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... New system Architecture for Observation Austria Attitude and Orbit Control System Business... Earth Observations Geographic Information System GLObal NAvigation Satellite System (Russia) Global Navigation...-frequency Precipitation Radar Global Positioning System European GNSS Agency Geospatial Information... Arms Regulations Japan Resources Observation System and Space Utilization Organization Japanese..., Japan............................................................... 68 Fig. 12: The system architecture of the G-Space × times... areas of robotics and electronic propulsion on board of satellites. Japan....) PA: wake vortex advisory system RA: flight control system design, SpaceLiner WF... segment for antenna provision, electric propulsion and high throughput payloads for...) Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System - Preparatory Phase Earth Observation Inter... Small-sized Satellites Operational Responsive System Ensuring national security Civilian Space... Natural Gas (LNG) propulsion system and a reusable transportation system. In order to raise...-3000S, Eurostar-3000 EOR and AstroBus-G for meteorological applications. 87 The... and processing and orbit control propulsion. The program also envisages institutional...-Of-Life Equinox); and - Bipropellant propulsion system with flight proven ABM and... for D-Orbit, an independent solid propulsion system embedded on satellites for end.... The bus hosts a H2-O2 propulsion system. 51 Apart the two main.... Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) supplies propulsion systems mainly for science missions...° N 130.97° E) -Enhanced rocket engine propulsion power and larger satellite fairing... system. After the case of US Boeing117 providing the full-electric propulsion satellite to the French satellite operator Eutelsat, electric propulsion on...-electric platforms using Hall-effect propulsion systems that require less time... the development of a European electric-propulsion thruster being designed by Safran...-propulsion variant of its Eurostar E3000 equipped with the new Snecma propulsion system... built to use traditional chemical propulsion for orbit raising, it would... manufacturer OHB, hosting the electric propulsion on board of the small... The initiator program for electric propulsion is related to ARTEMIS, the... same task as conventional chemical propulsion but with up to 90... will be optimized for electric propulsion – both for raising the satellite... electric/chemical and all-chemical propulsion versions. In the hybrid and... take a few months by electric propulsion alone. Small satellites are also... activities. Field Items -Electrical propulsion Space-based system Stakeholders Industry-2-Industry coordination... adopt a comprehensive site-specific farming system. A precision agriculture service that furnishes... Satellite System Description Aims to introduce a train monitoring and control system, based... malaria system using satellite Earth Observation and ground sensors Ipotuba: Transport system... Syndrome (BabyGuard) MDUSpace: Automatic docking system to simplify car manufacturing plants... camera system to digitally identify colours AC Sport/PROrace: Innovative pedalling system... (NL) Noordwijk (NL) Star2Earth: Measurement system for coastal tide measurements (Oceanpal... malaria system using satellite Earth Observation and ground sensors Ipotuba: Transport system... Syndrome (BabyGuard) MDUSpace: Automatic docking system to simplify car manufacturing plants... camera system to digitally identify colours AC Sport/PROrace: Innovative pedalling system... of Space-based system Ground segment of Space-based system SatCom Software... – Road Surface Freezing Monitoring System Space-based system Earth observation satellite JERS... system for Space (Stirling Engine) – Low-Pollution High Efficiency Power Generation System Space-based system Launching technology Launching technology... technologies Launching technologies Space-based system Ground segment GNSS downstream Space... Technology – Medical Image Processing System Cell Culture System to be on board the International Space Station – Cell Culture System for Medical Research Design and Analysis Supporting System for Electronics... Solar Power System) – Solar Light and Heat Combined Power Generation System Precise... chain ISS Space-based system Space-based system Infrared astronomical satellite ASTRO... ISS Space-based system (mission design) Space-based system Field of destination.... Space-based system Contribution to Industry Space-based system Contribution to Industry Ryokushu Co., Ltd. Space-based system Contribution to Industry Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd. Space-based system... Asia Pacific Optical Satellite Observation System (APOSOS) regarding a possible optical network... Overlay System (EGNOS) coverage of Southern Africa; and a data exchange system for... augmentation system for navigation) with the Japanese Multifunctional Satellite Augmentation System (MSAS...

