Спутник технологический. SNaP-3 ALICE. [Редактировать]

SNaP (SMDC Nanosatellite Program) это экспериментальные космические аппараты которые базируются на основе платформы 3U CubeSat. Разработчиком аппаратов выступила армия США. Целью запуска космических аппаратов является отработка технологий предоставления спутниковой связи для различного типа пользователей. Масса каждого из аппаратов составляет около 5 кг.

Дополнительная классификация

1Тип оператора(владельца) - военные
2Страна оператор(владелец) - США
3Страна производитель - США

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг5
2Платформа 1x3U CubeSat

Информация об удачном запуске

1Космодром База Ванденберг
2Дата пуска2015-10-08
3Полезная нагрузка 1xPropCube 3
4Полезная нагрузка 1xBisonSat
5Полезная нагрузка 1xARC 1
6Полезная нагрузка 1xAeroCube 7A
7Полезная нагрузка 1xAeroCube 5C
8Полезная нагрузка 1xSINOD-D 3
9Полезная нагрузка 1xIntruder 7A
10Полезная нагрузка 1xIntruder 7B
11Полезная нагрузка 1xPropCube 1
12Полезная нагрузка 1xSINOD-D 1
13Полезная нагрузка 1xFox 1A
14Полезная нагрузка 1xSNaP-3 JIMI
15Полезная нагрузка 1xSNaP-3 EDDIE
16Полезная нагрузка 1xLMRSTSat
17Полезная нагрузка 1xSNaP-3 ALICE
18Ракета-носитель 1xАтлас 5 401

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... chapter). Alice and Bob are neighbors, and they share a yard. Alice owns... along. After some unfortunate experiences, Alice and Bob agree that they.... How should they do it? Alice and Bob need to agree...). The yard is large, so Alice cannot simply look out of..., and what if it rains? Alice might lean out the window..., or recharging his phone’s batteries. Alice has a clever idea. She sets... flawed. The problem is that Alice can place only a limited number... Spring Break? As long as Alice relies on over, but what..., she might run out. So Alice and Bob try a different approach... visible to the other. When Alice wants to release her cat... Alice’s flag is raised a) Bob lowers his flag b) Bob waits until Alice... further study as a solution to Alice and Bob’s problem. On an... the following flag principle. If Alice and Bob each 1. raises his... together. What if, for example, Alice lets her cat in and... together. Consider the last time Alice and Bob each raised their... pet into the yard. When Alice last looked, her flag was... completed raising his flag before Alice started looking. It follows that... been after Alice started looking, so he must have seen Alice’s flag... protocol is a correct solution to Alice and Bob’s problem, we must... noted earlier, a protocol in which Alice and Bob never release a pet... be essential. We claim that Alice and Bob’s protocol is deadlock... want to use the yard. Alice and Bob each raise their flags. Bob eventually notices that Alice’s flag is raised, and defers... succeed? Here, Alice and Bob’s protocol performs poorly. Whenever Alice and Bob..., Bob defers to Alice, so it is possible that Alice’s cat can... interest concerns waiting. Imagine that Alice raises her flag, and is.... Although Bob is relieved that Alice is well, his dog cannot... for an entire week until Alice returns. The problem is that...) must wait for Alice to lower her flag. If Alice is delayed... fault-tolerance. Normally, we expect Alice and Bob to respond to... and weaknesses of Bob and Alice’s protocols, we now turn our... unleash his dog, but if Alice is not able to respond... only problem worth investigating. Eventually, Alice and Bob fall in love... they thinking?) The judge gives Alice custody of the pets, and... another, but they side with Alice, and attack Bob whenever they see him. As a result, Alice and Bob need to devise... should not waste anyone’s time: Alice does not want to release... places a can standing up on Alice’s windowsill, ties one end of... down. From now on, when Alice wants to release the pets... pets. 3. When the pets return, Alice checks whether they finished the... last section both ensure that Alice and Bob are never in... at the same time. Nevertheless, Alice and Bob cannot use this... can to be raised by Alice, the pets must first leave... case that infinitely often Alice’s pets are hungry, there is... since the pets are hungry, Alice will eventually raise the can... not enter the yard until Alice raises the can, which she... Readers–Writers Problem Bob and Alice eventually decide they love their... lifting one tile at a time. Alice, at her leisure, reads the... the message: sell the cat Alice, looking through her telescope, transcribes... a new message wash the dog Alice, continuing to scan across the... solve the readers–writers problem. Alice and Bob can use the... protocol to make sure that Alice reads only complete sentences. She..., where Bob produces sentences and Alice consumes them. If this problem... Most of the parable of Alice and Bob is adapted from... see whether the can on Alice’s windowsill is up or down... cannot see the state of Alice’s can (this is how real... the register’s actual value, and a snap field containing that thread’s most... T value; public T[] snap; public StampedSnap(T value) { stamp = 0; value = value; snap = null; } public StampedSnap(long label, T value, T[] snap) { label = label; value = value; snap = snap...(T value) { int me = ThreadID.get(); T[] snap = scan(); StampedSnap oldValue = a_table[me... = new StampedSnap (oldValue.stamp+1, value, snap); a_table[me] = newValue; } public T[] scan...[j].stamp) { if (moved[j]) { return oldCopy[j].snap;; } else { moved[j] = true; oldCopy = newCopy...

