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КА SpriteSAT (Sprite Satellite) разработан студенатми и преподавателями Университета Тохоку. Его масса 45 кг.

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1Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный
2Страна оператор(владелец) - Япония
3Страна производитель - Япония

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг45

Характеристики орбиты

1Наклонение, град98.2
2Апогей, км670.5
3Апогей, км670.3
4Перигей, км664.1
5Перигей, км664.2
6Период, минут97.9
7Длинный диаметр эллипса, км7038

Пусковые характеристики

1Код NSSDC2009-002C

Информация об удачном запуске

1Космодром Танегасима
2Дата пуска2009-01-23 at 03:54:00 UTC
3Полезная нагрузка 1xGOSat
4Полезная нагрузка 1xPrism
5Полезная нагрузка 1xSprite-Sat
6Полезная нагрузка 1xKagayaki
7Полезная нагрузка 1xSOHLA 1
8Полезная нагрузка 1xSDS 1
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10Полезная нагрузка 1xKKS 1
11Ракета-носитель 1xH2A202

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... left here, waiting for the sprite with green eyes to return... a unicorn. Barty adored it. The sprite's school holidays were marked off...." It was more of the sprite's calendar than his own, Barty... were green eyes and a little sprite of a Ravenclaw who would whisper... of Romeo and Juliet. The sprite hated that play, said that... inspecting the Golden Snitch the sprite had given to him earlier... Crouch's cruel fingers. His ethereal sprite had tried to aid his... up the precious list. The sprite had brought it to him... how this had been the sprite's personal copy until he had..., he knew, was in the sprite's year and in Ravenclaw, though... to see the boy—his sprite—flooded by moonlight, lying languorously... near his right ear. The sprite smiled up at him, nuzzling.... "You're so beautiful," the sprite murmured, before lowering himself down... find. All the time the sprite watched him for any reaction... falsehood but finding none. The sprite leaned down and pressed a lingering... was the truth. The little sprite, with his prattling words and... family would take away the sprite's attention, and Barty was afraid..., no, his mind whispered, the sprite would always come back with... alight in his eyes. The sprite would always come back and... between Barty's lips and the sprite smiled happily down at him... out quietly, painfully, and the sprite kissed his lips softly once.... It soothed Barty and the sprite seemed to have some fascination...'t—" Hearing the panic in the sprite's voice, Barty pushed the fog...—he wanted the boy—the sprite was his and his alone... Barty would use until the sprite revealed his true name. The... of Muggle origins in the sprite's face but found nothing. It... pure heritage like the little sprite clearly was, though the wench... to find you, Bartemius." The sprite leaned forward again, hesitating just..., unable to do anymore. The sprite smiled into the soft kiss... in an almost smile. The sprite quirked his own lips. "Thought..., he found himself lifting the sprite higher until he was gasping... having control over his little sprite—controlling him—making it so... with the boy—bottle green—sprite—Hamnet—his—his, his. Barty... family and, from what the sprite had told him, they already... to their particular standards. The sprite looked over his shoulder and... he smiled quietly at his sprite as he slowly lifted a hand... desire and longed for the sprite's touch almost as much as... between Hamnet's legs as the sprite sat on the kitchen counter that... fascinated Barty as despite the sprite's solid form, he was nonetheless... reproach in Barty's eyes, the sprite sighed and nuzzled Barty's cheek...'s neck in comfort and the sprite almost seemed to purr at.... It fit his intelligent little sprite—the suspected Heir of Slytherin... many years as his ethereal sprite first was handed over to... the ramblings of his little sprite when he first appeared here... existence and whatever name the sprite's Mudblood mother had given him... air'), Barty had given the sprite a carefully crafted letter that had... him comfort, and holding the sprite's hand closely in his own...'t quite certain exactly when the sprite's birthday was, only that it..., thy name is woman!" the sprite crowed happily as he looked... sunlit halo that surrounded the sprite, making him look even more... his pale hands on the sprite's hips. "It wasn't, was it... trembling hand carefully against the sprite's cheek, he willed it to... tongue dominantly against his little sprite's, drinking in every moan and... through Hamnet's long hair. His sprite sighed at the treatment. "They... couldn't bear it if his sprite weren't properly appreciated after those... his precious time with his sprite with something he could read... hours he spent alone. The sprite pouted playfully before a smirk spread... now looking down at his sprite. "What did this to you... no longer needs Harpy?" The sprite dismissed his elf with a flick... so long, lost without his sprite. Hamnet sniffled once before looking... the statement. The boy quickly sat up, his arms casually wrapping...'s been f-five months, H-Hamnet." The sprite looked guiltily up at him... together to calm his little sprite, he breathed out, 'How?' Hamnet... to his mind. "Hamnet," the sprite replied with a slight upturn to.... Hamnet, perhaps at a stray thought, sat up almost instantly. "Peter Pettigrew... wondering what exactly his little sprite was planning, but he'd let... ill, especially as his precious sprite had thought he had sent... the same to send his sprite the damned broomstick. Once a week.... … "Shh," a voice murmured as Barty sat within the tent, marveling at..., and the mention of his sprite caused Barty's heart to instantly... as he imagined his beautiful sprite sneaking about in order to... his arms swept around his sprite, the invisibility cloak murmuring as... as he took in the sprite in his arms. Fourteen, just... time he would see the sprite among others, in his element.... The one who'd sent his sprite some sort of Valentine two.... What a terribly plebian name. His sprite had been right all these... unable to claim this beautiful sprite, his own, his Hamnet, his... wanted him to protect. The sprite had tried to give the...

