Spacewire Interface Standard For Payloads... existing sensor concept to the ORS mission. • $499,872 • 9 months for.... 25 L3 Communications SSG-Tinsley ORS – Optical Systems Recent Hardware Program... Cast SiC Primary Mirror Scalable ORS SiC Design • This study evaluates... cost and schedule requirements for ORS. • Traditional spacecraft transponders are designed...

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...] [Image Credits: DARPA] [Image Credit: ORS Office] [Image Credit: Rocket Labs... CubeSat: ORS Tech 1&2  Launched at 2015 EST on Nov. 19, 2013  ORS-3 mission orbit: 500 km x 40.5°  Designated ORS Tech 1 & 2 (two of... rights reserved. [Image Credit: ORS Office] 15 ORS Tech 1 & 2 Ground Access Analysis 30o... 20.2 5 7.2 16 Mean 198 6.7 3.6 0 16 ORS Tech Constellation Revisit: 650 km x 50... industry-led missions  Partnerships and tech-transfer will be advantageous for...

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..." (2014), http://www.berlin-space- tech.com/index.php?id=43... NASA Ames Drexel University Virginia Tech Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott... Array Tester) O/OREOS OPAL ORS 1 ORSES ORS Squared ORS Tech 1 ORS Tech 2 OSIRIS-3U PATRIOT PEARL... of Colorado at Boulder Gerogia Tech US Naval Academy Satellite Lab...

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... in this study: Technology Demonstration (Tech Demo); Scientific; Earth Observation; Military... components/systems were included in Tech Demo. Scientific missions include science...). That mission was considered as Tech Demo, not Military. On the... Missile Defense Command) for the ORS (Operationally Responsive Space) office (Krebs...-1 Tech Demo Scientific Tech Demo 1U 3U 1U 26 2006 HITSAT Tech Demo... 4 CSTB 1 Scientific COMM COMM Tech Demo Tech Demo Tech Demo 3U 1U 1U... 2 Scientific 1U 39 2008 CANX 2 Tech Demo 3U 40 41 42... DRAGONSAT 2 Tech Demo Tech Demo Tech Demo Tech Demo Tech Demo Tech Demo Scientific Tech Demo 1U... 3U 1U 53 2009 BEESAT Tech Demo 1U 55 58 61... 003 Scientific Tech Demo Tech Demo Scientific Scientific Tech Demo Tech Demo Tech Demo 1U... 2010 QBX 1 Tech Demo 3U 70 2010 QBX 2 Tech Demo 3U 71...-D-002 COMM Tech Demo 3U 3U 76 2011 PSSC-2 Tech Demo 2U... S/N Launch Year 78 2011 AUBIESAT1 Tech Demo 1U 79 2011 DICE... Control 820x400 km / 102º 5 Tech Demo Tech Demo 1U 1U 354x1450 km... 770x480 km / 66º 3 2012 AEROCUBE 4.0 Tech demo 1U 770x480 km / 66º 5 93 2012 AEROCUBE 4.5A Tech demo 1U 770x480 km / 66º 5 94 2012 AEROCUBE 4.5B Tech demo 1U 770x480 km / 66... 97 2012 2012 CP 5 CSSWE Tech Demo Scientific 1U 3U 770x480... / 66º 3 99 2012 RE (STARE) Tech Demo 3U 500 km / 66... TECHEDSAT AAUSAT 3 COMM COMM Tech Demo Tech Demo Tech Demo Earth Obsv. 3U... STRAND-1 Tech Demo 3U 786 km / 98.5º 4 109 2013 BEESAT 2 Tech Demo... km / 98.5º 4 111 2013 DOVE 2 Tech Demo 3U 575 km / 64... km / 51.6º 5 5 116 2013 DOVE 1 Tech Demo 3U 250 km / 51... 01 PEGASO TURKSAT 3USAT COMM Tech Demo Tech Demo COMM 1U 2U... X PICODRAGON CAPE 2 Tech Demo Tech Demo Scientific Scientific Tech Demo Tech Demo 1U 3U... Earth Obs. Tech Demo Tech Demo 1U 1U 1U 137 2013 ORS TECH 1 Military... 3U 158 2013 DELFI-N3XT Tech Demo 3U 160 161 162... PUCP-SAT 1 Tech Demo COMM Earth Obs. COMM N/A Tech Demo 1U 1U... 1U 1U 170 2013 UWE 3 Tech Demo 1U 171 177 178...-ONE 2.3 SMDC-ONE 2.4 Tech Demo Scientific Scientific Tech Demo Earth Obs. Military... 3U 3U 183 2013 SNAP 1 Tech Demo 1U 184 185 210... Type Size Earth Obs. 3U Tech Demo 1U Copyright © A. Deepak Publishing... LITUANICASAT 1 KICKSAT 1 225 2014 PHONESAT 2.5 Tech Demo 1U 226 227 228... POPSAT-HIP Scientific Earth Obs. Tech Demo Earth Observation 251 2014 QB50P1 (EO-79) Tech Demo 2U 252 2014 QB50P2 (EO-80) Tech Demo 2U 253 2014 TIGRISAT Tech Demo 3U 254 2014 VELOX I-NSAT Tech Demo 3U 255 257 274 2014 UKUBE 1 Tech Demo 3U 2014 FLOCK-1B... FLOCK-1B FLOCK-1D Scientific Tech Demo 1.5U 3U Earth Obs... 2015 BRICSAT-P Tech Demo 1.5U 334 2015 LIGHTSAIL A Tech Demo 3U 368... 2014 2015 Earth Obs. 3U Tech Demo Tech Demo 1U 3U Copyright... 2015 AEROCUBE 5C Tech Demo 1.5U 381 2015 AEROCUBE 7 Tech Demo 1.5U...-3 EDDIE SNAP-3 JIMI COMM Scientific Tech Demo Military Military Military 1U... Obs. 3U 409 2015 BEVO 2 Tech Demo 3U 410 2015 MINXSS... 1 Tech Demo 1U 412 2015 NODES 1 Tech Demo 1.5U 413 2015 NODES 2 Tech...