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... RECTANGLE SHAPE 74,76 27712 ALICE SMALL BLACK STRUCTURED 567,00... SQUARE SIDE 69,53 27713 ALICE SMALL WHITE STRUCTURED 567,00... RECTANGLE SIDE 69,53 27714 ALICE SMALL CORTEN STEEL 648,00.../28/35W 288,74 27715 ALICE MEDIUM BLACK STRUCTURED 1 134,00.../28/35W 360,96 27716 ALICE MEDIUM WHITE STRUCTURED 1 134,00.../54/49W 288,74 27717 ALICE MEDIUM CORTEN STEEL 1 417,50.../54/49W 360,96 27718 ALICE LARGE BLACK STRUCTURED 3 550,50... 1hour 80W 306,44 27719 ALICE LARGE WHITE STRUCTURED 3 550,50... 3hours 80W 396,72 27720 ALICE LARGE CORTEN STEEL 3 820,50... COSMIC 2xQR111 360,76 27721 ALICE GROUNDSPIKE SMALL 24,30 26801 COSMIC 4xQR111 597,12 27722 ALICE GROUNDSPIKE MEDIUM 24,30 26802... 2xQR111 TI 645,11 27723 ALICE GROUNDSPIKE LARGE 91,80 26803... P 4xMR16 AS 737,37 27750 ALICE SMALL BS CW 90-250... P 2xQR111 AS 441,63 27751 ALICE SMALL BS CW 24V DC... P 4xQR111 AS 737,37 27752 ALICE SMALL BS WW 90-250... 2xMR16 AS 602,18 27753 ALICE SMALL BS WW 24V DC... 4xMR16 AS 879,04 27754 ALICE SMALL WS CW 90-250...-ON 2xQR111 311,89 27755 ALICE SMALL WS CW 24V DC...-ON 3xQR111 453,72 27756 ALICE SMALL WS WW 90-250...-ON 4xQR111 601,33 27757 ALICE SMALL WS WW 24V DC... BLACK STRUCTURED 567,00 27758 ALICE SMALL CS CW 90-250... WHITE STRUCTURED 567,00 27759 ALICE SMALL CS CW 24V DC... CORTEN STEEL 648,00 27760 ALICE SMALL CS WW 90-250... BLACK STRUCTURED 1 134,00 27761 ALICE SMALL CS WW 24V DC... WHITE STRUCTURED 1 134,00 27762 ALICE MEDIUM BS CW 90-250... CORTEN STEEL 1 417,50 27763 ALICE MEDIUM BS CW 24V DC... BLACK STRUCTURED 3 550,50 27764 ALICE MEDIUM BS WW 90-250... WHITE STRUCTURED 3 550,50 27765 ALICE MEDIUM BS WW 24V DC... CORTEN STEEL 3 820,50 27766 ALICE MEDIUM WS CW 90-250... BLACK STRUCTURED 486,00 27767 ALICE MEDIUM WS CW 24V DC... BLACK STRUCTURED 788,40 27768 ALICE MEDIUM WS WW 90-250... WHITE STRUCTURED 788,40 27769 ALICE MEDIUM WS WW 24V DC... Цена, € Артикул Описание Цена, € 27770 ALICE MEDIUM CS CW 90-250.../54 EVG 213,30 27771 ALICE MEDIUM CS CW 24V DC.../54 EVG 272,70 27772 ALICE MEDIUM CS WW 90-250.../49 EVG 280,80 27773 ALICE MEDIUM CS WW 24V DC... OUT ENDCAP 27,00 27774 ALICE LARGE BS CW 90-250... QR-CBC25 139,05 27775 ALICE LARGE BS CW 24V DC... HAL 20W 205,32 27776 ALICE LARGE BS WW 90-250... 