Спутник технологический. PicoSat. [Редактировать]

Данный космический аппарат является первым китайским спутником габаритом 15х15х15 см. Его вес составляет 2.5 кг.
С помощью данного аппарата Китай отрабатывает:

  • S-диапазонную систему связи с Землей
  • трех осевую систему стабилизации
  • камеру для панорамной съемки Земли

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Дополнительная классификация

1Тип орбиты - НОО
2Страна оператор(владелец) - Китай
3Страна производитель - Китай
4Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг2.5

Характеристики орбиты

1Наклонение, град99.3
2Апогей, км946.2
3Перигей, км852.0
4Период, минут102.8
5Длинный диаметр эллипса, км7270

Пусковые характеристики

1Код NSSDC2007-019B

Информация об удачном запуске

1Дата пуска2007-05-25 at 07:12:00 UTC
2Полезная нагрузка 1xYaogan 2
3Полезная нагрузка 1xPicoSat
4Ракета-носитель 1xВеликий поход 2D

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... AND TECHNOLOGY MISSIONS The USAF PICOSat Mission Using the SSTL Modular.... This paper describes the USAF PICOSat mISSIon, in which the SSTL... Defense Foreign Comparative Test Program. PICOSat, which will be built, integrated... missions executed to date. The PICOSat mission will run just 18... on offthe-shelf technology. Introduction PICOSat is the United States Air... Satellites Comparative Test Program, the PICOSat contract was awarded to Surrey...-key" approach to spaceflight, the PICOSat acquisition is for all hardware..., and Acronym payload data retrieval. PICOSat is a "pathfmder" mission to qualify... designated STP Mission P97 -1, the "PICOSat" name was derived from the... of these experiments. Table 1: The PICOSat Experiment Payloads Experiment Name Experiment... the PICOSat spacecraft (including integrated payloads) will be 66 kg. PICOSat represents... approaches are employed to keep PICOSat mission cost to an absolute... opportunities and groundstation visibility. The PICOSat spacecraft and ground station operations... to further decrease mission costs. PICOSat represents a new approach to providing... which has proven spaceflight heritage. PICOSat emphasizes reduced costs, shorter schedule... experiment payloads to orbit. 2 Since PICOSat is baselined on the nondevelopmental... mission ever undertaken by STP, PICOSat is expected to set new... piggyback opportunities. Mission Objectives The PICOSat mission has two primary objectives... in the proposal solicitation. The PICOSat mission represents a new approach to... competitive follow-on programs. The PICOSat Team Space Test Program The.... To the casual observer, the PICOSat mission is just another STP... Company TiungSAT '97 Malaysian Government PICOSat '99 STP/FCTP (US) Clementine... infrastructure will be necessary. The PICOSat program is an off-the...% of the funding for the PICOSat mission. Without their financial investment... magnetic and mass properties. The PICOSat mission departs from this conventional... these techniques are employed on PICOSat. Certainly, we do not suggest... objectives. The PBEX experiment on PICOSat is an excellent example of... manifesting process described above, the PICOSat manifesting process began with a "quick... x 20 experiment. + 4 booms .. Table 3: Imttal PICOSat Payload CandIdates 1 lOx lOx 10... integrated spacecraft design, and unique PICOSat spacecraft customization are contained in... of the Customized Spacecraft The PICOSat mission will employ the latest... keep cost at a minimum, most PICOSat design tradeoffs where made at... 22 W can be sustained for PICOSat, of which 5W is used... be to specifically operate the PICOSat payloads. Communications for telemetry, telecommand...°C (internal)' standard SSTL software Table 6: PICOSat specifications • These are typical performance...'s inception, it was obvious that PICOSat would be launched as a secondary... on foreign launch vehicles. Thus, PICOSat must be launched from the... launch vehicle. Ideally, the fmal PICOSat orbit will be above 625... SSTL groundstation visibility). If the PICOSat mission does not fmd a ride... two prospective launches identified for PICOSat in mid-to-Iate 1999... can not be secured for PICOSat, bus and experiment compliment can... launching PICOSat. The Shuttle would be an ideal platform to launch PICOSat... launcher. As a US DoD satellite, PICOSat is required to be launched.... Preliminary indications are that the PICOSat launch costs may exceed the... Start, Rockot and Shtil. The PICOSat mission is quite tolerant to.... Orbit Requirements The selection of PICOSat payloads ensured tolerance to orbital... chances of mission success. Two PICOSat payloads (PBEX and OPPEX) do... have any specific orbital requirements. PICOSat is to be launched into... inclinations are acceptable for the PICOSat mission, but the Mission Control... is being considered by STP. PICOSat is launch ready in Nov... for turn-key missions like PICOSat, it is often desirable to... means of orbit determination for PICOSat. The tracking computer is connected... to a pager. miSSIOn. If the PICOSat mission successfully demonstrates the viability... selection process may make the PICOSat mission seem unique, By pooling... on the orbit selected for PICOSat, an option of a remote groundstation... opportunities are available. Currently, the PICOSat mission is very much a "work... learned so far from the PICOSat mission is experiment "desirements" must...

