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Британский спутник TopSat представляет собой демонстрационный малый КА по оперативному наблюдению за земной поверхностью в военных целях, а также для экспериментальной отработки новых спутниковых технологий. Проект TopSat финансируется Министерством обороны и Британским национальным космическим центром BNSC (British National Space Centre) в рамках программы MOSAIC (Microsatellite Applications in Collaboration) по использованию микроспутников. Эксперимент TopSat призван показать, что микроспутник способен по оперативному заданию получать изображения в высоком разрешении(2.5 м) и передавать их непосредственно на мобильные наземные станции той же зоны.

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Дополнительная классификация

1Страна оператор(владелец) - Великобритания
2Тип оператора(владельца) - государственный
3Тип орбиты - НОО
4Страна производитель - Великобритания
5Все спутники ДЗЗ

Технические характеристики

1Масса (полезная нагрузка), кг45
2Масса КА, кг110
3Разрешение оптической спецаппаратуры (панхроматический), метра2.5
4Разрешение оптической спецаппаратуры (мультиспектральный), метра5
5Полоса захвата, км15
6Платформа 1xSSTL-150
7Габаритные размеры (аппарат), см86,5х78,1х149,5

Характеристики орбиты

1Высота орбиты, км700
2Наклонение, град97.8
3Апогей, км710.4
4Перигей, км686.2
5Период, минут98.6
6Длинный диаметр эллипса, км7069

Пусковые характеристики

1Год запуска, год2005
2Код NSSDC2005-043B

Экономические характеристики

#ХарактеристикаДата измеренияЗначение
1Страна Великобритания
2Стоимость (разработки, производства и запуск), млн. долл.26
3Стоимость (аппарат), млн. долл.20
4Производитель SSTL

Информация об удачном запуске

1Дата пуска2005-10-27 at 06:52:00 UTC
2Полезная нагрузка 1xTsinghua
3Полезная нагрузка 1xTopSat
4Полезная нагрузка 1xUWE 1
5Полезная нагрузка 1xSinah 1
6Полезная нагрузка 1xSSETI-Express
7Полезная нагрузка 1xCubeSat 11-5
8Полезная нагрузка 1xMoz 5/Safir/Rubin 5
9Ракета-носитель 1xКосмос

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... to TopSat like small satellites, both singly and in a small constellation. TopSat... the expense of global coverage. TopSat is designed to demonstrate the... coverage improving augmentations to the TopSat satellite are discussed, namely the... a constellation within orbits, become practicable. TopSat is an agile small satellite... and reconfigure such a constellation. The TopSat mission is a collaboration between four... Resolution Optical Constellation 2. The TopSat System The TopSat mission, conceived by QinetiQ... possible typically in 4 days. Figure 1 Topsat Spacecraft on Orbit The 108kg... the TopSat satellite as a baseline for a hypothetical low cost constellation. TopSat is... image contrast and fidelity. The TopSat mission is a collaboration between four.... Section 2 gives the background to TopSat, which is currently in flight..., amplifier and antenna. Camera The TopSat camera was designed to meet... the store and forward events. TopSat provides the capability to store... spacecraft or downlink antenna. Figure 2 Topsat Camera The camera is a compact... of the satellite platform, thus TopSat incorporates some significant differences to... (FOV) at 600km altitude. The TopSat 15km FOV is a result of....36s to complete the image. TopSat will use a VHF uplink for... payload commanding and telemetry retrieval. TopSat will be capable of x8... peak power 80 W. Ground Segment TopSat will be controlled and tasked... them on prior to imaging. TopSat will also use the 13m... Satellites Using a mobile ground station TopSat will provide near real-time... provides its own generator power. 3. TopSat Coverage Single Satellite and Constellation... opportunities from TopSat (top), and from a 4 satellite constellation of TopSat like satellites... Figure 8 Revisit statistics for a single Topsat and a constellation of 4 Topsats (600km...° FOR) With these assumptions, a single TopSat is seen to provide global... maximum off nadir imaging with TopSat is nominally set to 30... repeat) 1.2 1 Two additions to the TopSat spacecraft are assessed which would... 30 35 40 45 The TopSat satellite being built has no... an augmented 150kg BOL mass TopSat based system is taken to... mass increase above the existing TopSat design (108kg actual , structure designed.... Multiple Images in One Pass TopSat carries 4 (one redundant) reaction wheels... extended area of interest. For TopSat, the nominal case is no... stereo imaging. A SAR variant of TopSat is also under study; 2 such.... However, a further departure from baseline TopSat operations is to image while... and backward looking. The nominal TopSat imaging sequence involves pointing slightly... least 2 years from solar maximum. TopSat will be able to image... The coverage options available with a TopSat like satellite can be significantly.../s for the 664km case. A single TopSat like satellite at the 561km... the TopSat camera at this altitude would be 2.3m. 7. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS TopSat is... (BNSC) Mosaic Small Satellite Initiative. TopSat is a collaborative programme between QinetiQ... each day. With the existing TopSat attitude control this would provide... and radiometry. However, with the TopSat camera the resolution would be...

