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...-X-3 SMDC-ONE: An Army Nanosatellite Technology Demonstration David J. Weeks COLSA, Inc. SMDC-RDT....weeks@smdc.army.mil A. Brent Marley Cobham Analytical Services, Inc. SMDC-RDT...; (256) 955-5702 brent.marley@smdc.army.mil John R. London III...; (256) 955-5287 john.london@smdc.army.mil ABSTRACT Our nation... use by tactical land warfighters. One of these areas of desired..., Boeing, and the US Army. One technical approach that could address... Nanosatellite Effect, or SMDC-ONE, technology demonstration. The key SMDC-ONE demonstration thresholds for... of eight flight units within a one-year timeframe ending in April... demonstration to reduce schedule risk. SMDC-ONE can help establish the case... address a specific warfighter mission need. One of the major shortcomings of... provide communications from warfighters in one area to another location within... SMDC-ONE program earlier this year completed the construction and testing of one... to the seamless switching from one cell phone tower coverage area to the adjacent area as one moves overland while using a cell... SMDCONE, the design life is one year on orbit while the... escalating. The SMDC-ONE Design Approach Figure 2: SMDC-ONE Subsystem Layout SMDC-ONE took the approach... commercial-off-the-shelf parts. SMDC-ONE Environmental Testing Two qualification units... by various parts of the SMDC-ONE team. The SLA was particularly... 1: Stereo Lithography Assembly of the SMDC-ONE Satellite Weeks Figure 3: Shock Testing... to have two C2 stations, one at USASMDC/ARSTRAT Headquarters in... simulated sensor data transmitted from one or both of the C2... and thermal-vacuum conditions. Figure 6: SMDC-ONE Operational View 1 (OV-1) On some... Testing at Miltec’s Huntsville Facility SMDC-ONE uses a custom UHF-VHF transceiver... in April 2008, that the SMDC-ONE nanosatellites would be built and... nanosats remained at Miltec for SMDC-ONE Concept of Operations The objective... first flight demonstration involves a single SMDC-ONE satellite which will receive its... shown in Figure 6. The early SMDC-ONE satellites do not have onWeeks... and consistent set of expectations. SMDC-ONE DESIGN Miltec leveraged an existing... and Missile Defense Command for SMDC-ONE. Though Miltec had an extensive... was thought that all eight SMDC-ONE nanosatellites would be launched together... materialized, providing room for a single SMDC-ONE spacecraft. At the onset of... life. Early objectives of the SMDC-ONE program are shown in Table... four VHF transmitting antennas on one end of the satellite and...) UHF capability (retained from block one) Multiple satellites for the next... Small Satellites demonstration of a single SMDC-ONE satellite. Other files including text... power and a propulsion system. Though SMDC-ONE does not employ a propulsion system... drive satellite performance tradeoffs. Table 4: SMDC-ONE Program Objectives Mission Objectives Minimum... the SMDC-ONE ground track. Receive GS signal on two or more SMDC-ONE... necessary for the demonstration. Demonstrate SMDC-ONE operational life of 12 months... their normal design life of one to two years. Reliability may... Though yet to fly, the SMDC-ONE technology demonstration will help establish...

