Спутник ФКИ. THEMIS-D. [Редактировать]

Научный малый космический аппарат несущий на своем борту комплект научной аппаратуры для изучения электрического и магнитного полей, а также потоков частиц.
На аппарате установлены:

  • измеритель электрического поля EFI;
  • феррозондовый магнитометр FGM;
  • индукционный магнитомер SCM;
  • электростатический анализатор ESA;
  • твердотельный телескоп SST.

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3Explorer 88НайтиНайти

Дополнительная классификация

1Страна оператор(владелец) - Международные
2Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный
3Тип орбиты - Элиптическая
4Страна производитель - США

Технические характеристики

1Масса, кг77
2Мощнссть, Вт37

Характеристики орбиты

1Наклонение, град8.2
2Апогей, км66605.7
3Апогей, км66612.0
4Перигей, км914.7
5Перигей, км911.0
6Период, минут1333.5
7Длинный диаметр эллипса, км40131
8Длинный диаметр эллипса, км40132

Пусковые характеристики

1Код NSSDC2007-004D

Экономические характеристики

#ХарактеристикаДата измеренияЗначение
1Стоимость (аппарат), млн. долл.20

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1Дата пуска2007-02-17 at 23:01:00 UTC
2Полезная нагрузка 1xTHEMIS-A
3Полезная нагрузка 1xTHEMIS-B (ARTEMIS-P1)
4Полезная нагрузка 1xTHEMIS-C (ARTEMIS-P2)
5Полезная нагрузка 1xTHEMIS-D
6Полезная нагрузка 1xTHEMIS-E
7Ракета-носитель 1xДельта 2 7925

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.... NASA launched the five small Themis satellites (Time History of Events... and Macroscale Interactions During Substorms (Themis) mission were launched from Cape... to about 60,000 km. Themis’s measurements, coordinated with a line of... data with NASA’s Stereo and Themis solar-terrestrial missions. TC-1 was... spacecraft’s Thermal Emission Imaging System (Themis), they were designated Seven Sisters...) to develop observation techniques for Themis using these “Mars analogues,” to...

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... during Substorms (THEMIS) mission, necessitating a delay in the THEMIS launch from October... orbiter carries three science instruments (THEMIS – Thermal Emission Imaging System, GRS... MARIE – Mars Radiation Environment Experiment). THEMIS maps the mineralogy and morphology... TEC Terrier-Orion TG Th THEMIS TIDI TIEGCM TIGER TIME TIMED...

