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Kypros Satellites (Kyprosat) это базирующаяся на Кипре компания основным активом которой является 21 слот на геостационарной орбите (переданные в управление государство). Основным направлением деятельности компании является оказание услуг по управлению группировками и сдача в аренду слотов на орбите.

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12014-09-16. Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) и Kypros Satellites (Kyprosat) подписали соглашение о сотрудничестве по созданию КА на основе дешевой геостационарной телекоммуникационной спутниковой платформы (GMP-T). Данное решение позволит расширить список услуг кипрской компании и включить в него услугу по сдаче в аренду орбитальных слотов с аппаратом. Тэги: Kypros Satellites of LimassolSSTL

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... 9 September 2014 SSTL collaborates with Kypros Satellites on a new turnkey, low-cost... Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) and Kypros Satellites (Kyprosat) have signed an agreement... and Kyprosat brings a new approach of delivering solutions to the satellite... the arduous and complex process of engineering a solution that meets their... legal, legislative and financing aspects of a project. The Kyprosat-SSTL collaborative... which delivers up to 5.5kW of power and up to 8GHz of Ka-band or 1GHz or ... costs. The signing of the agreement took place in Limassol, Cyprus on... attended by the Cyprus Minister of Communications and Works, Mr. Marios... Joerg Kreisel, the CEO of JKIC. Page 1 of 3 After the signing ceremony Dr John Paffett, Director of Telecommunications and Navigation for SSTL... and rapid upgrade or replacement of capability.” Mr Angelos Pieri, CEO of Kyprosat said “There are many nations and regions of the world with needs which... payloads and leasing bandwidth is of course an option currently offered, but the benefit of our offer is to provide... customers, and is launching a roadshow of the new product over the... operational space missions for a range of applications including Earth observation, science... operates high performance satellites and ground systems for a fraction of the price... has built and launched 43 satellites – as well as providing training... that is changing the economics of space. Headquartered in Guildford, UK... part of the Airbus Group. www.sstl.co.uk Page 2 of 3 About Kypros Satellites Kypros Satellites... around the exclusive usage rights of 21 orbital slots, granted to Kyprosat by the administration of the Republic of Cyprus. The services include... Tel : +44 (0)1306 882288 Page 3 of 3

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