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... Earth-Moon system, planets and small bodies of the Solar System..............................................................................................................141... to a leak in its onboard propulsion system, and had to use most... orbit, from which its onboard propulsion system carried it to its final... operating condition, using its onboard propulsion system to raise it to the..., taking advantage of a unique electric propulsion capability (see below) to achieve...’s Star-2 satellite platform as its propulsion and guidance module, to allow...’s own Express Logistics Pallet. Star-2 propulsion is to be a 400-N engine... structure, pneumo-hydraulic system, and control and telemetry system is being developed... a helium pressurization system leak that shut down its main onboard propulsion system. The... for SARLupe is OHB System AG; satellite system testing was managed by.... One of the craft's four propulsion systems shut down shortly after... shut down and restarted the propulsion system successfully. The ATV then used... the re-entry, leaving the propulsion module in place until its..., and then employed a unique onboard propulsion combination to achieve its operational... it then used a liquid hydrazine propulsion system to attain its final 320... orbit, from which its onboard propulsion system performed a series of orbit-raising... was shifted from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to The University of... at Berkeley and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. ESA’s Mars Express made... mission classes at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) the week of... 2023. VI. TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT VI.1. Propulsion VI.1.1. Earth to Orbit Solid... was fired during successful full-propulsion-system testing on 31 July. The... key technology of the cluster propulsion system was successfully verified this year... launcher. As part of its "Propulsion for Exploration" programme, JAXA is... in order to meet the propulsion requirements for post-2020 launchers... conducted preliminary studies on hybrid propulsion this year. A project conducted by... 100-kg payloads. Air-Breathing Propulsion The second flight test of... canceled Blackswift in October. Advanced Propulsion Concepts The first phase of... Commission’s (EC’s) Long-Term Advanced Propulsion Concepts and Technologies (LAPCAT) programme... in 2 – 4 hours, much of the propulsion technology has been developed for... the external structure and critical propulsion components. It involves a consortium of... of Shyfe. In other hypersonic propulsion research, the Russian Academy of... are involved in testing hypersonic propulsion technologies at Mach 6 and Mach..., which comes under the NASA Propulsion and Cryogenics Advanced Development (PCAD... to 2.3 tonnes. Solar Thermal Space Propulsion On 27 May the U.S. Defense... and demonstrate solar thermal space propulsion systems suitable for very small... working with Boeing. Electric Propulsion The ion propulsion system for ESA’s Goce spacecraft... as magnetic torques. The ion propulsion system for NASA’s Dawn asteroid explorer... funded HiPER (High Power Electric Propulsion: A Roadmap for the Future). HiPER... from the improvement of electric propulsion technologies (Hall-effect, gridded ion... was conducted by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1975 over a distance... launch in 2010. NASA’ Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Alliant Techsystems (ATK... Space Flight Center, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (two teams), Pennsylvania State... being solicited in air-breathing propulsion, materials and structures, and boundary... will provide space vehicle systems, propulsion systems, and components to both... be built on the company’s Astrobus 250 lightweight imaging satellite bus... satellite operations, while the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is managing the mission... by E. Rignot of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the University of... mission aimed at demonstrating electric propulsion in deep space. After a 14... phase, with a reboost using electric propulsion (2 Aug to 17 Sept 2005... Electron and Dust Experiment/Electric Propulsion Diagnostic Package, KATE/RSIS - Ka... the innovative combination of electric propulsion and gravity assists, the planned... to Earth. Using solar electric propulsion, Hayabusa arrived at the asteroid... a Jupiter system exploration mission involving a Europa orbiter and a Jupiter system exploration ending with a Ganymede orbiter, and a Saturn system mission including... weakening of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system as well as psychological... containing an experiment module, and a propulsion system. In order that the inner... is worked to it, the propulsion system controls the outer shell so..., and is using an ion propulsion drive to reach the two... - Work continues at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the Category IVc... Imaging System Institut Médicine Physiologie Spatiale Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative... Telescope and Rapid Response System Planetary Data System Planetary Fourier Spectrometer Polar... Electron and Dust Experiment/Electric Propulsion Diagnostic Package Spectroscopy for Investigation...