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... (UT) at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D and at ~2010 UT at THEMIS-E as these...) from the phase delay between THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D. This wave number explains..., represents the location of the THEMIS spacecraft for the observations described... of the observations. Section 4 presents THEMIS data. Section 5 examines GOES data... conclusions. 2. Experiments [15] The THEMIS-A, THEMIS-D, and THEMIS-E spacecraft are the main source... strongly affected the measurement. The THEMIS data are supplemented by magnetic....: FUNDAMENTAL POLOIDAL WAVES 2008 50 THEMIS-A THEMIS-D THEMIS-E GOES-11 (a) Dst (nT) 10... shows the orbits of the THEMIS-A, THEMIS-D, and THEMIS-E spacecraft and the geostationary... THEMIS spacecraft were on nearly identical orbits but with a time delay: THEMIS-D trailed THEMIS-A by ~40 min and THEMIS-E trailed THEMIS-D by ~90... Figure 4. (a) GSE X and Y positions of THEMIS-A, THEMIS-D, THEMIS-E, and GOES-11 on 10... waves described in the text. (a) THEMIS-A. (b) THEMIS-D. (c) THEMIS-E. 4324 TAKAHASHI ET AL.: FUNDAMENTAL... that during the wave observations, THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D had nearly identical L values... 4d), and THEMIS-D was closer to the magnetic equator than THEMIS-A (Figure... latitude (MLAT) of ~5°. Vφ Velocity Vμ Vν Vφ Vμ Vν Vφ Vμ THEMIS-D Vν THEMIS-E 100 km/s THEMIS-A (a) 4. Magnetic field Bμ Bν Bφ Bμ Bν Bφ Bμ 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 THEMIS-D Bφ THEMIS-E Bν THEMIS... detected by THEMIS spacecraft. (a) Ion bulk velocity at THEMIS-A, THEMIS-D, and THEMIS-E. The data... UT at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D and 1945–2030 UT at THEMIS-E. (b) Magnetic field at the same THEMIS.... According to the model, THEMIS-A, THEMIS-D, and THEMIS Data 4.1. Bulk Velocity Dynamic Spectra... figure shows dynamic spectra for THEMIS-A, THEMIS-D, and THEMIS-E computed for the whole...] The Vν and Vϕ spectra at each THEMIS spacecraft exhibit continuous narrow-band... measured V and B oscillations at the THEMIS spacecraft. The waves are classi..., however, the PSD at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D is higher in the Vν component... delayed by ~2 h relative to THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D, and the spectral intensity is... 6 Velocity Vν Vφ Vμ 5 10 10 THEMIS-A 1745-1900 UT 10 4 (b) THEMIS-A 1745-1900 UT 1 10 3 0 10 10 2 -1 10 10 1 -2 10 6 10 (c) THEMIS... THEMIS-D 1745-1900 UT 2 10 1 10 0 10 -1 10 -2 10 3 (f) 10 THEMIS-E 1945-2030 UT 5 THEMIS-E 1945-2030 UT 2 10... interval of poloidal waves at THEMIS-A, THEMIS-D, and THEMIS-E, as identified in... the poloidal waves detected at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D. 1700–2100 UT. To... UT at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D and 1945–2030 UT at THEMIS-E. [27] The poloidal waves at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D exhibit very... at THEMIS-E were observed with ~2 h delay from those at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D. This.... (a) L versus MLT location of THEMIS-A, THEMIS-D, and THEMIS-E for 1810–1840 UT on... UT. (b) Hodograph for THEMIS-A. (c) Hodograph for THEMIS-D. (d) Hodograph for THEMIS-E. identified in... Vν spectral peak at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D. Spectral peaks at THEMIS-D occur at a slightly... is 1.5 at THEMIS-D (MLAT ~ À2°), whereas the ratio is 3.3 at THEMIS-A (MLAT ~ À7°). The... poloidal wave activity observed by THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D. The tracks of the... are shown in Figure 8a. THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D had virtually identical L values.... [35] The hodographs at THEMIS-A (Figure 8b) and THEMIS-D (Figure 8c) are... and have comparable amplitudes. At THEMIS-E (Figure 8d), located just 0.6 RE... that the poloidal waves at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D were not directly driven... magnetopause (i.e., the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability). THEMIS-A (a) Vν 100 km/s Bν 2 nT 18:00...-1 (c) 10 November (Day 315) 2008 THEMIS-A and -D 0.5 (a) 0.0 180 A (d) 90 100 km... the poloidal wave observed at THEMIS-A. (a) Time series. (b–d) Cross-spectral parameters... the poloidal waves observed by THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D. (a) Comparison of the Vν waveforms...] The relative position of the THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D, shown in Figures 4 and... phase value of À92° (THEMIS-D lagged behind THEMIS-A by 92°) (Figure 10d.... (a) Bμ-component time series at the THEMIS-A, THEMIS-D, and THEMIS-E spacecraft. (b) Three components of... same local time sector as THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D but approximately 2 RE inward... ~1 h earlier than that at THEMIS-A and THEMIS-D, but the local times match... number similar to that at THEMIS. (a) Velocity THEMIS-A 100 km/s Vν 7. H 10 nT... polarization consistent with that at THEMIS. [49] 4. The poloidal waves exhibited.... Auster, H. U., et al. (2008), The THEMIS fluxgate magnetometer, Space Sci. Rev..., V. Angelopoulos, K.-H. Glassmeier, and U. Auster (2008), THEMIS ESA first science results and... magnetopause motion: First results from THEMIS, J. Geophys. Res., 114, A00C10, doi..., D. R. Pierce, K. M. Rowe, and R. C. Snare (2008), THEMIS ground-based magnetometers, Space Sci...), Characterization of ULF pulsations by THEMIS, Geophys. Res. Lett., 36, L04104...