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... and Efficient Production of High-Tech Metal Products Anti-Satellite Weapon... Reconnaissance Office (U.S.) Acronyms and Abbreviations ORS OSIRIS-Rex OST PAROS PHA... and Efficient Production of High-Tech Metal Products), could also be.../2013 ORS - Tech 2 US Army Technology Development LEO 11/19/2013 ORS - Tech 1 US... the DoD Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) Office opened to coordinate the... and doctrine in support of ORS across the various agencies.11 ORS has three main objectives: 1) Rapid ... series was also intended for ORS demonstration, combining existing military and... access to space.”15 A full ORS capability could allow the United.../2013 ORS - Tech 1 USA Military Technology Development LEO Minotaur 19/11/2013 ORS - Tech 2 USA Military Technology Development LEO Minotaur 19/11/2013 ORSES (ORS....unvienna.org/pdf/pres/stsc2014/tech-27E.pdf. 12 DefenseNews, “USAF....unvienna.org/pdf/pres/stsc2014/tech-29E.pdf. 20 F. Alby, “Overview....unvienna.org/pdf/pres/stsc2014/tech-06E.pdf. 21 Matney. 22....unvienna.org/pdf/pres/stsc2013/tech-12E.pdf. 42 Committee on....smh.com.au/technology/sci-tech/russia-mulls-beacons-bombs-to..., online: www.cnn.com/ 2004/TECH/space/01/14/bush.space... Minotaur I Rocket in Support of ORS-3 Mission for USAF,” 19 November...’s X-37B Breaks Orbit Record,” Defense Tech, 1 April 2014, online: http://defensetech.... 11 Ben Iannotta, “$408 Million ORS Budget to Have Broad-Based...