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Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May – 3 ... Break        Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... & Integration    12:50  Modular Open System Architectures…Enabling the SmallSat Boom...:00  Lunch Break    S03: Mission & System Analysis 1  Room: Grand Ballroom  Session...    15:40  Evolution of the propulsion subsystem on CNES’ Microscope satellite..., Germany  Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... GmbH    Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... Break        Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May..., Germany    Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May...  VDE‐SAT – A new maritime communications system  Torkild Eriksen1, Lars Erling Br... a New Affordable European Microsatellites Launch System  Cedric Dupont, Andrea Tromba  Bertin... States    Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... opportunities for the Vega launch system  Fabio Caramelli1, Angelo Fontana2, Lucia... GmbH    Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May..., Chris Saunders2, Stephan Roemer3  1 OHB System AG, Germany; 2Surrey Satellite Technology...    09:30  Visible Light Communication System for Inter‐satellite Communication of...  Advanced Concept for laser communication system for micro and nanosatellites  Yann... Speaker              Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May...; 2Centre For Space Transport And Propulsion (CSTP), Epe, Lagos,    Nigeria    15... Federation  Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... Dinner    Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May...:00  Coffee Break    S14: Mission & System Analysis 2  Room: Grand Ballroom  Session..., ESTEC  Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May...  MICROCARB MICRO‐SATELLITE: MISSION AND SYSTEM ANALYSIS FOR POINTING MODES DEFINITION... Varinois  CNES, France    12:40  SYSTEM DESIGN OF GF‐1 SERIES SATELLITE... of  Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May..., Japan    17:00  Miniaturisation enables propulsion also for micro‐ and nanosatellites..., China        Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... Waterloo  Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... Implementation of High Performance Green Propulsion (HPGP)  Aaron Dinardi, Mathias Persson... of a Nitrous Oxide‐Based Monopropellant Propulsion System for Small Satellites  Vincent Tarantini... Session    Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... actuators ‐ An alternative attitude control system for small satellites  Daniel Noack..., United States of America    Modular Propulsion System for Micro‐Satellite BIROS  Harry..., Germany    Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May...    COMPACT LOW POWER MICROSATELLITE ELECTRIC PROPULSION SYSTEM  Benoit Larouche, Nathan Orr, Carl...  Space Flight Laboratory, Canada    A generic system for optimizing downlink utilization in..., Italy    Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... Communication Specification in Small Satellite System  Solomon Gebreyohannes1, Radhika Radhakrishnan1, William... Labate  Finmeccanica, Airborne and Space System Division ‐ Italy    Network design and..., Italy  Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... Micro/Nano  Fabrication, Device and System, China    Design, development and testing... Zentrum für Luft‐ und Raumfahrt e.V., Germany    AstroBus S the high performance and competitive... Labate1  1 Finmeccanica, Airborne and Space System Division ‐ Italy; 2Politecnico di Milano... Netherlands          Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May..., Germany  Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May...  Valletta, Malta    Preliminary mission and system analysis for systems enabling Small... Abbes    Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... Satellite Mission to Demonstrate Autonomous System Technologies  Oleksii Balagurin, Gerhard Fellinger...    Thinking About Your Mission Control System  Yann Voumard, Clàudia Mateo... Kingdom  Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May... Corporation      Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May..., Kazakhstan          Preliminary Programme  Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S)  30 May...    SITAEL Low Power HET Propulsion Sub‐System for Microsatellites: Development Status and... S.p.A., Italy; vincenzo.stanzione@sitael.com    Propulsion solutions for mini to micro...