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... and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) mission (5 identically-instrumented probes) was... Sun (ARTEMIS) mission. The combined THEMIS/ARTEMIS mission is an important... reserves on the remaining three THEMIS probes allowed for redesigning and... implementation of THEMIS orbit changes to produce an optimal THEMIS-MMS tetrahedral... de-orbit. Keywords: Mission design, THEMIS, magnetospheric constellation, maneuver planning. 1. Introduction... and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS), a NASA Medium Explorer (MIDEX) mission... Sun (ARTEMIS) mission.The combined THEMIS/ARTEMIS mission is an important.../]. Combining these spacecraft with the THEMIS probes in a tetrahedral formation at... to conduct magnetospheric studies. The THEMIS and ARTEMIS probes are equipped... within the science requirements [1]. With THEMIS in its eighth year, fuel... goals from nominal into extended THEMIS missions drives orbit design. We... relative positioning of the three THEMIS probes to support measurements coordinated... THEMIS-MMS conjunctions. The challenge here is to leave room for THEMIS... conclude with a short summary. Figure 2: THEMIS probes at their proposed (left... Drive Orbit Design 2.1 THEMIS Nominal Mission 2007-2009 THEMIS is a science mission... Sun-Earth connection [2]. When the THEMIS mission was developed, geomagnetic substorms... phenomena. The purpose of the THEMIS mission was to provide simultaneous... questions about event timing. 3 The THEMIS baseline mission focused solely on... sheet) [4]. Table 1. Orbit parameters for THEMIS probes during the nominal mission... back. Regardless of launch date, THEMIS mission design called for tail... solar wind. These separations allowed THEMIS to dedicate secondary and tertiary... 3: Division of the THEMIS mission into the extended THEMIS and ARTEMIS missions... assets via onboard propulsion. Each THEMIS probe has a monopropellant hydrazine propulsion... [4]. With at least 24 unprecedented THEMIS tail conjunctions such as those... more than 100 substorms studied, THEMIS observations enabled determination of the... at 6 Re on the nightside. 2.2. THEMIS Extended Mission 2010-2014 After... and holding remarkable fuel reserves, THEMIS was ready to reposition the... the magnetosphere. With these observations THEMIS advanced from the macro-scale... into a stretched tail field. Figure 6: THEMIS clustered meridional configuration during the... equatorial magnetosphere illustrating how the THEMIS probes cover various local times... equal separations of 8-8-8 h. Early key THEMIS results on the dayside included... consequences through local particle acceleration. THEMIS nightside results confirmed that quiet... events when the dipole expands. THEMIS observations have also provided evidence.... 2.3. Future THEMIS Extended Mission 2015-2018 Ever since in orbit THEMIS has... continuous complementary observations. Because of THEMIS’s large-scale separations, at least... phase one. THEMIS is shown with the inner probes (THEMIS low) P3... and THEMIS P3 at ~16 Re. Now in its eighth year, THEMIS... magnetosphere. As shown in Fig. 8, THEMIS will link reconnection observations by... seasons in northern winter, the THEMIS GBOs will again provide continuous... the extended THEMIS mission included the possibility of aligning THEMIS orbits with... rate of the THEMIS lines of apsides so THEMIS probes would meet... fine-tuned the THEMIS orbit drift rate to optimize THEMIS-MMS alignment... well as apogee altitudes. Table 2: THEMIS and MMS season timelines for... nominal missions. In season D5, THEMIS began to increase the precession... the THEMIS orbits are being coordinated with the MMS team. THEMIS MMS... targets for the alignment with THEMIS probes. Under the new conditions... that this new reconfiguration of THEMIS orbits leave insufficient fuel reserves... after MMS has been launched. THEMIS demonstrated this flexibility prior to... a fixed tail season center epoch. THEMIS launch resulted in a one-year... an apogee of 14 Re [2]. 3. THEMIS Extended Mission Implementation Significant fuel... fuel consumption. Attitude controls on THEMIS, necessary once or twice per... an updated mission design. The THEMIS extended mission alternates between microsystem... THEMIS probe separations with the Van Allen Probes. The 14 proposed THEMIS... tools across missions. 7. Acknowledgments The THEMIS and ARTEMIS missions are operated... NAS5-02099. 7. References [1] Sibeck, D.G., V. Angelopoulos, THEMIS science objectives and mission phases...-008-9393-5, 2008. [2] Angelopoulos, V., The THEMIS mission, Space Science Reviews, 141..., E. Donovan, B. Jackel, M. Greffen, L.M. Peticolas, The THEMIS array of ground-based observatories..., D. Rummel, Orbit design for the THEMIS mission, Space Science Reviews, 114..., V., and D. G. Sibeck, THEMIS Senior Review Proposal, 2010, http://themis.igpp.ucla.edu/pubs/reports/2010_proposals_reports.html. [6] Angelopoulos, V., and D. G. Sibeck, THEMIS Senior Review Proposal, 2013, http://themis.igpp.ucla.edu.... Crossings of Geostationary orbit by THEMIS scientific satellites, Proceedings 23th International...