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... h. Picosats 1) Picosat propulsion 2) Picosat antennas 3) Picosat functional diagram 4) Picosat propulsion and system weight 5) Picosat production and costs 6) Picosat... beamwidth desired. The determination of picosat position was explored and a concept... meeting the desired picosat integration, weight, and dimensions. Some picosat subsystems were... the power needs of the picosat housekeeping, propulsion, and payload needs... is the most benign, and picosat propulsion requirements would be minimized... it from complex attitude control, picosat, if outfitted with omnidirectional "2 is... 45.5 megawatts. Therefore the required picosat effective capture area defined 1.89... "10 )(1,000) Now since each picosat’s effective capture area, with omnidirectional... for propulsively stationkeeping a 100 gram picosat 50 km above the Keplerian... of easy identification of a particular picosat, though a comprehensive comparison can only... picosat positions in the constellation, however the total impulse requirements per picosat... to a central receiver where all picosat signals are added coherently while... picosat and from the picosat to the central receiver remain constant with picosat.... However in that configuration the picosat position errors contribute phase errors... illustrated in Figure 27. Each picosat receives a small portion of the... to the corrections for actual picosat positions a global phase shift pattern..., as well as the individual picosat position-related phase shifts. Now... picosat plus that from the picosat to the central receiver. If the picosat should move upward along the axis, the ground-picosat path will lengthen while the picosat-receiver path will... the picosat position. Thus the space fed array is insensitive to picosat... for a center picosat and 26.4 meters for an edge picosat before the... commands The requirement for all picosat signals to add coherently in... velocity along the vector from picosat to receiver will produce a Doppler... achieves complete cancellation of all picosat signal Doppler shifts in constellations... metrology The coherent addition of picosat signals at the central receiver.... The navigation electronics in each picosat could consist of newly designed... illuminating the antenna aperture (the picosat constellation) for viewing more than.... While the above figures address a picosat designed and tested in a ground... Phase II. 56 Figure 40 1) Picosat propulsion The propulsive systems envisioned... A major option exists to provide picosat attitude control, and perhaps even... the picosat total design. 2) Picosat Antennas There are two antennas in each picosat... antenna of a gravity-gradient stabilized picosat must have an acceptance angle... or patches spaced around the picosat for omnidirectional pattern, or an... compatible with the concept of a picosat. Such antennas are clearly feasible... per picosat will weigh under 1 gram. A conceptual level design for a picosat with... Figure 43. ! 59 Figure 43 3) Picosat functional block diagram The picosats... integrated picosat will be done with a goal of keeping the picosat weight... 60 4) Picosat propulsion and system weight The weight of the picosat can... and for translational stationkeeping. The picosat weight without propellants is estimated... i = e 3000s"10m s = 1.017 . Therefore the picosat initial mass Wf ! must be... calculates the propellant needs for a picosat to stationkeep A more accurate within... gram picosat for 10 years. is a small price ! The picosat can now... length between 3 and 9 cm. The picosat body will have a characteristic diameter... orbits as a function of altitude. 5) Picosat production and costs The large... produced Figure 48 6) Picosat deployment and retrieval Each picosat requires injection into... eject each picosat one at a time. The "V required for picosat injection is... desired orbit. For a 100 gram picosat the "V requires the expenditure of... trajectories should be adequate for picosat retrieval. 66 The situation of... scavenger swallows a picosat it would stay at that picosat’s suborbit until called... and/or laboratory setup test. • Picosat relative position determination to 3.3 cm... used. • Accurate phase control of picosat signals using distributed reference The... of phase shifts throughout the picosat constellation so that their signals... scanning and focusing. • Picosat Doppler shift nulling The picosat orbital relative motions... techniques. • Simulation of picosat constellation dynamics, allowable picosat position errors, and determination.... Once defined the constellation and picosat drifts must ! be calculated and... determined. Then the "V required for picosat position maintenance can be calculated... determined. ! • Autonomous determination of imminent picosat end-of-life The actions... for sensing, or predicting, imminent picosat demise and the hardware implications... sequence of operations. • Algorithms for picosat self-deployment and self-retrieval... transmissions and receptions of the picosat microwave transmitters and receivers. This...