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UNCLASSIFIED – Cleared for Public Release ORS-5 Program Management "Operationally Responsive Space.... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS Mission and Objectives SPACE AND... selected projects accom plished using ORS authorities for operationally responsive acquisition...) 2 UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY ORS Guiding Principles SPACE AND MISSILE...) to ensure • Form Follows Function – ORS solutions take on whatever form..., at 80% reliability. capability (i.e., the ORS-1 mission for US Central Command... SPACE AND MISSILE SYSTEMS CENTER ORS Requirements & Solutions Generation Process: Previous... Use of National System ISR ORS-1 Strategic Missile Warning Risk Mitigation System Design Space Situational Awareness ORS-5 SensorSat Needs Evaluated Weather Gap... 4 UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS Success Stories SPACE AND M ISSILE...’s TacSat-3 1st Dedicated COCOM ISR ORS-1 Transitioned to Operations June 2010... “The Enabler” Vehicle (MSV) Mission” ORS-2 ORS-3 MSV BUS Record 29 CubeSats... Super Strypi SensorSat Mission Demonstration ORS-4 ORS-5 Enabler Mission for Responsive Small...) UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS-1 Mission Supporting US Central Command...: USCENTCOM, USSTRATCOM • Acquisition: • Led by ORS Office (Mission Manager) • Executed by...) UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS-1 System Architecture Tailored to COCOM... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS-2 Mission Modular Space Vehicle Demo... Vehicle (MSV) Bus delivered to ORS in February 2014 for performance... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS-3 Mission Launch & Range Enablers SPACE... Motors • Record Setting SV Deployment • ORS/NASA Developed Integrated Payload Stack... Sequencer • Warfighter Support • ORS Supported CubeSat Missions • • • Prometheus ORS Tech 1 and 2 ORSES – Encryption...) SPACE AND MISSILE SYSTEMS CENTER • ORS Office is developing an AFSS... navigation sources tracked successfully on ORS-3 mission Third flight planned for... TTI burden space surveillance networks ORS Office has initiated a two pronged... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS-4 Mission SuperStrypi—Low Cost Launch... CENTER Mission Goals Near-Term ORS-4 Mission  Complete Super Strypi launch... Payloads: NASA Ames EDSN, AFRL, ORS Sqrd • Experiment: Autonomous Flight Safety... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS-5: Ops Demo for SSA SPACE... SBSS Follow-on Develop/Demo ORS Enablers/Principles “Class C” Operational demo...: FY2017 Focus Areas • Demonstrate capabilities • ORS Objectives • SBSS Follow-on to use ORS Principles o Observability, Latency, Data processing... Components Support Congressional Policy Objectives ORS-5 SensorSat – Overview (OV1) FOR OFFICIAL... for SBSS Follow-On Demonstrate ORS principles SPACE AND MISSILE SYSTEMS CENTER ORS-5 SensorSat Payload • • • • • Operations Terminal (SOC... & Costs Evolution of ORS Costs & Schedule Pathway to ORS Next • • • • Mission Goals... for SBSS Follow-on • Demonstrate ORS Enablers SV-$20M P/L-$20M L/V-$20M... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS Enablers SPACE AND MISSILE SYSTEMS... Wallops • Common Designs to address ORS Missions • Eliminates NRE to subsequent... Link) • Common Downlink architecture for ORS Ground System Enterprise • Full system... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS Engagement Activities SPACE AND MISSILE... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS Next - Weather System Gap Filler... rate, Resolution; Frequency bands 3. Utilize ORS Principles to streamline acquisition process... Weather Gap filler as an ORS program Acquisition Strategy Document being developed by ORS and SMC/RS UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS Way Forward SPACE AND MISSILE... to address Urgent Needs • Integrate ORS into SMC Processes for efficiencies... safety, security, cybersecurity, and finance – ORS staffing focused on innovative acquisition and technical solutions • Integrate ORS into SMC Acquisition – Identify specific... Record that could benefit from ORS Improve delivery of capability to... SPACE AND MISSILE SYSTEMS CENTER • ORS is responding to Warfighter needs • Developing enabler foundation • ORS focused on reducing the cost... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared for Public Release ORS Mission Areas ENABLERS “Enabling Elements... control capabilities.” URGENT NEEDS The ORS Office facilitates the response to CDRUSSTRATCOM tasks with assistance from ORS stakeholders. Solutions to urgent need... ORS Office participation could be designated as ORS programs to enable the ORS.../2015 MSV ORS-3 AFSS ORS-4 Open Manufacturing/ Digital Assurance Tagging ORS-1 ORS-5 Weather System... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared USE for Public ORS-1 Lessons Learned SPACE AND MISSILE SYSTEMS CENTER • • • • • • • • TacSat-3, TacSat-4, and ORS-1 demonstrated that small satellites have... “Urgent Need” for technology development ORS-1 program constantly re-evaluated schedules... UNCLASSIFIED Cleared USE for Public ORS-5 Launch Services SPACE AND MISSILE SYSTEMS CENTER • ORS-5 launch is via commercial launch...

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... Research Applied Research No new tech developed Some new technologies No... T 2013 NPS-SCAT 1U E-T 2013 ORS Tech 1 3U T Technology Demonstrator Design Testing... (Krebs, 2016) (eoPortal, 2016) 2013 ORS Tech 2 3U T Technology Demonstrator Design Testing... 0 0 Applied Research 0 Organizational 0 No new tech Significant amount of new techs...

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....20 Prometheus 4B ORS Tech 1 (Operationally Responsive Space – Technology) ORS Tech 2 (Operationally Responsive Space...