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... location of substorm onsets from THEMIS satellite and ground based observations.... The unprecedented coverage of the THEMIS GBO station network coupled with... the substorm occurred between two THEMIS satellites and the impulses propagated... and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms” (THEMIS) (Angelopoulos, 2008a) provides fundamentally new... more detail later. 2814 Fig. 1. THEMIS satellite positions GSM x and y in... signature at substorm onset. The THEMIS satellite constellation consists of three... dipolarization. Detailed design of the THEMIS mission, the satellites and their...–2008. During prior years the THEMIS ground based observatories GBO-s were... satellite based data from the THEMIS observations. We will discuss several... et al.: THEMIS substorm onsets timing ing two THEMIS conjunctions. We chose... UT On 2 February 2008 the THEMIS satellite constellation was in a favorable... remarkable that the farthest satellite THEMIS B, located far in the magneto... relatively large GSM z coordinate of THEMIS-B the satellite shows that they... et al.: THEMIS substorm onsets timing 2815 Figure 2. Observations with THEMIS B (x=-29.6, y=-1.38, z=-8.65) of magnetic field Fig. 2. Observations with THEMIS... remarkable that the farthest satellite THEMIS B, located far in the magneto... thethat thermal energy associated with THEMIS the plasma 8.5 Re yellow vertical... to THEMIS B. We can subtract Tdiff from the ordinate value at THEMIS... and times. S. Mende et al.: THEMIS substorm onsets timing Figure 5 illustrates... a substorm was observed by satellite THEMIS A (located at 8.5 RE yellow vertical... to THEMIS B. We can subtract Tdiff from the ordinate value at THEMIS B and draw a horizontal line to the X radial location of THEMIS... difference between the ordinates at THEMIS B and THEMIS A to obtain a solution for... light. Figure 10 shows the THEMIS satellite magnetometer signatures for the... of the magnetic impulse at THEMIS B and THEMIS A we obtained consistent solutions... comparing the propagation from THEMIS B to A and from THEMIS B to D can be..., 2009 2820 S. Mende et al.: THEMIS substorm onsets timing 3 Fig. 9. Magnetic... when the magnetic signature reaches THEMIS A. THEMIS A is in the correct local... THEMIS D and E. By making the assumption that the substorm started between THEMIS A and THEMIS B we can calculate the... outward traveling magnetic signature at THEMIS B and their model predicts the... of the magnetic impulse at THEMIS B and THEMIS A yields self consistent starting....: THEMIS substorm onsets timing 2821 Fig. 10. THEMIS magnetometer data from THEMIS satellites... and THB. Figure 10. THEMIS magnetometer data from THEMIS satellites A,B, D and E. The... s ∼1 or Figure 10 shows the THEMIS satellite magnetometer signatures forofthe UT..., 2009 2822 S. Mende et al.: THEMIS substorm onsets timing Table 1. Timing.... satellite for the event of THEMIS A, D, and topshere is considerably “smaller.... The blue and from THEMIS B to A E and from THEMIS B to D can be... when the magnetic signature reaches THEMIS A. 5. By considering first the time... that although signature between THEMIS Astarted and THEMIS B we calculated the onthis... the classic substorm poleimpulse at THEMIS B and THEMIS A yielded a consisward expansion phase... and the THEMIS satellites. They based their analysis on preliminary THEMIS satellites...:50 for THEMIS B and at ∼08:17:00 forFigure THEMIS D14. and... auroral zone with the THEMIS GBO chain. These THEMIS A. THEMIS A is in the... satellite THEMIS A the location of the satellite THEMIS A (08:13:21) THEMIS B and...:17:00).and THEMIS D and E (8:17:00). (8:13:21) THEMIS onset in... pre-existing arc intensifics which THEMIS B and THEMIS A yields self consistent starting... by Akasofu roborated by the THEMIS satellite plasma measurements we calculated... a sinreconnection forces, noted furthermore the THEMIS D energetic the ground based SPE... 1. the magnetic foot print of a THEMIS satellite was too large startsignal... et al.: THEMIS substorm onsets timing 2827 Fig. 18. THEMIS A, B, D, and E magnetometer... cases they more Figure 18onset THEMIS D,auroral and onset E magnetometer plots... from onset timconjunctions of the THEMIS satellite constellation and our when... signal arrival at THEMIS A THEMIS A (c) 08:37:24 arrival at THEMIS B (d) 8:46:21... arrival at THEMIS B (d) 08:46:21 magnetic impulse reaches satellite THEMIS E. tion..., 273–282, 1964. Angelopoulos, V.: The THEMIS mission, Space Sci. Rev., 141..., E., Mende, S. B., Jackel, B., et al.: The THEMIS allsky imaging array-system design..., W., Liang, J., Spanswick, E., et al.: Simultaneous THEMIS in situ and auroral observations... time-varying reconnection rate to THEMIS observations. J. Geophys. Res., 114, A00C20... from a major conjunction interval of THEMIS satellites, J. Geophys. Res., 113, A00C04..., S. B., Harris, S. E., Frey, H. U., et al.: The THEMIS array of ground based observatories... timing and location using the THEMIS ground based observatories, Geophys. Res...–2830, 2009 S. Mende et al.: THEMIS substorm onsets timing Pellinen, R. J. and...