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... in Figure 2.7 before an after picosat launch. Initial temperature excursions are... vehicle The OPAL (Orbiting Automated Picosat Launcher) final design ended up... shown in Figure 2.6 while one picosat is being loaded. The other... their mission objective. Figure 2.6 Loading a Picosat into OPAL One of the... D.C. area. It was the only picosat with solar cells and secondary... before after picosat launch Figure 2.8 OPAL temperatures before and after picosat launch... The first payload will be a picosat attitude control experiment. The payload... on that mission, is continuing picosat development with launches on the... AMSAT Journal, November/December 1995. 6 "Picosat Free Flying Magnetometer Experiment", Clarke...

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... diagrams (ROBDDs) • SAT solvers: – Backtracking – PicoSAT • Espresso logic minimization • Formal equivalence... expression will automatically use the PicoSAT C extension. This is an industrial... a, ~a: ... print(f.satisfy_one()) ValueError: conflicting constraints: a, ~a PicoSAT Script Starting with version 0.23... PicoSAT command-line utility. $ picosat -h usage: picosat [-h] [--version] [-n] [-a LIT] [-v] [-i {0,1,2,3}] [-P LIMIT] [-l LIMIT] [--all] [file] PicoSAT... 0.28.0 $ picosat onehot4.cnf s SATISFIABLE v -1 -2 -3 4 0 To get all satisfying solutions: $ s v s v s v s v s picosat --all... or more assumptions: $ s v $ s picosat -a 1 -a -2 onehot4.cnf SATISFIABLE 1 -2 -3 -4 0 picosat -a 1 -a 2 onehot4.cnf UNSATISFIABLE 1.5.7 Tseitin’s Encoding To take advantage of the PicoSAT... further ado, let’s use the PicoSAT fast SAT solver to crunch... 1.10.1 Version 0.28 Moved the PicoSAT and Espresso code to a top... an invalid memory access with PicoSAT extension: • Issue 119 Version 0.27... PicoSAT version 960. Got rid of some old DPLL cruft. The PicoSAT... Issue 93, picosat script fails with trivial zero input: $ picosat p cnf 0 1 0 Changed... 0.23 This version introduces a new picosat script. Now you can solve....org/en/latest/expr.html#picosat-script for details. Finally there... many input functions. Update to PicoSAT 959. Check the homepage for... with the addition of the PicoSAT C extension. The normal form data... boolalg.picosat.satisfy_all function, because it had no effect. Read through picosat...: • Added assumptions=None parameter to PicoSAT satisfy_one and satisfy_all functions. This... of extraneous picosat.py Python wrapper module. Now the PicoSAT Python interface... algorithm Release 0.16.1 Fixed bug: PicoSAT module compilation busted on Windows... yet! Integration of the popular PicoSAT fast C SAT solver makes PyEDA... support Python 3.2+ going forward. • Integrate PicoSAT, a compact SAT solver written in....boolalg.picosatPicoSAT C Extension Interface to PicoSAT SAT solver C extension Constants VERSION PicoSAT version string COPYRIGHT PicoSAT copyright statement Exceptions exception picosat.Error An error happened inside PicoSAT...() (in module pyeda.util), 76 picosat.Error, 100 point2term() (in module...