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... Asia-Pacific political environment into one in which its interests must... the world’s electrical needs for one year, and they estimate that... industry has been designated as one of 1 Stefan Halper, The Beijing.... China’s Space Policy According to one Chinese source, space policy is... in 1949, described as the “one hundred years of humiliation,” China... School of Advanced International Studies, “One almost universally shared goal in..., “The Chinese have wisely learned one key lesson from studying the... in China’s development. According to one researcher, “building China as a strong... enhancing its political status. As one analyst writes, “For a country, space... and tactical levels, writing that one should “strive to attack first... war with a quick resolution is one of the “special characteristics of... be exploited for overall success. One important factor in the development... satellite control is open, so one can intercept satellite information through... co-orbital counterspace technologies. As one researcher states, the “ample use... launch numbers are used here―one from the space consulting company....108 Bolivia China has built one communication satellite for Bolivia. China... these projects a success. According to one source, “Chinese officials at the... remote sensing satellites. According to one report, no Chinese personnel will... Loral of a launch failure involving one of their satellites built for...] voluntary partnership[s].”214 According to one source, the United States and... a strong space power. According to one source, being a strong space power... the high-end manufacturing industry, one of China’s seven strategic emerging... Beidou satellite navigation programs, and one program involving a next generation of... and robust program. According to one 2012 source, China invests less... funding figures suggest Beidou is one of the most significant space... 3). The human spaceflight program is one of China’s largest projects ever...-1 orbited Shenzhou-7 at a distance of one to two hundred kilometers. BX... a future nuclear fusion reactor, if one is ever invented. Chinese analysts..., which resulted in images with a one-meter resolution. After completing its... order to take images with one-meter resolutions. The Chang’e-2 was... 2008 with 315 “嫦娥一号所拍中国首幅月球全图发布 (组图))” [Chang’e-1 in One Shot Releases China’s First Full... sources is unknown, according to one writer, lunar military bases “are... an electro-optical imager with a one-meter resolution and a four-meter... aperture radar (SAR) payload with one-meter accuracy and may launch... as Gaofen-1. 357 According to one source, the Gaofen-7 satellite will... reported to have a resolution of one meter for the electro-optical... launched three Yaogan satellites on one launcher to form constellations suspected...: two Haiyang-1 series satellites and one Haiyang-2 satellite. China plans to... satellites in operation at any one time. The satellites are based... critical situations in less than one minute. It was also proposed... remote sensing programs, Beidou is one of China’s 16 mega-projects... orbit, a backup satellite, at least one ground station, and customer receiver...’s accuracy will be boosted to one meter and possibly even centimeters....com/blog/static/121264211201442483039223/. 85 one, if not two, launch failures... operation, causing slight change in one satellite’s orbit China conducts mid..., were not covered. According to one analysis based on numerous interviews... threat of space debris, although one analyst writes that China’s research... Dongneng1 (动能-1/DN-1), is, according to one blog posting, based on the... called the Kunpeng-7 (鲲鹏七号/Roc), though one source states that this was...-7, and Shijian-15 satellites where one of the satellites acted as... their own spacecraft. In fact, one justification given for the development... of China’s space program into one 524 “Scientists: China Should Integrate... merge the two mediums into one seamless medium. Consequently, future wars... to 11 defense S&T key laboratories, one national engineering laboratory, and five... R&D of satellite navigation and communication. One of its subordinate companies, Xi... than 600 remote sites.593 One institute under CASIC’s First Academy... institutes, a simulation center, a factory, and one public listed enterprise. With a growing... launchers.599 The academy has one design department, 10 research institutes... not be critically affected if one of these stations were inoperable... mitigation technology program is just one example. Laser ranging techniques to.... These stations―21 in China, one each in Pakistan, Namibia, Kenya... high resolution photo-reconnaissance satellites, one of the three Lacrosse signals... satellites with resolutions well below one meter, and more capable electronic... LEO ORS-1 (Operationally Responsive Space One, USA 231) 6/30/2011 U.S. Air...) NOSS 3-6, USA 238, NRO L36) SMDC-ONE 1.1 (Techsat) 9/8/2001 Electronic Surveillance/Ocean... Development LEO SMDC-ONE 1.2 (ORSES [Operationally Responsive Space Enabler Satellite]) SMDC-ONE 2.3 9/13/2012 Technology Development LEO Technology Development LEO SMDC-ONE 2.4 12...