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B005-26 :A : 10 9 16:50-17:05 SPRITE-SAT # [1]; ; [2] [1] [2]; ; [3] [3]; [4]; [5]; ; [5] ; [4] [2]; ; [6] [6]; [7] ; [7] Development and Fabrication of small gamma-ray detectors on board SPRITE-SAT # Teruaki Enoto[1]; Takefumi Mitani[2]; Kazuhiro Nakazawa[3]; Kazuo Makishima[4]; Takeshi Sakanoi[5]; Takeshi Takashima[2]; Kazuya Yoshida[6]; Yukihiro Takahashi[7] [1] Physics, Tokyo Univ.; [2] ISAS/JAXA; [3] Physics, Univ. Tokyo; [4] Department of Physics, Univ. Tokyo; [5] PPARC, Grad. School of Sci., Tohoku Univ.; [6] Dept. Aeronautics and Space Eng., Tohoku Univ.; [7] Dept. of Geophysics, Tohoku Univ. http://ceres.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/˜enoto/index.php A Tohoku University small satellite, SPRITE-SAT, will be launched into a sun-synchronous polar orbit in 2008, in order to reveal global distributions and horizontal structures of luminous phenomenon in an upper atmosphere, such as sprites and Elves. Another purpose of this satellite is to verify a connection among terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs), lightning discharges, and optical transient luminos events (TLEs). In paticular, TGFs were discovered by BATSE detectors on board the Compton gammaray observatory (CGRO) in recent years, and have been also frequently detected by the RHESSI satellite. These observations revealed that TGFs have a short duration (typically ms order), and its spectra extend up to 20 MeV with a very hard photon index. Bremmsstrahlung gamma-rays from high energy electrons accompanying a lightning discharge is a candidate of TGFs. The detail is not well known. Terrestrial Gamma-ray Counter (TGC) on board SPRITE-SAT is a small gamma-ray detector for TGFs. The TGC have been developed and manufactured mainly by members of ISAS and Univ.Tokyo. One TGC detector has four sensors, which consist of a 50 mm x 50 mm x 13.8 mm CsI scintillator and a avalanche photodiode (APD). The TGC records gamma-ray counts in the 150 keV-5 MeV energy band with four energy channels (150-450 keV, 450-970 keV, 0.97-2.8 MeV, above 2.8 MeV ). A binning time of the data is 250 us corresponding to a short duration of TGFs, and one TGF data is recorded during 512 ms. The size and weight of one TGC including a high-tension circuit (fabricated by MEISEI Co., Ltd.) and a signal processing circuit (by Clear Pulse Co., Ltd) are 70 mm x 280 mm x 30 mm, and 1.3 kg respectively. Two TGC detectors are placed on the bottom pannel of SPRITE-SAT facing the Earth. We reduced a total power consumption for two TGCs to 0.72 W. Output gains of four channels each TGC are adjusted, and a typcial energy resolution of these sensors is about 12% for 662 keV gamma-rays from 137 Cs operated at +380 V. At this moment, we finished a development and fabrication phase, and fundamental environmental tests, such as a vibration test up to 30G, a temperature cycling test from -30 C to +80C, and a operation test in vacuum. Based on these tests, we verified operations of TGCs in a space-based environment. Now we continue to all sort of test for the launch of SPRITE-SAT. # This research is supported by grants-in-aid for scientific research No.19002002. 2008 SPRITE-SAT ( ) (Terrestrial amma-ray Flash; TGF) CGRO BATSE RHESSI 20 MeV SPRITE-SAT Counter; TGC) TGC 50 mm x 50 mm x 13.8 mm CsI 150 keV 5 MeV 0.97-2.8 MeV, > 2.8 MeV ) 250 us (APD) (150-450 keV, 450-970keV, 512 ms TGC 137Cs 662 keV 30 G TGC (Terrestrial Gamma-ray 70 x 280 x 30 mm3 0.72 W APD ˜12 % -30 +80 SPRITE-SAT 1.3 kg SPRITE-SAT +380 V 19002002