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... in data acquired by the THEMIS spacecraft In the previous chapter...’s magnetosheath by spacecraft from the THEMIS mission. THEMIS is a NASA Medium-class... Goddard Space Flight Center. The THEMIS mission consists of five identical... the initial orbital configuration, the THEMIS spacecraft were ideally positioned to... spacecraft. 5.1. THEMIS Instrumentation and Data Sets Each of the five THEMIS spacecraft... to reach the detector. The THEMIS mission has an open data... were analyzed by using the THEMIS project provided software. All data... time all five of the THEMIS spacecraft observed a set of mirror... of the THEMIS spacecraft were on outbound trajectories with THEMIS-C being the... Figure 5.1 Location of the five THEMIS spacecraft at 02:44 UTC... the Earth with THEMIS-C at the top and THEMIS-A at the bottom... their pre-event levels. At THEMIS A and E the compressional fluctuation levels... data (nT) from all five THEMIS spacecraft for the mirror mode..., and the local time of THEMIS-A are provided at the bottom... strength at each of the THEMIS spacecraft. The panels are in... magnetic field observations from the THEMIS D and A spacecraft and shows time... in the THEMIS-D data while dips were identified at THEMIS-A. The automated... to using them with the THEMIS data set for magnetosheath conditions... data (3 second averages) available from THEMIS than we had at Jupiter... on May 19, 2009 at THEMIS D (top) and A (bottom). Shading and... mode event as observed by THEMIS C, the most distant from the... the event as observed by THEMIS C, B, D, E and A respectively moving earthward from... Figure 5.6 Mirror mode observations from THEMIS B (top) and D (bottom) following the... components are not available for THEMIS D so anisotropy is not calculated... Figure 5.7 Mirror mode observations from THEMIS E (top) and A (bottom) following the... long before observing the event. THEMIS E crossed the magnetopause from the... approximate positions of the five THEMIS spacecraft in simulation coordinates. Spacecraft... bow shock to the five THEMIS spacecraft. Figure 5.9 shows contours of... approximate locations of the five THEMIS spacecraft are also shown on... plasma that is observed by THEMIS A and E crosses the bow shock... that reaches the other three THEMIS spacecraft (D, B, C) crosses the bow shock... 5.9 during the event, then the THEMIS C, B, and D spacecraft would have been... work and then examine the THEMIS data in relation to this.... 5.4. Particle Distribution Functions Observed by THEMIS-D when QuasiPeriodic Mirror Mode Structures... (colored, solid lines) observed at THEMIS-D and a bi-Maxwellian distribution function...:45 V⊥ V|| V|| Crest Trough Figure 5.14 THEMIS D color contoured particle velocity distribution... 5.5. Particle Distribution Functions Observed by THEMIS-C when Mirror Mode Peak Structures... velocity distribution function observed at THEMIS-C and a biMaxwellian distribution function characterized...:44 02:45 Figure 5.15 THEMIS-C color contoured particle velocity distribution... high resolution particle data from THEMIS-D during the time period where...]. 5.6. Particle Distribution Functions Observed by THEMIS-A when Mirror Mode Dip Structures... that were observed at the THEMIS-A spacecraft at a time when the... dip structures observed at the THEMIS A and E spacecraft and all of... 11 12 13 Figure 5.16 THEMIS-A color contoured particle velocity distribution... was observed by all five THEMIS spacecraft that were located at... data rates available from the THEMIS spacecraft by reducing the length... the data from the five THEMIS spacecraft and mirror mode structures... identify mirror structures in the THEMIS data. This result increases our... time to magnetopause crossings. The THEMIS spacecraft that were in the... observed in regions of low β (<2). THEMIS observed quasi-periodic mirror modes... above five. All of the THEMIS observations for this event are... plasma distributions observed at 135 THEMIS-D are consistent with the schematic... with our analysis of the THEMIS velocity distribution functions we analyzed... velocity distribution functions observed at THEMIS-C show cooling of particles in... the distribution functions observed at THEMIS A and E had contours that were...]. 136 Bibliography Angelopoulos, V. (2008), The THEMIS mission, Space Sci. Rev., 141..., and 16 others (2008), The THEMIS fluxgate magnetometer, Space Sci. Rev..., M. Marckwordt, and V. Angelopoulos (2008a), The THEMIS ESA plasma instrument and in...