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Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May – 3 ... Break Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... & Integration 12:50 Modular Open System Architectures…Enabling the SmallSat Boom... , United Lunch Break S03: Mission & System Analysis 1 Room: Grand Ballroom Session... 15:40 Evolution of the propulsion subsystem on CNES’ Microscope satellite..., Germany Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... GmbH Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... Break Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May...:00 Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... VDE-SAT – A new maritime communications system 1 1 2 3 Torkild Eriksen , Lars Erling Br... a New Affordable European Microsatellites Launch System Cedric Dupont, Andrea Tromba Bertin... States Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... opportunities for the Vega launch system 1 2, 3 Fabio Caramelli , Angelo Fontana Jerome... GmbH Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... , Chris Saunders , Stephan Roemer 1 2 3 OHB System AG, Germany; Surrey Satellite Technology... 09:30 Visible Light Communication System for Inter-satellite Communication of... Advanced Concept for laser communication system for micro and nanosatellites 1 2 3 4 4 Yann... Ocean Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May...; Centre For Space Transport And Propulsion (CSTP), Lagos, Nigeria 15:20... APPROACH Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... Dinner Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... Break Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... 2016 Valletta, Malta S14: Mission & System Analysis 2 Room: Grand Ballroom Session... MICROCARB MICRO-SATELLITE: MISSION AND SYSTEM ANALYSIS FOR POINTING MODES DEFINITION..., The Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May...; ESA 17:00 Miniaturisation enables propulsion also for micro- and nanosatellites..., China Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... Waterloo Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... Implementation of High Performance Green Propulsion (HPGP) Aaron Dinardi, Mathias Persson... of a Nitrous Oxide-Based Monopropellant Propulsion System for Small Satellites Vincent Tarantini... Session Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... actuators - An alternative attitude control system for small satellites Daniel Noack... - Innovative Space Logistics BV 7. Modular Propulsion System for Micro-Satellite BIROS 1 Harry... 10. Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May.... Compact Low Power Microsatellite Electric Propulsion System Benoit Larouche, Nathan Orr, Carl... Flight Laboratory, Canada 12. A generic system for optimizing downlink utilization in..., Canada Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... Communication Specification in Small Satellite System 1 1 1 2 Solomon Gebreyohannes , Radhika Radhakrishnan , William... Micro/Nano Fabrication, Device and System, China 26. Design, development and..., System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May – 3 June 2016 Valletta, Malta 29. AstroBus..., Singapore Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... 47. Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... Satellite Mission to Demonstrate Autonomous System Technologies Oleksii Balagurin, Gerhard Fellinger.... Thinking About Your Mission Control System Yann Voumard, Clàudia Mateo... 1 56. Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... 65. Final Programme Small Satellites, System & Services Symposium (4S) 30 May... 68. SITAEL Low Power HET Propulsion Sub-System for Microsatellites: Development Status...

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... from the industrial Phase-A/B1 system and technical activities. Recommended citation... acquire new insight into Earth-system processes poses significant scientific and... to the global Earth-observing system infrastructure. The guiding principle of... a set of requirements used for system concept definition. Consolidated descriptions of... objectives based on the documented system concept. Chapter 8 – documents the readiness... all the avionics equipment, the propulsion module and a three-wing deployable... direction of the platform reference system. During observation arcs and eclipses... levels and to implement a calibration system that can achieve radiometric accuracies... is obtained by integrating the System Energy Distribution Function (SEDF), over... the LR system is similar to that of the HR system, but... configuration. (Airbus Defence and Space) system, it includes a polarisation scrambler and... cone provides support to the propulsion module, while the reaction wheels... for the batteries and the propulsion module, which are thermally decoupled... wheels in Concept A. Propulsion The FLEX propulsion subsystem provides the necessary... concepts are based on a hydrazine system, pressurised with helium and operated... on the Figure 5.26. FLEX propulsion subsystem architecture for Concept B. (Thales..., foresees a small modification of the propulsion