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... the spacecraft. The Lightning and Sprite Imager (LSI), for instance, is... equipment already flown on the Sprite-Sat spacecraft, which monitors luminous emissions... of the sprite and lightning imaging system onboard the Sprite-Sat”, in American...

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... Satellite Conference UTAH, US 2 Background • SPRITE-SAT (RISING), Tohoku University 1st satellite... reso. ground photo cumulonimbus clouds Sprite, terrestrial lightning events around Sendai... (WFC) FOV = 134x180deg Lightning and Sprite CMOS Imager (LSI) - 1st CMOS... operation software for 1st satellite SPRITE-SAT 13 difficult to recognize the... de-orbit experiment inside of sat. test phote by fish-eye...

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... Structural System for Tohoku University SPRITE-SAT Tomoki Sawakami, Kei Takiuchi, Eriko... Thermal System of Tohoku University SPRITE-SAT Yuji Sakamoto, Yasuhiro Nakazato, Tomoki... Control System of Tohoku University SPRITE-SAT Yuji Sakamoto, Kazuya Yoshida, Yukihiro...-m-05 ( 10:20-10:40 ) SPRITE-SAT: a Micro Satellite fro Scientific Observation...

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... T 2 University of Alabama-Huntsville PAN SAT US 10/29/98 C 5 Naval... State Technical University CP 1 (K7RR-Sat) US 7/26/06 E 1 Cal Poly... 1/23/09 T 5 University of Tokyo SPRITE-SAT (RISING) JPN 1/23/09 S 3 Tohoku.../09 E 2 University of Würzburg HAYATO (K-SAT) JPN 5/20/10 T 2 Kagoshima University... of Technology and Economics PW-Sat 1 POL 2/13/12 T 4 Warsaw University... TURKSAT 3USAT Delfi-n3Xt PUCP-SAT 1 Swartwout 13 27th Annual AIAA...

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... 1 Small satellite development at SRL #1:SPRITE-SAT (RISING-1)  Launch: Jan. 2009 (H-IIA... 2013 (H-IIA)  Mission TAMU-1 TAMU-1 SPRITE-SAT (Jan. 2009) TAMU-2 TAMU-2  Multi...

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...-Huntsville 2 10/29/98 PAN SAT Naval Postgraduate School 5 2/23/99... Poly 1 7/26/06 CP 1 (K7RR-Sat) Cal Poly 1 7/26/06 PicPot...) University of Tokyo 5 1/23/09 SPRITE-SAT (RISING) Tohoku University 3 1/23/09... Technical University 2 5/20/10 HAYATO (K-SAT) Kagoshima University 2 5/20/10 WASEDA... of Vigo 5 2/13/12 PW-Sat 1 Warsaw University of Technology 2 2/13... Munich 3 11/21/13 PUCP-SAT 1 Pontifical Catholic University of Peru...