27777 ALICE LARGE BS WW 24V DC 3 550,50 28419 MCF/SNAP WALL FIXINGSET 1PIECE 31,91 27778 ALICE LARGE WS CW 90-250 V 3 550,50 28424 MCF/SNAP-WALLBOX ANOSILVER 55,16 27779 ALICE LARGE WS... T-CONNECTION HORIZ. 66,84 27780 ALICE LARGE WS WW 90-250... X-CONNECTION HORIZ. 66,84 27781 ALICE LARGE WS WW 24V DC.../24 EVG 232,20 27782 ALICE LARGE CS CW 90-250.../39 EVG 240,30 27783 ALICE LARGE CS CW 24V DC.../54 EVG 248,40 27784 ALICE LARGE CS WW 90-250.../49 EVG 259,20 27785 ALICE LARGE CS WW 24V DC... EVG 245,70 28067 MCF/SNAP OPAL PC 11,12 28441....HORIZONTAL 55,62 28069 MCF/SNAP CLEAR PC+INSERT 115° 27...-CE111 35 460,20 34952 SNAP-KIT D 28/54 EVG WS...-CE111 70 460,20 34962 SNAP DUO-KIT D 28/54 EVG... PLANOS PROFILE-M 199,33 35000 SNAP PROFILE - M 108,81 32802 PLANOS ENDCAP 40,50 35002 SNAP ENDCAP 27,00 32804 PLANOS... 60°-180° 44,06 35005 SNAP D+P 1X14/24 EVG 194,40.../24 EVG 321,30 35007 SNAP D+P 1X21/39 EVG 205,20.../39 EVG 340,20 35009 SNAP D+P 1X28/54 EVG 213,30.../54 EVG 356,40 35012 SNAP D+P 1X35/49 EVG 226,80... ENDCAP LEFT 40,50 35015 SNAP-MOD HAL 20W 205,24... ENDCAP RIGHT 40,50 35018 SNAP HALF-IN MOUNTINGSET 23,79.../54 EVG 310,50 35019 SNAP 90° CONNECTION HORIZONTAL 67,08.../24 EVG 318,60 35024 SNAP QR-CBC25 EXCL TE 139.../39 EVG 334,80 35026 SNAP-KIT D 28/54 EVG 421.../54 EVG 345,60 35027 SNAP DUO-KIT D 28/54 EVG.../54 EVG 477,90 35031 SNAP T-CONNECTION 69,80 32837 PLANOS.../24 EVG 410,40 35032 SNAP X-CONNECTION 69,80 32838 PLANOS.../39 EVG 453,60 35033 SNAP FULL IN BRACKET 27,81.../54 EVG 496,80 35034 SNAP 60-180°CONNECT.HORIZONTAL 69... STRAIGHT CONNECTION 55,62 35035 SNAP 90° CONNECTION VERITCAL 67,08... 35W+2XQR111 1 146,58 35036 SNAP 100°-170° CONN.VERTICAL 69... 1XQR-LP111 321,75 35047 SNAP STRAIGHT CONNECTION 41,72 32860...-MOD 1XMR16 332,99 35050 SNAP DUO D+P 2X14/24 EVG 245...-MOD 2XMR16 498,35 35051 SNAP DUO D+P 2X21/39 EVG 264... Цена, € Артикул Описание Цена, € 35052 SNAP DUO D+P 2X28/54 EVG 272.../49 EVG 259,20 35053 SNAP DUO D+P 2X35/49 EVG 278... HAL 1X35W 160,02 35055 SNAP SEAMLESS D+PL 14/24 213...° CONNECTION HORIZONTAL 44,05 35056 SNAP SEAMLESS D+PL 21/39 EVG...° CONN.VERTICAL 69,53 35057 SNAP SEAMLESS D+PL 28/54 234.../54 EVG 564,54 35058 SNAP SEAMLESS DUO D+PL 14/24... EVG WS 597,92 35059 SNAP SEAMLESS DUO D+PL 21/39... EVG CSL 810,00 35060 SNAP SEAMLESS DUO D+PL 28/54...