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... Crater FTEs: Simulation results and THEMIS observations D. G. Sibeck,1 M. Kuznetsova,1 V. Angelopoulos,2 K.-H. Gla... magnetic field (IMF) orientation. Multipoint THEMIS observations at 2202 UT on... the predictions of the model. THEMIS-E and -A with large impact parameters... draped magnetosheath magnetic field lines, THEMIS-B and -C with moderate impact parameters... bounding a strong core field, while THEMIS-D with a very low impact parameter...), Crater FTEs: Simulation results and THEMIS observations, Geophys. Res. Lett., 35... a strong core magnetic field. Multipoint THEMIS observations of an FTE on... entering the core [10] The THEMIS mission comprises 5 identical spacecraft and... al., First results from the THEMIS mission, submitted to Space Science... the mission (D. G. Sibeck and V. Angelopoulos, THEMIS science objectives and mission phases... May 20, 2007, the five THEMIS spacecraft moved inbound nearly perpendicular...: THEMIS-B, THEMIS-C, THEMIS-D, THEMIS-E, and THEMIS-A. The difference in radial distances from Earth of THEMIS-B and -A was 0.65 RE. [11] Figure 3 presents THEMIS-A to -E magnetic field observations (U. Auster et al., The THEMIS fluxgate... dawnward [Russell and Elphic, 1978]. THEMIS-B and C (solid and dashed blue... (Bl, Bm) = (30, 0) nT, whereas THEMIS-E and A (dashed and solid black... of THEMIS Spacecraft at 2200 UT Spacecraft GSM X GSM Y GSM Z R (RE) THEMIS-A THEMIS-B THEMIS-C THEMIS-D THEMIS... 2202:30 and 2204 UT, THEMIS-D (red trace) lay within the... the magnetosphere. After 2204 UT, THEMIS-D joined THEMIS-B and -C in the magnetosphere... 2202:30 UT, all five THEMIS spacecraft observed an FTE marked... large at THEMISB and -C. At THEMIS-E and -A, the initial negative pulse... by the other spacecraft. Figure 3. THEMIS-B (solid blue), -C (dashed blue), -D (red... on May 20, 2007. Figure 4. THEMIS-B (solid blue), -C (dashed blue), -D (red... on May 20, 2007. [13] THEMIS-B and -C observed crater-like magnetic... central peak higher, at THEMIS-C than THEMIS-B, suggesting that THEMIS-C passed closer to the center of the event than THEMIS-B. Note that THEMIS-B and -C observed positive (dawnward... the event. [14] By contrast, THEMIS-E and -A remained in the magnetosheath... negative (or duskward) Bm component. THEMIS-D, previously in the current layer... analyzer (J. P. McFadden et al., The THEMIS ESA plasma instrument and in... Space Science Review, 2008) on THEMIS. THEMIS-E and -A remained within the magnetosheath...) = (À150, À100 to À200) km sÀ1. THEMIS-B and -C observed weak flows within... when THEMIS-B and -C observed northward flows. In the current sheet, THEMIS-D observed... a brief outward flow seen by THEMIS-B at 2202 UT, none of... THEMIS-E and -A in the magnetosheath, the crater-like structure observed by THEMIS... magnetic field strengths observed by THEMIS-D in the current layer, indicate... weak magnetic field strengths. [17] THEMIS-E and -A observed southward and duskward... equatorial post-noon locations, the THEMIS spacecraft should have been located... moving events. [18] THEMIS observations confirm these predictions. THEMIS-D observed a northward and... event. Upon entering the event, THEMIS-B and -C observed southward and duskward... in the magnetosphere that both THEMIS-B and -C observed just before entering... about the axial field. Whereas THEMIS-B and -C observed dawnward magnetic field... Earthward side of the event, THEMIS-E and -A observed duskward magnetic field... within the events observed by THEMIS-D can result from a smooth rotation... the Grad-Shafronov equation and THEMIS-D plasma and magnetic field observations... nA mÀ2. 5. Conclusion [22] We presented THEMIS observations of a crater FTE on... post-noon location of the THEMIS spacecraft. Both bipolar (inward/ outward... of a magnetic flux rope from THEMIS observations, Geophys. Res. Lett., 35...