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DR. SARAH JANE PELL OUR ARTIST-ASTRONAUT ! Dr. Sarah Jane Pell consults, produces and performs from sea, to summit, to space. Her mission is to contribute new media design and experimentation as new forms of art, extreme performance research and civilian space analogues. Art and science supports mutual discovery. ! Sarah Jane is passionate about the arts, space tourism and private access to space, novel art-related solutions and the design of symbiotic technologies for solving grand environmental challenges. Her work has a strong aesthetic, cultural, international and interdisciplinary focus. ! Optimistic about the future, her visions are bold, innovative and disruptive. She gravitates to entrepreneurial partners and game-changing individuals intent on making a difference. An accomplished artist, commercial diver and extreme performer, Pell thrives on art adventure contributing to research and discovery. ! LINKS ! Dr. Sarah Jane Pell’s blog: sarahjanepell.com ! Project PoSSUM official website: projectpossum.org ! The making of: artistastronaut.com ! Watch the teaser: PLAY ! Pell’s expedition website: bendinghorizons.com SPACE ANALOGUE EXPEDITION Mt. Everest Summit Expedition Bending Horizons ! Departed Kathmandu 2 April 2015
 Trekked from Lukla to EBC ! ! Reached Everest Base Camp (EBC) 5364m on April 11 2015 ! Survived Nepal Earthquakes
 Thamel April 25/26 2105 Australia’s first TEDFellow
 TED 2010 TED Woman 2010 TEDxSydney 2010 TEDxISU 2012 TEDxRockhampton 2013
 TED Fellows Retreat 2013 TEDxMelbourne 2015
 TED Fellows Retreat 2015
 PhD Doctor of Philosophy Visual Arts* Edith Cowan University, Western Australia GSP10 Technology Accelerator Singularity University, NASA Ames, US MA Masters of Arts Human Movement Victoria University of Technology, Australia SSP06 Space Studies International Space University, France BFA Bachelor of Fine Art Uni of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts ADAS P2r Occupational Diving The Underwater Centre, Fremantle, AU ! ! ! ! *Awarded BEST PhD ART & Science, Leonardo LABS, MIT 2007 ART + SCIENCE QUALIFICATIONS RMIT University Research Fellow, Media & Comms, 2012-15 Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) Artist Payload, Sprite-SAT, 2007 Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) Consultant, Occupational Diving 2012-25 ! NASA Ames Research Centre (ARC) Lead, Luna Gaia: closed loop habitat for the Moon, ISU Team Project, 2006 ! Aquabatics Research Team Initiative (ARTi) Principal, Underwater Performance 2002-12 ! International Space University (ISU) Visiting Faculty, Southern Hemisphere, 2013 European Space Agency (ESA) CoChair, Topical Team Art & Science, 2011-14 ! ! ! International Artist 1995-2015 Australia’s first FEMALE ASTRONAUT! IS AN ARTIST NASA Experiment 46-S ! NASA Noculiscent Cloud Topography Experiment ! Polar orbital Space Science in the Upper Mesosphere (PoSSUM) ! 1x Pilot and 1x Scientist-Astronaut to collect imaging from a Reusable Suborbital Launch Vehicle ! Reaching a perigee of 103km above Earth ! 24 Astronaut-candidates have been selected for training
 8 Scientist-Astronauts have been assigned flights including 1 Australian Woman Dr. Sarah Jane Pell ! CONTACT SJP
 ! media@sarahjanepell.com Media Management ! @sarahjanepell @aquabatics Official twitter feeds ! facebook.com/sarahjanepell

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..., and Thérèse Barroso INTAμSat-1 First Earth Observation Mission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Manuel... 187 Part IV University Satellites SPRITE-SAT: A University Small Satellite for Observation...