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.... Finally, a brief introduction to the TopSat satellite mission, and its preparation... the SGR-05U receiver on TopSat is presented. 2. THE SGR-05U... have a similar performance. 6. DEMONSTRATION ON TOPSAT The first experimental demonstration of... satellite TopSat due to be launched in 2005. (See Fig 3.) The TopSat... as an experiment of opportunity. TopSat already carries a multi-antenna SGR.... The design approach, radiation Fig. 3. TopSat Satellite. testing and simulated performance... the forthcoming flight on the TopSat satellite is described. This technology... for the opportunity on TopSat. REFERENCES Brooks, P. (2001). TopSat – High Resolution Imaging... Small Satellites, SSC01-I-2 Cawley, S. (2003). TopSat: Low Cost High Resolution Imagery... EO Constellation based on the TopSat Microsatellite: Global Daily Revisit at...

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.... 3.1. Importar Importa archivos procesados con TopSat (extensiones G84), proyectos de Trimble... archivo g84 (trabajos procesados con TopSat) estos trabajos deben ser previamente... trabajo y el tipo de procesado TopSat que se le ha realizado... trabajo procesado con el programa TopSat llamado proyecto, y que tenemos un... con los proyectos procesados con TopSat que existen en el archivo... o en el procesado del programa TopSat. Normalmente la transformación por defecto...

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... a dual-use imagery microsatellite called TopSat. The Middle East saw a proliferation... launched an imagery microsatellite called TopSat. TopSat, built by Surrey Satellite Technology..., respectively. The high resolution imaging TopSat microsatellite was launched on 27.... Although not a dedicated military satellite, TopSat – built by a British partnership that... 20 December, QinetiQ announced that TopSat had successfully transmitted the first... Ariane 5ECA Communications GEO UK Topsat Kosmos 11K65M Imaging LEO USA... Communications GEO** 30/08/1990 Topsat Kosmos 11K65M Russia Imaging LEO... Skynet Satellite.” 153 Andrew Chuter, “TopSat Reflects UK Interest in Small... 2005. 154 “QinetiQ announces first TopSat images,” Jane’s Defence Weekly, 4 January...

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... miniaturised sensors and actuators. The TOPSAT mission achieves a similar control attitude... resolution, small satellite imaging mission; TOPSAT [6]. TOPSAT is a 120kg small satellite capable... SNR in varying illumination conditions, TOPSAT was also required to perform... this feasibility study and the TOPSAT mission very relevant. The off... part of this control mode. TOPSAT also had a requirement to ‘off... of 10 less than for TOPSAT (1.8km compared to 15km), the... the same as for the TOPSAT mission. The spacecraft positioning knowledge... FOR SPACE-BASED IMAGING: THE TOPSAT MISSION’, D.G. Dungate(l), C. Morgan(l), S. Hardacre(l) ,D. Liddle...

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... QinetiQ (www.QinetiQ.com) introduced TopSat, a technology demonstrator electro-optical small... Ministry of Defence and BNSC. TopSat was designed and built by... (RAL). TopSat supplies panchromatic and multi-spectral data. The TopSat consortium is offering the following to the Charter: • TopSat archive...) Dave Hodgson (DMC) noted that TopSat is not a member of the... Charter an additional, useful asset. TopSat would therefore be made available... with the TopSat consortium to determine the practicalities of making TopSat available...

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SSC05-IV-6 TopSat – High Resolution Imaging from a Low ....com, ctyates@QinetiQ.com ABSTRACT: TopSat is designed to demonstrate the... image quality optical sensing missions. TopSat has a mass of 108 kg... performance while minimising cost. The TopSat mission is a collaboration between four... by the UK government. Figure 1. TopSat in operation required for an... was to be answered. INTRODUCTION TopSat is a low cost Earth observation... 2005. An artist’s impression of TopSat in orbit is shown in... spacecraft attitude control system The TopSat mission aims to determine and... Conference on Small Satellites The TopSat satellite is designed to provide... the panchromatic and multispectral imagery, TopSat will provide demonstration of the... part of this representation. The TopSat mission is sponsored jointly by... August 2005. THE TOPSAT SATELLITE Figure 2. The TopSat spacecraft showing the structure... exploitation. Micro-satellite Platform The TopSat platform is an enhanced version... of the Dewhurst Figure 3. The TopSat camera optical path 2 19th Annual... in Figure 4. Ground Segment The TopSat mission will make use of... on various trials throughout the TopSat mission. The system, shown in... time in situ. Figure 4. The TopSat camera The camera unit is... 5 per day. QinetiQ SoftRide System TopSat Launch Provider Soft-Ride System... ENVIRONMENT As a low cost mission, TopSat is planned to be launched... is scheduled for August 2005. TopSat will be launched as a comanifest.... In the case of the TopSat launch, an increase in predicted... levels for TopSat followoing antivirbration development Frequency (Hz) Figure 7. TopSat launch spectrum... successful launch and commissioning of TopSat during the summer of 2005... a low-cost small satellite. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS TopSat is funded by the UK... the Mosaic Small Satellite Initiative. TopSat is a collaborative programme between QinetiQ... regarding their aspect of the TopSat mission. In addition to allowing...