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... from NASA NMP ST8 to SMDC TechSat - ST8 TRL6 Validation - Army & DoD SERBs - SMDC TechSat Phase 1 Flat-Sat Demo (9/11) - SMDC TechSat Phase... Inc) Colony 2 CubeSats (Boeing) SMDC-ONE CubeSats (Miltec) SMDC TechSat (Radiance/MSU/Tethers... • DM CubeSat experiment merged with SMDC High-Power Nano-Satellite experiment and called SMDC TechSat for presentation at the 2010 DoD SERB • SMDC TechSat project 9 successful PDR in... Release # 3110, 26 July 2013 SMDC TechSat Flight Experiment Configuration High...) Combines two key technologies on one spacecraft: Combines two key technologies on one spacecraft: 1) high power CubeSat 1) high... July 2013 RT0511.0031 10 SMDC TechSat DM Subsystem - Summary Phase... flight prototype that fits into SMDC TechSat chassis Distribution A: Approved for... 3D printed models of the SMDC TechSat Including DM payload processing... Public Release; Distribution Unlimited. USA SMDC/ARSTRAT Release # 3110, 26 July... “stiffener” (as required/ if required) SMDC TechSat Mock Up Phase 1 Flat... RT0511.0031 15 Partially-Integrated SMDC TechSat (circa 9/5/12) Photo courtesy... Public Release; Distribution Unlimited. USA SMDC/ARSTRAT Release # 3110, 26 July... Communication Subsystem & Antenna Stowage Integrated SMDC TechSat Phase 2 Demo (9/26/12... Public Release; Distribution Unlimited. USA SMDC/ ARSTRAT Release # 3110, 26 July... DM CubeSat technology • Leverages SMDC-funded development of SMDC TechSat technology • Significant... processing technology as part of SMDC TechSat Flat-Sat demonstration system... experiment subsystem prototype demonstrated during SMDC TechSat Phase 2 Demo at Morehead... nano-satellite form factors, e.g., SMDC TechSat, SMDC-ONE, Pumpkin Sat, et al. 19... Honeywell • The SMDC TechSat Phase 2 effort was funded under SMDC contract W9113M..., Steve Cayson, Army SERB, and SMDC For more information contact: Dr...

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... наноспутник, разработанный по американской программе SMDC-ONE, курируемой агентством космической и противоракетной обороны... через 45 минут после запуска, SMDC-ONE отделился от второй ступени от.../ARSTRAT. Основная цель первого полета SMDC-ONE состоит в демонстрации устойчивой связи космической... тактической связи и оценки производительности наноспутников. SMDC-ONE будет оставаться на орбите в течение... McDowell), в ходе пуска Falcon-9 кроме SMDC-ONE на околоземную орбиту были выведены...

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....1 Qbito Sallesat-1 Xatcobeo Munin CleanSpace One CubETH SwissCube-1 TISAT-1 PACE PHOENIX... SMDC-ONE 1 (Space & Missile Defense CommandOperational Nanosatellite Effect) SMDC-ONE 2.1 (Able) SMDC-ONE 2.2 (Baker) SMDC-ONE 2.3 (Charlie) SMDC-ONE 2.4 (David) SMDC-ONE 2.5 SMDC-ONE 2.6 SMDC-ONE...

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...) 2.08 CMOS Clear (JP30) 2.09 SMDC Connector (J30) 2.10 Intel High... - 1.00 Congratulations! You have purchased one of the most powerful Intel... ports in total System Management – One(1) 4-pin CPU fan header – Two... – CD-in connector Expansion Slots – One PCI-E ×16 slot (w/ ×16 signal from MCH) – One PCI 32-bit, 33MHz slot... (side-by-side) – One 15-pin VGA port – One 9-pin COM port.../S5 states supported Integrated I/O Interfaces – One floppy connector – Four SATA Ⅱ ports... connector for optional Tyan IPMI SMDCOne Chassis LCD module Interface connector... See Section 2.08 J30 2 × 25 SMDC Connector See Section 2.09 J99... Pin_3 2-3: Connect LANA SMBus to SMDC SMBus Pin_1 12 http://www... power on the system 2.09 - SMDC Connector (J30) For connection with... Server Management Daughter Card (SMDC). The SMDC connector is compatible with only the Tyan M3291 (SMDC). 13 http://www.tyan.com... modules are supported. • At least one 240-Pin unbuffered DDR2 DIMM... that it is inserted only one way. The method of installing... supplied two SATA cables and one SATA power adapter for boards... to accept connectors in only one direction, make sure to be... searches an operating system on one of the system’s data storage... drive, CD-ROM, etc). If one is found, the BIOS will.../PgDn Keys Function Moves from one selection to the next Change from one menu to the next More... of a byte of data along one wire, and receives data on... is transmitted in serial form, one bit after another). Parallel ports... same. That is, one DIMM module fits into one DIMM socket, which... important that there is only one device hooked up to each...: the amount of time that one part of a system spends waiting... connect multiple PCI devices onto one PCI slot. Pipeline burst SRAM... hardware. PXE (Preboot Execution Environment): one of four components that together.... By transferring data alternately from one set of addresses and then...-synchronous RAM, which must close one address bank before opening the... of a byte of data along one wire, and receives data on... is transmitted in serial form, one bit after another). SCSI Interrupt... Serial Bus): a versatile port. This one port type can function as... user is encouraged to try one or more of the following...