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... essential ser- 16 The UNHCR Snap Survey found that 20% of... Kabul, UNHCR stated that a preliminary snap survey shows that only 0.5% of... access to services. The UNHCR snap survey suggests that at least... in the summary of the snap survey later supplied by UNHCR..., but two sites near Kabul, Alice-Ghan and Barikab, were selected.... Case 10 Alice-Ghan Land Allocation Site The Alice-Ghan project began... for beneficiaries between Kabul and Alice-Ghan. • August 2008: Few employment... exist in the area of Alice-Ghan. • September 2008: The land... the 1,100 houses built at Alice-Ghan, only 200-300 houses... the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador to Alice-Ghan in March 2011, the... to work on the site. Alice-Ghan gets a lot of attention... have not reintegrated successfully. UNHCR’s snap survey found that 40% of... work on sites such as Alice-Ghan where there is almost...

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EVALUATION OF THE DANISH REGION OF ORIGIN INITIATIVE IN AFGHANISTAN EVALUATION 2012.01 66 Da rya 70 68° ° UZBEKISTAN ° Qurghonteppa Jeyretan JAWZJAN Dowlatabad Tedzhen shg y Gu Now Zad t ar ah Farah Tirin Kot Kajaki F Delara Ku Lashkar Gah Tank Ro National capital Kandahar Zhob Zaranj HILMAND NIMROZ Chehar Borjak Zahedan Hilmand Spin Buldak Chaman KANDAHAR ° Deh Shu 0 0 64 ° 66 ° Town, village 68 ° 50 100 50 150 100 70 ° 200 Airports International boundary Dotted line represents approximately the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir agreed upon by India and Pakistan. The final status of Jammu and Kashmir has not yet been agreed upon by the parties. Gowd-e Zereh 62 Provincial capital The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations. Quetta Map No. 3958 Rev. 7 UNITED NATIONS June 2011 ° PAKISTAN PAKTIKA h ra Lu Kadesh Zabol 32 Rawalpindi an da b T ° INDIA IRAN sh Kha ZABUL 34 Islamabad rP ass Bannu Sharan gh Ar Qalat nak ar m Peywar Pass Peshawar Khost (Matun) Khas Uruzgan URUZGAN FARAH OF ° Ghazni Qarah Bagh ru Ha and Kashmir Mardan Gardez PAKTYA KHOST GHAZNI Shindand Anar Darreh Jammu Jalalabad NANGARHAR LOGAR Pul-e-Alam d an lm He Nili Kabul KABUL be Khy REPUBLIC 30 Maydan Shahr WARDAK DAY KUNDI GHOR HE RAT AT HI R Bamyan ° AFGHANISTAN MA Dowlat Chaghcharan Yar Karokh Owbeh 36 Gilgit Indus Herat Hirat s u h Bazarak Mahmud-eNURISTAN Raqi runs KUNAR Chaharikar N Po KAPISA Asad Abad PARWAN Mehtarlam BAMYAN rghab wd -e ISLAMIC Mo K Farkhar Dowshi Qala-I-Panjeh r mi Pa u d BAGHLAN n i H PANJSHER Aybak SARI PUL 34 ° Baghlan BADGHIS Qala-e-Naw rirud Khanabad TAKHAR Kholm SAMANGAN Tokzar Jorm Eshkashem Kunduz Qeysar Taybad 32 Shulgarah Sari Pul Towraghondi Ha BALKH Maymana Gushgy ° KUNDUZ Taluqan Taloqan Shiberghan Mazar-e-Sharif FARYAB Fayz Fayzabad Abad Rostaq Andkhvoy ° TAJIK ISTAN BADAKHSHAN Khorugh Dusti LAGH rgab Keleft iz rm Murgho 74 b ° n ar Te Mu Kiroya TURKMENISTAN ° 72 a-ye (Kurgan-Tyube) Kerki Mary 36 D ar y ° CH INA A mu 64 AFGHANISTAN Provincial boundary Main road 250 km 30 Secondary road ° Railroad 150 mi 72 ° 74 ° Department of Field Support Cartographic Section Evaluation of the Danish Region of Origin Initiative in Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark May 2012 © Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark May 2012 Production: Cover photo: Graphic Production: Print: Evaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Franz-Michael Mellbin Ph7 kommunikation, Århus Rosendahls - Schultz Grafisk ISBN: e-ISBN: 978-87-7087-642-1 978-87-7087-643-8 Suggested citation: Cosgrave J, Bryld E, and L Jacobsen (2012) Evaluation of the Danish Region of Origin Initiative in Afghanistan. This report can be obtained free of charge by ordering from www.evaluation.dk or from www.danida-publikationer.dk. This report can be downloaded through the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs www.um.dk or directly from the homepage of the Evaluation Department www.evaluation.dk. Contact: eval@um.dk Responsibility for the content and presentation of findings and recommendations rests with the authors. Table of Contents Abbreviations 6 Glossary of Terms 8 Executive Summary 9 1 Introduction 1.1 Report structure 17 17 2 Methodology 2.1 Challenges 20 22 3 The context 3.1 The Danish policy context 3.2 Donor context 3.3 The Afghan political and policy context 3.4 The Afghan refugee, returnee, and IDP context 3.5 The Afghan social context 3.6 The ROI programme 23 23 24 25 25 28 29 4 Relevance and appropriateness 4.1 ROI 4.2 DACAAR 4.3 UNHCR 4.4 NSP 4.5 NRC 35 35 37 40 44 45 5 Effectiveness 5.1 ROI 5.2 DACAAR 5.3 UNHCR 5.4 NSP 5.5 NRC 48 48 49 51 54 55 6 Efficiency 6.1 ROI 6.2 Overhead costs, transparency and financial reporting 6.3 DACAAR 6.4 UNHCR 6.5 NSP 6.6 NRC 58 58 60 62 65 70 70 7 Impact 7.1 ROI 7.2 DACAAR 7.3 UNHCR 72 72 74 76 3 Table of Contents 7.4 7.5 NSP NRC 78 80 8 Sustainability 8.1 ROI 8.2 DACAAR 8.3 UNHCR 8.4 NSP 8.5 NRC 82 82 82 86 87 88 9 Conclusions 9.1 Coherence 9.2 Meetings needs 9.3 Targeted beneficiaries 9.4 Effectiveness 9.5 ROI partners 9.6 Learning 9.7 Impact 9.8 Making a difference 9.9 Management 90 90 90 91 91 92 92 93 93 93 10 Recommendations and lessons 10.1 Recommendations for Danida and other development partners 10.2 Recommendations for the Embassy 10.3 Recommendations for implementing agencies 10.4 Recommendations for individual agencies 10.5 Lessons 95 95 97 97 99 99 Annex A Terms of Reference (abridged) 104 Annex B Persons met 114 Annex C Conflict analysis 127 Annex D Bibliography of references cited 134 The following annexes to the Evaluation Report can be downloaded from www.evaluation.dk Annex E Feedback from participants at the debriefing workshop Annex F Consultant itinerary Annex G Methodology Annex H Evaluation matrix Annex I Interview guides Annex J The policy context Annex K The Afghan context Annex L Direct and indirect costs definitions Annex M Danish support for Afghanistan Annex N ...