subsystem, consisting of the addition... employed (e.g. solar array, startracker units, propulsion module), the performance provided by... Phase-A/B1 studies concerns the propulsion module. Because of the limited... propellant, which – as for other propulsion elements – is being qualified within... mission simulation FOS supervision spacecraft system data distribution, and interface with... and Scheduling system (EMS) in cooperation with the Mission Planning System (MPS... systems. Mission control system The Mission Control System (MCS) is based on... degree of customisation of the system (including same functional modifications) is... shown that for the baseline Astrobus-250 and Proteus MKII platforms... than FLORIS (e.g. Small Fluorescence Box system, S-FluorBOX, and Multiplexer Radiometer/ Irradiometer... scan the surroundings (e.g. Fully Ultraportable System for Imaging Objects in Nature... availability. The performance for the system and Level-1 products is presented... architecture, which includes the Observing System Simulator (OSS) modules in orange... Performance This section presents the system and instrument Level-1b performance... instrument is expressed as the System Integrated Energy (SIE), which includes... MetOp, Sentinels-1, -2 & -4, Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS-1/2), and the Meteosat Third... resources using fluorescence will provide a system of early warning and agricultural...’s programmes in Forest Conservation. Earth System Understanding & Modelling Measurement of actual... Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS), Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), Group on Earth Observations (GEO), and Global Ocean Observing System... scientific training (e.g. Integrated Carbon Observation System, ICOS) will also helpful for...-level scientific concepts and the system-level technical concepts as developed... large technological heritage. The overall system design is well consolidated with... baseline in the Phase-A/B1 system studies, with some optimisation supporting... later phases. With respect to system solutions adopting smaller platforms, particularly... consortia, namely the Astrobus-250 (also known as Astrobus-M) and the Proteus.... Other comparable small platforms, e.g. the Astrobus-S under development for the ESA... studies indicate that the reduced system resources and capabilities fulfil the... process (Phases-B2/C/D/E1) with system reviews (System Requirements Review (SRR), Preliminary... verify the status of the system design, development, procurement and integration..., for Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) performance verification by closed... of the coupled atmosphere-biosphere system. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 19, doi... photosynthesis with a portable hyperspectral imaging system. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 73... Along Track Attitude Orbit Control System Aerosol Optical Thickness Absorbed Photosynthetically... Forecasts Earth Explorer Mission Control System Electrical and Functional Model Engineering... Compatibility Estrack Management and Scheduling System End of Life Earth Science... GPS GTOS Global Climate Observing System Group on Earth Observations Geometry... Observing System Gross Primary Production Global Positioning System Global Terrestrial Observing System HKTM... IEA IES Integrated Carbon Observation System Instrument Control Unit International Energy... System Main Electronics Multi-Layer Insulation Mass Memory Unit Mission Planning System... Hydrology in Dynamic Ecosystems Observing System Simulator OQPSK ORCHIDEE OSS PAR... Fitting Method Scene Generator Module System Integrated Energy Sun-Induced Florescence... Spectral Resolution Scientific Readiness Level System Requirements Review Spatial Sampling Distance...

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... Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft Leostar/Astrobus Outlook • Large market for low... Pleiades are based on Leostar/Astrobus family, but fall out of... the contracting agency. Status. Leostar/Astrobus form the basis of newer... Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft Leostar/Astrobus Technical Data Design Features. The... mission's required orbit, mass, power, propulsion, and data transmission capabilities. LEOSTAR... dry mass Performance Orbits Inclination Propulsion Stabilization Power Modular solar panels... to Cosmo-Pleiades. In production. Astrobus. A customizable satellite bus based on... Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft Leostar/Astrobus Artist's Depiction of the Rocsat... observation programs into a dual-use system, providing imagery to the military... Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft Leostar/Astrobus In expanding the Leostar bus... accommodate its five-year lifetime. Astrobus. While EADS Astrium has designed...-resolution observation missions, its new Astrobus offering actually consists of an... and scientific satellite. Under the Astrobus concept, EADS Astrium will draw... remains around 500 kilograms. An Astrobus satellite can be launched aboard...