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... sample a volume of space. Each picosat is to carry a small, two... from the main satellite, each picosat will transmit its sensor readings... system is one way. The picosat simply measures and broadcasts. The... 99.999% reliable. In addition, picosat missions can be flown to... that will meet the full picosat mission requirements. Also, by this... the JPL team. Our prototype picosat contains every component that is... the technical requirements of the picosat. In many ways the cellular... picosat system and discusses each subsystem in moderate detail. The overall picosat... support design constraints on the picosat that we feel are essential... launcher is required to eject a picosat with a user commanded linear and... will be. Picosat System Overview The basic operation of a picosat is very... determine attitude dynamics of the picosat we decided to reverse the... V_ of Picosat Figure 2. Basic picosat functionality and dataflow Figure 3. Picosat overview Major... directly required for functionality, the picosat requires a power source and a structure... provide a steady platform when the picosat is spin stabilized, and provide... within operational temperature limits. • • • • The picosat system layout is shown below... will supplement magnetometer data. The picosat carries a two axis flux-gate... of a 0 to 4.5V signal. The picosat can take magnetic field strength... picosat and the other axis orthogonal to it, scanning as the picosat... the magnetometer output. If the picosat is nutating, oscillations in field... picosat operations. Its function, in principle, is very straightforward. Once the picosat... family was chosen for the picosat after a brief survey of other... confirm rotation rate for the picosat, four IR 5 radio antenna and... constraints. The requirements on the picosat to support this interface include... final picosat prototypes. Communications System Ultimately, to reach the ground, picosat data... the possibility of adding a separate picosat radio receiver onboard OPAL was... one packet. Given that the picosat baseline spin rate will be..., a loop antenna driven by the picosat transmitter was placed at various... be taken again. Thus the picosat will sample for a full rotation... sample a full rotation again, etc. Picosat dynamics can be estimated from... primary limitation comes from the picosat transmitter, which outputs only 6 dbm... preliminary, as most of the picosat transmit capabilities are theoretical at... with all hardware. Packaging The picosat is intended to fit the... maintain favorable inertia characteristics. The Picosat must also have a rigid shell... wall thickness that made the Picosat much larger than we liked... tightly constrained geometry of the picosat. Most commercially available batteries that... the size range of the picosat do not source enough current... the final balancing of the picosat once it is constructed. Potting... the picosat: the magnetometer, MCU, and transmitter. Power requirements for the picosat... due to other contraints, the picosat design is now based on... the outside edge of the picosat envelope. This allows the use... temperature would occur when the picosat was in eclipse and edge... space. Thermal Considerations Once the picosat is free from OPAL, it... are not controlled properly, the picosat may experience a dramatic temperature swing... the picosat thermal environment examines the two temperature extremes that the picosat... temperature would occur when the picosat was facing the sun with... polished aluminum will keep the picosat temperature withi~ this operational range... Paint coldi I i~ -20 If the picosat manufacturing process or transmitter constraints... higher emissivities which means the picosat temperature c~ drop much faster than... much energy and actually drop ~e pIcosat below operating range), but h~e ~an... thennal limits on picosat function. -L...-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ time (min) Figure 7. Picosat Temperature Profiles Mass Distribution Accurate balancing of the picosat is... sequence. In order for the picosat to fly correctly, spinning about... fixed in inertial space, the picosat must be ejected so that.... After release from OPAL the picosat will experience no other torques... our test picosat. Additionally, the center of mass The picosat temperature profile... the picosat from the stack and the stack advances one picosat width... of the picosat launcher is to control both the picosat spin rate..., repeatabl y. 3) The loader arm and picosat swing into position in front... on the front of the picosat. 12 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 6) The loader arm returns... home position. Loader Arm pulls Picosat offStack; Stack advances 4) The ejector... the picosat. Ejector system retracts; Loader Arm returns to Stack 7) The picosat... the edges of the picosat upon release. The picosat is chamfered and... picosat and small reaction moments from OPAL will not cause the picosat... moves forward to grab Picosat 5) Once the picosat is firmly held by.... 13 Conclusion 10) As the picosat reaches the opening in the... ejector plate decellerates leaving the picosat to continue on its own...