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... SHIELDED MILD DETONATING CORD (SMDC) Q3-15. ONE-WAY EXPLOSIVE TRANSFER (8) CANOPY... DETONATING CORD (FDC) (2) EXPLOSIVE MANIFOLD ONE-WAY EXPLOSIVE TRANSFER EXPLOSIVE MANIFOLDS... conditions without initiating seat ejection. One initiator is actuated with the... initiators, shielded mild detonating cord (SMDC)/gas initiators, gas generators, inert... and manifolds, explosive manifolds, and one-way explosive transfers. External Canopy... confined detonating cord (FCDC), and SMDC. Two XSMDC cords are routed... jettison gas generator to the SMDC, and starboard XSMDC to port.... Initiators (SMDC to Gas/Gas to SMDC) The system has four SMDC to... two NFO) and four gas SMDC initiators (two pilot and two... quick-disconnect. The gas to SMDC initiators are activated by pyrotechnic... jettison and seat ejection. The SMDC to gas initiators are activated... canopy jettison initiator. 3-9 transfer in one direction only. If an explosive... seat disconnect to the gas SMDC initiators mounted on the initiator... sends an explosive signal through SMDC lines to safe-and-arm... (fig. 3-5) throughout SMDC lines allow the interconnection of SMDC lines. Explosive Manifolds Explosive manifolds within SMDC line routing... crossover that permits SMDC to fire both output SMDC lines. The manifolds... structural support for mounting the SMDC lines to the aircraft structure... system SMDC lines to fire the SMDC to gas initiators. The SMDC to... cartridge. One-Way Explosive Transfers One-way explosive transfers (fig. 3-5), within SMDC line... the SMDC lines of the seat ejection system by the one-way explosive transfers. Inert connectors joining the SMDC lines... lock separates SMDC explosive manifolds within SMDC lines, which allows output SMDC lines to be initiated from one SMDC.... What component provides interconnection of SMDC lines? Q3-23. Explosive manifolds... component prevents explosive transfer in one direction only? crewmembers after ditching.... The emergency egress system uses SMDC instead of hot gas, as... severance explosive-shaped charges, SMDC, FCDC, and SMDC one-way transfers. LEARNING OBJECTIVE.../HATCH INTERNAL JETTISON HANDLE/INITIATOR SMDC TUBING ASSEMBLY (TYP) LEFT FILLETSEVERANCE... TRANSFER BLOCK (RIGHT OPPOSITE) LEFT SMDC ONE-WAY TRANSFER (RIGHT OPPOSITE) LEFT... pilot and copilot windows. An SMDC or FCDC connects to a transfer... external jettison initiator through the SMDC and FCDC segments. The explosive... HATCH SEVERANCE OUTLET PORT FOR SMDC ASSY BODY FIRING PIN SHIELD... ASSEMBLY SPRING OUTLET PORT FOR SMDC ASSEMBLY SEAR PIN BODY SAFETY... handle/initiator (anyone), to the SMDC, to the explosive charge, which... not be cut, since the SMDC one-way transfer (check valve) restricts... Flexible Confined Detonating Cord The SMDC and FCDC segments act as... the emergency egress system. The SMDC and FCDC connect all external... end of the next adjacent SMDC segment, which acts as acceptor... sequence with another system. The SMDC is considered to be more... Mild-Detonating Cord One-Way Transfer Two SMDC one-way transfers are located.... The SMDC one-way transfer acts as a check valve or one-way detonating transfer device. The SMDC one-way transfer is... or SENSO) segment of the SMDC one-way transfer will not transfer... A3-19. XSMDC, FCDC, and SMDC A3-20. Internal canopy initiators... and manifolds A3-23. SMDC A3-24. One-way explosive transfers A3... 3-15 A3-30. SMDC, FCDC A3-31. SMDC one-way transfer valve A3... Naval Airborne Weapons Maintenance Unit One (NAWMU-1) executive officer (designator 636X... that shuts off one inlet port. Therefore, only one inlet port is... has two test ports: one for ECM and one for radar. The... sensor contains two sensing elements. One performs the primary sensing function... to ensure uninterrupted operation should one fail. RECHARGE VALVE.—The recharge...-1—Naval Airborne Weapons Maintenance Unit One. SMDC—Shielded mild detonating cord. NFO... Aircrew Common Ejection Seat (NACES) 1-1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1-2. 1-4. One Two Three Four 1-9. 1-10. 1-11... canopy pneumatic reservoir? 1. 2. 3. 4. One Two Three Four One Two Three Four The... pressure reducers? One Two Three Four 2-15. 1. 2. 3. 4. 2-16. 2-18. One Two Three... jettison initiator from entering the SMDC lines of the seat ejection... psi 4. 500 psi One Two Three Four One-way explosive transfer Manifold check valve Jettison relief valve SMDC... XO 2-38. Why is an SMDC explosive system more favorable than... by what crewmember(s)’s initiator? 1. 2. 3. 4. 2-32. SMDC FSDC MK 90 MK 53... that at sea level? 1. 2. 3. 4. One-quarter One-half Three-quarters No difference... periods at what maximum temperature? One Two Three Four 4-14. 1. 2. 3. 4. 4-15...? 1. 2 microns 2. 4 microns 3. 8 microns 4. 10 microns One Two Three Four Which of... the cabin pressure regulator control? 1. 2. 3. 4. One Two Three Four The cabin... than freezing. 1. True 2. False One-fourth One-half Two-thirds Three-fourths...? 1. Liquid systems are less dangerous 2. One LOX converter replaces several of...