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...: EuroPlaNet: Europe explores the Solar System 514 Saddul-Hauzaree: Communicating astronomy... interesting bodies in the Solar System with volcanoes, ice, and many... a few seconds. Figure 4 – The Jovian system as seen in a small telescope... also a function of the display system in each planetarium. However, companies..., with the help of a laser system, place the antennas with a precision... scale cluster solution. Also, the system allows for remote collaboration and... support for GIS (Geographic Information System) data via the widely used... Public 2007 UNIVIEW Figure 1 – Particle system Oort cloud 3D model in... astronomical distances. Almost every fulldome system sold today includes some form... background (the forward scatter radio system operating over the triangle Lecce... because of the large education system. Public schools have no internet... and exhibitions, of which the “astrobus” is a significant part. South Africa... and, apart from the Solar System, little possibility of direct experimentation... and Associated States, established the system of National Contact Points (NCP... indexed by the Astrophysics Data System (ADS). Target group CAPjournal/IAU... object taxonomy and World Coordinate System (WCS) information. This metadata preserves... provider’s server. A push/pull communication system between the middleware and observatory... user interaction/exploration. • A digital planetarium system that issues a real-time query... proof-of-concept for such a system. • A scientist looking for comparative images... FITS6 images with World Coordinate System (WCS) information in the header... context are the World Coordinate System (WCS) coordinates used to designate... a popular open source Content Management System (CMS). • Google Pages6 – Here is... artist’s conceptions of the Solar System show planetary orbits at an... and structure of the Solar System; outer planet moon systems; scale... System”, in which the Universe is perceived as equivalent to a Solar System... is consistent with the “Solar System” scenario. (See Figures 4 and 5) Gravity... with comfortable furniture. A beamer­, sound system, computers and internet access have... Jet Propulsion Laboratory Planetquest Public Engagement Program, NASA’s Origins, Solar System, and... the formation of the Solar System. Since 1992, the Theoretical Astrophysics... moving to a more globally scalable system that uses the Moodle Virtual... not widespread in the educational system; nevertheless the public interest in... Observatory. • Overview of the Solar System, and the relative distances between... new bodies in the Solar System or tracking already discovered objects... and bodies of the Solar System. Observation programmes The planned programme... author The equatorial fork-mounted system is built from anodised aluminum... using a closed-loop servo-actuated system. Non-sidereal rate tracking can... blue filters. Control system The LINUX-based control system includes two computers... dome and a remote on-off system. Control programs To provide complete... the Sun, Venus, the Solar System and astronomical distances) were also... propositions like naming a small Solar System body for each country, a computer... Solar System body There are tens of thousands of small Solar System... through this portable 3D projection system which provides a complimentary approach to...: Sky projection information (World Coordinate System). 5. Publisher: Information on the institution... a gap in the Greek educational system, since astronomy is almost ignored... inclusion: • Support for Planetary Data System (PDS) files. • Scripting support. • Photoshop... combines ground-based global positioning system (GPS) TEC data, incoherent scatter....; Audio-Technica wireless lavalier mic system; Audio-Technica shotgun mic, with... model activity on the Solar System, conducted live observations of the... journey to the inner Solar System began after a collision with a friend... MCC. • Plot keywords: Meteorite / Solar System / crater • Runtime: 25 min • Soundtrack... tri-tube video-projectors, 5.1 sound system; • Technical means employed: chroma-key...; • Outermost planet in the Solar System: Neptune; • Pluto and other TNOs... distance sequence in the Solar System has been deliberately broken: the... explores the Solar System EuroPlaNet: Europe explores the Solar System Pedro Russo1... EuroPlaNet: Europe explores the Solar System Figure 2 – Communicating a Cosmic Vision: Developing...ño Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research & Institut für Astrophysik – Uni-Goettingen... by the Kiepenheuer Adaptive Optics System. The observations consist of several... (mdussault@cfa.harvard.edu) 3 Jet Propulsion Laboratory (leslie.lowes@jpl.nasa...), the evolution of the Solar System, Extrasolar planets, the Sun, Stars..., Africa, the High Energy Stereoscopic System (H.E.S.S) studies very high energy gamma....ac.za Greene, Michael Jet Propulsion Laboratory USA michael_greene@mindspring.com...ño, Bruno Max Planck For Solar System Research / Institut fuer Astrophysik Goettingen....inaf.it Venner, Laura Jet Propulsion Laboratory USA lv2008@columbia.edu...