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TOPSAT: DEMONSTRATING HIGH PERFORMANCE FROM A LOW ... is the philosophy behind the TopSat demonstrator mission, which was built... Centre (BNSC) and UK MoD. TopSat has demonstrated the ability to... a budget of approximately 20M euros. TopSat enables a low cost, whole mission... cost) systems. 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Aims The TopSat Mission was established to demonstrate... is given in Figure 1. 1.2 Overview TopSat is an electro-optical satellite..., low cost imaging satellite. The TopSat system comprises a data acquisition satellite.... The project * Corresponding author Figure 1: TopSat spacecraft in orbit The satellite..., followon concepts based on the TopSat demonstrator are discussed in section... in figure 2. 2. LOW COST APPROACH TopSat has adopted a low cost approach... minimised. 3. SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION 3.1 Overview The TopSat spacecraft is designed to provide... and individually owned assets. Figure 2 TopSat Camera The camera optics are... (FOV) at 600km altitude. The TopSat 17km FOV is a result of... solid state memory. 3.2 Camera The TopSat camera was designed to meet... for store and forward events. TopSat provides the capability to store... opportunities and increasing launch costs. TopSat uses a VHF uplink for commanding... of the satellite platform, thus TopSat incorporates some significant differences to... of 2. 3.6 Ground Segment Figure 4: TopSat Spacecraft platform TopSat payload tasking is controlled... partnership. Housing the payload internally TopSat uses the 13m antenna at.... Using its mobile ground station TopSat can provide near realtime imagery... 6 RAPIDS Mobile Ground Station 3.7 Launch TopSat was successfully launched as one... Northern Russia. 4. PERFORMANCE AND COVERAGE TopSat acquires panchromatic imagery at 2.8m.... The predicted coverage opportunities for TopSat are shown in Figure 9. Mean... revisit Interval (single satellite) Figure 7: TopSat (on left) mounted on the... significantly nearer the poles. For TopSat, there is a mean revisit interval... The overriding achievement of the TopSat mission is the building and... shows an early example of a TopSat image. Figure 10 One of... first images ever captured by TopSat: the Queen Elizabeth bridge at... and not an operational system, TopSat has sustained many months of... of Wight The scheduling of TopSat is performed in a very flexible... important as its technical achievements, TopSat has greatly increased the awareness... given the experience gained on TopSat, can be used again in... imager in the case of TopSat) whilst meeting tight budgetary constraints... on the experience of the TopSat mission is the proven feasibility... Dewhurst J.P., Laycock, J., Levett, W., Yates, C., 2005. TopSat - High resolution imaging from a low... and BNSC in funding the TopSat programme as well as the...

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...'s Topography Using Radar Interferometry: The TOPSAT Mission HOWARD A. ZEBKER, SENIOR MEMBER...'s land masses, which we denote TOPSAT. A radar interfernnieter is ,formed by... mission, which we denote TOPSAT. The principal TOPSAT goal is to map... systems needed to realize the TOPSAT mission. 11. SCIENCE RATIONALE Digital... many hundreds of kilometers. For TOPSAT's goal of 2-m accuracy the baseline... repeat pass technique, but as TOPSAT will likely be implemented using... in a repeat pass mode. While TOPSAT would not be implemented by... used to constrain the solution. V. TOPSAT IMPLEMENTATION OPTIONS In this section... IEEE Xplore. Restrictions apply. Table 3 TOPSAT I

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TOPSAT: LOW COST HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGERY ..., Hampshire, GU14 0LX, England 1 ABSTRACT TopSat is a mission to demonstrate the.... The main elements of the TopSat system are described including the... January 2003 is summarised. 2 INTRODUCTION TopSat is a low cost microsatellite (~120kg... imagery to local users. The TopSat project will provide a complete end..., build, launch and operations. The TopSat mission is sponsored jointly by... responsible for commercial exploitation of Topsat image data to show the... utility of low cost systems. TopSat is designed to provide 2.5m... globe within 6 days. In addition, TopSat will provide a demonstration of small... adopted. 3 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Camera The TopSat camera being developed by RAL... Integration (TDI) in which the TopSat platform is slewed so that... the focal plane. Spacecraft The TopSat spacecraft is an enhanced version... Determination and Control System Figure 3 TopSat spacecraft (ADCS) is crucial to... to noise from the camera. TopSat will capable of up to... used. To control this manoeuvre TopSat carries 4 reaction wheels in a tetrahedral... of the ability to use TopSat to deliver data direct to... vehicle. The ground station tracks TopSat using an S-band beacon on... Polyot of Russia to launch TopSat, along with several of SSTL... stack and tested. Camera The TopSat Engineering Model campaign was completed... and is ongoing. 5 CONCLUSIONS The TopSat mission will produce 2.5m panchromatic... mobile ground station. Currently the TopSat mission is progressing towards a launch...