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... gave us a presentation on the Snap 8 competition. 11 It was interesting... is a seemingly normal practice II SNAP (System for Nuclear Auxiliary Power... the power conversion equipment for SNAP-8 and to integrate the reactor... 1970 to phase out the SNAP-8 program during FY 1971, but... and Astronautics ... 1915-1960, p. 121; "SNAP-S" folder, NASA Historical Reference Collection... the firm's bid on the Snap-8 program, he and his colleagues... the day with George and Alice Brown and his brother Herman... York: Simon and Schuster, 1968]; Alice Smith and Charles Weiner, Robert..., a Juno II launch vehicle with Alice before dressing lifted offits launching.... Back home with George and Alice and off to bed because... back on Thursday morning with Alice taking over at home with..., on 9 July 1993 Glennan identified Alice as "our respected maid." 308...

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... cruised to re-election in a snap contest supporters and critics criticized... the 2011 mayoral election. The snap election, called by Hashimoto in... plan. (Eric Johnston, “Hashimoto Wins Snap Mayoral Election amind Record Low... of the Lewis Carroll fantasy “Alice in Wonderland,” with which he... his own spin-off of “Alice in Wonderland.” Francis Cole — an... to help produce his own Alice-inspired fantasy tale in the... piece the whole thing, named “Alice in Red,” together, according to... wanted it to have an Alice in Wonderland-like feel,” one... Pearson and Ju-min Park, “Alice in Wonderland, Steampunk, and a Flase.../14 PM Abe Shinzo announced a snap election after its economy tipped... into Recession and Heads toward Snap Election,” November 18, 2014) United... dissolve the Lower House for a snap election, a November 19-20 Asahi... the 523 chamber to hold a snap election, 62 percent said they... Nonsupport Rate after Abe Calls Snap Election,” November 21, 2014) 11...

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...'s Dictionary Page 33 of 634 Alice and Bob: all your base... called. Node:aliasing bug, Next:Alice and Bob, Previous:Alderson loop... communities in the 1960s. Node:Alice and Bob, Next:all your... us, Previous:aliasing bug, Up:= A = Alice and Bob n. The archetypal individuals... calling them Alice and Bob. So now we say "Alice communicates with... be sure, Alice tests that Bob knows a secret number K. Alice sends to... key K and sends Y back to Alice". A whole mythology rapidly grew up... of dramatis personae headed by Alice and Bob. Others include Carol... us, Next:all-elbows, Previous:Alice and Bob, Up:= A = all your... about...." See dangling pointer and snap. 2. [Cambridge] `pointer chase' http://www... to the allocated memory. Compare snap (to snap a handle would defeat its... Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" in which Alice confronts magic munchies...: SNAFU principle: snail: snail-mail: snap: snarf: snarf & barf: snarf down... you?" Node:snail-mail, Next:snap, Previous:snail, Up:= S = snail-mail... email. Node:snap, Next:snarf, Previous:snail-mail, Up:= S = snap v. To replace... the hopes that you will `snap your pointer' and dial direct... error check once and then snap the pointer that invoked it...:snarf, Next:snarf & barf, Previous:snap, Up:= S = snarf /snarf/ vt. 1. To... sometimes termed `unswizzling'. See also snap. Node:sync, Next:syntactic salt... the true trampoline. See also snap. Node:trap, Next:trap door... it's a transferable role. "Talk to Alice, she's wearing the TCP/IP...

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... AGIT AIAD AIPAS Airbus DS ALICE ALR AMRA AP ARPAB ASAS... SGPBF SHMI SHOM SIG SME SNAP SPG SRC SSGP ST STAR... supporting the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) EU EU.31 Mapping Urban... took part in a simulation game "Alice in Wonderland" with use of... and Collaboration in Emergency system (ALICE). Day one was devoted to..., all day long simulation game “Alice in Wonderland”, when the participants... supporting the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) Initiative type Start-up Initiative... Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) to intensify understanding of SNAP and to jointly develop a software using and/or extending SNAP. The SNAP...