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... to fly in 2000 on PICOSat, a microsatellite fabricated by Surrey Satellite... hexapod assembly. A description of the PICOSat spacecraft and the other considerations... be orbited on a satellite called PICOSat. Satellites and their instruments are... continues with the following sections: PICOSat, Experiment Goals, System Architecture, Electromechanical..., Test Results, and Technology Applications. 2. PICOSAT PICOSat is a micro-satellite procured by..., England. Figure 3 shows a partially assembled PICOSat with the SUITE data control... to the Earth. Figure 3: The PICOSat microsatellite shown with the SUITE... spacecraft or its payloads. The PICOSat is about 30% more massive... four payloads or experiments on PICOSat. The others are: Coherent Electromagnetic... IOX. Because the design of PICOSat was not complete at the... research. The areas in which PICOSat constrained or drove the SUITE... most significantly were: 1. Volume. The PICOSat structure determined the overall volume... × 3.2 mm. 2. Mass and Inertia. Since PICOSat was designed using rough estimates... x-y center of the spacecraft. 3. Power. PICOSat provides power at a non-standard... provided +14 V and +5 V power from PICOSat, it was decided that SUITE.... The total power capacity of PICOSat (20-30 W) constrained the SUITE... low power components. 4. 5. 6. Communications Bus. PICOSat uses a Controller Area Network (CAN... control applications. Data Transfer Rates. PICOSat does not provide high-speed... per day. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). PICOSat has a redundant attitude control system... capabilities during the 6-12 month PICOSat mission. The goals describe a series... and recording vibration isolation. Because PICOSat is a small specialized spacecraft, sources... be turned on simultaneously. Because PICOSat presents an unusually quiet environment... actuator signals CAN bus Power PICOSat +14 V DC SUITE Ground Station... isolation and its relation to PICOSat A series of experiments designed to... and its relation to the PICOSat spacecraft are detailed on the... figure indicates, all interfaces with PICOSat are through the data control.... The particular geometry imposed by PICOSat is such that the zdirection... Earth observing Platform (EOP) of PICOSat. It includes the hexapod, i.e. the... the uncertain EMI environment of PICOSat. Figure 15 shows a typical geophone... as details on integration with PICOSat were discussed. It became apparent... the Earth Observing Compartment on PICOSat was such that the HXA... was greater from the PMA. PICOSat has magnetometers located less than... HXA was integrated with the PICOSat spacecraft in June of 1998... mm tall module tray in PICOSat and is separated from the... tasks, including communication with the PICOSat controller area network (CAN) bus... remotely from the ground when PICOSat is in orbit. The experiment... has been integrated with the PICOSat spacecraft and is planned to... and Technology Missions: The USAF PICOSat Mission Using the SSTL Modular...

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... in Figure 2.7 before an after picosat launch. Initial temperature excursions are... vehicle The OPAL (Orbiting Automated Picosat Launcher) final design ended up... shown in Figure 2.6 while one picosat is being loaded. The other... their mission objective. Figure 2.6 Loading a Picosat into OPAL One of the... D.C. area. It was the only picosat with solar cells and secondary... before after picosat launch Figure 2.8 OPAL temperatures before and after picosat launch... The first payload will be a picosat attitude control experiment. The payload... on that mission, is continuing picosat development with launches on the... AMSAT Journal, November/December 1995. 6 "Picosat Free Flying Magnetometer Experiment", Clarke...

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... System (MEMS)Based Pico Satellite (PICOSAT) Inspector (MEPSI); one DTO; eight... System (MEMS)Based Pico Satellite (PICOSAT) Inspector (MEPSI); one DTO; eight... System (MEMS)Based Pico Satellite (PICOSAT) Inspector (MEPSI); one DTO; eight... Carrier (ICC); Microelectromechanical System-Based PICOSAT Inspector (MEPSI) microsatellite; Radar Fence... Carrier (ICC); Microelectromechanical System-Based PICOSAT Inspector (MEPSI) microsatellite; Radar Fence... Carrier (ICC); Microelectromechanical System-Based PICOSAT Inspector (MEPSI) microsatellite; Radar Fence...

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... SWORD Z3 Boolector MiniSAT CUDD PicoSAT AIGER Solver API Fig. 2. multiplication... API or externally through files. PicoSAT [22] as well as MiniSAT... [24] CUDD [20] MiniSAT [23] PicoSAT [22] SWORD [25] Z3 [26... solvers, i.e. Boolector, Z3, MiniSAT, and PicoSAT. Additionally, metaSMT is used to... to run the external solvers PicoSAT, MiniSAT, PrecoSAT, and Plingeling [30... solvers. MiniSAT as well as PicoSAT are evaluated as internal and... of the solvers MiniSAT and PicoSAT over all benchmarks are 18...://fmv.jku.at/aiger/. A. Biere, “Picosat essentials,” JSAT, vol. 4, no. 2-4, pp.... 411 –416. A. Biere, “Lingeling, plingeling, picosat and precosat at SAT race...

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...-based PICOSAT Satellite Inspector (MEPSI) • MEPSI Concept legacy AFRL/IF MEPSI PICOSAT... ejection, PICOSATs separate and one PICOSAT inspects the other, downloading imagery... ground station Propulsion Target PICOSAT tether Inspector PICOSAT 15 feet max The...