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...-the-shelf (COTS) subsystems available. One of the many reasons for... and power, ACS has been one of the least developed subsystems... communication is achieved At least one uplink and downlink is achieved..., TacSat-6 CubeSat by the U.S. Army SMDC (Space and Missile Defense Command... altitudes were inserted; otherwise, only one mission operational altitude was used... 3U 71 72 2010 2011 SMDC-ONE 1 NANOSAIL-D-002 COMM Tech Demo... 2012 2012 2012 2012 2013 SMDC ONE 1.1 SMDC ONE 1.2 FITSAT-1 RAIKO TECHEDSAT AAUSAT 3 COMM... VELOX-P 2 FIREBIRD 1 FIREBIRD 2 IPEX M-CUBED-2 SMDC-ONE 2.3 SMDC-ONE 2.4 Tech Demo Scientific Scientific Tech...., 2015). During the data analysis, one particular CubeSat constellation, Flock by... (Figure 5). Besides the launch failures, one fourth of all launched CubeSats... January 5, 2016). Swartwout, M. (2010): A First One Hundred CubeSats: A Statistical Look. JOSS...

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... orbit has grown exponentially from one in 2002, to eight in... different main groups. The first one is Earth Copyright © A. Deepak Publishing... values because something that for one group may be very important..., for “measuring ocean surface salinity,” one or more of these sensors... vary from project to project. One way of assigning a normalized score... the highest results is the one that should be considered as... in the Tropics. It is one of the Central American nations... but also because it is one of the country’s Copyright © A. Deepak... on all five relevant missions, one of them— Water Color Monitoring... in Guatemala, while a weight of one (mostly unimportant) was given to..., the data points produced by one CubeSat would be limited in... a possibility of fulfilling more than one of the previous researched functions... at: . Swartwout, M. (2013): The First One Hundred CubeSats: A Statistical Look. JoSS... mission type was identified as one of the following: A-astronomy/astrophysics... CubeSats have had more than one of these mission types, for... T USA Success (eoPortal, 2016) 2010 SMDC ONE 3U CM 2011 NanoSail-D2... 2012 Re (STARE) 3U 2012 SMDC ONE 2.1 3U CM- T Communications Communications and... USA Success (eoPortal, 2016) 2012 SMDC ONE 2.2 3U CM- T Communications Communications and... Success (eoPortal, 2016) 2013 SMDC ONE 3.1 3U T 2013 SMDC ONE 3.2 3U T 1U T 2013 SNAP...

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... for Actionable Refinement of Ephemeris) SMDC-ONE 2.1 „Able“ (Space Missile Defense Command... Watching & Investigation from Space Height) SMDC-ONE 2.2 „Baker“ (Space Missile Defense Command...) 2011.10.28 U 107 TR SMDC-ONE 1 (Space Missile Defense Command – Operational....12.06 PEPPOD 1U SNaP (SMDC Nanosatellite Program) ALICE (AFIT LEO... PE SMDC-ONE 2.3 (Charlie) (Space Missile Defense Command – Operational Nanosatellite Effect) SMDC-ONE 2.4 (David...