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... Polar Layered Deposits in the THEMIS Investigation..............................54 Ivanov, A.; Plaut, J.; Titus... produced by OMEGA, TES and THEMIS instruments. For this purpose, an...-Ladon region from MOC and THEMIS [3, 4, 5] images describe the variety of... (MOLA) data, and mosaics from Themis -IR nighttime images and Mars... surface properties derived from nighttime THEMIS-IR images. The gully regions... orbits 511 and 533. (right): THEMIS-IR Band 9 nighttime image mosaic... most recent aeolian processes. Using Themis IR and visual images, combined...), (2) the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS), and (3) the Martian Radiation Environment... of hydrogen in midlatitudes. The THEMIS instrument has provided daytime and... high-resolution mapping by the THEMIS visible camera and synergistic science... landing sites (MGS TES, MODY THEMIS, MEX PFS & OMEGA), in addition... Polar Layered Deposits in the THEMIS Investigation Ivanov, A.; Plaut, J.; Titus, T. Martian... content of existing datasets (especially THEMIS data) accumulated around the poles... of the polar regions. The THEMIS instrument allows simultaneous observations in... observations was conducted by the THEMIS Science Team. For polar observations... PLDs were taken as well. THEMIS has acquired a significant number of... (MOC), Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS), together with Mars Express HRSC... using HRSC, MOC .................160 and THEMIS Data Pacifici, A.; Ori, G.G.; Neukum, G. Derivation... Odyssey’s Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS). These data allow us to... than previously reported. MOC and THEMIS images indicate the erosional styles... the formation of chaos. Using THEMIS infrared data and MOLA slopes... orbits) and other datasets (MOC, THEMIS), we have performed a geological mapping... the Mars Express HRSC camera, Themis IR and visual images, combined... gap between the Themis IR 100 m/pixel and Themis visual at about... images, MOLA altimetry, MOC and THEMIS (VIS and IR) images, and... morphology, as revealed by HRSC, Themis, and MOC images, and by... Mars Express HRSC data and Themis images. A chronology of active channels... data sets, and Mars Odyssey/THEMIS data sets. The preliminary results... combination with other datasets (MOC, Themis) currently focussing on Aram Chaos... the planet in equatorial regions (e.g. Themis VIS V10074013) shows that liquid...-ice holes, flutes and moraines (Themis IR I01842008). The imprints of...-like structures in a staircase pattern (Themis IR I09394006), a mechanism well known... Vallis using HRSC, MOC and THEMIS Data Pacifici, A.; Ori, G.G.; Neukum, G. Ares... region using HRSC, MOC and THEMIS images. The observed morphological units... produced by OMEGA, TES and THEMIS instruments, and from in situ... of visible image data (HRSC, THEMIS VIS and MOC) shows that... visible and IR datasets: MOC, THEMIS VIS and IR (nighttime and... and 2001 Mars Odyssey (MO) THEMIS (Thermal Infrared Imaging System) images... on July 12, 1999 and THEMIS V01138003, captured on March 18.... However, the poor resolution of THEMIS images (18 m/pixel) still leaves...