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... later be known as the ALICE clip although it was introduced... Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE). In 1957, the U. S. Air Force... an equipment belt with metal snap “button” fasteners for securing ammunition... drab nylon pouches attached by ALICE clips held two magazines. The... attachment grooves and a muzzle end snap ring brush protector groove. These... springs and a beryllium-copper alloy snap ring. There is one coil... appreciable distance as they will snap off. If the rear tab... significantly and it does not snap off, it is likely a commercial... cleaning kit pouch has a single ALICE clip for attachment to the... instead of cotton, a double-stitched ALICE clip holder and heavier thread... belt by use of a single ALICE clip. The second version of... reinforced neoprene. It had two ALICE belt clips and tie down... following: 1) handle latches had to snap back when depressed and lock... PM080). Magazine Pouches – Commercial reproduction ALICE system M14 magazine pouches have...-3698 limit 1.6455 " gas piston snap gage 7274757 4933-647-3695... 5220-00-916-9527 adjustment snap gage 7479462 4933-917-1068...-0198 canvas pouch with two snap buttons T140 and M76 grenade... attach a M14 rifle to an ALICE ruck sack, U. S. Army Quartermaster Corps..., Jr. pistol belt clip (M1956, ALICE load bearing equipment) 579 LEE...

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... two private corporations: odd-numbered SNAP programs using radioisotopes were spearheaded... equipment (as in SNAP-1) was given the designation SNAP-3. It yielded results... AEC. Lieutenant Colonel G.M. Anderson, formerly SNAP project officer in ANPO, became...) SNAP systems. “We have requirements on the SNAP 2, the SNAP 10, and SNAP 8, with... testing.” 1° Potentials and Precautions The SNAP-3, which was demonstrated to President... our working SNAP devices.”” The first proof-of-principle SNAP was shown....5s A second successful launching of a SNAP-3A, aboard a Tmnsit-4-B navigational satellite... prepared to provide two SNAP devices-designated SNAP- lls—to NASA for... of the pioneering SNAP devices were over. A successful SNAP-9A launch on..., which flew in 1961 SNAP-3AS. The SNAP-9A, like the 3A... the two SNAP-3A launches: In preparation for the SNAP-9A launches... technology, 16 January 1959. Viewingthe SNAP-3 demonstration device dkplayed on President... space. (Source Teledyne Corporation.) 48 SNAP 19 RADIOISOTOPE ELECTRIC GENERATOR wmLE3eLy... of a requirement for SNAP-19. The use of SNAP-19 on the... in curies for SNAP-19, the fuel form for SNAP-19 had... a replacement Nimbus-B weather satellite with SNAP-19 power supplies. 31procedures for... Race 65 .,, ‘, : ,,., .,, program included the SNAP-27 RTG, andtheprogram ; ‘~,: ,,,.;, ,.:,. ,,.’,,,. .,, ,: ,..:,. ,. .,,, !.’,’<, ‘:, . ,, ;/‘ ,- :,.,.- , ,’ .,” .}. ,. , ,.,:,’, ,. , “ requirement for... to develop the SNAP-27. Pitrolo explained that the SNAP-27 could... October 1968 .,, ,:,’. ,,. .,,-, ,,, ‘-’., :,, $,, .,. ..,, ,Cj < ,1 ,, .{ ,.i ‘< ,1., 1 ,. ;, ,.. ‘, , ,-,.. !,. ,,’ ,, , J ‘ ;,; !! ,.., ,’ J ; J, that the SNAP-27S would not be used... 14 (SNAP-27) 15 (SNAP-27) Pioneer 10 (SNAP-19) Apollo 16 (SNAP-27...-RTG) Apollo 17 (SNAP-27) Pioneer 11 (SNAP-19) 31 January 1971... space activities. For 22 months, SNAP-19 radioisotopic thermoelectric generators... have... were: Launch Date Viking 1 (SNAP-19) Viking 2 (SNAP-19) LES 8 (MHW) LES... the MHW, 6.3 on SNAP-19, and 5.0 on SNAP-27).S4 Prospects for..., Washington: Praeger Publishers, 1974. Buck, Alice L. A History of the Atomic Energy... of Energy, July 1983. Buck, Alice L. A Histoy of the Energy Research..., September 30, 1963, p. 21. Tech- “Snap 9-A Isotope Generator Powers Navy Navigation... Aeronautics, Februay 1966, p. 5. .“ ,- . 114 “Nimbus Snap-19 Generators Recovered. ” Aviation Week.... (No date.) U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. SNAP Fact Sheet Energy Commission, September..., be omitted. :, -., .,,.,., ,.. , CHAPTER ,,, I 1 .’ ,,, , ,.. , 1. Quoted from Alice L. Buck, A History of the Atomic...~ op. cit., “Attachment 4 Hlstoy of. . . SNAP Program. ... ” pp. 1-2. (From DOE archives... Glennan). ,, 30. Description of SNAP-1 and SNAP-3 concepts and developments taken from... Encountered in Brazil Toward Operational SNAP Devices (by J. G. Morse, Manager Auxiliay... DOE archives. ) 54. “Tentative Schedule-SNAP Program Study Seminars, ” memorandum for.... ) 55. “Memorandum For Commissioner Tape: SNAP Report,” from James T. Ramey, January... Aeronautics and Space Administration Concerning SNAP Devices For NASA Space Vehicles... with Mike Dk. ,’, .! >: :+ ;: ,.{,,. ,, ,, ,,, 30. “Nimbus SNAP-19 Generators Recovered” (picture caption... interview with Charles Hall. 32. Alice L. Buck, A History Of The Atomic..., October 1, 1977. (From DOE archives.) 6. Alice L. Buck, A History of the EnerJy.... ., 28. “Information Memorandum: Status of SNAP-19 Radioisotopic Thermoelectric Generators Aboard... resumption of underground testing Second SNAP 3-A orbits successfully on 4B navigationalsatellite... sfgning by U.S., Great Brftaln. & US S.R. SNAP 9.A otblts successfully on Navy navigationalsatellite...: Lyndon Johnson becomes President Second SNAP 9-A orbits successfully on 5BN.2 navigational... Date SNAP-3A SNAP-3A SNAP-9A SNAP-9A SNAP-9A SNAP-19B2 SNAP-19B3 SNAP-27 SNAP-27... 11, 1970 SNAP-27 SNAP-27 SNAP-19 SNAP-27 TransitRTG SNAP-27 SNAP-19 NASA... Dec. 7, 1972 April 5, 1973 SNAP-19 SNAP-19 MHW NASA-Viking 1 NASA... II 1I Auxilia~ Power Section. SNAP ‘, ,,, >7 FigureD-1 *AircraftNuclear Propulsion Office (Joint... Launch Vehicle Program Okision I I I SNPO* < i SNAP Branch Project Rover I b I 1 1 Im ‘~~~~ Figure... RTG TECHNOLOGY PARAMETERS SNAP.3B SNAP-9A SNAP-19 SNAP-27 TRANSITRTG MHW-RTG... six basic design concepts—SNAP-3, SNAP-9A, SNAP-19, SNAP-27, TRANSIT-RTG, MHW... materials were introduced. Snap-3(B). Each generator in the SNAP-3(B) RTG, which was... program built on the SNAP-9A developments. The SNAP-19B power system... Pioneer and Vking missions. Nimbus/SNAP-19. Specifications required 50 W(e) deliverable... capsules used in SNAP-3B and SNAP-9AS, the SNAP-19B fuel capsule.... Changes made in SNAP-9A and Nimbus SNAP-19 designs significantly minimized the degradation effects in the SNAP-19S. SNAP-27. The SNAP-27 RTG was... for future, 104-105) SNAP-1. 12 SNAP-3;3A,4-5,12,17-18, 25..., 36,45,61,72 SNAP-7,29,33 SNAP-9A,33-39, 46...,61,76 SNAP-11,29,34 SNAP-13,34 SNAP-15,34 SNAP-19...