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..., Solar 4.2.2 ACE, WIND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.2.3 GOES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.2.4 Cluster, THEMIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.2.5 Swarm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Space weather services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Results... SWOT SWPC SWRC SXI TEC THEMIS UHF ULEIS USA USAF USGS... and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) program with study of substorms... and solar wind-magnetosphere coupling. THEMIS is described in section 4.2.4. 30... in Chapter 4.2. Cluster, Swarm and THEMIS data have been or will... MIRACLE magnetometers and Cluster and THEMIS satellites have been used together...-P SDO WIND Earth SOHO L2 THEMIS ACE WIND L5 Figure 20... SXI perspective.[139] 4.2.4 Cluster, THEMIS Cluster and THEMIS are both multi spacecraft... and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) is a NASA mission to study... events. Table 14: List of THEMIS instruments. Acronym FGM ESA SST... Electric field measurements All five THEMIS probes are equipped with five... 25 m long Spin-plane Booms. THEMIS mission also features extensive groundbased... Like previously mentioned Cluster and THEMIS, it is a constellation of satellites... - SEM GOES N FGM Cluster FGM THEMIS fluxgate 0.03 nT +/-512 nT...][57] Instrument plasma instrument Satellite THEMIS SWIMS CELIAS CTOF CELIAS MTOF... 70 000 nT 500 nT THEMIS/FGM Cluster/FGM 4000 nT... studying the magnetosphere, such as THEMIS and Cluster, that are deployed... 0 eV ERNE/ SOHO plasma instrument/ THEMIS 1 eV RAPID/ CLUSTER 1 keV 1 MeV.../ ACE CIS/ Cluster plasma instrument/ THEMIS 0 eV 1 eV CELIAS MTOF/ SOHO.../2011JA016875, 2012. [10] Angelopoulos, V., The THEMIS Mission, Space Science Reviews, Volume... CARISMA Magnetometer Array in the THEMIS Era, Space Science Reviews, Volume..., R., Elliott, B., Turin, P., Marckwordt, M., Angelopoulos, V., The THEMIS ESA Plasma Instrument and In...

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...’s Medium-class Explorer (MIDEX) mission THEMIS, a five identical micro-satellite (hereafter... repositioning two of the five THEMIS probes (P1 and P2) in... plans for lunar exploration. Keywords: THEMIS, ARTEMIS, magnetosphere, reconnection, solar wind... of the NASA MIDEX mission THEMIS (Angelopoulos, 2008), a five identical satellite... has evolved through the successful THEMIS mission practices and is now... ARTEMIS arose well into the THEMIS mission’s Phase-C development cycle, when... thermal design limits would threaten THEMIS probes TH-B (P1) and TH...-probe conjunctions of the prime THEMIS mission design non-optimal. Preliminary...-D P4=TH-E P5=TH-A Figure 1. (a) THEMIS orbits in X-Y Geocentric Solar Magnetospheric... lunar environment. With the prime THEMIS mission successfully completed by September... one experienced by the inner THEMIS probes (on one-day period... during select intervals. Like on THEMIS, ARTEMIS bursts are selected using... in 2005, well after the THEMIS Critical Design Review, when it... realized that optimizing the prime THEMIS mission orbit design would result... P1 and P2 (the outermost THEMIS probes), well beyond their thermal... orbits. After a redesign of the THEMIS launch vehicle target injection in... fuel margin on the five THEMIS probes, it was realized that... and verification program of the THEMIS probes. Additionally, the low thrust..., to the ones for the THEMIS mission at Earth, in terms..., by design, a natural evolution from THEMIS operations at Earth to operations... Operations following the practices of THEMIS: ARTEMIS is operated by the... operations differences between ARTEMIS and THEMIS are: (i) the use of the... far beyond the requirements of THEMIS, because it operates in a 10nT... wind mode routinely used on THEMIS is incompatible with the need... follow the successful practices of THEMIS. Level0 data are uncalibrated raw... bottom/top). 32 33 Figure 8. THEMIS/ARTEMIS Graphical User Interface showing... dissemination, however, is via the THEMIS and ARTEMIS data analysis software... to the community via the THEMIS/ARTEMIS web sites; tutorials are... margin despite the 2nd year THEMIS science re-optimization. The team... drop of hydrazine available on THEMIS margin into new capabilities for... enabled the full panoply of THEMIS to be deployed in a new.... Rev., 71, 5. Angelopoulos, V., (2008), The THEMIS Mission, Space Sci. Rev., doi...-1. Auster, H.U., et al. (2008), The THEMIS fluxgate magnetometer, Space Sci. Rev...-9365-9. Bester, M., et al., (2008), THEMIS operations, Space Sci. Rev., doi... Electric Field Instrument (EFI) for THEMIS, Space Sci. Rev., doi:10...-2. Cully, C.M., et al. (2008), The THEMIS digitial fields board, Space Sci..., E., Sterling, R., and Cully, M. (2008), The THEMIS constellation, Space Sci. Rev., doi.... (2008), First results of the THEMIS searchcoil magentometers, Space Sci. Rev.... McFadden, J.P., et al. (2008a), The THEMIS ESA plasma instrument and in...-9440-2. McFadden, J.P., et al. (2008b), THEMIS ESA first science results and...), The search coil magentometer for THEMIS, Space Sci. Rev., doi:10...